The FBI Won’t Charge Hillary Clinton, So Edward Snowden Did This…




Snowden was exiled for breaking classification rules but Clinton was pardoned. Where’s the justice?


It’s intriguing to consider that after Edward Snowden, a former NSA subcontractor, leaked secret information about the government’s surveillance activities, he was charged with “theft of government property”, “unauthorized communication of national defense information” and “willful communication of classified communications intelligence information to an unauthorized person.”

Hillary Clinton, however, the Democratic presidential nominee in this year’s election and former Secretary of State, deleted 30,000+ emails from a private server and has received no reprimand from the FBI. In fact, on Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey told the press that he would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton for using private email servers during her time as Secretary of State.

Double standard, much? 

Edward Snowden wasn’t the only American left speechless by the decision, but his Tweet definitely summarized what most people were thinking:


When Snowden first fled the country in 2013, Clinton stated that she could never condone what he did. She said the former NSA employee was a “Traitor” who had “blood on his hands,” reports DailyCaller.

Again, intriguing, considering that the war criminal is to blame for destabilizing Haiti and making Libya a failed state – among other unsavory accomplishments. Edward Snowden’s crime was to enlighten the public on the fact that they aren’t as free as they think, but Clinton’s actions have earned her a spot as the potential President of the United States.

If anything, 2016 seems to be the year Americans find out just how corrupt their government is and the extent to which the political system is rigged.


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  1. Hillary Clinton and Obama are both traitors and should be charged for treason against this country. Edward Snowden is Austin a terrorist against this country yes his accent lighting Mini but his job was to keep his mouth shut for the sake of the country like it or not! I’m not always proud of my government but I love my country and nothing can sway my patriotism these three assholes belong in the chopping block

    • Snowden was acting for the people and telling them the truth you blind prick, Clinton is the only real traitor. She makes Snowden look like a criminal for fighting against corruption and then sends information to an unknown aquaintence on a private sever and then proceeds to get rid of the evidence and claim inoccence for personal gain. And because of her “connections” the fbi is to afraid to do their fucking job.

    • “for the sake of the country” I guess what he does is for the sake of the country. The people are the country. And all US Americans are immigrants, it’s not that long ago. Anyway you keep celebrating the slaughtering of native americans every year at “independence day” where the whole us traited against their crown. But anyway, every system is corrupt. the difference is, others are corrupt and play their games in their own countries. But the usa is playing games with the whole world. try to get rid of your state-debts before you wanna tell everyone how to live their lifes. America is one of the youngest country on earth but feels like the opposite of john snow. like you know everything. you make me sick!

    • Your country doesn’t give a fuck about u …so why should u be so stupid as to love it… Snowden is a fucking hero for humanity. ..u r just too blind to see it…

    • Wake the hell up Nathan or you will be considered a very big part of the whole problem. If you can’t see the truth for what it really is, than may I suggest, you get a real education and stop listening to the ignorant people you are obviously surrounded by. Also, if there were less people like you on this planet, guaranteed this world would be so much better off. Matter of fact, go get a gun and point it at yourself and pull the trigger. that way, the rest of us can evolve without stupidity like your around anymore.

    • “Edward Snowden is Austin a terrorist against this country yes his accent lighting Mini… ” WTF is this random sequence of words even supposed to mean???

    • IF you truly love your country as you say then why would you not want it to be the best country it could be? Blindly accepting something isn’t love its denial.

  2. [ copyrighted Facebook page comment posted on July 6, 2016 and emailed to FBI Director Comey
    and 26 other FBI sources from the list of 30,000 FBI and Department of Homeland Security
    personnel that was hacked and leaked online by a 16 year old boy in England.

