Get Real: 22 Mind-Blowing Ways To Look At The World


These 22 maps are way better than the ones they showed you at school, giving a you real understanding of how the world functions, offering you info-graphical view of the world, revealing interesting facts and helping you redefine your outlook…

1. The World As Seen By Americans


2. Europe As Perceived By Americans2

3. The Way The Americans Look At Asia


4. Countries That Donโ€™t Use The Metric System


5. The 22 Countries Europe Couldn’t Invade


6. Pangea, The Super-continent, With Modern Borders


7. The Happiest Countries


8. Countries With Paid Maternity Leave


9. The Most Common Surnames In Europe


10. Left or Right: Driving on Roads


11. Antarctica’s Time Zones


12. World’s Busiest Air Traffic Routes


13. Countries Where Google Street View Is Available


14. Highest Paid Public Employees In USA


15. Population Density


16. Most Used Web Browser World Map (2012)


17. Daily Internet Usage Across The World


18. Hottest Women By Country


19. The Best And Worst Places To Be Born


20. Birthright Citizenship Around The World


21. Cigarettes Smoked Per Person Across The World24

22. World’s Most Popular Countries


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  1. And how the hell did the makers of #18 measure “hotness” of each country’s women? Some of these maps are very interesting, but I call bullshit on #18.

  2. Mumei, even if presented by anonymous, dont believe all media. I wonder who made these maps and with what information the based it off.

  3. Map No.5 is bullshit. How can Europe conquer itself? Who is being considered European here? As far as I know Belarus, Sweden and all the other countries listed in Europe are part of Europe… Besides many of the countries listed for example in Africa and America (in this case South and Central America) were invaded by europeans, otherwise they wouldn’t be talking in Spanish and French (african countries) today.

    • I’ve actually seen this map in both my Geography and History classes in school and my teachers confirmed that it is in fact a map showing which countries Britain has invaded, colonised or defeated, the white countries being those Britain has not conquered. E.G. England defeated France multiple times, so France is red, Scotland defeated the Romans so Italy is red and once the two countries united they invaded; India, also red, and colonised USA, once again, in red. Britain has never conquered Luxembourg or Sweden so these are marked as white. The map’s caption is incorrect.

  4. Im sorry but i wanna say something
    Its good to born in indonesia and you say its worse
    its true there is so many population in here but its good for children to born here im born in indonesia
    And thats is good no problen
    The people in here is good people we are good people

    btw i like anonymous the good hacker
    Only hack the bad corrupt and bad people

    We do not forgive we do not forget expect us

  5. asian women are sexiest? according to who? i don’t even think asian ladies are all that attractive. give me a hot american scene chick. or hell, even a black chick that looks like astrid from fringe. but asian chicks? they don’t shave down there…

  6. Fuck amaricans……u r the sexist,rapist and people who born there are the real losers…..may isis destroy whole fuckin amaricans…..fuck u amarica….

  7. Yeah, my surname is Novak, btw. SECOND most common in Croatia, just after Horvat.
    And also Google Street View is not available in Bosnia and Hercegovina!


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