People from Amnesty International, Digitale Gesellschaft, Electronic Foundation & Privacy International have created a program that is able to detect spywares like FinFisher, Hacking Team Remote Control System and other commercial surveillance softwares for spying.

detektThis is free software originally developed by Claudio Guarnieri with help of Bill Marczack, Morgan Marquis-Boire, Eva Galperin and many others. Detekt was developed because Guarnieri and his gang saw a huge growth in spywares and commercial surveillance technologies. These softwares have the potential to snoop massive amounts of emails, listen to Skype conversations, and switch on your default on board microphone (usually on mother board) or the webcam without you even knowing its active.

Thanks to Edward Snowden (former National Security Agency Contractor) for telling us that agencies like NSA and GCHQ have been violating laws like this for years. And people like Guarnieri developing open source softwares like Detekt to help protect the world.

If you think you are being spied here is the link to download this software. (



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  1. Couple questions.
    1. Is there a Mobil version available?
    2. Can it remove ransomware and anything it may have left behind (I think I got it out but my phone still acts funny from time to time.

  2. I’d probably have more faith in this software if the server they were hosting it on wasn’t a out of date nginx server version 1.2.1.

    https or not, exploits abound for that version which means that their software is in danger of being tampered with, replaced or stuffed with malware by a third party.

    Having no firewall on the website either is also another issue for a site with software that says it can help remove spyware from your computer.

    A company with no security sense trying to push a security based program… I’ll pass for now.

    • This is FREE software originally developed by Claudio Guarnieri with help of Bill Marczack, Morgan Marquis-Boire, Eva Galperin and many others.

  3. blue screens my pc every time i run it. how do i remove the van that never leaves that takes shifts. just funny that its always occupied by about 5 people. anyways get my own drone. watch them watch. game of chicken… lol

  4. DETEKT’s own website says the program only informs you that you may have NSA/GHCQ surveillance malware on your comptuter. And, it can’t detect all of it.
    I’d like something which will find and remove such, on both Windows and Linux systems. Specifically, the “executive actionware” which is reportedly embedded in all PC hard drives, in a manner effectively making it hardwired there.


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