Anti-Muslim Attacks After The Charlie Hebdo Massacre


Post the Charlie Hebdo shooting, there have been numerous far-right attacks against Muslims in France and Europe. Three grenades were thrown at a mosque in Le Mans, west of Paris. A Muslim prayer hall in Port-la-Nouvelle, southern France, received shots shortly after evening prayers. A blast erupted at L’Imperial, a restaurant affiliated to a mosque in the French village of Villefranche-sur-Saone.

There have been at least 15 such racist-attacks in less than a week (Click on the picture below to enlarge it) :


Anti-Islamists protesters and far-right supporters are not the only ones cashing in on the 7 January tragedy. Governments in Europe are gearing up to push an anti-immigrant legislation.

In Greece, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras blasted the main opposition party Syriza’s immigration stance at an election campaign. “You see what is happening in Europe: Everything is changing dramatically. In France, the Socialist [President Francois] Hollande has sent the army onto the streets. There was a massacre [Charlie Hebdo] in Paris, and here some people are inviting over illegal immigrants and handing out citizenships”.

Le Pen, head of France’s far-right National Front, blamed radical Islam for the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Chief of MI5, United Kingdom’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, has called for new powers to help fight Islamist extremism following the Paris attack. In the wake of bloodshed in France, head of Netherlands’ anti-Islamic Party of Freedom Geert Wilders said that the West was “at war” with Islam and called for tough measures against it. “It’s Islam that causes all problems; it’s Muhammad, the Quran that causes these problems and nothing else. If we don’t do anything, it will happen here,” Wilders added as he demanded an end of all immigration from Muslim countries.

We don’t know what the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists wanted to achieve. We don’t know what the terrorists wanted to achieve. What we do know is 7 January will certainly achieve what none of us would have foreseen. Governments will introduce draconian laws, increasing the surveillance state and persecution of Muslims and immigrants. Movements like Pegida will grow so will ISIS and Al-Qaeda. The West will proclaim solidarity with deeply offensive ‘freedom of expressions’ in future.

Provocative speech incites violence, hurts oppressed groups and religious beliefs, and affects innocent lives. This must not fall in the category of ‘free speech’.

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  1. Unlike Europe, USA was build by immigrants, after the massacre of the indigenous indian population. Go and ask them if they’re happy with the immigration from the last four hundred years, ask them if they’re happy after the genocide and the destruction of their culture.

    The white Europeans are the first to blame (because they invaded), but keep in mind that all human populations (whatever their race, ethnicity and religion) did this, just that some (the Europeans, in the past) performed better than others. The problem here is the socio-cultural invasion via massive immigration of people alien to the local culture.

    What now happens in Europe is a white genocide, with the only mention that it’s done less violent than in the former decades, but the results are the same. Non-European immigrants come here in large numbers, and the majority of them (not all, of course) don’t care about our culture, don’t care about democracy, don’t care about the rules of our lands.

    If Christians (of all races) would suddenly come from all over the world in large numbers in, let’s say, Communist atheist China, and disrespected the local culture and in the same time, actively promoted their culture, and performed extremist attacks from time to time, what would the Chineese do? Wouldn’t they blame Christianity and the Christians for that? This wouldn’t be neither racist, nor anti-Christian, but just an organic, natural response.

    Racism is an over-used word with different connotations for each person. In my dictionary, racism is defined as “the belief that people are biologically different based on their ethnicity”.
    According to this, I’m also a racist. But that doesn’t mean I hate blacks or asians or I consider myself superior to them.

    Ignorant people say that skin colour doesn’t matter, and that we all have the same blood. But this is false. Ask any medic and they’ll tell you there are strong scientific documented facts that show there are differences between races and ethnicities. This doesn’t mean one race is inferior and other is superior in an absolute sense. We are all humans, yes, but we are different by biology (genes) and we are different by education, culture, traditions etc.

    Unlike race/ethnicity, which is a thing with which you are born with, religion is something which you can choose for yourself. And yes, I can judge you by this.

    Freedom of speech should not be limited or reglemented in any way. Everything else is not freedom. My people lived under a harsh communism regime for almost 50 years. We know what political corectness is – state propaganda, censorship and lack of freedom.

      • Based on your argument, there is also no “pure” human race, because we share +98% genetic material with chimpanzees.

        But study some history, anthropology and genetics and discover that there are scientifically, quantifiable differences between the different branches of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. In time, because of living isolated for long periods of time under different geo-socio-cultural conditions some changes slowly but surely integrated into the genes of these people. Each branch dealt with different challenges and such they evolved differently, from melanin levels to different skills and abilities.

      • Well actually we arent, it has been proven that we come from the crossbreeding of several species like the neanderthaler and such. Wich also means that we some if us are actaully carry genetic markers wich would not be found in africa, so we r not all from africa…..just sayin 🙂

  2. Don’t you think linking yourself to this would undermine the entire idea… Know at least here it seems you’ve take away from the real idea that is the massacre.. Idk..some major points are made .. But violent reprisals are being harnessed as ammo for this idea without really knowing the nature truly of these actions..ahhh. Is it a call for this..debatable.. But I feel you you could definitely report more objective.. Than emotional.. Emotion is certainly deserved. But from a journalist arena.. For the masses. Have to be careful no!?!… OK well definitely keep up the good work.. Cause if not for you posting here I would not know the true facts current.. Yup.. Were all in this together on some stage.. Easy all….

  3. I’m French and I think that anyone who is doing this kind of stuff is not a real French person. We’re supposed to be tolerant.

    • It is funny that when it is someone like us who does the attack, we are always quick to say things like they are “not a real French person”, but in response to Muslim extremist behavior, we say that all Muslims are like that and if they don’t stand up and publicly apologize for what another Muslim does, it means that they support it. Charlie Hebdo certainly blamed all Muslims otherwise they wouldn’t have felt the need to insult all Muslims with their disrespectful images of the Muslim prophet even though most Muslims do not share the violent ideology of the extremists. Imagine if we asked every Catholic to publicly denounce pedophilia and prove they weren’t pedophiles every time a priest got caught molesting a kid. And if they didn’t, we accused them of secretly plotting to molest our kids. I imagine that they’d get sick of that pretty quickly. I’m from Appalachia and I get sick and tired of hearing jokes about outhouses and marrying your sister and other hillbilly stereotypes. Sure, we have some people who really are dumb rednecks. But not everyone from this area is and it gets old being judged that way. When I went to college, I had people ask me if I had running water and a bathroom in my house. And I was told that they had never met a smart person with a southern accent before. Good grief. It was 1988. I had CNN, MTV and video games. I wasn’t the dumb one. The idiots were the ones who didn’t even have a clue about parts of their own country. If this kind of stuff ticks me off, I can imagine what it must be like as a Muslim to deal with the incredible stupidity that is rampant. I thought France was more sophisticated than the US. Their morons just drink wine instead of beer. That is the only difference.


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