[VIDEO] 2 Minute Video Explains The Trans-Pacific Partnership



We’ve discussed the TPP at length on this website, and if you’re reading this  you’ve probably also heard about the leaked aspects of the otherwise-completely-secret gift-to-the-corporations all over the internet by now.

However, the vast majority of the People who live in countries affected by this deal either do not know about its leaked aspects… or simply do not care enough about it. That is the purpose of keeping the deal secret for so long- to get it passed without resistance from the one group that will be screwed by it all, the one group that isn’t privy to its contents: us!

Though the TPP has been signed by all 12 pacific rim countries, it has not been ratified yet; regardless resistance should, must, only get stronger- as the German People have shown us regarding TTIP, the US-Europe-version of the identical agreement which has not yet been signed because of the higher levels of resistance.

This 2 min and 15 sec long presentation by Robert Reich will equip anyone who knows nothing about the deal with enough knowledge to realize that it is NOT a simple trade deal- and hopefully stir him or her to speak out against it. Though it does not discuss every aspect of the TPP, it condenses enough of the important bits to appeal to a person who has “no time” to care.

The REAL trade going on is American jobs being shipped overseas in return for complete enslavement of these countries to American companies. NOBODY (other than the corporations) wins.

Sources: MoveOn, Independent, The Guardian, Wikipedia

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