Five ‘Conspiracies’ That Have Been Acknowledged


There is a lot of contention with the main stream media adding labels to conspiracy and conspiracy theorists in order to debunk them. Even interpretations from various sources will cite the media when referencing the term; and their means to slander those who are decisive in their interpretations of patterns they see emerging in the world.

But what happens when there is an admittance by official bodies that some things really did happen in our history – that were once labelled as a conspiracy?

Five conspiracies have been recently admitted to, either officially or through released documents. It is therefore reasonable to assume that some of what has recently been labelled factitious or contrived will likely resurface decades from now in the form of apology or evidence.

Below are some of the past conspiracies that have been acknowledged.


Tuskegee syphilis experiment (1932 -1972) – An experiment where 400 black citizens of the US were deliberately infected with syphilis and treated with placebos; left to die, to study the effects on the body.

With the US Health Department directing the study, the 400 patients were promised free treatment but were often only administered Aspirin. Autopsies were conducted in the name of progressive science. As a result most died as a direct result of untreated syphilis or indirectly from the complications of having such an aggressive and hideous disease. 19 children were born with congenital disease as a result of the study.

It wasn’t until President Bill Clinton officially and publically apologized, while he was in office, to the remaining 8 survivors of the project that supposedly never existed.


Operation Northwoods – evidence of acts of terror being committed on US soil in order to rally support for the act of invading another country.

Declassified documents came to light in 1997, highlighting the movements of the US in the sixties when they were preparing for war with Cuba. The intention as outlined in the document “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba,” suggests that the CIA conduct false flag attacks to instill fear in the public and thus rally them to support an attack against Fidel Castro. JFK however, refused to approve such plans, preventing the implementation of them.


Nayirah Testimony – Was it all about oil or freedom? Nayirah’s testimony influenced the US stance in Iraq.

Nayirah, a young girl, took the stand to testify against Saddam Hussein’s actions. As she outlined the inhumane atrocities committed by his soldiers, including the massacre of 300 babies in a hospital that she ‘witnessed’, the world focused on her accusations, drumming up world wide support for the US to retaliate against Iraq. The Gulf War soon followed.

Later on, post war, it was discovered that Nayirah was the daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, Sheikh Saud Nasser Al-Saud Al-Sabah, who was also a member of the royal family. Nayirah had reportedly undergone an extensive acting course prior to her testimony, which involved an 11 million dollar contract, and PR gurus Hill and Knowlton. Hill and Knowlton were also discovered to have close ties to the Bush administration.


Operation Paperclip – The very country and men that the US fought against in the name of freedom and humanity, aided the extrication of several hundred scientists from Nazi Germany to US soil, who were directly involved with the SS and the Third Reich.

In the name of science, the government didn’t want to waste the scientific talent that the Nazi’s had access to. It was officially denied and much of the information is still classified; but you can find some information on Operation Paperclip in libraries and the internet, for a very interesting read.


MK-Ultra – Once upon a time, to utter the words ‘MK-Ultra’ had you labeled as a conspiracy nut.

Projects, sub-projects, and more sub-projects. MK-Ultra almost has the feel of the onion; layers upon layers. But one thing’s for certain now, is its existence. The main school of thought about MK was the CIA involvement in mind control experiments. The ‘Big Brother’ concept resonates loudest here.

It wasn’t until in the seventies, a New York Times reporter managed to expose some of their agenda, that MK-Ultra was disregarded by the public. Seymour Hersch, an award winning journalist; Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting, exposed the programs ran by MK-Ultra, documenting illegal activities on American citizens in the 1960’s.


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  1. The assaults on American citizens today with mind control, and directed energy, proven real by the evidence:

    Their current set up is a system of satellites and radar for surveillance, patented, with building penetrating tomography, for spying on us, intercepting brain waves for decoding, and also electronic assault with radar frequencies which focus and build up in a targets body/location. Dr. Robert Duncan and myself are gods at exposing this, they can target any citizen at will. NSA Signals Intelligence is the back end for it, they run the space capability, radar, and electronic warfare systems.

