The Final Pillage: Greece to Surrender Gold, Real Estate, Utilities in Exchange for More Debt and Austerity



Germany’s announcement that it will not allow debt relief for the troubled EU nation will force Greece to auction off the last of its assets and sign over its remaining sovereignty to the EU bureaucracy.

For the last several years, Greece has been struggling to keep it together. In 2010, Greece was forced to ask for its first bail-out since it adopted the Euro less than a decade before. The subsequent austerity programs decimated the Greek economy. Another bail-out was requested in 2012, which then caused major spikes in unemployment and an explosion of public discontent. Three years later, Greece defaulted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), becoming the first developed country to do so. Greece’s continuing crisis has caused much economic instability in the Eurozone, but – as Deutsche Bank Research analysts have noted – “we seem to be approaching the conclusion of this episode of the Greece saga.”

With the Greek economy still in ruins and its government still drowning in debt, the government in Athens seems to have few options left, leaving Germany – the EU’s most powerful member – to call the shots as a third bail-out looms. Bavaria’s Finance Minister, Markus Soeder, has announced that he plans to take a tougher stance on the bail-out’s negotiation compared to previous deals, stating that “New billions should only flow when Athens implemented all the reforms. Even then, however, aid should only be given against a pledge “in the form of cash, gold or real estate.”

Essentially, Greece must surrender its remaining assets of real, tangible value in exchange for more Euros to make payments on its massive debt that can never be repaid. Indeed, previous bail-out negotiations revealed that all of Greece’s public property was valued at € 50 billion, a figure which pales in comparison to the price of the necessary loans on debt payments forced upon it by prior bail-outs – an impressive € 90 billion. Despite the obvious fact that this debt is insurmountable for Greece – no matter how much austerity is imposed – all of this assessed public property was forced to be sold per the previous bail-out agreements. This newest plan would take all that remains.

The plan, as announced by Soeder, would continue the forced “voluntary privatization” of Greece – a euphemism for its enslavement to the European Union and its most powerful member states. Since the last two bail-outs, German interests have benefited the most from this privatization, taking control much Greek assets and utilities, such as its airports, ports, marinas and water utilities. Once again, Germany is set to be the biggest beneficiary of the upcoming bail-out along with multinational corporations and other states who plan to partake in the final plunder of Greece.

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  1. A Grécia, como governo autonomo, acabou… não terá recursos suficientes siquer para manter a previdência… quase todo o patrimonio público já foi entregue para os “banksters”… e a dívida continua a aumentar, diariamente..
    dentro em pouco, o país terá sérios problemas para custear as aposentadorias e pensões de seus cidadãos… a Grécia passou de Império a colonia… nada pode ser feito, não é mesmo ?

      • Greece allowed people aged 50 to retire on nearly full wages if they were deemed to have a dangerous job. This included being a hairdresser, a bus driver etc. You cannot run an economy like this. Also, high earning orofessions were only declaring earnings of 10,000 per year in order not to pay tax. You cannot run an economy like this!! I love Greece, lived there for years, but the Greeks have not helped themselves. They should never have been accepted intonthe EU.

        • We need to pay attention to this. Without Trump as president, we would be in a similar situation in a few years.

        • Correct Puss but don’t let’s forget the other side of the coin. The Troika should never have been involved in the Greek financial problems. All they did was dig a much deeper hole for Greece. The IMF are nothing more than asset-strippers, and all these predatory banks are now feasting on Greece. Greece will ease to be a state if Tsipras stays in place.

        • Greece’s retirement age was 61 and got raised to 63. Some civil servants could retire at 58 if they have worked 35 years. In the UK you can retire at 55 if you have a company pension.

    • Mrp1017 when was the last time you were in Greece, my sister she is an anesthesiologist and she works 15 hrs a day to get paid 50 euros a day. what do you know about Greece? Please keep your ignorant remarks to yourself.

    • You really think that’s true? Then you are an utter moron. So many people looking for work, but cant find it. Retiring at 50 was only for people working in the public sector. The normal Greek person works very hard to keep things going, a lot don’t even have that opportunity now. Youngsters are leaving the country, pensioners, families cannot afford food or medicines. For many, if you are lucky enough to have a home, they have just passed this cold winter freezing their arses off, because there is no money for heating.

    • Why are the people of Greece allowing the traitors, to sell them out, and strip the people of there sovereignty?
      are they all cowards, the debt is not the peoples, it is odious debt: and it belongs to the parasitic traitors and the Bankers they feed:
      Its time that the Greek people grew some balls and hanged the lot:

      • I agree, like in South Africa, you get the government that you voted for, suck it up or deal with it ! Sort out your own problems for once, like adult people! Stop laying your misery on other peoples doorsteps, sort it out, Britain’s drawbridge is up!

      • Ignorance stems from too much faith in any kind of working task force which ellaborates it’s existence too much.

    • Jews are stealing the country you dumb fuck and they plan on doing the same to the USA, just as they are doing in Venezuela. Wake the fuck up retard!

          • Interesting. Since the Jews were saved by the country of Poland and thrived only there throughout the middle ages, she should be thankful, instead of bashing Poland and threatening their new conservative government for not taking in her “refugees”

          • Angela Merkel is not Jewish. She comes from a Catholic and Lutheran background and is a practising Christian. Not that any of that should matter to anyone else.

      • The world would be utopia if not for the evil, greedy Jews. sigh. Hitler would be proud. Who would have imagined this same level of anti-semitic ignorance 70 years later…

    • Deutchebank. And when bankers go bad they do what they can to strip everybody before they close their own doors. The EU is one big row of dominoes. It was nice while it lasted.

