Emerging Pattern or Great Coincidence? The Strange Consequences For Supporters of The Palestinian State


A pattern is beginning to emerge. One that is difficult to ignore unless you are a great believer in coincidence.

Let’s focus initially on five countries and some of the events that have recently occurred: Sweden (the attacks on Muslims in what is usually a very level-headed country), Norway (mass shooting of the Workers’ Youth League), Malaysia (the downing of aircraft), Australia (the Sydney siege in December) and France (the siege/hostage situation this week). Throw in another country that may be a connecting factor: Israel and their agenda. Then consider a country who decides to show support for a Palestinian state, and note the events that seem to follow.

These are but a few. Let’s look at them briefly in order of dates occurred:



Date: July 22, 2011.


Tragedy: The initial attack: A fertilizer bomb is planted in a car and detonated. 8 killed, dozens wounded. The secondary attack: Breivik opened fire on the Norway Youth Camp. 69 people dead. 31 wounded.[1]

Political Views: Norway has a reputation for a fierce approach against Israel’s agenda toward a Palestinian State.

Preceding above event: “The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now.” It’s part of a speech given to the Norway Youth Camp (also known as the Workers Youth Camp) by Eskil Pedersen, a Norwegian politician (1 of 3 main targets of Breivik).[2]

The Norway youth camp was a summer camp for political activists. They were on Utoya Island, calling for a boycott of Israel, and statehood for Palestinians the day before Andre Behring Breivik came to the island shooting and killing 66 on the island.




Flight 1: March 8, 2014. Flight MH370

Flight 2: July 17, 2014. Flight MH17


Tragedy 1. 239 passengers and flight crew are still unaccounted for as the search for missing flight MH370 still yields little result. The mystery of this missing flight continues to elude investigations that surround Australian waters.[3]

Tragedy 2. 298 passengers and flight crew lost their lives after Malaysian Flight MH17 was shot down by a missile over Ukraine. [4]

Political Views: A predominantly Muslim country, Malaysia is very much a pro-Palestinian country.

Preceding above event(s): Kuala Lumpur sets a precedent by making an official ruling against Israel, finding them guilty of genocide.

“The Tribunal is satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, that the first defendant, (General) Amos Yaron, is guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide, and the second defendant, the State of Israel, is guilty of genocide.”[5]

It is summed up by Nadezhda Kevorkova, a war correspondent: “For the first time, an international war crimes tribunal has charged the State of Israel of genocide, an unprecedented event, as so far no international court or tribunal has ever delivered a verdict against Israel to date.”[6]



Date: December 15, 2014.

Australia Police Operation

Tragedy: Martin Place, Sydney at Lindt café.

Political Views: Australia has been known for the controversial stance backing the Israel armed forced on a number of occasions. Prime Minister Abbott was also involved in a war of words when he referred to East Jerusalem as a ‘disputed’ territory rather than ‘occupied.’ He has since corrected the terminology officially.

Preceding above event (2014): Prime Minister Tony Abbott, one of Israel’s most outspoken allies was called upon in parliament for a recognition of Palestine as a state. It was a bold move criticized by Jewish leaders as an ‘empty act.’

‘A time has come for this to end,’ was given in a parliamentarian speech in early December, asking the Prime Minister to vote ‘yes’ in the UN for Palestinian statehood. [7]

“We strongly support a two-state solution. We continue to support [United Nations] resolutions 242 and 338. We are giving, I think, $56m in aid this year to Palestine,’ said Abbott in Houston in 2014. Resolution 242 calls for the withdrawal of Israel’s armed forces from areas of conflict. It also recognizes a right for all to live “free from threats or acts of force.”[8]



Date: Between December 25 and January 1, 2015.


Tragedy: In the early morning of the New Year, Uppsala mosque was fire bombed. It followed a spate of attacks on mosque and Muslims in central Sweden over a two week period, resulting in five injured and hospitalized.

