One Woman Stood Up To 330 Neo-Nazis And Is Now The Face Of Anti-Fascism In Sweden




This woman single-handedly stood up to 330 violent Neo-Nazis as they protested on the streets in Sweden.
Tess Asplund, a woman from Sweden, has been an activist for 26 years now and said that:

“I normally stand with a raised fist at demonstrations, this is not new to me.”

However, a photo of the brave photographer/activist raising her fist in protest went viral for one iconic reason: she was raising it all alone against 330 marching Neo-Nazis.

Last week, the Neo-Nazis, part of a group called the Nordic Resistance Movement, obtained a permit to demonstrate and did so in Borlange, Dalarna, in central Sweden. The group rallied and marched on the busy streets on International Workers’ Day and were protected by police.

Asplund was taking part in a counter demonstration against the Nazis with a group called Dalarna Against Racism when she saw the Nazis approaching and decided that she could not allow them to walk by without showing her disdain for their movement.

She ran in front of them and put her fist in the air to defy the group. She told The Daily Mail about the moment:

“I just felt when they came walking that “you shouldn’t be here” and then one of them stared at me and I stared back. He said nothing and I said nothing, and then the police came and removed me.”

The photographer behind the viral photo, David Lagerlof, also described the incident he saw unfold:

“In front of her, the organisations leader set moves closer in solemn silence. The woman’s gaze meets that of the man in the middle, the leader of the nazi organisation who appears to stare back at her. There is a short “battle of the gazes” before the police steps in and removes the woman.”

Credit: TT News Agency

Credit: TT News Agency

Asplund was removed by the police and the protest by the Nazi group went on, but the photo of her defiance has since been shared thousands of times. Her act has become a photographic representation of the outrage many people have towards the fascist forces still in motion in the Nordic nations.

The photo is already being hailed as an iconic moment in Sweden’s modern history that will last for decades and be a symbol of the anti-fascism movement. A comparable photo in history is that of “Tank Man,” where a man stood alone in front of a line of army tanks to protest the Chinese suppression of the Tiananmen Square protests.

Credit: Independent

Credit: Independent

Many of the members of the Nordic Resistance Movement have been convicted of violent crimes and their belief system is rooted in racism and violence. When asked if she was scared to face the men alone, Asplund replied:

“I am not afraid of them.”

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  1. Well, as a Swede i can tell you guys that she is a profesional leftie demonstrator who admier Malcom X (no ofence to him) a known racist, the photographer works for a extrem left organisation cald Expo and the whole picture is staged. There is no hiroic in her action, a big disepoinment here in Sweden that she was not for real.

  2. You’re out of your mind to compare a woman holding her hand up in front of peaceful protestors (while calling them violent for some reason even though they didn’t commit any acts of violence) to fucking TANK MAN! Are you shitting?!?! Tank man was killed along with the officer who didn’t run him over for his defiance against actual tyranny. A bunch of white people not wanting their daughters to get raped by parasitic migrants is not in any way comparable to an oppressive regime squelching its people’s freedoms. Fuck you, bitch writer! That is a seriously offensive comparison to make. So twat to tank man. Ridiculous. You should apologize for that.

  3. I honestly dont think anonymous would post this if it was fake and this women has courage to go stand infront of 330 neo-nazis on her own one women agaisnt 330 people is just as dangerous as one man infront of tanks i didnt get the feeling that she was being compared to tank man but i the feeling i got was that of two people doing something that takes alot of courage you can say this story is fake but thats a sign you have not opened your eyes to the truth

  4. It is insulting to compare her to the tank man. This was a peaceful demonstration.
    Shes a full time lefty. LoL
    Why was she defying them anyway and what have the resistance group done wrong exactly?

  5. What a joke… That raised fist is no different than a burning cross. And again those marching weren’t violent at all. They’re tired of their orchestrated genocide. Tired of Islamic peoples from virtually anywhere entering their country and attacking their women for not following Islamic laws, which allow Muslims to abuse women who aren’t “properly” covered…

    Their great “prophet” Mohamed was a child rapist, it’s in the Koran, and why “leftists” & “feminists” are so hell-bent on supporting their massive invasion, and subsequent orchestrated genocide of the ethnic peoples of Europe, is beyond hypocritical, especially how they treat women.


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