    • They also did Human Radiation Experiments during MK Ultra, which was investigated by Bill Clinton and the Human Radiation Advisory Committee in 1995. Got videos of some of the victims testifying and Bill Clinton apologizing on the site. They actually used little kids in T se experiments, who would often be kept in cages, raped, tortured, trained as CIA spy assassins and prostitutes, subjected to having mental illnesses created in them, all at the age of like 5 years old or older for some. The more you look into these crimes the more sick and twisted it gets. The number of victims children and adults are in the multiple hundred of thousand range, not including modern day victims as everything remains highly classified since the 1970s.

  2. I would say that a lot of this is dependent on your definition of conspiracy. A conspiracy in regards to the definition of A secret plan to do something unlawful and/or hurtful. In regards to MK Ultra, many of the experiments with LSD were also centered around eliminating severe dependence to alcohol and drugs. Some was for rehabilitating criminals. Others were targeted toward the usage of LSD as a safe alternative to more deadly chemical and biological agents. In regards to the entire situation in Iraq, regardless of the testimonies that were falsified, if you have been to that country during Sadam’s reign, you would see that the Kurds were tortured and pursued relentlessly. Now that group is the most dedicated of all groups in that country toward freedom. Yeah, they did something bad. But the truth is that those things really were happening in that country. The studies on Syphilis… Well, if you are dumb enough to actually sign on the dotted line to be infected with a deadly disease than you signed your own death warrant. I know that sounds harsh but it is the truth. In regards to operation paperclip: Yes, it was completely degrading to give immunity to people that were responsible for atrocities. However, the deeds were done. None of those scientists were EVER removed from watchlists their entire lives to prevent them from perpetrating any further crimes against humanity. Yes, they deserved punishment for their war crimes but numerous medical treatments, scientific advancements, and improvements to the well-being of the people of the world came from the contributions of those scientists. On the situation with Cuba… You are right, we screwed up as a nation. However, if you take a look at the country and the miserable lives the poor and disenfranchised lead there they deserve someone to fight for them. Ultimately, no agenda is pure evil. Just like no agenda is pure good. Good and Evil are based on the idea that some individual’s morality is correct and another individual’s morality is wrong. I prefer balance and liberty.

    • Maybe you should watch the MK Ultra ABC Special News Report, Mission Mind Control. Almost none of it was done for any legit purpose. They tested and sought drugs to turn people schizophrenic for Christ sake. They hurt so many people, violated their rights.

      They also worked on radiologica weapons for creation of voices and remote control. What valid use would that have? None. It’s a weapon, a discreditation and torture tactic.

      Their play book included: make people act irrationally in public, get a citizen to kill a public official, turn targets mentally ill.


    • The Tuskegee experiment didn’t infect people with syphilis. It advertised free treatment for people who already had syphilis, then gave placebos. When real treatment came along, it wasn’t offered to them. That and the lying are the big crime.
      I learned about this in a social work research class in 1982.

      • SHODO, I appreciate you done a social work research class in 1982 but a lot more has come out now and been admitted. Sorry but you need to swat up a little on the subject because unfortunately, your social work research on this matter is now pretty much incorrect. Only in the last few weeks apologies have been made AGAIN for the ‘illegal and non consented infection of syphilis’ in a seriously sickening amount of people. They were told they were getting various treatments when in fact they were being intentionally infected with horrific amounts of syphilis. This HAS now been acknowledged as true and they are now discussing reparations in the hundreds of millions – billion dollars US. DEFINITELY worth reading up. This si public knowledge now. Sorry to be awkward but we need to make sure that once the corrupt and powerful (governments) admit some hoorific wrong doing, please lets not water it down. These people need VERYONE to acknowledge what happened. Imagine all those years spent watching everyone you know dying of one of the most disgustingly painful deaths. This was an inherently evil despicable act by the goverment. One which they have finally owned up to. This was PURELY as living human experiment but not for the good of the people and once they were infected, they were watched but not treated. Horrific and barbaric.