      • In 2008, the Rothschild’s forced the Duetche Bank into buying dodgy bonds. This effected the German economy so much that the Rothschild’s bought up much of Germany’s blue chip stock, such as Daimler.
        Now, Germany is taking all prime assetts of Greece. My guess is that at some point this will also fall into the hands of the Rothschild’s. I think that everything that has happened to Greece is all by design.
        With millions of Afghan nationals waiting to cross into Greece from Turkey, if Erdogan doesn’t get the outcome he wishes with the EU, this may be the tipping balance that the Rothschild’s may be planning.

    • I worked in Greecefor 15 years and your wrong the Greeks are hard working people it’s the corrupt antiquated system that fails them and Germany has exploited this

      • Things were and still are bad in Greece. I would agree with this contributor. The problem is that the people have voted in a weak government with no national pride , integrity or guts.
        I saw how Greeks work in USA . They are fantastic workers.
        Emmett Walsh, Ireland

  2. Its time for greece to raise the middle finger and tell them like we did with their ancestors the NAZIS come and get them yourself

  3. Once again Germany has showed the cold calculating indifferent face to the world while it pillages with no care for people or anything but its brazen greed for control and domination the troika is a joke Germany will soon stand alone of being the ruler of all of federal Europe and the nations within the block will have allowed it to happen shame shame shame on them for letting the monster and greed of the German psyche once again raise its vile ugly greedy head

    • German domination of Europe by stealth. Germany was partitioned in 1945 for a reason. Now the genie is well and truely out of the bottle

      • Agreed! German reunification was a big mistake. Europe can’t have a weak Germany ( see 1933) nor a too strong Germany ( see 1939)
        Two democratic German states would have been the ideal solution
        ( but I do find the constant comparison between the Nazi regime and the current Neo-Liberal/Conservative one unnecessary, it will result in annilitating the support of even the most pro-Greece Krauts ( like myself)

        • Comparing the Nazi period to the EU has nothing to do with Greece. The Nazis had a plan for the economic domination of Europe along just the same lines as the EU is employing.

        • Germanys crimes , especially in WW2, should not be left unpublished. Germany should have been divided into its main states as separate countries for at least 1,000yrs, It should have never been allowed to exist again as a state again. The Germans are collectively responsible for the crimes of their government. Having a criminal regime lay down the law to the rest of us in Europe is sickening.

    • I am very surprised that other EU nations are allowing this. Do they not realise that their countries could go the same way if they’re not careful? either that or they are willing to give up all rights and to serve basically, a three nation alliance who will be the only one to really gain.
      The whole EU thing is fine in principle, but let’s get real, each nation is different, has different needs and so there cannot ever be a fair balance. Someone has to gain and it won’t be the little players.
      A big EU superstate will swallow up any dissenting nations, to ensure their enslavement. If there was a referendum held in each country, right now, I suspect that two thirds of each country’s public would vote in favour of leaving the EU. The public can see the problems looming and the big takeover, why can’t the MPs? Do you think it’s the big EU salaries they are earning? No, they couldn’t put their own greed befroe standing up for their country, could they? Oh yes they could. Britain is getting out of the farc
      ical situation. Greece should cut it’s losses and start again because they will never be able to pay back the interest they owe. When people start opening their eyes and minds to all the mishandling the EU gets away with, they will help get the world back to normal.

    • It’s no wonder Merkle won the 2012 Kalergi medal. If you don’t know what Kalergi is please search on google and see what is in store for Europe. You won’t find it mentioned on the TV or the papers.

    • This is exactly the kind of thing that the Nazi’s were fighting AGAINST! The Nazi’s did NOT accept the International Financial System at the first G8 meeting in London, 1933. The program of the NSDPA was ALWAYS against the use of interest in the creation of capital or use of finance.
      It is also written in Mein Kampf.
      What is happening in Europe today, is a result of the Allied powers winning the war.

  4. it’s because of the attitude of the EU and Germany in particular that I voted for Brexit. I don’t want Germany succeeding after failing in two world wars for domination of Europe. When will the rest of Europe wake up and see what they’re doing. Greece is only the start. I’m surprised that Germans can sleep at night

    • Did l read somewhere that Germany once owed Greece a large sum of money that they never repaid? I hope that Greece will be strong enough to just get out of the EU clutches and be dominated no longer. It would be tough for a while but they have a beautiful country that can rebuild its tourism.

      • Yes they did during the second world war..the german debt to greece would now be worth what greece owes..350 billion..germany says..oh yhat history we owe you nothing..and they also destroyed the acroplis..tore it apart

    • They denied the holocaust. They deny the situation in Greece. They robbed the Jews in the 30s now they rob the Greeks, then the Portugese, Spanish Italians and the French. What a way to win the Fourth Reich.

  5. When Nazi Germany went to war in 1939, the Banks had the controlling interest over the future of the German economy. In 2017 the German Banks have plundered the Greek nation while its elected members remained silent. History while repeating itself has pushed the Greek nation to the brink of cataclysmic disaster while its elected members have not got the political will to find a solution.

  6. Greece needs to take its chances and leave the EU it can’t get any worse than this and Germany owning all of Greece is a huge mistake. These bailouts have only benefitted one nation – Germany. It’s time for drastic change, I hate what has happened to such a proud and beautiful nation.

  7. The German Govt is despicable. They always wanted to overtake Greece. It’s the most beautiful country in the Mediterranean. Greece has to say NO! NO! NO! Just like when the Italians wanted to occupy them. They must say OXI to the Germans!!!!

