Here’s Why You Should STOP Using Microwaves


Weakened immune systems, lowered resistance to bacterial and viral infections, low hemoglobin, birth defects and cancer are just some of the harmful effects of using microwave ovens for cooking or re-heating food. Not convinced? Here’s more: The microwave radiation can leak out and damage human cells and tissues. Foods cooked or re-heated in microwaves, have been shown to elevate cholesterol and stress, and decrease white blood cells.

According to FDA, microwave radiation can heat body tissue the same way it heats food. Burns, cataracts, and temporary sterility can be caused by exposure to large amounts of microwave radiation, much more than the 5mW limit for microwave oven leakage. When your tissues are directly exposed to microwaves, violent deformations occur and can cause microwave sickness. People who have been exposed to high levels of microwave radiation experience a variety of symptoms, including insomnia, night sweats, and various sleep disturbances; headaches and dizziness; swollen lymph nodes and a weakened immune system; impaired cognition; depression and irritability; nausea and appetite loss; vision and eye problems; and frequent urination and extreme thirst. Standing near the microwave when it is in use can expose you to upwards of 400 milliGauss – a mere 4 milliGauss has been firmly linked to leukaemia.

Microwaves, found in 90% of American homes, affect proteins, antioxidants, and the overall nutrient content of food. Hot spots in microwaved food can be hot enough to cause burns—or build up to a steam explosion. Carcinogenic toxins can leach out of plastic and paper containers/covers, and into the food. Microwaving fatty foods in plastic containers leads to the release of dioxins (known carcinogens) and chemicals such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), benzene, toluene, xylene, bisphenol A or BPA, and BPS, which are linked to the impairment of female reproductive elements and brain development, along with diabetes, and prostate disease.

In 1991, there was a lawsuit in Oklahoma concerning the hospital use of a microwave oven to warm blood needed in a transfusion. Blood for transfusions is routinely warmed, but not in microwave ovens. The case involved a hip surgery patient, Norma Levitt, who died from a blood transfusion. Since the nurse had warmed the blood in a microwave oven, the microwaving altered the blood and it killed her. It is, thus, apparent that there’s much more to heating with microwaves than we’ve been led to believe.

Here’re some more reasons not to use a microwave (based on Swiss, Russian and German clinical studies)…

  • Continuously eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term, permanent, brain damage by “shorting out” electrical impulses in the brain.
  • The human body cannot metabolize the unknown by-products created in microwaved food.
  • Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continuously eating microwaved foods.
  • The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous free radicals when cooked in a microwave oven.
  • Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths. This has been a primary contributor to the rapidly increased rate of colon cancer in the United States.
  • Eating micro-waved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence.
  • Rates of obesity and diabetes have risen dramatically since the introduction of microwave ovens.
  • Microwaving breast milk cuts down on lysozyme activity, reduces key antibodies, and promotes potentially dangerous bacteria.

And more evidence about the risks of certain waves in microwaves (click picture to enlarge):


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  1. I would like to inquire as to why there are no sources posted in your article. It can either lead a person to think (with no offense given I hope) that this is complete bullshit. I am a huge proponent on not passing on baseless facts. I did however read your article and thought it was informative. But I would like to know where exactly you got this information and statistics from. Another thing I was concerned about is there is nowhere on the internet to post informative essays that allow you to post findings that you have to the world. Maybe you would be able to come up with something like that? You fight for truth and to enlighten people, so please show it from an informative stance like this were a university. Show people the error of their ways with facts, statistics, and properly cited and sourced material, so if and when someone calls you guys out for passed on bullshit, you can just say, “It is all right there you insignificant dolt”. I hope to hear a response from you guys as I am a huge fan of bringing light to ever corner of the world. (In information, I’m not a religious nut…)


    Brian Warren Barnes

      • No peer-reviewed studies…lots of conjecture, “possibly,” “could have,” “have been shown” [once again with no actual study cited, only anecdotal, non-peer-reviewed not-shown data]…

        …seems the real problem is the container being used. Easily solved by purchasing “safe” containers which don’t contain PBA and what not. Easily found.

        I must be an anomaly. Perfect health. Insane resistance to disease/sickness [never had a cold/flu ever]. Microwave every morning.