Political Views: Although Sweden isn’t a stranger to the growing animosity and tensions in the normally neutral country, the attacks in2014/2015 have left a mark on the community. One reason behind the attacks is said to be the recent developments in a mass immigration policy.

Preceding above event: Sweden went on record with their support for a two-state solution, newly elected Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced “a two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine.”[9]



Date: Commencing on January 7, 2015 and continuing throughout the week of.


Tragedy: After what is said to be the biggest act of terrorism upon France since 1961[10], the final death toll is reported at 20 over several locations, with at least 21 others injured. It comes after the building where Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, was stormed by masked gunmen. They killed 12, including the editor, and wounded eleven others, before the rampage continued throughout the streets of Paris over 3 days. The attacks are said to be linked with Al-Qaeda*, though yet to be confirmed. [11]

Political Views: Francois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, announced their support for a creation of a Palestinian state in 1996. In August 2014, the French presidential palace released a statement saying Israel had the right to defend themselves, contrasting the previous foreign policy held by France. However, the move (the preceding event below) is arguably a pivotal move in recognition of a Palestinian state again, in the EU. [12]A move Netanyahu wouldn’t have appreciated.

Preceding above event: France’s lower house voted to recognize Palestine as a state, in early December, 2014. This added to the growing push by nations, including Sweden, Ireland, Spain, and the British. This was argued to have increased the growing anti-Semitism across the EU and criticism against Israeli policy.[13]

“Recognition of a Palestinian state by France would be a grave mistake,” Netanyahu told the French parliament in November 2014, weeks before the vote was cast.[14]


After thought…

For all that is currently going on in Europe and other countries supporting the notion of a Palestinian state, the focus will be drawn onto the US stance. Currently and traditionally they have openly supported Israel.

There is a growing pressure amounting for the US to advance peace talks and resolutions. Washington is caught between Europe (including London, Germany and France who are currently drafting a resolution for peace talks that would lead to a sovereignty), and the support they offer Israel. On the other side, Netanyahu may call upon the US to use their veto powers at the Council. “Washington would prefer to wait until the Israeli elections are over, and Israel is pressing the United States to veto any Security Council action and use its diplomatic might to try to stall individual European efforts.”

One thing seems to be in the pattern though; a rise of stomping feet and tantrums that are seeing deaths on soil across the world. Countries that were once impartial and now embroiled; countries that were once considered so isolated, are now suffering hostage and siege attacks soon after supporting Palestinian sovereignty.

All eyes will remain fixed on the US in the coming months to see what move they make. Or will more ‘isolated’ incidents occur? Pure coincidence or a warning served?

*In some circles, the link between Al-Qaeda, and the Israel/US collaboration, is considered noteworthy. Article 15 is presented for an overview of some of these thoughts. [15]


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  1. Hi Anonymous, I’m a big fan but until very recently I feel you have not quite been on the same wave length as a lot of us. This report and the one from earlier (the discrepancies in the France attack) have made me reconsider. You seem to be looking in to things that previously you have steered clear of through fear maybe of being branded ‘conspiracy theorists’. When someone calls someone a conspiracy theorist it’s because you’re talking about something that scares them.
    That isn’t a bad thing.

    • If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it probably is a duck.

      This is a conspiracy theory. It is nonsense. It is cherry picking facts and incidents to fit a narrative the author already believes.

      What about shootings in the US? A recent bomb attack on the NAACP building in the US as well?

      What about any number of other random and unrelated things (airliners in Malaysia? REALLY?) that have happened around the world in the past few years?

      You can pluck out incidents to fit any mad theory you like but it’s not even vaguely evidence or investigation of anything.

      This place needs to cut this shit out ASAP or it’ll lose what shreds of credibility it still has left.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more .. What good work that has been done through Anonymous will be for nothing if their credibility is staked on such a flimsy premise.. It may grab headlines but at what price to the truth ..

