Detroit Blackout: EMP Behind The Massive Power Outage That Left Half-A-Million In The Dark Ages?


Written by: Vandita


A major power blackout threw almost the entire city of Detroit into darkness for good seven hours on Tuesday (December 2). The cable failure at one of the power grids prevented power from being delivered to police stations, jails, schools, traffic lights and other city-run facilities and services.

While people got stuck in elevators and students were sent home, the power crisis prompted massive evacuation of downtown buildings.  Though, after seven hours, 33 per cent of power was restored, the outage forced unprepared residents of Detroit experience the dark ages.

The blackout reminded Detroit of Northeast blackout of 2003, the world’s second most widespread blackout in history.  The outage affected an estimated 10 million people in Ontario and 45 million people in eight US states.

The cause of the widespread power outage was a software bug; however at Detroit it could be due to some sort of a cyber attack by China as the Chinese have the capability to take down US power grids as explained in the video below.

The magnitude of the power failure has brought the attention back on a possible massive nuclear EMP attack by North Korea that could turn the lights out on America for good and leave millions of Americans dead. A nuclear EMP is a burst of electromagnetic radiation which usually results from a high energy nuclear explosion that suddenly fluctuates the magnetic field. The EMP attack could wipe out everything electronic i.e. planes, trains, cars, computers, internet, and whatever you can think of, in a flash.

Detroit had major blackout today in public bldgs – trying to decide if we should blame N.Korea, China, Iran or Russia

— Kim Zetter (@KimZetter) December 2, 2014




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  1. Nuclear induced EMP would be impossible to speculate on. It was discovered in the 50`s during space munitions testing. A nuclear fireball hundreds, even thousands, of miles above us would be unmistakable even in daylight. I live in the area, no such dice. The theory is credible sans the nuclear aspect.

  2. EMP doesn’t cause power blackouts! EMP frys most of electronic circuits, so even with power back on devices won’t work. If it was EMP most of electronic devices should be replaced or fixed to ever work again.

  3. Even if there was an EMP blast it would be nearly impossible to hide it since it is louder than an LRAD sound canon and produces an enormous shock wave that would most likely destroy all the helicopters in a 2 mile radious

  4. bwhahaha, i love reading comments here. so many fucking tools.

    emp is not a blast, does not create a shockwave, and is silent.

    emp is a by product of a nuclear blast, but can be created without the explosion bit.

    it does not disable power, it destroys anything electronic that has power while experiencing the emp pulse. destroys dead, so if this had been an emp then everything would still be dead.

    shit like this makes me question other stuff you guys post. if youre making absurd statements about stuff i know, how can i be sure you’re not making absurd statements about things i don’t know.


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