    The Clintons have enough information on the FBI’s criminal activities to make Comey’s
    decision on “non-indictment” understandable. Not ironically, the FBI has enough information
    on the Clintons criminal activities to insure that they won’t be indicted for their crimes either.
    The same can be said of the federal District Courts, the Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney’s,
    etc., etc., etc.
    This is what I mean by a “system of filth” in government. 7/6/16 DEC copr Chipps]

    In response to FBI pigs visiting my property on March 9th, 2015 I am releasing two copyrighted
    pamphlets under my authorship. Both “THE FBI CLOWN. APRIL 1, 2015” and “FBI PIGS. THE
    INFORMATION GAME” are being distributed throughout the Hill Section of Scranton, Pa in the
    amount of over 500 copies. As well, today, August 5, 2015, I have begun a picket of the FBI
    offices in Scranton, Pa. with a picket sign that reads ‘Are Criminal FBI Filth Harassing?’. In
    the early 1980’s I picketed these same offices in relation to the Hannon Murder cases. These FBI
    pigs were then, and still are, covering up their role in the Hannon Murder cases and the role of
    Wilkes-Barre Police pigs. [ Update August 25, 2015 ] Within 12 minutes of my posting the
    included emails on August 5th either Yahoo or the FBI, or both, shut down my email server.
    Since this has happened twice before within those same 12 minutes I totally shut down my
    internet contact and moved my entire systems to another location and was well on my way
    to Scranton to distribute hard copies. Additionally, at around noon on August 5th I began
    my picketing of the Scranton federal building. I guess my point would be that neither Yahoo
    or federal pigs are going to be preventing me from publishing this information.

    David Chipps
    August 25, 2015

    @ COPR CHIPPS 4/1/2015 DEC
    (All of the information contained herein is expressed in the form of opinion)
    (by the author)
    APRIL 1, 2015

    On March 9, 2015 – exactly one day after distributing a massive amount of political pamphlets
    in the Hill Section of Scranton – three FBI pigs came to my house. One of these FBI pigs – agent
    McDonald – told a member of my family (I was not home at the time) that he thought that some
    of my copyrighted, published material “crossed the line”.
    I’m not quite certain what “lines” McDonald thought that I had “crossed”. Was this a “moral”
    line of demarcation that McDonald made reference to – I mean I would love to hear what
    constituted a moral line from a Scranton FBI pig (for as long as I could keep a straight face).
    Did I exceed the boundaries of “good taste”? Had I crossed the PROVERBIAL “line drawn in
    the sand”? I personally believe that McDonald didn’t appreciate the fact that I crossed the
    “political” line of publishing the criminal activities of FBI pigs. And, I also believe that McDonald
    was attempting to say that I had crossed the “legal line”. FBI pigs seem to make up their own
    version of the “legal line” when it suits them.
    I understand McDonalds dilemma. Here is what I consider to be crossing the “legal” line.
    In relation to the Hannon murder cases two Wilkes-Barre police pigs – Evans and Savage –
    with the full knowledge of WB police Lt. Mulligan drove me to a wooded section of Wilkes-Barre
    Township…Evans leaving me with the notion “that we’re not playing games with you anymore”. I
    suppose that this was a reference to my publishing information about WB police pigs in the
    Hannon murder cases. Shortly thereafter – on June 25, 1980 – I filed a formal complaint with
    Scranton FBI pig Gill Hendrikson about this incident. Hendrikson submarined this complaint.
    WB police pigs knew a great deal about the role of the Scranton FBI in the Hannon murder cases
    (which has never been published and which FBI pigs don’t want to be made known).
    I personally believe that it “crosses the legal line” when FBI pigs cover-up the criminal
    activity of WB police pigs so that their role in the Hannon murders won’t be revealed.
    In relation to my arrest by FBI pigs in 1997 I have published (and this is not exactly my opinion
    – all of this is contained in federal legal Appellate Briefs)…

    ‘…during the course of my criminal “trial” in 1998 FBI Director Freeh and agents
    of the FBI criminally withheld my FBI file – even though they are absolutely
    mandated by law to turn this file over. On two separate occasions I served Freeh
    and the FBI with subpoenas to turn over my FBI file as they are required to do
    by the JENCKS and BRADY precedents. Freeh and the FBI criminally refused to
    do so. Freeh’s actions constitute a very rare criminal violation of the JENCKS
    and BRADY precedents…’
    ‘…At my trial, when FBI agent Charles Grubert acknowledged having accessed
    my FBI file, Assistant Federal Public Defender Gino Bartolai leaned over to me
    and told me that Gruberts reference to my file – which the FBI was criminally
    withholding and which Cindrich was criminally refusing to order turned over
    to me – constituted immediate grounds for a mistrial. When I Motioned for a
    mistrial this criminal Cindrich refused to do so…’
    ‘My whole point is this. Former FBI Director Lou Freeh is involved in a criminal
    conspiracy to obstruct justice in the withholding of my subpoenaed FBI file.
    Freeh is involved in criminal obstruction of justice…a very rare criminal violation
    of the JENCKS and BRADY precedents…a criminal violation of the Freedom of
    Information Act…’
    ‘More importantly than all of that former FBI Director Freeh, in my opinion, is
    involved in a criminal conspiracy to cover-up criminal activity in the federal
    District Court in Scranton…[ and ] in the Scranton Bureau of the FBI…’
    [ “The Perfect Choice”, Nov. 25, 2011 ]

