Four Palestinian children killed on Gaza beach by Israeli rockets


Tuesday July 22, 2014

Written by: Overlord


Four Palestinian children were killed while playing football on Gaza beach by rockets fired from an Israeli plane targeting Hamas militants. Numerous journalists witnessed the tragedy.

“This is a cowardly crime,” said Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry.

The children were named Ahed Atef Bakr, Zakaria Ahed Bakr, Mohamed Ramez Bakr, and Ismael Mohamed Bakr. Mohamed Ramez was age 11, Ahed Atef and Zakaria Ahed were age 10, and Ismael Mohamed was age 9. The four boys killed were relatives and there is one more boy in the hospital.

“The kids were playing football on the beach,” said Ahmed Abu Hassera, who witnessed the horrific incident.  “When the first shell hit the land, they ran away but another shell hit them all. It looked as if the shells were chasing them.”

“We live by the coast. There was a headline on the news that four children were injured…  so we went looking for the kids and we could not find them, so we came  here to the hospital to look for them and we found them all, including my son… oh my God,” said the father of Zakaria to NBC.


The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), who have been targeting Hamas terrorists in the Gaza area, have denied targeting the children. “We do not target civilians,” said IDF representative Peter Lerner to RT, “we target Hamas terrorists. I have seen the footage of the incident, and indeed it does look tragic, and we will have to look at the circumstances.”

At first, the shots were believed to have come from a gunboat, but according to senior IDF officials the shots came from Israeli planes targeting Hamas militants, as told to Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper.

The number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli counter-offensive has become 220, 80% of which that have been civilians and one in every five Palestinians killed is a child.

Israeli forces have been dropping leaflets in the area and placing automated calls to Palestinian homes urging them to evacuate.

“Whoever disregards these instructions and fails to evacuate immediately, endangers their own lives as well as those of their families,” said the messages.

Human Rights Watch has condemned the actions of the Israel Operation, Protective Edge. The chief of the Human Rights Watch, Ken Roth, stated that the warnings serve as a waiver for further atrocities against human life.

Despite these warnings, most residents of Gaza either have nowhere to go or choose to stay in their homes as a show of defiance against Israel.

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas ended after the Palestinians rejected Egypt as their mediator.

Israel began their counter-offensive early on Tuesday following the firing of 85 rockets at Southern Israel on July 7.

As a result of this rocket barrage, the IDF has said that a ground invasion of Gaza is now “likely.”


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    • To my shame I worked as a volunteer on two kibbutzim in the early 1990’s. In hindsight I was only cheap labor and I did not know the type of society I was being tricked into building up.

      • Realizing this is wrong and making a statement of admission is even better.. now spread the word that you disagree with what is happening is perfect.. making the people aware and letting them know its not acceptable for Israel to do this is the golden key..

    • It’s crimes against humanity. The leaders of Israel should be condemed for these atrocities. The Israelites keep the People of Gaza in the worlds largest prison camp and the world looks on and does nothing. I am not a hateful person , but what is happening disgusts me and I feel hatred for Israel. My heart is with the poor suffering people. We all need to spread the truth to destroy the evil that permeates our lives.

  1. The truth is they can say their not targeting children but the reality is they are.. the President of Israel actually said on camera that they were purposely hunting down woman and children and it was a free for all. You think that’s not evil to the core? The real problem is the person at the top of the heap.. and that would be none other then Jacob Rothschild.. remember his family’s net worth is 500 trillion dollars. His net worth alone is 43 trillion dollars and lets not forget he owns 80% of Israel. Now that being said what does this all have to do with it.. well my friends its simple its about greed, gas and money.. that’s what it all boils down to.. under the Gaza Strip is a vast Natural Gas deposit and Rothschild wants it because he already has it sold to British Petroleum. The other one that is also involve is David Rockefeller.. these two worthless pieces of slime are at the top of the heap of rotten apples.. and something needs to be done about these two.. if you trace back the history of the Rothchild’s you will see an unbelieveable evil that has gone on for decades.. don’t believe me.. check it out on you tube.. its all there..

    • You are only pointing out the bad part of Israel, The Hamas leader him self said that they want to kill jews as much as the jews want to live, if that’s not evil I dont know what is, they where also saying how this is there age of the rockets the age of the jews extinction. The Hamas tell there own innocent civilians to stay at there homes when the rockets are getting fired at them, not only that but they go on there roofs! Gaza started this shit with Israel firing rockets at civilians killing men women and children, but you dont see Israel put that on the news do you? Even when Gaza promised cease fire they still kept shooting rockets, for all these years Gaza kept attacking Israel and nobody gave shit, as soon as Israel defends its self Hamas starts publishing it on the news saying Israel is invading our land and killing out Children! like Hamas didn’t have that coming. Also please dont think that I am saying that all Muslims and Palestinians are bad, I am only talking about Hamas

      • You keep your eyes closed and keep believing main stream media.. the Hamas do not have “Rockets” they have antique mortars so get the story straight first please.. these mortars have been fired due to Israel’s aggression to the people in Palestinian territory.. I do not condone any of what the Hamas are doing .. but by the same token there has been no deaths that are Israeli.. check out the facts before you speak.. as for the teenagers that were murdered this was done by Israeli’s as when you listen to the sound track they are speaking (clearly) Hebrew.. this was a set up .. now that being said you totally ignored the facts I have mentioned about Jacob Rothschild.. its all about greed and money.. and you NEED to wake up.. this is a testing ground for Agenda 21 .. you may want to tune in to the trailer for the up coming movie “Gray State” because its coming our way and when it does everything will never be the same.. don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.. I told you one of the main game players and if you need me to drop another name then check into David Rockefeller.. and maybe then the Bildeberg meetings… NWO is on its way..

      • look that is not the point, yes there is underhanded tactics on both sides but this is just dam right bulling. Israel is a militarized state were as “Palestine” which is now little more than a city dose not have an air force or tanks or field cannons so it seems that the term shooting fish in a barrel seems very appropriate

    • Yes this is very sad indeed but we as a collective are watching closely and also letting everyone have a clear and truthful picture of what is happening as the main stream media is completely tainted.. if you want to have the truth from the mainstream media do a reversal and you will have the truth..

  2. You mentioned that Rothschild had already sold the rights to the natural gas reserves off Gaza
    That’s a bold statement
    How did you find out?
    Where’s your proof?

    • which one? the one that they still haven’t found is at Garcia Diego there were some scientists that Jacob Rothschild wanted for a patent.. hence he had them all murdered

  3. Children are the ones who suffer the most in this conflict, now that Hamas is commited to fighting ISIS why on earth would isreal block their ports and keep them from getting medical and other life saving supplies? The insecurity
    of isreali racism,land grabbing and general appartied aggressions is going to play into the hands of ISIS more than they want to admit. If your a Palestinian child being mortally wounded or killed I suppose you might understand what Nelson Mandela was talking about when he stated that Isreali appartied is worse than the South African version.


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