      • If I were a teacher, and a student came to me, making claims and didn’t cite their sources they would receive an F. Not an A on the assignment. I’m only saying the facts should be clearly presented in the form of an informative essay. Considering the article in question is in fact trying to inform us of something, there should be clearly stated statements, and evidence embedded in the informative essay that should enlighten us. Not something we have to click on to do more delving into. Sources are meant to allow someone to check into the facts if they are inclined to do so. Not because it is their responsibility to do so.

        With regards,

        Brian Warren Barnes

      • Burt, knock it off with the name calling and attitude. It’s the ignorant troll that just accepts what he is told without questioning while it’s the wise person who question what he is told. When it comes to the news, government, or religion we not only have the right, but we should question what’s brought before us. As Brian said, a teacher would get an F as my teachers actually did for not citing references. It wasn’t her job to look them up, but mine as the student/reporter/journalist who’s obligated to cite all the references if I am to be believed and taken seriously. This is one reason why I like the Collective-Evolution site. Their writers site their references, so I can easily look them up. It’s not about being a nice journalist, but about being a responsible one. Anybody can say poop nowadays and spread panic, but if you cite where you got your resources, your credibility enhances.

    • Isn’t it common sence ..(“micro” “waves”) …going through your food ,FDA approved noobs lmfao …fresh food and healthy digestion was here first ??…micro waves are man made electronic device for lazy people who obviously are uneducated and lack in common sence ,who also love sapping the shit out of the dinner befor eating a plate of a wast of time ….the food is already dead by the time you sit down …guess u are what you eat…FDA approved lmfao ….yup.

  2. slow news day??

    Microwaves causing cancer and stuff will only happen if its not insulated properly. Why do u think it only works when the door is closed?

      • The doors and the enclosure together make a so-called Faraday cage. That’s why you have metal mesh covering the entire door. It does prevent microwave radiation leaks. As long as the seals are okay, you won’t be exposed to microwave radiation.
        Your cell phone also emits microwave rays: 900/1800/1900 MHz. If you put your phone in the microwave (don’t turn the oven on) it will lose the signal. Or it can protect your electronics from EMP bombs.

        • Source? Microwaves always leak radiation. Even in the smallest amounts. Especially when they are older. Believing the don’t, again, makes you a moron.

          • Source: no specific source, it’s basic electronic knowledge. As for the frequency of the cell phones, it’s basic IT knowledge. But you can verify yourself. Here’s how:
            Have your cell phone turned on and put it in the microwave oven. Close the door and try to call your phone from another one. It disappears from the network completely. So for your scientific curiosity which I approve of, here’s a demonstrable proof for you. You can try over and over and over for the sake of science. If there is a leak and your phone shows up on the network, the Faraday cage failed or not built according to the standards and the oven is in fact dangerous. In that case it can even kill someone with a pacemaker instantly.

  3. Microwave radiation is a much lower energy wave than infared or even visible light. I don’t believe microwave radiation would actually cause the effects however, the foods being heated in the plastic containers, including microwavable meals, will cause all of the effects above. BPA has been shown to wreak havoc on hormonal systems. Simple microwave radiation invokes energy into the atom, causing the electron to move up away from the atom, storing energy. When you stop microwaving, the electron moves back down closer to the atom, releasing the energy in the form of heat, thus heating your food/ liquid. Microwave radiation can burn you but UV radiation is much more dangerous as it is a higher energy wave. The wavelength varies between 10mm and 1 mm to be considered microwave, thus the small circles in the steel mesh on the front, they are what keep the microwaves from escaping.

  4. I must say, i’m convinced that half of the shit “Anonymous” posts is completely bullshit and improv’d as it is hard to believe and the facts are not proven but rather made up.

    Anonymous, get your shit together.

    P.S. Why the fuck, do you think Microwaves only work when closed? Oh, and. None of that crap you mentioned is accurate. Not even by the slightest.

  5. If you have any idea about how a microwave actually works then you’ll agree with me and disagree with the majority of this article,

  6. It is very troubling to find this kind of scientific non-sense here on this site, most of the things pointed out in this article have been disproved long ago and the rest are huge exaggerated to the point of there being no point in reading the article(though I still did it to make sure I didn’t miss a vital point)

    you should really fact-check your sources and link to those sources when bringing forth such fear-mongering statements

  7. Unfortunately most of the “citing” and “sources” used for this article are two mutually quoting, natural food sponsored sites. The fact that they link back and forth to each other as references, and that I had popups while reading, tends to negate their veracity. The only other link is to the FDA, which report is contrary to most of the claims in this article.

