Facebook Reverses Ban on Anonymous Group to Combat ISIS


Just as quickly as Anonymous Red Cult created the growing “Cyber Brain Reborn” group page, the social media giant bowed to pressure from hundreds of Anons who protested the take down of the most popular Anonymous page. As the Anonymous operation, #OpISIS, was hitting full swing, Facebook decided to shut down the main Anonymous group page belonging to the team hacking the living hell out of ISIS.

After all, it  certainly was on the Cyber Brain page that our Counter Current News posts – calling out Facebook and Twitter for refusing to deactivate ISIS member propaganda and recruiting accounts – were first posted. Our contacts in Red Cult tell us that Facebook gave no warning and no explanation for why the entire group was shut down, except to say the whole group’s existence was a “violation” of Facebook’s Terms of Service and “Community Standards.”

The group was run by Red Cult team members, jointly with a couple of other popular Anonymous groups and pages, for a long time. The page only reads “Anonymous” but the URL terms it, “Cyber Brain.” So why was Facebook apparently siding with ISIS over Anonymous? The group was rather careful not to cross any lines with Facebook’s Terms of Service but this page was certainly one of the first places where information on #OpISIS was being posted, as soon as Counter Current News ran with it. Whatever Facebook ends up discovering their motive was, they’ve seemingly rescinded it.

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  1. Facebook has NO MORALS, as evidenced by their ONGOING psychological experimentation on their users WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESS, INFORMED CONSENT (A matter NOT addressable by clicking “I agree” on the bottom of their online service agreement). I’m glad you’re taking down ISIS, guys, but maybe when you get a moment or two, you could discuss THAT issue with Facebook.

  2. Here is my question
    Why do you guys never mentioned the kurds and the peshmergas? They are the one’s who are fighting isis right know with their soul’s and life many peshmarges die every day fighting isis

  3. why is facebook against Anonymous Group to Combat ISIS wel they dont make money out of you but they do make money out of those isis groups so they only follow the money dont they all.
    We need form bigger stronger comunities that stick together and that always keep up the batlle against isis so if one gets blocket the other can proceed and you can regenerate the first and make a cicle out of it


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