Free Books: Legal Sites To Download Literature


Some of the world’s finest literature is at your fingertips. Literally – and for FREE! Between independent authors and classic works of Bronte, with everything in between, never have we had such access to books as we do today. Enlighten yourself, and broaden your imagination with some of these links below, which share FREE e-books on legal sites with their audience in a multitude of genres.

  1. Read Print: You’ll find everything from George Orwell to Oscar Wilde to Shakespeare in this online library. You can download your free copy of your favorite book or follow the link to purchase a hardcopy. The choice is yours.
  2. Classic Book Library: Every genre offered for your e-book reader, Classic Book Library offers all the classics in Historical Fiction, Romance, Children’s Literature, History, Science Fiction, Science, and Mystery.
  3. Free Novels Online and Free Online Cyber-Books: Mainly featuring independent authors looking for representation, or just feedback, you’ll never know what diamond you’ll find amongst some of these works – mainly of the fantasy/sci fi genre.
  4. If you prefer the written word in a language other than English, you can find Dutch literature at Project Laurens Jz Coster; Romanian work at Biblioteca romaneasca; Italian e-books browsed by author or title at Liber Liber; and Athena Textes Francais will provide a solid starting point for French literature.
  5. Most Popular History Books: The title speaks for itself, offering many free titles on countless topics.
  6. Chest of Books: Read cook books, books on gardening, hobbies, architecture and art, this site has plenty to offer to those inclined towards creativity. You’ll also find genres in New Age, History, Finance and a variety of Reference material.
  7. Poetry: Any poetry buff will appreciate a free view of Robert Frost’s work, or Robert Louis Stevenson. Lewis Carroll and Joyce Kilmer are also amongst these free works.
  8. Banned Books: And then we can satisfy our curiosity. Once banned books, this site offers a list of some of the more censored literature of our time. On this site you’ll find Rousseau’s Confessions, once considered to by injurious to public morality, to Paine’s The Age of Reason and his work defending the French Revolution, The Rights of Man; there is plenty for the picking.
  9. The Internet Book Database of Fiction: From Cyborgs to Arthurian Legends, AI, Adventure,, Fantasy, Mythology and Espionage, this site has one of the larger collections of everything fiction.
  10. Questia: For those on their quest to find some of the rare books and classics in this world, this site has over 5,000 books to choose from.

There are many more sites to discover online. Happy reading!

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