Ex-Governor Picking Up Boston’s Trash Since 1991


On his morning walks, 81-year-old Michael Dukakis, the longest-serving governor in the history of Massachusetts and the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, is still picking up litter around Boston waging his one-man war against evil litterbugs. By putting the trash in its place, Dukakis also shows what it means to be a public servant.

Recently, Boston lawyer Sarah Godfrey saw him picking up trash between the tunnels of two MBTA stations. In a letter to The Boston Globe, Godfrey wrote that the “nice old man” was “grouchy” and said that the train stations were “always filthy”.

However, it’s just one of the many sightings of the ‘trash man’ cleaning up the streets.

A 2003 story in The Boston Globe centered on his obsession with litter. “There are many issues the former governor gets passionate about—teaching, high-speed rail—but this morning, it’s all about litter. “I mean, look at this crap! It’s appalling, disgraceful. There’s just no excuse for it. It’s enough to drive you out of your mind. You see it all over the place and you have to ask: Why isn’t anyone dealing with this?” he said.

Politicians are meant to serve the interests of the public, but how often do you see them bending over to pick up plastic wrappers and discarded papers?


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  1. This is a non-story. The real story is that the man who was in line to be the world’s most powerful man was completely disappeared from public life for decades. Not a single interview, essay, nothing. Now he reappears doing something local and civic and people scratch their heads: didn’t he have ride in a tank wearing a ridiculous helmet and didn’t his drunkard wife drink the nail polish remover?


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