    • I believe that Germany once attempted to buy Gran Canaria behind the backs of the the Canarians by going direct to the Madrid,all hell broke out when they were rumbled

    • The Greek government is also despicable for betraying their people and crucifying present and unborn generations to misery and continued pillage. They are gutless.

    • Delusional Greeks like you are despicable, who blame the Germans while at the same time refusing to see what is wrong with your pathological country THAT CREATED THIS MESS BY ITSELF. By a Greek

  8. Is it not Germany that advocated throwing open the borders for immigrants? But those that dare stay in their own country to make a go of it is punished? Perhaps the Greeks should move to Germany as they will be a province of Germany in all but name at this rate in any case.

  9. just let them default and be done with it…This will be much simpler and we can all go to the Greek Isles for a vacation!

  10. Seriously what in the hell are the Greeks doing!! Just allowing this to happen!!! Get the stupid pm if greece out of office and leave the eu. Germany gas tried to take over greece for centuries and its now doing so with out a fight!!!
    Greece cleared germanys loans when they needed it after world war2 but germany wont return the favour bkos its wants to take over greece.
    The Greeks need to be heard and drive this gov out or greece is going to be doomed.

    Suprised Golden dawn is also allowing rhis to happen stand up greece and say OXI!!!

      I guess you cant say OXI to your father 🙂 everyone here talk about greek debt, I would not go into that cause personally I am not familiar how this happened , was it lazy people or government ? Anyway, many here are saying ditch the Euro and ditch EU and you will be free again. well wrong again, maybe they will be free, but they will then have to return the lands given to them after the Balkan wars ( Aegean Macedonia ) and they would be put on trial by the same Germans for Genocide of the Macedonians from Aegean Macedonia , thus that is the real reason Greek Government wants to stay in EU . Any movement in direction of leaving EU and ditching Euro and be a sovereign country would loss them half of the land . Many Greeks still leave in a world which they believe they are a real ancestors of the old greek city states and their history , for more of 100 years they were Europe’s favorite “child” giving them too much credit for a false history that they created for them . I guess karma is a bitch and every bit that they gained with help from their now EU brothers and sisters can be easily taken from them . Greece only salvage can be russia if Putin agrees to bail them out , Any other move would be the brake of Greece as Greeks know it for over 100 years !

  11. the limits to growth on a finite planet are a cruel master… and try to keep in mind, these are still (for the most part) the good old days!

  12. well, seems like the Fourth Reich with Fuhrer Merkel is finally showing it’s true colors. See how easy is to conquer a continent if you are patient? and no arian blond died in the process. Well, except that schizophrenic nation invited milions of rapefugies to “share they’re culture”with them, so, give another 25 years, and this last reich will disapear faster than the greek savings.

  13. Its a hard one but Greece has to go it alone, I’m not accusing anybody but all these less than capable Countries were duped into jjoining The Eu & con no longer cope! Greece, Ireland, Portugal & Spain plus the Eastern bloc Countries haven’t a hope in hell! There won’t be a Europe but a Greater Germany which will be won on Economy rather than war! Germany has leader lessons from 2 world wars! Now for the mopping up procedure! This is the biggest reason for Brexit!

  14. If I lived in Greece I’d say to Germany, “Thanks for the dosh, now push off otherwise you’re no different to Putin and his annexation of the Crimea”. Personally, I’ve never been to Greece, but I respect their contribution in thrashing Hitler and his toxic SS, Greek music, their food, their history and invention of democracy and so much more. Then I would launch an appeal, “Please donate to and support the Greek People”. I would donate easily £50, probably more (if I could have a badge) and so many other people would do the same. Nobody wants to see Greece ground under the Germanic heel again. Just raise your retirement age and modernise other domestic practises whilst promoting inward investment, climate, workforce, value for money etc. This is NOT federalisation, this is friendship!

  15. Greece should come out of the EU Kick the Euro into Touch. They will have a few hard years but with help from the UK and its people they will survive.

  16. Ireland was in similar trouble. Portugal and Spain too. Italy likewise, but being the third largest economy in Europe, I somehow doubt they will face the same economical onslaught as the Greek.

    And isn’t it funny no one talks about Iceland anymore?
    They faced similar problems, but dealt with them in the best possible way; legal actions against the leeches and their henchmen!

  17. And this this one of the reasons i voted for brexit! sick of the E.U. screwing its own family members! squeezing the everyday men, women and future generations. Seems Germany doesn’t need bombs and bullets this time.

    • Haha. Good one! the globalists that own Germany now want Greece, so there’s no chance anyone can ever recover any of the damages they suffered from the German hands.

  18. This is all happening because the Greek government has refused, since the first bailout, to do the structural changes needed in the civil service to change things. Stop blaming others, the fault lies fully and squarely with the Greek government who insist on maintaining the clientistic state. As they say in Greece, Kala na pathoune.

    • Get your facts straight!! You dare to blame Greece,, the only mistake Greece ever made was to join the bloody evil EU!! It’s a well known fact that this debt is odious,, most of the loans went to bailing out the banks!! How is it Greece’s problem!! This is a travesty and a crime against humanity!! Germany is the only country that has benefited from this situation!! The last thing we need is people like you who have nothing good to say about our Patrida!!!!

      • No, Greece made a couple more mistakes. They BORROWED money, and promised to repay it. The money was lent, and is now gone….. No one made them enter these arrangements. The Government needs to govern, not take hand outs that make them indentured to Germany, The EU, or anyone else.

