Anonymous’ #OpDeathEaters Targets High Profile Pedosadists


Prince Andrew, as witnessed in the main stream media this week, has been named in U.S. court documents filed as an alleged perpetrator in the sex slave lawsuit. American Investment Banker Jeffrey Epstein, who is claimed to have been the instigator of sexually abusing women when they were minors, was convicted to an eighteen month sentence in 2008, he has since served. Although Prince Andrew has been photographed with his arm around one of the minors at the time, and visited Epstein after his release from prison, Buckingham Palace has issued a firm denial of such an incident occurring. [1]


This news comes at a time when Operation Death Eaters is in full swing. Operation Death Eaters or known as the Twitter movement #OpDeathEaters, is associated with Anonymous; waging a war against high profiles associated with pedosadist (a preferred term over pedophile) rings. Those that are targeted are those who see themselves above society, who are highly powerful, and who appear to be untouchable by common law.

The Westminster Pedophile Ring is one of many cases where Operation Death Eaters has actively pursued and sought truth, in order to end the hideous crimes concealed behind the British elite. In fear of these investigations being bungled over time, the operation’s objectives are clear and simple: source public information before it disappears, push for independent enquiry, and offer support to witnesses and the victims where needed.[2]

Here is How You Can Help – Watch The Video For Detailed Instructions:

[1] Millard, R. (2015, January 3). Buckingham Palace issues fresh denial over Andrew sex claims. [AFP]. Retrieved from

[2] Cameron, D. (2015, January 3). Prince Andrew and the rise of Operation Death Eaters. [Daily Dot Blog]. Retrieved from


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  1. Thank the lord that the death eaters’ fall is coming, after watching the operation death eaters video, last year. You have to admit, this is also just as worse as human trafficking as well after watching the video too when I was only a pre-teen at the time . It’s bad enough that these young woman, especially girls my age, are suffering through pain that they don’t deserve as much as any other child and teenager in this world . This big problem has already been sickening to us and especially for a young woman like me .

    • Somewhere along the line something went terribly wrong with the human psyche. Not only do we commit horrendous acts on other living beings including our own, but it has taken us millennia to openly start talking about it.

    • Anon should look into the Blue House case in Evansville, IN back in 1990. I know it was before their time, but they might come to understand what they are up against.

  2. #OpDeathEaters is a very laudable campaign.
    However, it is very difficult to take serious when in the upper echelons of Anonymous victims are condescended with replies such as , “But he is a rich ni**er” when victim comes forward with their own experiences and attempts to say no.

    • Hi Jane Doe
      would be gratefull if you would expand your comments for me. Am pro Anon. but do not feel that should deafen me to crics and criticism. Thanks and fingers crossed for a reply

  3. Go after “lolicon” sites as they display cgi child porn. These sites prompt the rape of children by fantasying the sexual contact of children.

  4. Since it was me , in the 1980’s and even earlier who said to the two policemen interviewing me about child abuse in North Wales, that there was/is an established ring of abusers from extremely powerful and/or rich walks of life, in this country, you may also realise that it is also me and mine that have suffered horrendously at their hands, not only for speaking out, but also because we had no-one to whom to turn throughout all these years. It is therefore at least some small consolation to know that there are now those who might even attempt to break that hold these evil people have on this society.

  5. but howto help?

    maybe we need to learn how to listen to internet traffic network, to try and spy but howto..there are lot’s of us that would like to know thet and many more so we can try to help..

  6. RIchard Netherton, a paedophile from Hull, is using the children’s site Chicken Smoothie to groom and sent obscene photos, texts, and videos to minors.

  7. Effing Libertiné’s, nothings changed in centuries.
    Pasolini was murdered just before the release of his film Saló or 120 Days of Sodom written in the 18th century by none other than Marquis De Sade, the name that the word sadism derives from.
    The film is the most disgusting film I have ever watched and I am sure Pasolini knew it would be banned.
    I am in Thailand and if I do meet any here for sure, you guys will be the first to know.

  8. You should investigate the province of British Columbia Canada … they’ve been in power since day one. I’ve seen the historic proof. The gov’t still allows child marriage in Bountiful BC as a “religious freedom”. The gov’t ignores child protection issues that are decades old.

    Thank you for your work.

  9. The tragic life Mary Duncan is proof that Ann Moncure the vice president of graphic design at Dailey Advertizing agency in west hollywood is a serial child sex abuser

  10. boycott companies that sell “sexy” merchandise for children. around 6 years ago i was shopping at Khol’s department store. what i was looking for is not as important as what i found. thongs and padded bras in the children’s clothes section. they were sized for children size 6T and up. they had pictures of flowers that said “pick me” and cherries that said “eat me”, plus a few other phrases that can be found on adult female panties that are meant to be taken sexually. they may have stopped selling those so called clothes, but i will not go back there. yes, i now check the kid’s clothes at department stores to see if they sell similar and inappropriate clothing for children. if they do, they lose my business and that of my entire family. they get a letter of protest from one of us, and we are happy to get creative when we need to shop to avoid vendors that promote the sexual abuse of children.

    on a very personal note, i’m related to pedophiles. several of them have been identified through one side of my family. i believe it is a sickness that can be passed down since the men all came from the same branch of the family tree. it goes back generations for us, yet no one has spoken out. the last one alive, that we know of, is dying his own slow death in a nursing home when he should have been locked up in jail decades ago. if you know a pedophile, turn them in. if they are your family you cannot protect them from their own sick desires. if left to live a free life, they will hurt people until they die or are stopped. as family you need to turn them in so they can get the help they need, and if they can’t be helped they need to be put away for the safety of others.

  11. Anon, I love you guys(guys being a blanket term here for all yall, male and female) seriously love you guys. as one of the many survivors of being the victim of a child molesting scumbag, it warms my heart to see others fighting for whats right. I have heard the nambla pedosadist arguement for their bs. Though personally I think the only fitting punishment for pedos is immediate castration and then begun immediately but defininatly prolonged, death, I know that counts as cruel and unusual and it’s illegal to do that to human, but dammit, should we really consider these monsters “human”? I don’t. I don’t think we should as a world society. It is the most heinous crime they commit. Even when they don’t kill us, they destroy. And then I’m forced to live in a world with governments full of them? at the very least lets all fuck some political campaigns with some billboard of politicians says “Oh and he ass raped his nephew” I’m not kidding here, fuck liable or slander bs if its true.

  12. Please help me fight the VA. VA is killing 22 veterans a day. They hurt so many more. 5328(approximately)deaths in the Gulf war. Over 300K veterans, since the war ended, have been killed or committed Suicide since due to the VA,s tactics. All the while High Admin people are getting millions in bonuses. Please help!

  13. The VA is Lying Veterans are DYING! Join the cause on FB!! Ron Nesler is fighting for our soldier ! HELP! While vets go without treatment for war related conditions, High up admins are getting Millions in bonuses. HELP!

  14. Start with Wm Clinton. His power reaps whirlwinds of misery to his trail of victims. NAMBLA in NYC is another good source of fodder for your vengeance machine.

  15. Hii
    I want to help or do something to stop these animals from existing on the internet!! i come from a cotnry where its more pedos fucks than it is in the other contrys in avrage. FAROE ISLANDS !
    All the baptist churchs hide or save these animals by saying God will heal them! WTF. instead of going to the police! And you get a longer sentence for fucking weed!! then mulest a child! if anyone can contact me and tell me how i can join this Op, please send me an email! these fucking scums need to get what they deserve!
    Email me at: [email protected]


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