        • No. No one was deliberately infected. Like the kid said, they were offered treatment they never got.

          If you have something else we need to read, cite your sources.

    • Making excuses are we? You are part of the problem. A perfect example of a citizen whose rights have slowly been taken away, to the point where you deem it necessary. So sad.

    • theres no good reason to do bad that i can think of – sounds like your basically saying in all these cases that the ends justify the means. and as for the signing your rights away comment regarding the syphilis experiments – the whole point of democracy is that governments are elected to represent their people -this obviously didnt happen in this case and is an extreme miscarriage of their responsibility and i dont think it can be justified in any way, morally or rationally – the major lsd research into alcohol and drug addiction came from Hoffman as far as im aware and i may not have all the information here so correct me if im wrong but i dont think the cia had anything to do with any of that research into the healing effects of lsd?

  3. You guys are still to cool all you do for the people how you try to help gives me hope thiers still a chance for this world.

  4. Almost all ‘conspiracy theory’s’ come from real experiments, its easy for any .gov to label someone as crazy because they know to much and thats the easiest way to discredit someone. The MK-Ultra was started by the Nazi’s and perfected by the US-of-Aids.

    • No. Everyone is to blame. Not as an individual but… still. We all need to do so much more to make this world the place we want it to be for everyone. It won’t be good untill its good for everyone. We might not be able to serve everyones greed, but, as people, we are all able to meet each others serious needs. And lots of people aren’t doing it, and the government does sort of need contributing people. Now, we need to make sure we do that, as people, we care for each other. And then we make sure to either get a good government or to limit their invasive possibilities on our lives if they aren’t. I’m happy to live where I live, but we need to take care of the world not just our country. NOT as an individual. Don’t ever think you need to do it alone. We all need to do it. Contribute in our own way and make our DNA count for something. When we all do… who cares about governments. We’d have a better point in dismissing them..

  5. Project paperclip: Look up for this name Wernher von Braun! He was a Leading Nazi rocket scientist who made the V model rockets (V=Vergeltungswaffe: exterminate weapon. After the Germans lost the war he was one of them who went to America and made contribution to the first American satellite ICBM/explorer 1

    • From what I’ve read, von Braun certainly worked for the Nazis but was not a “true believer” himself. He was more interested in the science than the politics. At the end of the war he and other german scientist would have been killed by their SS guards on Hitler’s orders rather than let them fall into enemy hands. In my opinion, Operation Paperclip was quite sensible – those German scientists were a valuable resource, and, assuming that none of them were responsible for war crimes, it is quite right that they should have been recruited. Of course, that assumption is just that, particularly given their involvement in the V1 & V2 rockets.

