Earth is Halfway to Extinction, Scientists Say


A Swedish scientist claims, in a brand new theory, that mankind has surpassed four of the nine limits for keeping the planet ‘safe.’ Another professor, in agreement, told RT that Earth could be finding an imminent, man-made extinction of numerous species.

The nine limits include: carbon dioxide concentrations, preserving biodiversity at 90 percent, using phosphorous and nitrogen, keeping 75 percent of the forests, aerosol emissions, stratospheric ozone depletion, ocean acidification, fresh water use and the dumping of pollutants.

“The planet has been our closest friend by buffering our activities and revealing its resilience,” said Rockstrom. “But for the very first time ever, we might change Earth from friend to foe.”

Rockstrom’s ‘Planetary Boundary Theory’ was initially imagined in 2007. His new paper shows that because of climate equilibrium, which started when the Ice Age finished 11,000 years ago, a planetary composure has helped our ancestors to cultivate wheat, domesticate animals and establish industrial and communications revolutions. But those improvements have now stressed the fragile equilibrium of Earth and Rockstrom says we’ve broken four of the above limits: too much nitrogen was added to ecosystems, too many woods have been cut down, the climate is changing too fast and species are going extinct at too great a speed.

“What we also have done is raised the amount of domestic animals, the ones we eat and the ones which are companion animals. Species extinction is created by cultivating the land they desire because where they are, other organisms aren’t.”

“We’re losing tens of thousands of endemic or native species to such tendencies.”

Professor Taylor told RT that scientists are saying we are entering the Sixth extinction, but that this is an anthropogenic extinction due to the actions of human beings.

“If you do not have control over something, there’s no moral obligation to it,” said Taylor. “In this situation, WE’RE doing it. So we must ask the question: If we’re doing something that’s driving species off Earth, are we in some sense morally culpable?”

“What right do we have to drive [out] other species, who got here in exactly the same manner that we have, that have participated in the long battle for existence just as we have?”

Professor Rockstrom is using his Planetary Boundary Theory not as a doomsday message, but as an investigation to maintain the planet’s “safety” for all mankind.


“Earth Is Halfway to Being Inhospitable to Life, Scientist Says.” – RT News. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Mar. 2015.


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  1. I just read the impack report and it is true that what we are doing to our planet earth and it is the only one we have we can not leave if we do not fit the planet we all loose

  2. Well, the westerns part of Antarctica is melting at an alarming rate, Bangladesh is going underwater, and within a hundred years the coastlines on this planet will be RADICALLY different. Watch Vice? We’re screwed anyway.

  3. “Good. Maybe the next ‘intelligent’ species will do a better job than we did.”

    But we are intelligent.. We have the capability of realizing our actions and how they affect our environment. I would rather say, we are lacking the self control to limit our everyday consumptions and overall perceptions of reality. This will get into an argument, I merely want to say- one can make a difference, merely by being one that doesn’t say “oh well, someone else will do it”.. For someone else says, “someone else will do it”.

    This is disheartening news, but it is not alarming. We have been aware of how we are affecting our environment for a very long time. What can we do? How fast can scientists work around the clock to implement new technologies to help save the environment, whilst sustaining out lavish lifestyles, only to be condemned by the radical conspiracy community that they are introducing Orwellian control over our world.

    Oh I can go on and on, so can we all.. In the end, it takes a wise, strong man to say “I am very responsible for this”. Cause personally, I am responsible… So I will do my part. Period.

  4. First of all, stop making theories. I think scientist nowadays are being more stupid. It is proven that whatever you(west) or the west decides to do always does end in a destructive manner. For instance, your polio vaccination did murder around 48,000 children’s in India. You have not got any medication which could cure diabetes neither for cancer nor a simple fever. Useless is your country. Everything is INCOMPLETE. You all are nothing but only promoters of DESTRUCTION and FAILURE. What can your universities and research institutes do without China and India. You all are good for nothing. There are many that have died by believing in your words saying that there is no cure for some so called chronic diseases. Everyone of you are only busy making more and more MONEY by promoting and marketing FAILURES, DESTRUCTIONS, AND STUPIDITY in the name of science and technology. All you all want is only MONEY and DICTATORSHIP. YOU ARE STILL MAKING YOUR COUNTRY PEOPLE AND THE WORLD STUPID IN BELIEVING IN YOUR WORDS.

    • Wow!..very strong undertones and words that I would say hold a lot of truth. Sad as it is..we people in general want to believe what is said and need to trust those in positions of trust and power but it turns out we end up been told otherwise when it suits them. So yes I do agree with you based on that.

    • Wow , you better start changing that line of thinking bud! For starters don’t paint everyone with the same brush!! We the smarter ones but not the wealthy ones would agree on most of your points but remember there are people over here trying to change things , food for thought!!

  5. I try not to worry too much about climate change. This is because I believe we passed the point of no return year if not decades ago and the extinction event we deserve will soon be upon us. The great weight of evidence is that mankind is an evolutionary mistake and, like all evolutionary mistakes, ours will be self-correcting. Needless to say, I don’t have children. I did not wish to damn myself by the unpardonable sin of bringing children into a dying world.

    • Wow, it isn’t really too late, we have about 2-3 decades before were truly fucked, unless the TPP gets passed, which it won’t

    • Don’t buy into alarmism. The people who truly have the means to make the world a better place have no need for stuff like this, especially in this case that has tons of credibility issues.
      Also, scientists want to make a name, and so a “brand new theory” is what they use to make that happen. It’s not in any way a mark of quality.

  6. Hahahahaha all you people know that one volcanic eruption puts more pollution in the air than humanity has in its entire exsistance right believing that we can have suck a detrimental effect is ridiculous. I hope you know we haven’t even discovered all the species on the planet and species that are dying off are being replaced by other newly developed species all the time do some research.

    • Not even close . Volcanic eruptions give out around 65-319 million tonnes CO2 per year whilst alone worlds fossil fuel use gives out about 29 billion tonnes of CO2 per year. Im wondering where the hell did you dig up that info and not even give out numbers shoosh troll.


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