      • Couldn’t agree with you more . What good work that has been done by Anonymous will be quickly undone by serving up these type of conspiracy theories simply made up for headline grabbing attention.. Can you see the forest from the trees Anonymous? I think you know we both can .. Come on you’re better than that ..

      • This came to me on Facebook – you have to have evidence for such a claim otherwise you really do come across as dim! Because, alternative readings are just as feasible, even more so: e.g. militant Islam is upset about Israel and Palestine (and US aid etc etc), and militant Westerners are upset about cultural impositions, so they hurt each other. Which is more likely? Which scenario is there more hard evidence for? You really can’t afford to issue this sort of conspiracy theory as most people will simply roll their eyes.

        • What? Why would ‘militant Islam’and ‘militant Westerners’ have MORE of a vested interest in reacting to the recognition of a Palestinian state than Israel?

          Israel – you know – the state that already OVERTLY uses US aid to fence off Palestinians in internment camps, and militarily control them.

          Which is more likely? Um, it seems most likely that the group (Israel) that is actively working to eliminate another group (Palestine) OVERTLY, would also be the most likely culprits to attack other countries covertly when they don’t fall in line.

          But, assuming you are a real person, please throw around the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ as a pejorative more, because apparently no one knows the definition of the word conspiracy, or they are just intentionally trying to slander things they don’t like.

    • Right on Dan.
      Like the 9/11 “you can see floor-by-floor explosions” nuts, this is taking facts and shoe-horning them into a not-so-well-thought-out, barely plausible agenda.
      Israel is our only friend in the middle east.

      Since 9/11 over 95% of Arab Christians, (12.5 million) have been forced out of or killed in arab lands. The tens of thousands of churches and temples there for thousands of years have been reduced to a handful.
      Yet Israel allows muslim worship, allows new mosques and churches to be built on Israeli soil. They even tolerate a fantasy mosque (Mohammed flew from there to Heaven on a magical horse – ahem) on the site of Solomon’s Temple! The holiest of holies in all Judaism.

      The minute we turn against Israel, there will be heads on pikes as far as the eye can see.

      • Do consider that you are lying this have never happened and we live with our middle eastern Christians brothers very well and we are fighting side by side terrorism and we are dying side by side we haven’t done this and we will never do this after they where attacked in Iraq and Syria Muslims opened there houses for them even Saddam had a christian army leader but if we go to USA we can see how many hate crimes happened against Muslims you accuse 1.5 billion people of something 1000 terrorists and just call themselves Muslims they even kill Muslims

      • None of what you said actually addresses the article, you don’t cite that 12.5 million number, and you go on to prophesy about a hypothetical scenario.

        The article discusses actual events – WITH CITATIONS – and leads the reader in the direction of a COMPLETELY reasonable conclusion, but allows the reader to decide for him/herself.

        The only thing that I can ascertain as having any semblance of rational thought is that you acknowledge that they do use facts (WHICH THEY CITE).

        I have no way of knowing that you didn’t just make up everything else in your post. Considering that you appear to worship a Temple or piece of land, something that is frowned upon by secular society, and is also frowned upon in the Bible – NUMEROUS TIMES – I find it hard to take your post seriously.

        I can only assume you are a plant or a (likely racist) follower of dogma.

        Feel free to enlighten me.

  2. Seriously, AnonWatcher?

    I bet there were terrorist attacks in at least 50 other states in that time period.

    No coincidence at all.

    Get real!!!

