First Water-ONLY Powered Generator You Can Buy


Written by: Tiobe


A Toronto, Canada company, GDS Technologies Ltd., says it has developed a portable generator that runs solely on tap water.

The GDS portable water generator comes in three models: 5,000 watts, 10,000 watts and 15,000 watts. According to inventor Gregory Potter, the 5,000-watt model can run for three days on four gallons.

A video demonstrates the 5,000-watt portable water generator in action; there is no pollution or exhaust, no hidden extension cords powering the device, no batteries to replace, it is significantly less noisy than a standard generator and the only upkeep is keeping the water tank clean and supplied with fresh tap water.

Features of the portable water generator include “rugged,” non-inflatable (or deflatable) tires, an emergency shut-off button, digital meters, a timer, covered outlets, a breaker and an optional intake valve that connects to a garden hose with automatic shut-off with a floating device within the water tank.

According to Potter, the 10,000-watt model can power two air conditioning units, but even the 5,000-watt model is suitable for running a stove, or computers and other electronics.

Models run from $5,360 Canadian to $14,885 Canadian, and will be available to the public “soon.” According to the company’s Alibaba site, GDS Technologies is currently capable of producing 400 portable water generators per month.






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    • before its news is a joke, there is no way that they could get the original. im working on the same technology and it is really simple. even an idiot that believes Before its news could figure it out. HHO thats the key…

      • I’d love to say it isn’t, but it actually is a scam. Water does not contain any useable energy and it just isn’t possible to generate energy out of nothing. Lesson #1 in physics…

        • The H in H2O is Hydrogen. “Brown’s Gas” is what some call the end result of when Hydrogen is separated from water, and used as fuel.

          • Takes energy to separate the hydrogen, which is probably the potential you’re getting back a portion of when you recombine it. Try again.

        • you are so wrong, im working on the same technology. HHO is obtained by using noncorrosive metal plates and electrolysis. there is more energy in water that an idiot would blow their head off. i have a working prototype. ypo must work for the same idiots that want to see this fail.

          • I don’t want to see this fail. It would be great if it actually worked! I know what electrolysis is, and that you can separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. But that’s the point: you first have to put energy into it to separate before you can blow any heads off. I’d love to see you proving wrong all scientists 😉

          • Is water a source of chemical energy? If u are talking of separating diatomic hydrogen from a mole of oxygen, u still need energy for the process and mind u, hydrogen is explosive and if ignited in a cylinder will exert a force greater than 450pa which can cause material failure, most especially, if the engine is aluminum. An electrolytic cell can do the separation but there must be a source of electrical energy (cell) to trigger up the process. I have a model that uses renewable energy up for patent.

  1. Imagine the rise on water consumption if this push through. As of now, not all country can supply tap water to its citizens… but a great invention applicable to water-rich country. Hope it could process even a not so clean water too… but i doubt.

    • not much as you probably imagined . we have water . bacteria in that water wont matter. we will not spend drinkable water and die from thirst if it works. earth has more water than tv. says. just think about it.. where the water goes..

    • not much as you probably imagined . we have water . bacteria in that water wont matter. we will not spend drinkable water and die from thirst if it works. earth has more water than tv. says. just think about it.. where the water goes..

    • to produce oil, much water is needed. To produce hydro electric power even more water is needed. 20 barrels of water to produce one barrel of shale oil. Consider how much energy is in one barrel of crude oil (remember processing it to fuels ‘cost’ even more water-energy to move that water is why it takes a considerable portion of a barrel of oil to produce a barrel of shale oil.) and how much electricity a machine like the subject of this post could generate with said quantity of water. ie 20 barrels is 880 gallons. or about 220 days worth of power 5kw per hour for about 10hrs. Get thinking!

  2. sorry, but this must be fake…if there exists a technology like this it would be a revolution of energy production for the world..and you definitely had heard of it in a much larger scale (sorry for bad english)

    • This tech has been around for a good 30 years, the power companies hide it from us. If it is real you can bet it will disappear along with whoever is trying to sell it.

      • Or perhaps they delay/don’t patent, make excuses, because their product is fake. Look at the website, they have already started.

  3. So grid electricity is used to purify water, which is then used to generate electricity… Heath Robinson would approve

    I prefer the floating rig thingys they had in Bosnia

  4. Why does it cost so much? I converted my 6500 watt to run on urine for about $50.00. Been going strong for two years now.. I have 10 deep cycle batts and three 200 watt solar panels. Batteries last for about six hours on full load and only needs to charge for about 20 mins. only cost me $2800.00 for entire system

  5. Cans someone please tell if it’s true or bullshit, does it in a concrete manner work? As i guess is it an idrogen generator made up with a turbine ? and a more interesting question how long will it take for someone to fork the technology if it really works. can’t wait.

  6. I believe that nothing is impossible. I saw a segment on CNN about 2 years ago of a Japanese-designed car that runs solely on water. Now, if this sort of contraption is a joke, why would the major players in the media, like CNN, even entertain the possibility of such devices being feasible. I guess it is possible, but its still a bit too good to be true that the “powers that be” would allow something like to be so accessible to the man to the street. It makes much more sense to run our engines on dinosaur crap pumped out of the sea bed.

  7. why buy this or make it available to the public? there is only so much water.. something else to speed up the water war since we’re almost finished the oil war.

  8. Basic thermodynamics and kinematic data allows us to calculate that, to split water into its oxygen and hydrogen components – the process of electrolysis -, requires as much electricity input as the power that will be produced by burning the resultant gases. Friction in the internal combustion engine that will power the generator will absorb some of this energy and, thus, there will be a net loss of energy to drive the generator. Power will be required to charge a battery to produce electricity to generate oxygen and hydrogen gas. The cost of this, along with the energy absorbed by the engine that drives the generator, negates the concept of “free” fuel. So what’s the big deal?

  9. What gullible editor decided to run this story about an obvious scam? Please, if no one on staff knows anything beyond 6th-grade science, consult an expert before running something like this. This product is a dumb as pills for making gasoline from water.

  10. Entirely possible with a high frequency electrolysis tube and a small hydrogen powered wankel type motor powering the alternator…..
    My question is, how is an electrical product selling in Canada without any indication of CSA or Underwriters approval? I pointed out a visible drip under the unit in the video on their website, among other minor details. They took down the video without posting a new one yet. It may work, but the guy producing them is working with a limited budget and no technical assistance from what I can see. The 15 day refund policy must be for a reason. They must not show their inherent flaw for that period. Otherwise it would not be such a specific and short trial period.

  11. ok. we all arguing is it a scam or not.. did anyone tried to contact them or buy one? how can someone trick me into buying something if it doesn’t work, and there is even a face we can put in jail . why they going trough such trouble for nothing?

  12. Proven hoax. Zero, I repeat ZERO units delivered. True free energy will evolve from garage experimenters like myself Russ Gries and hundreds of others, it will be open source, given away freely and easily replicated. When it REALLY happens, there will be no silly debates about whether or not it’s a scam.

  13. It can work and probably does. The problem is it will probably never hit the market because it is a threat to the oil industry, power companies, government taxes and the list goes on. A guy made a car that ran off water and the establishment made him and his car disappear.

  14. Does it produce clean power to charge batteries through inverter on solar system atm you need a sinewave genset or brushless technology to do no harm to system


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