      • Goldman Sachs bought Greek bonds at a high price that Greece could never repay in order to make their treasury look flush to the EU for admittance. Corrupt government wasted/stole the money and left the country holding the bag. Goldman Sachs knew exactly what they were doing. Why don’t we ever hear about them?

      • Greece needs to repent and get right with God in a BIG way. Their is a reason they are considered the most corrupt nation in the world and only with Gods help will they be able to straighten it out. But I doubt they will as the rest of the world is not far behind. The blasphemies against Christ that will bring about WW3 increase by the day.

    • Dropi Elias!!!! Everyone here is supporting Greece and You A Hellene and A Rhodie is “””telling it as it is”” !!! How much You remind me of Georgie Papandreou ….. Shame on You!!! I think You live here and You know fully well what’s going on!!! I do to!!! This isn’t about political Parties You Astixiote!! (Illiterate).You’re so biased because the governing party is a so called left political Party ….what did the right wing party do …. they were the worst treacherous leaches ever!!! You belong to some stupid political party too and You are Blinded by Your political aspirations!!! To me YOU ARE NEITHER A HELLENE AND NEITHER A RHO/ZIM ….You don’t have Your countries best interest at heart!!! Shame, shame, shame on You “”Midlands Goodie, Goodie”” Esy kala na patheis Ilithie!!!!!! You live in Ekali or somewhere in the Nothern Suburbs and You think You know it all Vlahathero!!!!!

    • over 2500 years ago when the Greeks were fighting the Arabs at Thermopylae – they were betrayed by a very nice cripple called Ephialtis – the word subsequently became incorporated into the language to mean “nightmare” – he would have spoken the way you do Elias –
      traitors like you and Tspiras should be shot at dawn or at least imprisoned for life together with your wives.
      May God punish you all !! You evil monsters…
      Fay Pierides

    • Not really Ina… There have been 4 distinct agreements-over a 40 year period- where the Greek government agreed to clear all German dept, and never to reclaim what’s owed… This includes public speeches and signed agreements… I do not say tis impossible, just very very difficult.

  19. The EU has not been good for Greece, time to right off its debt and give real help to the country. why should it be held to ransom, EU needs to redefine itself . look at how it’s people are suffering. so glad we are leaving EU.

  20. Grexit!
    Nationalize the banks and the heights of the economy and place them under the democratic control of the working class,,,Why should the Greek people allow this plunder by the Big banksters of Europe when they will never get out of debt from the EU parasites…

  21. I m from Greece, u dont know nothing at all, cause u re bad informed from your’s media. The basic hours working here was up to 48 hours per week, now is about 60 hours no extra payment only the basic salary which is 420 euros under 26, and 490 from 26(talking the money u put in ur pocket. The rents are about lowest250 euros plus the costs for electricity, water, and muicipality fees, so its up to 320-350, not talking for a familly. Now my dear friend can u explain me how a country with optimized agriculture unti the entrance in the EU were fully covered from foods, best quality, without chemicals (we have the sun and a perfect climate contitions for cultivation) after EU we had the Common Agricultural Pact 1 and 2 and 3 , from the cotton, to the sepherds, to the oiive oil tobacco etc… We were obligued to buy agricultural products from other countries as Germany (mostly) Holland, cotton from Egypt, and finally to support only the big commercial companies and not our poor land workers and small owners… So with the pressure of EU policies we effort bigg Greek companies to emigrate to Bulgaria, Romania, Albania , Ukraine etc, the result was more unemployment. The entrance of our country in Euro monetary was a backstub to our people. So my dear friend “if u want to find the guilty follow the money”…
    Eleftherios Thermos

      • That would be possible if other countries agreed upon a scheme to practically and politically support Greece. Even if there would be a default, the lenders would still want their money back which at that point would be at least 10% more expensive for Greece to pay back. While there are no initiatives to restructure the debt, Greece would be on life support by Germany who can freely despoil the country’s assets in the meantime.

        • There’s no restructuring of Greek debt. It’s unplayable.
          Default completely. It’s Greece only hope. Nationalise all major industries for a while. Be honest with the people. If the people see honesty , they will respond with hard work, and pig Greece first. You couldn’t ask the Greek people to support the current ruling mob of slaves.

  22. This is why I voted to get out of the EU nothing to do with UKIP or migrants. I welcome migrants from the WHOLE WORLD not just 27 EU countries.

    The EU is doomed sooner or later all empires crumble

      • If i am not mistaken, the comments are not about the immigrants but about the UK decision to leave UN (kudos by the way, you did the right thing for wrong reasons, but hey, that’s life); so in this regard they do make sense… Ed and Dave advocate the highly praised tenet that all peeps should be treated and respected as human beings. A tenet that i am proud to follow.

  23. So sad that Greece was messed by its own government lying about its deficit and now the people suffers! EU should prosecute those crooks in the previous administrations!

  24. Greece should:
    1. Leave the EU
    2. Make a bank reform – stop allowing private banks issuing money thru debt (a global pyramid scheme) and only have public owned banks.
    3. Start growing foods again
    4. Reinstall their own currency
    5. Start harvesting and nationalize its vast oil resources in the Aegean sea.
    6. Leave NATO and Strengthening its military forces as well as cooperating more with Russia.