      • CONSPIRACY THEORIST: (dict. meaning)
        “A contemptuous term used primarily by the main stream media to slander anyone who questions their monopoly on truth.”
        The article I have recently written has caused some debate. Debate is healthy, and I welcome it. In response to the need to use this article as someone’s springboard to attack one’s belief system is morally unacceptable.
        I have reported on a pattern that appears to be emerging. Yes there have been many, many other terrorist acts; but to report on 1/2 would require one to write a series of books.
        I made a list in order of date – the incident and country played no choice in the matter. I simply presented the facts researched as I found them. There was no bias. Yes, I’ll say it again – no bias when I wrote this.
        Neither Israel or Palestine have my support. Nor does the U.S, Europe, Australia, or any other country in the world. I hold only one belief in this regard:
        EVERYONE has a right to live in peace, freedom and equality. Religion should never play a part. Only humanity and morality – common decency.
        The article suggests that when a belief is held contrary to agenda (usually American/Western) a pattern tends to emerge. In this article, I chose, this time, to focus on the events surrounding support for Palestine.
        I think I speak for Anon and myself when I say that we do not prefer a particular side. We present to you what we find at the time. We fight for remedy to all injustice, though sometimes misguided, no one is perfect.
        I am not a Muslim; nor am I of any denomination. I am not black or white, Asian, European, or Western…I am a single person who wishes for nothing more than the world to be free of these cruel acts that haunt us all. I want everyone to be safe, healthy and free of fear of retribution for their beliefs held.
        Many patterns are emerging in or ugly world. This is a possible one of many. It scares some and rightly so. How do we fight it if it is true?
        I will leave you with one last thought:
        I will not apologize for not presenting my articles as the MSM do. I aim my articles at those intelligent enough and interested enough to disseminate the information presented; with several sides presented. I write what I research, not what is general consensus. I leave my articles open for this type of debate. After all, this is what freedom of belief and expression is all about.

        Kind regards to all,
        Anonymous Watcher.

        • Please do yourself (and us) a favour and go spend some time reading Rational Wiki. Just please.

          Nothing good comes of diluting the real, serious issues we have to combat in this world with this conspiracy nonsense.

          It divides activists, wastes time & man power, and gives movements a name for being comprised of lunatics & tinfoil hat wearers.

        • Well spoken brother, keep on going presenting things you find. The intelligent will read, feel their gut, trust their intuition and follow their heart.


  3. Holy Crap talk about conspiracy theories ? How many other states have recognised Israel with no terrorist consequences. Deal with Facts not theories. If you deal with theories then it’s the end. If you deal with facts, you don’t need theories to see the manipulation s and conspiracies that do exist. They are simple, they are straightforward and they are not this type of crap.

      • And where are credible sources? You go from Malaysia = Muslim country, to, Malaysian airline crash = because they support palestinian state…come on now, lets not go down a slippery slope.

        And its 138 other countries that support a UN resolution for a palestinian state.

        Ever think maybe France was attacked because of the Charlie Hebdo magazine? or better yet with your logic, maybe they were attacked because of their stance on ISIS? Or maybe even their involvement in Mali against islamic radicals?

        Or better yet, maybe because these countries have large Muslim populations that tend to be against what westerners believe in. Some food for thought.

        I understand your voicing your opinions, which matter, but at least make real connections and not broad assumptions that make it seem like one party is guilty before proven innocent.

      • Anonymous consist of smart people, they won’t make article without basis or good knowledge.

        not all Jews are cruel, many of them are smart and kind, the one that bad are the Zionist.

        Israel (Zionist) agenda is to collect all their Jews people across the world into their Israel Country (Palestine territory)

        The missions already started when Nazi (supported by Zionist itself) killed many Jews, so many jews people run away to Israel.

        And so all of ‘TERRORIST’ action occured nowadays, and Islam become the scapegoat (again). The Terror makes Jews people want to move to Israel.

        Zionist wants to crush all of their enemies without their hands, they just wanted to see Islam vs Christian vs Atheist , destroyed slowly. the PLAN is so SMART, CLEAN, and ORGANIZED well, so ordinary people (stupid people) can see it and say it JUST conspyracy theory.

        When they (Zionist) are strong enough withous US/EU. They will become so arrogant & cruel. (even now they are like that)

        Not only Islam,
        Even christiany people will hates Jews because their arrogant and cruel.

        And so the Final War will begin.

