Frustrated With Success Of #OpIsrael, Israeli Hackers Threaten Anonymous Hackers


On April 7, 2015 thousands of Israeli email, social media and Paypal accounts were hacked by Anonymous under the “Electronic Holocaust” or #OpIsrael 2015. Apart from hacking 700 websites, Anonymous claimed to have hacked into over 2,000 Paypal accounts and obtained more than 7,000 email addresses and passwords. The goal of the collective was to “erase Israel from the Internet” in protest against claimed crimes committed against the Palestinian people on behalf of Israel.

Frustrated with the cyber attack, Israeli hackers have warned Anonymous in this video message that they will take revenge and destroy the group this year apart from attacking Palestinian websites.

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  1. dose not matter what you do ,unless you hit them in a lasting way , they will just make us pay through taxes, and loose of liberty and fear to control us so dose not happen again us hitting the government is useless as there only puppets follow the strings and find the real people behind it and give them a warning

  2. “Israeli hackers have warned Anonymous in this video message that they will take revenge and destroy the group this year”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA Good luck with that.

  3. So Anonymous is attacking random civilians *just* for being Isreali? Am I getting this right so far? Because if I am, then I have lost a lot of respect for Anonymous.

    • Yeah. Attack the rotten policy; no argument that the suppression and apartheid of the Palestinian people is a horrible crime. Erase Israel from the Internet? The Israelis didn’t take anyone’s land on the Internet, and have as much right to be online as anyone else. Electronic Holocaust? Are you fucking serious? A lot of Israelis have relatives who died in the non-electronic Holocaust. Not cool.

  4. I’m really hoping that it’s just people who are anti-Palestinian that Anonymous is targeting, and not just random Isreali people who are unlucky enough to be noticed by Anonymous. I really am.

  5. Lol they can’t do anything. Israel is full of faggots,with nothing but hate in their hearts. If they’re gonna go that far then bring it on!

  6. I hope this attack was made specifically against supporters of Colonial Zionism and wasn’t indiscriminate like an IDF airstrike. Otherwise it will only make matters worse.

  7. The fact that I am seeing these clearly racially biased attacks and the comment ‘Israel is full of faggots’ by forid shows a huge amount of idiocy on this man’s part, and a clear taking of sides by anonymous. You claim to fight for the common good and the rights of the people yet you are aiding an attack clearly racially biased and politically biased. Israeli hackers can count on my full support and aid during their attacks against this now corrupt anonymous system.

  8. Why in the name of God is Anonymous standing up for Palestinians in the first place?? Talk about crimes against humanity, someone has got their head screwed on backwards. In the first place, they’re never been anything more than a terrorist organization and a political group. The only reason they are recognized at all is because of Jimmy Carter forcing Israel to sign do treaty with them. Y’all better turn this horse around. You’re gonna loose some serious membership over this nonsense.

  9. I Got hacked and I’m with Anonymous i Got hacked from Anonymous I’m israeli that Day i Got hacked i lost all my respect to Anonymous!

  10. In most of the videos I have seen on citizens in Israel. The majority of them are as clueless Americans in this country who support IDF. Namely, a lot of dumb-down christians who also “support the troops”.

  11. #OP_Israeli_Elite_Annihilation initiated

    this will be fun when AnonGhost, LizardSquad join Anonymous in the battle, omg Israeli Elite will have a problem xD

  12. “Frustrated with success of #OpIsrael”
    the operation failed badly, and i’m israeli O_O

    both anonymous and israel doesn’t understand each other:

    israelies think that anonymous are arabs that want to destroy them.
    anonymous think that israelies are terrorists that want to kill all of the arabs in the world.

    both are not true.

  13. guys can we atleast fucking live in peace you fucking people instead of removing hate and war and fighting you fucking decide to create another fucking shit pls for fuck sake just remove this hate and fighting we all want freedom one day all of us gonna die pls dont ruin this life for all of us and all the human kind

  14. guys can we atleast fucking live in peace you fucking people instead of removing hate and war and fighting you fucking decide to create another fucking shit pls for fuck sake just remove this hate and fighting we all want freedom one day all of us gonna die pls dont ruin this life for all of us and all the human kind

  15. Just to let you know we interrupted thier plans abs this is now in retaliation. This is a group that list all support from anonymous.

