Cyber-Security Bill Passed By Senate – Say Good Bye To Your Privacy USA!


Cyber-Security Bill that Invades Privacy…Is Passed!

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All hope of the NSA and other government agencies spying upon us, is all gone!

Today, a controversial “Cyber-Security Bill” was recently passed by the Senate this week. This bill is aimed to “Assist” the government in the never ending war upon Hackers and other Cyber Attackers online. However, there are several critics in which are protesting stating that this new “Bill” will indeed just make the “Spying” upon citizens just 10 times easier, if not 100 times easier.

The bill is known as the Cyber-Security Information Sharing Act (CISA). This new bill will REQUIRE companies to actually provide any and all personal and confidential information about their consumers directly to the government.

With an “Automated Service” in which is aimed to use to send your information from these companies to the government, there is strong potential threats to be made here. Such as information interception between connections.

To make this even more tragic for you, there will be only 7 government agencies in which will receive your information…And you guessed it, NSA is right there on top!

This is the same government agency in which Snowden had confirmed that the NSA was practicing a widespread domestic surveillance program before.
You can read the “Timeline of NSA Domestic Spying here.

This new act will not address any of the security issues in which that actually create the conditions for hacks, this will simply only provide a direct streamline of our information and pipelined directly to the NSA.


Top Tech companies such as Twitter and Apple, we also see Computer Security Engineers, Academics, and more than sixty civil rights groups are actually against this bill.

We could have forseen this coming as president Obama has actually voiced his opposition upon this bill in the past, however, this bill is backed by the White House.
Activists are still protesting and urging Obama to VETO it with the hashtag #STOPCISA

When you look onto, the title in which the bill is under is;
S.754 – Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act 0f 2015
Has completed, so far, 77 actions. These actions can be seen here.
When looking into the bill a bit further, the seven agencies in which will receive your data are;

(A) The Department of Commerce.

(B) The Department of Defense.

(C) The Department of Energy.

(D) The Department of Homeland Security.

(E) The Department of Justice.

(F) The Department of the Treasury.

(G) The Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

And later on in the “fine-print” your information can and will go threw the local law enforcement agencies as well.

With five other bills that are very similuar to this one,
Protecting Cyber Networks Act (H.R.1560)

National Cybersecurity Protection Advancement Act of 2015 (H.R.1731)

A bill to improve Federal network security and authorize and enhance an existing intrusion detection and prevention system for civilian Federal networks. (S.1869)

Federal Computer Security Act (S.1990)

Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act (S.2007)

Our hope for online security and protection is no longer there. Between Hackers, Cyber Attackers, and now the government the only solace of any online privacy is to get ride of all means of your electronic devices.

You can read the full Cyber-Security Information Sharing Act (CISA) here.

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  1. Listen, every time you talk on the phone, text or e-mail – use the words Bomb, Assassination etc. These cunts will run into a brick wall sooner or later. Of course I realize most of you out there in webnetville won’t have the balls (or ovaries to do it, but)…

  2. Whether this was voice-dictated or just typed in a hurry, proofreading is an important part of professional journalism. Failing to proofread makes even the most accurate and informative article appear half-assed and unprofessional. I lost interest half way through (hint).

  3. the only solace of any online privacy is to get ride of all means of your electronic devices. How am I to ride of all means of my electronic devices?


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