  25. Want to know the real reason why not just the Greek people are made to suffer and what the overall plan is for the rest of us for all small farmers and businesses have suffered the same fate like the Greeks in the EU zone? Why the Euro has to be saved which nobody wants? 1. Michael Rivero gives great insight in “All Wars are Banksters’ Wars” with quotes by Winston Churchill!
    2. Ben Freedman’s 1961 speech at the Willard Hotel. A Jewish Defector warns America (confirms M. Rivero)
    3. George Friedman–2015 at Chicago Council for Global Affairs: 10.4 minutes ( oh, so the US as the Imperial Global Power can invade ALL countries and pose no danger? Except the alliance of these 2 nations…which must be prevented (at end.).and we’re experiencing this right now in Europe

    • Excellent points! This is not essentially about Germany being nasty to Greece. Germany, like the rest of the EU and its institutions, does what it is told by the anglo-american imperialists. Merkel doesn’t decide anything for herself. All these ‘heads of state’ who strut around are just poodles, doing the bidding of their masters. If Greece caves in now, it will be the turn of Portugal and then Ireland. Just about every country in the EU – including France and the UK – is hopelessly in debt and would be forced to default if it wasn’t fleecing the taxpayers. Interest on the national debt is the fifth highest element of UK tax, even more than so-called ‘defence’. Too few people have woken up to the fact that the EU was never a nice little idea to stop France and Germany beating each other up. It was intended to become the “United States of Europe”, with a central government (the Commission and Council) deciding all major policies as part of the creation of the New World Order dictatorship, which requires the enslavement of the majority.

    • I beg to differ… There is no evidence supporting your thesis… And there is abundance of evidence for bank racketeering… Now if you are saying that we all had the same information about economics, you are mistaken… I do not know any country in which the majority of people are been informed in detail about its economics… People are gullible, but most do not dream to expect that the government will exploit nor betray them… Are we (the Greeks) worthy of our current and all the previous governments? Of course we are… I can think no country that is not, but that is a long way from dropping all the blame in mostly everyday people who didn’t know better… This thesis of yours has merit only in political factions and the money that moves them puppets and if that was your intend, then i stand with you.

      • Trust in the western democracy system is dying.
        This is going to militate against the people. They will suffer for this , sadly.
        The world is a very evil place now- more so than in the past.

  26. Greek people, REVOLT against the EU and your own EU lackey politicians and get out of he EU.
    HANG all EU lackey politicians publicly from lamp posts for betraying Greece and post the videos online to show what happens to traitors and QUISLINGS in foreigners pay.
    Revoke ALL EU regulations and all EU rights for foreigners.
    Tell the EU to stuff the EUro up theirs where the sun don’t shine
    Re-establish the Drachma.
    DEMAND that Germany gives you back all the money and GOLD they stole from you during WWII and if they don’t initiate a case at the ICJ.
    BAN all German products until they do and also from other EU countries who support Germany and the EU.
    Give the middle finger salute to the IMF.
    Make your own NATIONAL banks and don’t allow foreign banks to operate in Greece.
    Re-nationalize everything that was privatized and sold to foreigners without any compensation.
    When I go to mass I ALWAYS offer my prayers, mass and Holy Communion for God to destroy the EU, its corrupt colonial arrogant despotic despicable petty and potty DICKtators and their QUISLINGS in every EU colony forever from the face of he earth and send them all and their families to the deepest pit of H€LL.

  27. Germany can go and get stuffed. The best thing Greece can do is get out of the EU It was a big mistake for them to join in the first place. They also need to get rid of the corrupt governments that they have
    The EU is a spent force and need to be dismantled

  28. I agree with all these comments it’s time for Germany to give back all they stole from Greece and all the other countries they plundered from

  29. Greece was sucked into the Euro like a piece of fluff . The Greek politicians couldn’t wait to get their greasy hands on all those hook infested loans . there was so much money that the Greeks had ten years of good times . But as always the loans had to be paid back and who always pays for the filthy politicians greed ? why the country of course .
    The Greeks have now been well and truly asset stripped . Greek people you are now officially slaves to Germany . Well done .
    And so , on to the next juicy plumb to be picked .

  30. Thank God the UK is leaving Merkel’s Fourth Reich/EU.
    There is hope for Europeans. Brexit is the catalyst which is destabilizing the whole antidemocratic oligarchy. The EU will collapse.
    Take away the peoples democracy and you are on a one way road to totalitarianism.
    The British people fought back and won.

  31. One more view from a greek guy . I will try to give another approach. History is written not by justice but by the strength and random events . We have to examine how the problem started. Before 2008 Lehman Brothers was bankrupted. The hedge funds of USA tried to spread the loss all over the world. The french and german banks were selling before the CDS with 10.000 € each and after the greek bankruptcy they were paying 1.000.000 € each CDS. If Greece should not be bankrupted german , french and italian banks should be bankrupted. The other reason why Greece was bankrupted was because the government and the opposition were disputing in which years budget should write the defense expences. Then the European Union and the monetary union acted not as a Union but as an association. Let us say that the EURO was burning from Greece and European Bank under Merkel’s desire was counting and charging the water buckets that they were giving to Greece to extinguish the fire. This situation with monetary Union without the political Union is benefiting only the exporting countries of Europe ( Germany ) . If a greek customer has to choose between a greek and a better and cheeper german washing machine it is obviews that he will choose the german one. The problem is not commercial is political. Our fear and the source of all our problems is not Europe but Turkey . And it was always like this. All the invaders from Asia to Europe were always passing from Greece . Once we were the 20% of the global population and now we are the 0,02% . We need a political Union with Europe not a fake Union as Merkel wants . Not an association of countries as it is now. If we say political supposed to be political not run under the bankers orders. ( Baroso went to Goldman Sachs ) ( Junker is helping multinational companies to hide taxes from the countries to pay less taxes to Luxembourg). Finally we believe Europe and Greece and their people will be benefited only if the philosophers will be the leaders not the bankers as they are today. As Plato and Aristotle used to say long time ago.