  16. Anstatt noch mehr schaden anzurichten würdet ihr euch doch besser vom Patentamt Infos besorgen welche meiner Meinung nach der Welt gehört und sie auch nötig hätte…

  17. Isreal is the only democracy in the Region, everything else islamistic lunatics or military dictatorships. So Anonymous is fighting against democracy.

    • Anonymous is not fighting democracy. They are targeting Isreal for its negative actions. I don’t know much, but I do know that Isreal can be corrupt. I’m not saying it’s always true, but it’s everywhere, regardless of political party and religion (not really part of this artical, but you get the point). Reminder: Did we forget how corrupt Westboro Baptist church was? Now do you see the point?

    • You are correct. Let’s say for the point of argument that Anonymous had a legitimate claim here, to do so on their Holocaust Remembrance Day is disgusting.

  18. Hahahahahaha, its kinda late for an aprils fool. Thats is way too big task the israel hackers have set them selfs. Good luck in destroying an idea 😀

    • What world do you bloody live in?! Israel are the real terrorist please read or watch some creditable sources/news (not FoxNews) or stories of your forefathers.

    • Lulz ur a fukwit, its not your country first of all, and secondly u fkers are the real terrorists. we will not forgive.

  19. I’m so sick of Israel and the lies.The Palestinian people were there before they cane.Actually,they welcomed them and look what happened.They took the over and continue to take over.They are not looking for peace.They are always talking about the Holocaust,yet they continually commit genocide and use the media to portray themselves as heroes for many years I bought into the lies and propaganda that Israel told.These are the same people who own the banks and media.They portray themselves as saints while portraying the people of Palestine as evil.Who wouldn’t fight back if people were taking your land and constantly killing you for no reason.

  20. Actually, if losing a game of serious hacking would mean an end of hostilities, well, I’d volunteer, but it looks more like just an additional front line. One might question, however, that it would be hypocritical for a nation founded (if memory serves) coincidentally with barbaric massacre of the native peoples of the land she occupies, to claim any moral superiority in such a conflict. Are not Israeli people indigenous to the land they occupy, as if, comapratively, American Indians (having acquired wealth & means over time) reclaimed their native lands & though were kind enough to share some land reservation with the descendants of the invaders, those same people then began bombing & libel of their benevolent hosts? If someone in my house started harming me in such a direct way, it seems likely I’d take some action to protect myself, as in Israel? Shame that when the political/military ball gets rolling, well, complaints of the pebble have little impact once the avalanche has begun (to deploy some fair use rights).

  21. Israel is not perfect, this I know. And how is it possible to destroy an idea? Ideas are bulletproof.

    With that said, I believe that Israel, in their effort to stop the terrorist group Hamas, is responsible for the civilian casualties they have inflicted. Palestinian innocents have gotten the worse in this conflict.

    So why not hold Israel accountable for her actions, and at the same time, fight Hamas? Hamas poses not only a threat to Israel, but also to the Palestinian people.

    So we, as Anonymous, must not choose one side or another in a conflict, but rather the side of what we stand for. The virtue of our ideals can be found on both sides.

  22. How absolutely shameful to take the yearly Holocaust Remembrance Day and use it in a hateful way against those who have lost much of their families to the Holocaust. SHAME ON YOU. You are disgusting.

  23. The Jews were in the area of Israel before Islam ever existed. Palestine was named by the Romans and taken from the Jews because they refused to worship Pagan gods. So for the love of God take a history course. I believe in 99 percent of the work anonymous does however this one I’ll have to side with Israel

  24. Global anonymous hacker hackers against Israel. His mama of, anonymous willing to participate in China, code
    # OpIsrael

  25. Israel is being targeted for it’s transgressions against humanity and the god. Not only for the Palestinian conflict- but the 911, pentagon and other terrorist attacks performed by the mossads; israeli secret service and the United States goverment. The two governments and secret service have been working together for a considerable length of time and should be considered one. Isreal is also currently infiltrating in Syria. anonymous will continue to punish and bring justice .


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