    I personally believe that it “crosses the legal line” when FBI pigs criminally withhold
    information and obstruct fair trial precedent to convict innocent persons. I personally
    believe that it “crosses the legal line” when FBI pigs criminally obstruct justice to
    cover-up their own criminal activity – to include the criminal activity of the Director of
    their own agency.

    And, I’m not exactly the only one who holds that opinion.
    In relation to my arrest in 1997 FBI “legal types” have allegedly concluded in a report
    that certain “actions” of the FBI and their agents likely constituted a “denial” of [my]
    “civil rights”, and, that the failure to release subpoenaed trial discovery and FOIA
    material may have been “illegal”.
    Wouldn’t you know it – FBI bureaucratic pigs – whose sole purpose is to cover their
    own asses “in the eventuality” (that things go public) – can’t even speak the plain truth.
    Let me say it the way it should be said. In relation to my arrest in 1997 FBI “actions”
    constitute deliberate, criminal obstruction of justice – to include criminally withholding
    exculpatory information that tends to exonerate an innocent person at trial. FBI
    “activities” constitute a “criminal denial of [my] civil rights”. FBI “activities” constitute
    an attempt at criminal official oppression in tandem with an equally corrupt and criminal
    federal court jurist (Cindrich) and assistant US Attorney (Mannion), and, apparently,
    this criminal activity would include the filth who had formerly been the Director of
    this agency. In fact on Nov. 25, 2011 when I published

    ‘Former FBI Director Freeh knows – and knew then – exactly what criminal
    activity is taking place in the federal Middle District of Pennsylvania.’

    I knew
    exactly what I was talking about. After my arrest in 1997 federal pigs attempted to
    portray my publication of criminal activity in this federal district as “delusional”
    and “histrionic”. Apparently FBI pigs are, themselves, having the same “delusions”
    and “histrionic” explanations – although much less willing to publish their
    I personally believe that it “crosses the legal line” when FBI pigs are criminally
    withholding information that tends to exonerate the innocent. Again, FBI pigs
    criminally obstructing justice and attempting criminal official oppression.
    This FBI pig McDonald was and is looking for various “statements” from me
    which the FBI could use against me in another of their Kangaroo court “show
    trials”, and, I am fully prepared to give my statements to McDonald. And, I could
    not think of any better statements than that of my own words.
    Here are my statements…On July 21, 1998 at my “sentencing” on false charges
    I told these assembled federal human pigs that

    ‘I spit in the face of you treacherous human pigs’.

    And, in a virtually dehumanizing letter to then Sec. of Education Rod Paige on
    April 2, 2002, I stated – in response to continual retaliation from this agency for my
    having brought legal action…

    ‘…I will continue to publicly force my balls down your throat’.

    The millions of dollars that filth in this government has spent in an attempt to
    exercise official oppression against me has, in fact, been money that is well spent.
    Today, this filth can literally read about their crimes on the streets, and, apparently
    that would include some of their own information.
    In essence, the once proud, formidable, righteous FBI Special Agent McDonald
    of the Scranton Bureau of the FBI, now, “special agent” “Ronald” McDonald – the
    FBI clown – whose both faces I publicly wipe with my ass.
    I wonder if that other two faced little weasel and coward – Grubert – thinks that
    any of this “crosses the line”.
    “Ronald” McDonald can be reached at 317-8491.

    David E. Chipps

    April 1, 2015

    • We need more Americans like you David!!! I am soooo proud of you, keep up the great work and everyone out there needs to join and do the same.

  3. I can’t help it, but these days it feels like no matter what goes on. This world will always be at war for no damn good reason. We have war here, war there and people who are truly suffering from things we can control but all anyone is doing is covering it up. In the end it seems like all we can do is fight back against this intolerance, and create another revolution.