    • Turkey is the problem causing Greece’s financial crisis? Puleeeeease…That is NOT true. Turkey would be in the same mess as Greece if it ever joined the EU. I’m thankful for the sectarian prejudice of Europe keeping Turkey out of the EU. It has saved the Turkish economy from the same fate as Greece, Spain, Italy, et al. Türks take no pleasure in seeing our neighbor suffer. Greece should leave the EU today, not tomorrow…today.

    • Philosophers make very bad leaders. But, those who lead , should base their policies on the philosophers ideas for each country.

  32. Knowing a good number of Greek people I can say there are those who are hardworking and pay their taxes, those who are hardworking and don’t pay their taxes. I have yet to meet a lazy Greek who expects the state to provide for them. Now, I can say unfortunately that being British I know an awful lot of people in England who expect the state to provide for them. So please let’s not start accusing the Greek people. Ultimately the banks have caused this problem. The solution for Greece? I think Greece should just turn round and say “we are leaving the EU, we have no money to give you”.

  33. DITCH THE EURO and that will start to solve your problems, I love Greece and the Greeks, good luck and god bless you all!

  34. The economic colonisation of Greece by Germany. By the might of her armed forces, or financial institutions “Deutschland Uber Alles”. Coming to towns and cities in Scotland, If Madhatters Sturgeon and Salmond get their way with Independence and rejoin the EU.

    • Fluoride is nothing but a farce devised to idiotize the populace, keeping them dumb and weak, a tool to pave the way for the NWO.

      There’s a whole conspiracy surrounding the false claims and ‘healthy’ effects of fluoride.

      Search it up.

    • The foundation policy document of the EU was written up by the 2 top financiers of the Nazis: the chief executive of Krupps , and the chief executive of Siemens . The EU is evil personified. Karma will happen. No good will ultimately come from the EU.
      Germany wants an EU Army asap to continue its imperialist intentions. Of course initially France will be duped into it. But Germany will again strike out on its own , to serve its evil interests. Who will save the rest of us then!!.

  35. Although the EU pretends countries can’t leave the EU they surely can… just ignore the Eu; what are they going to do? Fine you ? they are already beggaring you. Throw you out of the EU? You really don’t have much of a toe hold now. Bring back your King..throw out the government in charge. The King will care about his people more than any get rich quick politicians. Get rid of the Euro. Scrape yourselves up again with all the talents you used to have, music, tourism, farming, good food, writers and artists. Yours is the land of Democracy, Home , Mathematicians and scholars. For goodness sakes pull yourselves together, realize what you were and become again …AND put all those awful immigrants on buses and bung them over the borders for the EU to look after. No one is showing Greece any humanity so why should Greeks be the dumping ground for inhuman creatures who washed up on their shores?

  36. Greece submitting to this Bailout is like taking the Biblical Mark of the Beast, at best it will only benefit them for 3.5 yrs, then the Greeks will become slaves or be replaced with a people who will work for food (the French?) Or Germany could export all of their refugees to Greece.
    There is hope though, Germany has allowed enough refugees in that will gum up their system of socialism and may well drag them to bankruptcy and/or terrorize them into submission to Islam.

  37. So this idiot writes that “Since the last two bail-outs, German interests have benefited the most from this privatization, taking control much Greek assets and utilities, such as its airports, ports, marinas and water utilities. Once again, Germany is set to be the biggest beneficiary of the upcoming bail-out along with multinational corporations and other states who plan to partake in the final plunder of Greece.” What benefit – the Germans have lost hundreds of billions of dollars over the years as they have tried to help Greece. Greece is the poster child of socialism and unionism. Were it not for Germany Greece would be like Venezuela now another socialist disaster. But this fate is coming to Greece – no doubt about it.

  38. I gear this is mostly a test to see what people will do when they realize they have lost their country!

    No Time to explain! This is bigger than most people can imagine!?

    It is not Germany abusing Greece as most have said! They’re​ going to be going through their own special cultural hell soon!

    A hint would be follow the money!

    • Yes
      The money men are the bogey men . They call the shots. The giant investment brokers, with their trillions. These are the hidden monsters. They rule the world

  39. Don’t blame Germany or France! Blame Greece!!! Nothing against the Greek people, but they have absolutely no clue how to govern their country.
    People are getting paid extra when showing up for work on time! When you buy a piece of property there, you just buy it from someone, and it isn’t being recorded in any books! Look at the price of their olive oil vs. other countries’. Theirs are much too expensive for competition. Most of their money comes in through tourism and their shipping business.

    • Carla H – where on earth do you get that information that “People are getting paid extra when showing up for work on time” and “When you buy a piece of property there, you just buy it from someone, and it isn’t being recorded in any books”? Absolute and complete nonsense. I live in Greece. People do not get paid extra money for showing up on time and all property purchase has to be registered with the Land Registry here. If you are going to make any
      comment, make sensible fact-checked ones, not absolute drivel!!

  40. It all breaks down to the fact that Greece is in a downward spiral and needs to implement changes in order to correct it s finances, it’s completely understandable that the EU doesn’t want to bail them out until they reform their system, I mean would you honestly continue loaning someone money if they were falling deeper and deeper into debt with no foreseeable turnaround

  41. The bankers and bondsmen can still buy their souls… Their hearts, their livers, their children….. O tragic Greece, if only you had patented your architecture, your proportions, your ionic and Corinthian orders, your introduction of democracy to the Huns, then they would owe you all. You who are so bright amoungst our civil history……

  42. Daniel 8:23And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. 24And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.
    This is a classic passage referring to the antichrist. If taken literally, then the nationality of the Antichrist is easily inferred. He must be Greek because the phrase “the latter time of their kingdom,” refers to the kingdom of the Greeks which at the time were the Seleucids and the Ptolemies. However, there was a stumbling block for me in this interpretation. It is found in Daniel 11: 38 But in his estate shall he honour the god of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.
    For reasons that would take too long to explain, this is a direct reference to Islam. If you know anything about Greek history you know that such a thing would be like a Greek making a pact with the devil and call all Greeks to follow him. How could such a thing ever happen. When I see this kind of a headline, however, I see this not as possible, I see it as inevitable.

