The Muslim Heroes of the Paris Terror Attacks


The young Muslim who saved Jews from an Islamist terrorist: Lassana Bathily, a 24-year-old young employee at Paris Kosher grocery store Hyper Cacher, hid several customers inside a freezer in the grocery’s basement when Amedy Coulibaly, a gunman, laid siege to his workplace on January 9, two days after the dreadful terror attack on Charlie Hebdo. Those 15 people he led to safety were Jews, and he was a Muslim.


Amedy, after opening fire and killing 4, took several shoppers hostage and threatened to kill them if police stormed the printing shop where Cherif and Said Kouachi, who killed 12 people in one of France’s worst terrorist attack in a generation, were holed up.

Lassana told BFMTV: “I went down to the freezer, I opened the door. There were several people who went in with me. I turned off the light and the freezer. I brought them inside and I told them to stay calm here, I’m going to go out. When they got out, they thanked me”.

Heroes deserve recognition and exposure. And Twitterati did exactly that:

The Muslim cop who was murdered during the Charlie Hebdo attack: When the Al-Qaeda backed Islamist terrorists attacked the office of Charlie Hebdo, they fatally shot a police officer at point blank range after he heroically tried to stop them escaping. He was a Muslim and his name was Ahmed Merabet.


Video footage that surfaced on the Internet after the attack shows one terrorist shooting him in the groin, a wounded Ahmed lying on the pavement, raising his hand before the second terrorist shooting him in the head with a Kalashnikov rifle.

He was on foot, and came nose to nose with the terrorists. He pulled out his weapon. It was his job, it was his duty,” said Rocco Contento, a colleague.

Twitter stood in solidarity with the Paris victims with #JeSuisCharlie hashtag. Ahmed was honoured with #JeSuisAhmed hashtag.

This is what Ahmed’s brother Malek Merabet said in a moving tribute on January 10:

“My brother was Muslim and he was killed by two terrorists, by two false Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace and love. As far as my brother’s death is concerned it was a waste. He was very proud of the name Ahmed Merabet, proud to represent the police and of defending the values of the Republic – liberty, equality, fraternity.”


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  1. I commend this young man for his bravery in saving the lives of these people.He is truly to be honored and respected for this. He did the right thing. One thing I don’t understand though is, I keep hearing how Islam is a religion of peace. We see good people such as this man and yet, on the other hand we are seeing around the world Islamics who are hell bent on murdering everyone who doesn’t agree with them, claiming it is the will of Allah. The Koran mentions in many places about killing anyone who does not conform. So, if that be the case, all Muslims must conform to the teachings of the Koran. If they don’t follow the teachings strictly then they are committing sin as they believe for disobeying Allah. How do they justify death and torture and still say they are for peace? I am not racist nor am I against anyone following their convictions. The point being, you can’t have it both ways. Seems like they have two sides that present themselves to the world. Complete opposites.

    • I believe most christians would describe their religion as a religion of love. Still it’s quite easy to see it as a religion of war, killing, hate and intolerance. Guess it’s how you choose to interpret your religion. But if you look for bad and nasty stuff you will find it all of the “holy” books, even if the message overall is good.

    • The parts about killing those who do not conform were for times of war. The last time a jihad occurred without being used for someone’s personal gain was during The Crusades when the Christians were the ones killing people because of their different religion.

      • it’s not about religion, it’s about people. Both of You are right but religion is to be learned with head and not by heart. If You listen and try to understand and then CHANGE your behaviour to the better then religion would have sense. This way it’s mostly used by ego to prove point that even isn’t inside any religious book. I read a lot, on my country website, all claiming to be christians and how churc is great and many of them almost justifying that murder, or identifying themselves with pictures of jesus on Charlie’s newpaper. Then comments are: why did charlie never moked LGBT, then what would I think if my mother is on their coverpage? All relegious ppl. judging and not forrgiving. I’m 100% sure that good, positive and commited to their work, nor reverant nor imam would agree with them. They would try to teach them where they are wrong but saddly that would be in vain.. i’m affraid. I’m no religious by the way.

      • Chapter 8 is not about war Sata, but it is very vivid in its instructions on how to treat non-believers and muslims that stray. Also reinforces that ‘true’ muslims should be happy to die to for the cause and take the fight to the unbelievers in surrounding areas.

  2. You are only posting this because he is a muslim.. I really doubt the press and other news media would have made such a big deal out of it, if the guy had been white, asian or any other race for that matter.

  3. Superdynamite, Who are you to stay that all Muslims deserve to be killed ? sadly we live in world like this because of people like you 🙁 ps I hope you educate yourself before you say stupid things like this!

  4. The argument that any text can be used to justify anything has some truth to it,
    but it’s not completely true. There are ways of honestly trying to discern what a
    text says overall, looking at the context, the old testament for example was written
    for the Jews. So to take something said to them in a specific time and place and
    to try and apply it to an entirely different situation and time—like now in America
    or during the crusades in Palestine, it’s misinformed at best, dishonest at worst.

    What is important is to discern if the text preaches killing in the here and now. When
    you consider the new testament, the arguments used to justify war/violence can only be made in
    very narrow contexts. Even within a just war framework, the case for peace is much stronger
    as Christ himself did not call armies to rescue him in his time of need. He taught forgiveness
    extensively as well as enemy love. A christian really should be a follower of Jesus, a disciple,
    someone who submits to and learns from Him. It’s not just someone who applies the label
    to themselves. Only Christ really gets to say who is a real christian. “Many will say ‘Lord Lord,
    we did great things in your name’ and I’ll say, ‘depart from me, I never knew you.'”

    Peace was a huge part of Jesus’ teaching. Justification for violence? It’s very hard to
    honestly do. Augustine came up with just-war theory, but that was only when Rome
    had co-opted Christianity and tried to merge it with it’s own vision of the state. Augustine was
    hired by Constantine to create a theological rationale for what Constantine felt like doing. The early
    church fathers had been massacred for about 100 years and their teaching had consistently
    been one of non violence.

    So christianity later became associated with the new Roman empire. The empire gave itself/the
    emperor/pope the capability of overriding Jesus’ teaching at will. Do you think they have
    this authority just because they said they do? On the surface, but not in the eyes of God so to speak.
    To me this is not the same thing as following Jesus above all else. “Love your enemies and pray for those
    who persecute you” will have a set of outcomes from obedient and intellectually honest
    followers. Jesus said that to his followers—which applies to anyone who follows him now
    as they are spiritually descendent.

    So this is a new context, different than during the thousands of years prior, when the text,
    God directed and approved the attack of specific cities. Those cities were often mentioned
    as killing their own kids as a matter of common practice. Or raping visiting strangers as a
    kind of formal city policy. Even if one were to try and make the argument that this should
    apply now (to say suicide bomber areas,) the argument would be overridden by Jesus talking
    about forgiveness.

    Yet in Romans, Paul does allow room for the state to use the sword in the pursuit of Justice.
    We do learn though through observation though that when violence is unjustly used, resentment against
    authority can be created which can lead to greater unrest. Our emotions are very powerful and delicate.
    And Lassana is a hero. If Jews are his enemies and he risked himself to protect them, whether he
    knew it or not, he’s acting consistently with the teachings of Jesus.

    There are probably some ways christians follow the ways of Islam unawares also.
    Specifically in the attitude to law as a mechanism for salvation. But that’s another
    topic. Anyway, that’s wonderful character and I join in the adulation for this brave man.
    Much respect. Love, Joy and peace to all!


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