FBI Worried About Cyber Warfare By ISIS Hackers


It has been reported that FBI Director, James Comey, is worried about a possible cyber attack by ISIS hackers. The FBI now has reason to believe that ISIS hackers are training and preparing themselves for all out cyber war on the United States. A cyber attack in the United States, depending on the scope of systems affected, could be catastrophic, as ISIS could gain control over the economy and other infrastructures.

The FBI believes that ISIS is currently using encrypted messaging platforms to recruit new people while staying under their radar. ISIS hackers, while unable to physically enter the United States, can hurt the US via their computer systems and networks… and when they look into the capabilities of current ISIS hackers, the FBI acknowledges that it would appear they have sufficient abilities to pull something like this off.

One of the most prevalent hacker groups, CyberCaliphate — who is famous for taking down major twitter profiles like Newsweek and many more — was recently able to hack into the BBC News channel and upload various videos and news regarding ISIS. The group’s name was also seen by BBC viewers during the hijacking, giving them much notoriety.  The FBI believes that ISIS hackers are learning cyber attack tactics from China and North Korea.

Whatever the case my actually be, the United States better be looking after their cyberspace carefully if they want a fighting chance against the impending massive cyber war.

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  1. ISIS is a U.S. creation, their social media campaigns are probably ran by former “Anonymous” hackers who’ve been compromised, and are now helping in fueling the “need” for the military industrial complexes actions, a bunch more laws, and the computer security industrial complex.

    Another dog-&-pony show, one wonders why “Anonymous”, or more specifically certain anons, haven’t acquired better skills of discernment…?


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