  43. Bashing of Germany is understandable but misplaced with respect to inefficient, corrupt and lazy countries that enjoy too much sunshine, government graft, stupidity as a lifestyle and a huge black market economy. Germany are the 21st century Yankees, but with a superb apprenticeship system, a terrific work and innovation ethic, as well as few corrupt unions, corrupt banks and an absence of military interventions in every hellhole of the World, as the USA fave felt entitled on compelled to do.

    Germany started far worse after 1945, but on a level playing field will easily outperform the PIGS Nations of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. – Germany already imports tomatoes and olives from them and sends the finished ketchup and canned goods back to supermarkets in Lisbon, Rome, Athens and Madrid at better qualities and prices than old fashioned local producers could hope to match.

    May the best and most efficient survive, prosper and set the standard for others to follow. Pure efficiency and free market capitalism in its purest form. A sort of Ayn Rand of Economics and Trade.

    No wonder Little Britain chose Brexit. They could not hope to compete against Germany in the long run. (Funny enough, the Scots with their focus of technology and science have a lot in common with the Germans. Any wonder, they may want to remain in the E.U.)

    Greece? Yes, it is probably best for them to leave the E.U., regardless of what happens to their debt!
    The only real fear is if Greek debt is written off after “Grexit” then the PIGS countries may want similar treatment, when they prove to work and function as smart and as efficiently as Germany does and eventual apply to leave.

    But all is not lost!

    Britain, even half a century after the last British Commonwealth markets evaporated where inferior industrial products largely to inferior to those made to those made in Germany or Japan…. that same Britain will always be a prime European destination for tourism, as the whole World is learning English.

    Similarly, the PIGS countries, by virtue of their Sun, will always attract hardy holidayers from versatile nations that have 4 seasons a year.

    And a sad postscript to Greece.
    As a nation, they are largely an invention of 19th Century European idealists who wanted to re-create the idealized version of the Greece of antiquity. But they were so wrong. First, the modern Greeks, are largely influenced by Arabic and other Mediterranean blood lines.
    They are not the same Greeks as the great Greek philosophers, thinkers and mathematicians of antiquity.
    Even the Houses of Government, designed largely by German and Austrian architects of the 19th Century, are largely a European desire to rediscover the Greece of old, a dream that resulted in the resumption of the ancient Olympic Games in 1896.

    Only guess what? It largely was not the same Greeks! In many cases not even by blood lines and heritage. And in modern days, the E.U. and management in Brussels may have fallen under the same spell of an idealized Greece.

    The folks at E.U. In Brussels did not see many elected elected Greek politicians having the fiscal responsibility of 20 year old college with a $20,000 credit limit. E.U. Officials were stupid in putting so much trust in a country of different Greeks, many of whom deal so largely in an unofficial, black market and underground economy.

    Let Greece opt out, return to the drachma, and German and other European tourist will enjoy even cheaper holidays, and be able to visit museums that their governments own at even cheaper price.

    I do feel for many hard working Greeks, and advise those with ambition to leave.
    Out of every 10 former Greek immigrants to Canada, where I live, about 7 or 8 are very successful, mostly in the food, catering or restaurant business.

    If the country is corrupt, stupid or sucks, then you have 2 choices in the free world:

    1. Reform the country. OR. 2. Leave the country

    Good luck Greece!
    Good luck PIGS!
    Good luck Little Britain!

  44. The muddled story of Greece truly grieves me. Greece has been a jewel of the Mediterranean, coveted or admired by many, but how their culture has changed from the once productive, intellectual and cultural center it was! If their people have been enticed by the EU propaganda of party hearty without consequence, fake prosperity and protection, simplicity of economics, an easier work life, join our one “big happy family”, it is only human nature to want to enjoy a sense of security and be relieved of individual responsibility. The enticement of belonging and being stronger as a “team member” rather than a stand alone nation is attractive. What the Greek people did not know is that the EU would devalue their products and goods, set prices, decimate the work force, escalate unemployment and completely control their lives. Perhaps beautiful Greece was earmarked to be the playground of the EU elite, with only low paying service jobs for employment. It seems pointless to place blame on anyone. Like so many in Greece now realize, follow the money to the corrupt machinations of certain leaders and expose their evil plot. Yes, the enticements were big lies. Will that solve any of the Country’s woes? I truly doubt it. Greece and all of the “weaker” countries must leave the EU. LET IT CRUMBLE. Germany, in particular, must be curtailed. In this case, The victor must be denied the spoils.
    Sadly, the Greeks have Merkel and their own corrupt nanny-state leaders to deal with, the USA has Soros and the corrupt mess left in the wake of Obama’s 8 years. I hope and pray the people can rise to the situation.

  45. Despite all their efforts, Germany failed to totally subdue Greece in WW2. All they had to do was wait a few years, help destroy their economy, and Greece would be theirs. Love Greece – Hate Germany

  46. Now i see why God is allowing Germany to be invaded and fucked over by muslims…Germany is ripping Greece off. Soon Germany will be Islamic … good….die under their sharia law sword…

  47. Greece has a death rate, not a birth rate, so the EU is committing genocide.

    The Germans have done that before and long before the 1920s and 1930s under their leader back then.

