Donald Trump Promises to Bring Edward Snowden Home, Pressure Mounts

Pressure has started to mount on the president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump, even before he takes the presidential oath to become the next leader of the country

Donald Trump wants Edward Snowden home

Edward Snowden is an American computer professional who previously worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden made headlines around the world in 2013, after he copied and leaked classified information from the NSA, belonging to the United States government. His disclosures revealed how the American government had covertly spied on its citizens – and the rest of the world – in the name of so-called national security.



These damning revelations exposed the American government, even among its allies. The Department of Justice later unsealed charges against Snowden, forcing him to seek asylum in Russia. Currently, Snowden is living at an undisclosed location in the vast country and has, so far, spent three years in exile.Donald Trump wants Edward Snowden home

Since the disclosures, privacy activists in the West have pushed for more anti-spying laws. In the United States, for example, Congress has ordered the NSA to end its bulk phone metadata collection program authorized by a particular portion—Section 215—of the Patriot Act. Under the new guidelines from Congress, the NSA may no longer directly collect and hold data about the domestic phone records of American citizens.

In 2013, when Snowden made these revelations, the American public, and even people elsewhere in other countries, shared their opinion on the matter. Where some people, especially those in the Obama administration, believed Snowden should be crucified, privacy activists saw Snowden as a hero.

Donald Trump wants Edward Snowden home

At that time, Trump, of course, was preparing to run for the office of president of the United States. He also shared his opinion on the revelations made by Snowden, which had rocked the country to its core. The billionaire said then, that he would bring Snowden back to the United States with an apology, if only he was the president of the country. Below is Trump’s Tweet on the matter on June 18, 2013.


When Trump tweeted, many mocked him, saying that he would never become the president of the United States. However, now that he has just been elected, some people are holding him to his words, demanding that he immediately bring Snowden back, as he once said.

In another tweet, published on April 19, 2016, Trump said Snowden deserves nothing but the death penalty for damaging the country’s reputation with his revelations. Snowden also responded by saying he does not fear death, and that he has done nothing wrong, but only provided help to the people around the world.

Donald Trump wants Edward Snowden home

Before the elections, Trump was accused by Democrats – and even some Republicans – of having ties to the Russian government. Hillary Clinton alleged that the Kremlin, led by President Vladimir Putin, was trying to rig the election in favor of Trump. The concern here is that if it is true, that Trump indeed has links with the Russians, then he might possibly negotiate for the return of Snowden. Of course, Trump cannot order for the execution of Snowden, but he can certainly put him in jail.

Snowden himself seems to have preferred Trump over Clinton, during the election. He tweeted before the election that the election was between Trump and Goldman Sachs, referring Goldman Sachs to Clinton.



For activists, Trump can turn things around by pardoning Snowden.  Apart from Snowden, there are also calls for Trump to intervene and free Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. WikiLeaks has said President Obama has a politically pivitol moment to pardon Manning and Snowden, and if not, he hands Trump a presidency with the freedom to take his prize.

Assange and his WikiLeaks organization have come under heavy scrutiny from the Democratic Party for helping Trump to win the election. WikiLeaks published many hacked emails of the party, revealing corruption and malpractices in favor of Clinton getting the nomination of the party. This unhinged the unity of the party, and may have contributed to the voters’ choice of the presidential candidates.

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  1. In Regards to Edward Snowden
    I do not think Edward Snowden (ES) should be Pardoned, (bare with Me), In My opinion ES is one of the Greatest Patriots this country has ever known, ES put his money where his mouth is and defended the Constitution/ American Citizen’s of the United States of America, a more courages man I do not know (there are many but I do not know them). Pardoning Edward Snowden (ES) would be a affront to his actions, ES is not Guilty of anything! Pardoning him implies Guilt, thus sullying his name and Americas cause. Were I the Prez, (in current times) I would take Airforce one too Russia, meet with Putin, straighten-out his mess that HRC, and BHO created, then Meet with E. Snowden, bring him home on Air Force 1, when he gets to Washington D.C. give ES the Presidential medal of freedom,,, then (and this will be a HUUGE kick in the ballz of the 3 letter agencies) I would announce that I am appointing Edward Snowden as head of the National Security Agency (NSA)! People liked Hayden, Bush, upper echelons of the agencies, etc would be under investigation for acting CONTRARY to the Constitution , and the People of the United States of America…

    Side Note; These agencies are needed, However; “They” in lieu of an enemy -after the cold war-, turned their guns on the American/World Public,, Thus We have the NSA Motto: “The WORLD is OUR PLAYGROUND”! LETS PARTY!!!

    And Finale; if I were to pick a word that describes the Gumment/ 3 letter agencies,, (especially aft the Tower demolitions) it would be ARROGANCE!!!

    • You’re way off track. A pardon means he will not be subject to arrest by U.S. police agencies which are the most powerful on the planet. Your logic is absurd: He’s such a hero that he should be subjected to a prison cell should authorities decide so because he is beyond paltry definitions. You’re from Texas aren’t you?

  2. I once thought off Snowden as the perfect dobbel agent. Free access to Russia. I do not know what to believe anymore since “all” the media is corrupt.
    But i do know, as if Snowden is innocent, he should at least be head of NSA and a close allie with potus. He did double cross `em 😀


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