JK Rowling’s Tweet Shuts Down Rupert Murdoch’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric


Two days after terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris and mercilessly killed 12 people, here’s what media tycoon and News Corp boss Rupert Murdoch shared on Twitter:

While the world stands in solidarity with the victims and strongly believes that the ghastly act doesn’t have anything to do with Islam, Murdoch’s stupid analysis echoes his tiny thinking which failed to understand that an entire religion cannot be blamed for the Paris massacre. Here’re some of the brilliant reactions to his tweet:


And then JK Rowling tweeted exactly what Murdoch needed to hear:



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  1. Wow, Rupert got owned, big time, well that my friends is what happens when you start to make bigotry on social media. Take it as a lesson and start opening your mind before your mouth, or post something so to speak. Well done, J.K. Rowling ! 😀

  2. What a stupid article. The problem with Islamist extremists is fundamentally derived from the teachings within the religious scriptures which lie at the centre of Islamic faith. Until we realise that, and leftist apologists such as yourself realise this, we cannot pursue a constructive antidote to the growing poison that is Jihad. The bullshit excuse that it has ‘nothing to do with Islam’ is a fallacy – it has everything to do with the way in which the scriptures are interpreted and the way in which the word of the Prophet is perceived as gospel. Christians will never act on teachings in the Old Testament as they are outdated, archaic and criminal. If Islam is to survive in the 21st century than it needs to take it’s scriptures seriously, not literally. The more we make excuses for boorish and inhumane behaviour and pretend as if nothing is wrong the harder it will be to act on it as time moves on.

    • please dont comment on islam if you dont know it, more muslims are killed by both nato and the ISIS and AL-qaeda, nato killed over 4million people in just iraq, you dont see us bashing the bible or all christians, america killed over 100million people in south and north america, you dont see us, talking dirty about the bible
      you know why?? islam teaches us not to, individuals are responsible for their actions , islam teaches NOT TO talk ill about any other believes let alone killing its believers, so PLEASE DONT TALK ILL ABOUT ISLAM JUST BECAUSE CNN AND FOX SHOWED YOU SOMETHING i hope you find this helpful. tnx

  3. Ruperts mother is Jewish, which makes Rupert Jewish by birth, not Christian. So this article is flawed and J K Rowling isn’t as clever as she thinks she is. But at least we all agree that Rupert is an evil DH.

  4. i know a lot of muslims and almost all of them are very peaceful people but that tweet by j.k. ”Eight times more Muslims have been killed by so-called Islamic terrorists than non-Muslims” what does that say about muslims? it sounds to me like all of the islamic extremists are killing almost indiscriminately. most of the killing on this planet at the moment is done by islamic people who whole heartedly believe the korans edicts. that has everything to do with religion and anybody who says otherwise i cant take seriously. the terror attack in paris was a defence of the prophet muhammed. they obeyed the scripture which is that the prophet cant be drawn. how does that have nothing to do with islam? we need to rally up the non violent believers of islam. we need them to stop this. they need to spread the word and spread their views of islam. thats how we stop this. we admit that there is a problem with islam at the moment. we dont solve this problem by defending it in an apologist manner. we will have a serious problem if we play the ignorance card. we need to own up to it and look at it for what it is.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Nowhere in the Qu’ran does it say anything about “the prophet can’t be drawn”.

      I believe that what we are seeing with violent extremist fundamentalists has more to do with a religion being MISINTERPRETED and that misinterpretaion being used to rationalize and motivate disenfranchised people to propagate a political agenda and a vehicle to attain power.

      Both Christianity and Judaism have been used in a very similar fashion (and God told Joshua to take his men into the land and slaughter all of the men, the women, and the children,and then take the land).

      Look what happened in 1948 in Palestine. Zionists used Judaism as the justification to go into Palestine and destroy over 500 villages, slaughtering the indigenous Palestinians and taking their land. Through the years since, they continue to subjugate and slowly strangle the Palestinians and steal their land and resources. All in the name of Judaism and that THEIR God gave them them land 5,000 yrs ago.

      • The Qur’an was sent to those who have manners and knew there are limits to freedom, they didn’t need to be told “the prophet can’t be drawn”, thanks for your comment.

          • Does the bible tells you to call the Holy Quran a fairy tale or is it just your opinion? I can’t question a book of god especially if it has zero contradictions, but if it’s you opinion then please provide evidence, thanks for your comment.

      • indigenous Palestinians? I hope you are not referring to the amalgamation of Arabs living there, are you? (FYI: Arafat was an Egyptian and served in the Egyptian army, then went on to S-Arabia and then created havoc in Palestine after being brainwashed by the main sponsors of terrorism- S.Arabia) They settled there around the turn of the 20th century! How does this make them indigenous? Just before the turn of the 20th century a British census revealed that the overwhelming people living there were Jews. Get your facts right before you spawn nonsense. These are historical facts and can easily be verified if one really wants! BTW, the Jewish people were living there for more than 5000 years.

  5. No one is born any religion. While the person develops, they make choices, including how they feel about religion, spirituality or even a Higher Power.

    No one is born racist. They learn that.
    No one is born to be a media guru with screwed up censorship. You learn that.

    Babies are a clear slate. It is up to the people that raise and interact with that baby as he grows that will instill such qualities as listed.

    JKR…. no one is born a great writer either. You have to learn to read and write before you can do that.

    It’s life’s experiences that make us who we are. We are also of making changes for ourselves should we decide to do so. Every person we come in contact with has an effect on who we are. The best thing we can do for any child is to give them the freedom of free-will and self-determination.


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