Entire Police Department of Colorado’s Town Resign


Colorado, Green Mountain Falls – In a town meeting last week, citizens of Green Mountain Falls have been informed that their entire police department have resigned. The small city has around 700 residents, but in the summer the number can go up to 1200.

At this stage, the town isn’t without coverage, with a neighboring El Paso County’s Sherriff’s Office ready to handle any dispatched cases. They also stated they can provide backup to any calls.

As for the resignation of the police, this isn’t the first time the town has been left without a marshal. In 2013, due to restructuring, the town was then left without coverage, and a new marshal wasn’t rehired for four months.

“In an election year, there’s always some people who choose to stay and some people who choose to go, and I think that happens at every level of government,” Mayor Jane Newberry said in an interview with KCNC.

Newberry, who took office only last week, told CNN that she was unsure of the reasons for Marshal Timothy Bradly stepping down from his duties, but that the three deputies had little choice but to follow suit because they were volunteers.

However, it has been reported that the officers may have been unhappy with the newly-elected mayor and restructuring.

“I’ve stressed many times that the town is perfectly safe,” Newberry said. “One of the advantages of a small town – we have less than 700 full-time residents – is neighbors look out for each other.”

Applications for the marshall’s job are already being accepted and vetted.

Sources: CNN, Atlanta Journal, KCNC.

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