  4. Free Palestine, Mossad made acts of terrorism or not; Palestine has all the rights over the land and they should be a proper state, Israel just wants to continue their genocidal crusade.

  5. Wow. I used to think that you guys were a great and intelligent cause. But after reading that, I now realize your just another group of tin foil hat wearing nut jobs. Not following you idiots anymore.

  6. Wow! I always really enjoyed this site and and what it was putting out. But this story makes me question this site. 1 more and I lose all confidence…..

  7. R u serious? Yes it’s makes sense that a legal country/government that’s trying to defend itself daily from attacks by crazy Muslims attacks is going around performing terror attacks. That’s much more likely than what it really is….. A bunch of radical extremist Muslims killing people for disrespecting them? Even though the crazy Muslim are bragging that they did it. Seems more plausible that their attacks succeed In The countries that are the weakest don’t you think? It just so happens that those weak countries are also pro Palestein probably because they are scared to piss the crazies off. Come on stop the silly ess. Use your brain. What about all the successfully attacks (9/11) on pro Isreal countries. You convientky left those out. You can pick and choose only the parts that support your theory. That’s not legit.

  8. This is quite frankly some of the most ludicrous bullshit I’ve ever read.

    You are implying that Israel (a majority Jewish nation) has sought to further their cause by attacking France under the banner of radical Islam (thus bringing no attention to their cause whatsoever).

    Furthermore, this majority Jewish nation has deemed the best route of attack here would be to go to a Jewish neighbourhood and murder a load of Jewish people in a supermarket (or a Jewish school, as apparently was the original target).

    Further, the suggestion that Israelis have been involved in shooting down a passenger airline over Ukraine and disappearing another near Australia are so far fetched as to barely be worth mentioning.

    Added to this the fact that you have conveniently neglected to mention the many terrorist attacks in nations that have had little or nothing to do with the Palestinian situation or have been explicitly supporting Israel, thus not fitting in with your selective ‘coincidence theory’.

    Is this website actually legitimately connected to Anonymous? If so, they have totally lost their minds. What a crock of shit.

  9. Next up: How Israel secretly conducted WW2 and the murder of millions of Jews before it was even a state, passing the blame onto the Nazis because they disagreed with some people about stuff.

  10. Please don’t attack me! Can u help me please? I am trying to understand if the point they are making is this:
    A bunch of countries have had attacks against them, some in the name of Islam, some not. Israel were behind these attacks because all these countries supported Palestine (Muslims) in some way or another. Is that what they are saying, seriously?

  11. Good article and really nice. Yeah right, most of countries who support
    palestine will attacked by Israhell. So it just normal for Israhell to used their influence and role using CIA aka Mossad to make something bad to all these countries.

    Just see Malaysia flight last point around ”diego garcia” as we know US really friendly with Zionist (israhell) and playing big role.

    Just one month ago, France set off a stampede when its lower house voted to recognize Palestine. Now Palestine is in the International Criminal Court, poised to take down Israel for genocide.

    Suddenly “Islamic terror strikes France.” Is Paris being punished for its pro-Palestine vote?

    In late 2013, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Tribunal found Israel guilty of genocide. A few months later, Malaysian planes started falling out of the sky.

    In 2011, Norway’s Labor Party’s youth wing was poised to impose a complete blockade on Israel. Suddenly the entire leadership of the Party’s youth wing was slaughtered in a professional operation falsely attributed to a lone nut, Anders Breivik.

  12. I’m a big fan and supporter of anonymous until recently when you started spreading these conspiracy theories. Anonymous, you are supposed to bring out the truth, and not create stories and mislead your followers… And why would these nations be targeted for supporting Palestine by islamic terror group instead of supporting them!!!

  13. interesting article. Regardless whether I believe you or not it does appear judging by allot of peoples comments that they are very heavily emotionally vested in this whole Palestine thing and have officially closed their minds off to any sort of evidence based investigation or any other possible reality of things. Mind U I’m no fan of Israel lol


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