  6. I may actually be a target of mk ultra. Either its CIA or the mafia’s sick, twisted version of it. They use chloroform on people that they don’t like and stealth to sneak into my house while I’m asleep to experiment on me. They also planted cameras to watch every move and hire people to follow and keep a close watch on me wherever I go. They also plant devices in my ear and under the skin and some may even be directly on my brain. They shoot it into your skull from a distance to keep it covert. They are small enough to where you only hear a pop and feel a small sting while you’re asleep. They communicate to me through the devices they planted in me and because no one really understands it or are afraid of it, they diagnose these targeted individuals with schizophrenia and give false checkups and xrays to hide it. It’s all to make me look and sound unbelievable if I do come out about it. I was used as a puppet. A rag doll that is unable to prevent or defend against these people. They are criminals that can cover up anything they want covered up for the sake of national security. They’ve shown me enough to know what these people are capable of doing to innocent people. Targets are picked based on knowledge and the side you pick. Pick their side, they’ll still experiment on you, only they’ll show you pornography whenever you feel too lonely. Pick your own side, they torture your mind and pick apart every relationship you’ve ever held close to your heart. They’ll rape, call me every thing in the book and crush my dignity so I will never be able to trust another man. They throw in campaigns with teenagers and people my age and display me on camera and make “voyeurism” acceptable with people in targeted cities. They accept it because they threw a rad party and were nice enough hosts. They let very specific people with a say in society know to never let me leave or find help. Everyone is paid and/or threatened/killed to never come out with information. They use microwave weapons as a way to torture me even more. I’m sure they drugged me plenty of times so my credibility is ruined. I personally would never touch a drug except marijuana. They targeted me after I read a book called,
    The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Mind Control Slave. I opposed it. Thought it was ungodly how our government could get away with it. The introduction is a more of a warning to not read it because you will lose sleep and have a swift mood change. Knowing that at one time they did this is depressing and made me not want to lift a finger for anyone. I quickly turned from a loveable happy person into an angry, depressed lunatic that expresses every single emotion I have towards them. It’s mostly a “fuck you” and a big middle finger for their cameras. I may have them on what I’ve said and uncovered. They don’t know if it’s reasonable to kill me and they can’t say for certain on the outcome it will have or lead to. I also contacted FBI, but they show no concern or none that they’ve showed me anyway. Everything that this concerns has been happening to me for over a year now. There’s many more victims with similar stories that go hand and hand. There’s some differences because every targeted individual has a belief or different knowledge about it. That’s what we call ourselves “Targeted Individuals” and if you Google it as well as “gang stalking” it will lead to more information on the subject. It’s technology and demon based. I’m sure now that spiritual demons were used along side technology to be able to do this. They are of the occult and makes sure you know they hate every single religion and they may even convince you for a brief time that God doesn’t exist. I am praying everyday now for deliverance and I may have received it. God’s working in my life and everyone else’s that praises and glorifies his name.

    • Dear J.T., first off, sorry to read this. But I can assure you, religions are bogus. Theyre stories to tell and make us act like decent beings. Religions create perfect opportunities to gain power and influence. Believers (of any religion) are more likely to act against others because of their difference in belief. I dont believe in God, I believe in myself, cause after all, he’s the one that makes my choices.
      I hope you find back your inner strength, and if you need to get that strength outside of you, there’s no shame in believing. Its way better than being someone who believes in nothing. (or money for the matter)

    • I’m not sure what to think about these kind of posts myself to be honest. But if you feel like this thats bad enough.. I seriously hope you want to try and watch Teal Swan on youtube. I don’t know but I was reading into all of this and not knowing what is real or perceived, I needed some relief myself and found it there. Just consider it an option.. Especially watch the one about when you feel the universe is against you. (I’m not saying you are delusional, I truly do not know and I’m 50/50 now, so … anyway, if its not true, but your feelings are, it will help, if it is true, but you can’t get out of it, it might still help a little). I just hope you’ll feel better. If all you perceive is true, which is a scary idea to me too.. then I hope you’ll find a safe place and people who will help you. I personally did not have any experience like this so please understand that it is hard to imagine, but I do not want to dismiss people as crazy only because it wasn’t in my story. So I hope that my suggestion might be of some help. If not: hope you will feel better soon and if true that they will leave you alone and live your life, if not, that you will not have this fear anymore..

  7. I dnt understand how US Govt still defend their stance on Iraq.. its all clear now that US set this war jst for the oil.. US killed and killing thousands of innocents there jst to fulfil their greed..

  8. Most of the world, outside the U.S.A. believes that the official story of what happened on 9/11/01 in the New York City ( 3 skyscapers, 2 airplanes….. all falling basically at the speed of free fall: i.e. no resistance to gravity, straight down, through the path of greatest resistance ) , missing airplane in Shanksville Penn. ( official story 100% buried itself ) missing plane in the Pentagon ( 18′ diameter hole in 3 buildings, E, D, and C with a collapse some 40 minutes later some 60 ft. wide )……..perhaps please include this in your next version of’Conspiracy theories’ with Credo.

  9. I don’t call these conspiracies. I use the term government scam. The reason for this is that they can be brought down to one organization and therefor reasonably easy to set up and implement. A conspiracy is far more complex and near to impossible to execute. My 2c


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