    I may not be one for politics and definitely for war, but something has got to be done. Thank you so much Anonymous for informing those world wide of the truth. That those who say they ‘mean well’, know nothing because their heart’s are frozen.

    Long live the truth and those out there fighting for a damn good cause.

  4. The FBI Won’t Charge Hillary Clinton, So Edward Snowden Did This… i see nothing to relate to your title? your whole story is just a comparison but your title promises something this writer FAILED to deliver.

  5. I have to agree, all three, “Yobama” the “Hilda-Beast” and Snowden are criminals. HOWEVER… as in “hold the flames”, it’s a matter of extent. As far as I’m concerned Snowden did more good than harm. He opened the publics eyes to the criminal activities of the NSA, but crossed the line on information regarding national security. Fortunately it was mostly outdated, thus, “more good than harm”. Punishment? Hell, I don’t know. A “smack on the ass” and a couple thousand dollars fine? Whatever, but certainly a lot less than what the bastards I mentioned above deserve, there have already been several good suggestions, so I won’t beat a dead horse, here.

  6. Bernie Sanders was the last best hope for America. Sensible social policies, decrease in military conflict with Russia/China, reinvestment inward instead of the great waste outward. I truly believe he could have brought a balming sanity here, a healthy relationship with Europe/Russia/China.

    Now though with Clinton and Trump we are trapped between a cold hard rock and a really dumb place.

    I detest Clinton and would make the drive to watch her hang for war crimes yet I must vote for her.

    Should Trump win, I sincerely hope Russia makes first strike and we are unable to retaliate. It would spare a portion of the world for some time as Trump is the man who will bring the end on our side. Hope is critically low the fact he is a contender, should he win all hope is lost. There is nothing to be saved. Hopefully my rural location and a bottle of a heavy dose of a certain iodine to shut down my thyroid to cease the initial radiation absorption will keep me alive long enough to set sail and move with the Eskimos on likely the most tolerable place on Earth after the big change.

    • Because Bernie (who never had ANY chance due to rigged voting), has been a good little Democrat and has “endorsed” the Medusa called “Hillary”, why is it you are still feeling obligated to vote for someone who believes she is above the law (via overt blackmail of the criminal FBI and others), by the ICC and multiple nations a suspected war criminal, a pathological liar, and who by knowingly using an unprotected and illegal private server to hide her corrupted actions from official or public scrutiny was known to have been hacked into and hard drives containing tens of thousands of emails containing the best information in the world for other nations to use to blackmail Hillary Clinton if elected, was known to have been copied by at least two (2) entities. These entities are known to have been ” sharing” at least part of their ill gotten booty from Hillary’s ill installed and ill secured illegal server. Yet, Trump is somehow supposed to be a far worse potential leader?

      Please review: – “Putin warns commanders, “If it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s war.””.

      You’ve been manipulated and demonstrate a refusal to learn the truth, and therefore cannot be counted on to act accordingly based on the truth. I feel sorry for you. But, actively choosing to accept the lies just because the truth is not palatable to you reduces my empathy severely.

      Should the many traitors running amok in America ever be tried and convicted, I demand to be the Executioner of the ones that damaged me the most.

  7. There is no ‘double-standard’ here. Snowden is a traitor. He -purposely- released classified information to our adversaries – and is living in one of those countries now. Hillary was just being -stupid-. She did not intentionally release classified information – she destroyed it. There is a HUGE difference, and I’d expect you guys to understand it, rather than using it as a false stick to whip HRC with. The two instances are NOT AT ALL ‘equal’, or even similar. This is why Snowden should hang. At worst, HRC should lose her job. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  8. American people have been shown years of evidence of political assassinations, Irrefutable 9/11 evidence. Presidents blatantly lying on TV, Nixon, Clinton , 2Bushes, Obama, et all. When the question that was asked, “What happened, to 8.5 TRILLION Dollars”, The answer that was given, was an answer that the powers that be, decided would be a perfectly plausable, acceptable answer to give. To the American People, of ” We just don’t, know “. Wake up America, if you want any kind of future for your children, and your childrens children. Orchestrate the revolution today. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Socialism without Capitalism becomes Communism. And Capitalism without Socialism, becomes Facism.


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