    But back when Germany had colonies.

  48. Greece should share out the remaining assets equally amongst it’s population and then stick two fingers up to the EU.

  49. The EU and mainly the Germans trying to take over Europe like they tried and failed eighty years ago, only this way they are killing the country not the citizens.

  50. Im really really sad for all the people of Greece that been hijacked by a group of tipex politicans that put all of the countys values on the table for sale. It was wrong to let Greece in to the EU inunder these figures that was messed up with nobody going to jail! Start to swop these criminals first and back the tape and see what Germaný won, they have raise their export becouse of the lower ( values) of the Euro becouse of Greece. The Germany export industry and finacial market made huge profits upon these adventures and as Martin Armstron said, – The Germans population did that mutch profit of Greece entrence to EU so therefore should they also pay of their depths. They can afford it and many banks try to robb Greece now.
    The second problem is the people it self that not understand that everybody need to pay taxes from all business to cover the cost of the socity with schools, healtcare and expensive politicans to run for. By messing around with all the ( free) Euros in the begining without heavy invest,ents have the future been lost. The only way I can see is that public work not goes to any cusins or relativs but to the best people to run that work. The other is a reformation of the tax system for getting every single smal business to pay taxes or close down, they ern money on the people everyone else pay for so the idea of charing taxes must be changed. Yes we have “black” transfers in Sweden as well but the value are like 20 bilion Euros / year from a gouverment budget of 2000 Bilions Euros a year.. Think of getting the Germans finacial system against the wall and the EU for beeing not investigating the entrence good enought, then in court should the EU parlament pay the hole dept for Greece becouse it was all a lie!

  51. Greece Citizens should sue the EU for the austerity programs they were forced to adopt, they destroyed the economy. That was the plan Germany had anyway. The EU is Germany’s plan to conqueror Europe. It’s just a fascist empire now. Revolution is coming, the workers will be successful in the end. if you’re rich now is a good time to move to Mars.

  52. The problems in Greece have nothing to do with Merkel, Germany or the Eurogroup, & EVERYTHING to do with the lazy, incompetent SYRIZA leader and members

  53. Goldman Sachs bought Greek bonds at a high price that Greece could never repay in order to make their treasury look flush to the EU for admittance. Corrupt government wasted/stole the money and left the country holding the bag. Goldman Sachs knew exactly what they were doing. Why don’t we ever hear about them?
    It is sad to see historical places, monuments, and antiquities destroyed, pillaged and sold off at bargain basement prices when they belonged to all of us to explore, visit, and enjoy for centuries. Now war, greed, and corruption have unceremoniously taken many of them from future scholars, artists, children, historians, and explorers. Greece may be next on the chopping block. Don’t we in the civilized world have a responsibility to preserve them? Do bankers get to control or bulldoze everything for profit? Donald Trump may open his next golf resort in Delphi. I really hope not.

  54. How the Goldman Vampire Squid Captured Europe
    Published on
    Wednesday, April 18, 2012
    Common Dreams
    How the Goldman Vampire Squid Captured Europe
    The Goldman Sachs coup that failed in America has nearly succeeded in Europe—a permanent, irrevocable, unchallengeable bailout for the banks underwritten by the taxpayers.
    Ellen Brown

    In September 2008, Henry Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, managed to extort a $700 billion bank bailout from Congress. But to pull it off, he had to fall on his knees and threaten the collapse of the entire global financial system and the imposition of martial law; and the bailout was a one-time affair. Paulson’s plea for a permanent bailout fund—the Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP—was opposed by Congress and ultimately rejected.


    EU Showdown: Greece Takes on the Vampire Squid
    Posted on January 6, 2015 by Ellen Brown

    Greece and the troika (the International Monetary Fund, the EU, and the European Central Bank) are in a dangerous game of chicken. The Greeks have been threatened with a “Cyprus-Style prolonged bank holiday” if they “vote wrong.” But they have been bullied for too long and are saying “no more.”

    A return to the polls was triggered in December, when the Parliament rejected Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ pro-austerity candidate for president. In a general election, now set for January 25th, the EU-skeptic, anti-austerity, leftist Syriza party is likely to prevail. Syriza captured a 3% lead in the polls following mass public discontent over the harsh austerity measures Athens was forced to accept in return for a €240 billion bailout. -snip-

  56. Look at what religion caused this,annd they are all bankers,there’s the problem,and history will tell you why Hitler appeared

  57. Lets be clear, Greece is now like an old woman with no income, living in a one room flat that is mortgaged to the hint, who is now been asked to take a further loan out, so she can feed herself for one more day. what a choice the civilized European union are offering one of their citizens.Its time to kick over the table as the game is rigged against ordinary people.

  58. 1)..Greece should immediately arrange a merger with China.

    Not a loan.
    Not a Bail in.
    A merger.

    Whats the debt ?
    90 Billion..!

    A mere bagatelle for China !

    Precisely like Hong Kong Billionaires buy
    Van Gogh’s, Greco’s, or Salvador Dali’s…!
    Or better said, Grecian antiquities..!

    It would be China’s portal to Europe and a huge picture display window for ONE BELT.

    Besides the Strategic importance of Greece,
    the maritime and commercial aspects would certainly benefit China as well as Greece.

    It would be a new dawn for China.

    it corroborates the new paradigm…

    The West is no longer the model or dynamic for progress.

    Look East, Alexander..!

    Dolmas and egg rolls.


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