  8. 1st off radio waves have a much longer wavelength then microwaves (Hence the word Micro)

    2nd radiation is measured by rems not watts as mentioned in the article like a dumbass.

    Putting up stupid articles like this really just bring down the credibility of this page. smh

  9. Artigos como este, induzem a uma avaliação errônea e , trabalho com microondas a 10 anos, falo aqui de microondas industriais, onde já me submeti a vazamentos ao ponto sim de aumentar a sede, mas faço exames periódicos e complexos e nunca houve alguma alteração que pudesse referir-se a tecnologia de microondas. Não passa de conjecturas criadas a partir de estudos sérios da FDA, que alimentam mentes fracas, o mundo está cheio de pseudos cientistas. Claro que uma exposição direta a um campo de micro-ondas pode sim causar queimaduras terríveis, assim como o fogo.

  10. What a bunch of crap. A microwave generates electromagnetic waves, the same electromagnetic waves that make up light, albeit of a much lower frequency. These electromagnetic waves are NOT the same as radiation in nuclear appliances. There is NO material being radiated, just as you are not covered in some material when someone shines a light on you.

    The frequency of the electromagnetic waves in a microwave is chosen to be the resonance frequency of water. This means anything that contains water will be heated. Put just a peace of glass in there and nothing happens, it doesn’t get warm. Why not? There is no water in glass (unless you put water IN the glass, but I’m talking about the material).

    All electromagnetic waves are described by the Maxwell equations and within a Faraday cage there is no transfer of electromagnetic waves from in to out and vice versa. This of course depends on the frequency of the waves and the fineness of the mesh making up the cage.

    There is NOTHING scary about microwaves whatsoever. The only thing they do is make water molecules resonate, or: heat up the water within the microwave.

    Microwaves are completely safe. The negative points mentioned in the article are more stupid beyond belief. Next they’ll tell me the earth is flat. They’re that wrong.

  11. ya, just saying, if the study is based on brand new microwaves, no there should NOT be any leaks, but use it for about half a year, and that seal probably wont be as effective as before… just don’t stand in front of your microwave to watch your food cook, and use microwave safe containers lol, no big deal, and besides, if you do get cancer in 40 years from it, you wont have to put up with no pension, police states due to N.W.O exc…

  12. I enjoy a good microwaved hot dog in my mouth. Radiation or not that shit is delicious. Ass ass titties titties ass n titties

  13. It seems to me lately that Anonymous has pushing a lot of conspiracy theories lately… Shame really as I really liked the original idealism that Anonymous had… to get to the truth..But more and more lately I see posts about Israel being the bad guys, 911 being an inside job and now this about microwave ovens.. Please guys.. get it together.

  14. While back I did a study on Microwaves and radiation .First point is that radiation on the oven is measured 90 degrees ,perpendicular to the door and that is it, what leaks at 360 around the oven and behind is not measured (it is all legal ),Microwave devices were invented by German submariners that operated early radar like equipment .Now back to naval, radar operators usually sat in the crows nest above radar antenna ,after 8 hour watch radar operators suffered headaches and their blood tests for about 4 hours were identical to people suffering terminal leukemia ,heating water is OK but not with tea bag inside almost everything else is partly described in above comments and proven and documented .

  15. this whole article is full of crap. Microwaves use high amounts of micro waves. Those waves consist of photons, the same particles you’ll find in sunlight infrared radio and almost everything you use. the higher the length of the wave and frequency of these photons, the higher the possibility you’ll be damaged by them. So with a high wavelength your body tissue will be damaged. However, Microwaves have a rather low frequency AND wavelength, which means it’s not ionising and thus not that dangerous. It will heat up your body by direct contact but even the smallest plate of metal or glaas will prevent this. still I do not advice people to eat microwave meals because there are plenty of reasons why those meals are bad for you, but it’s the meal, not the microwave that is to blame.

    • Oh man, the article is full of crap, but you’re full of crap as well. Speaking like an expert, but making a very basic physical mistake:
      “the higher the length of the wave and frequency of these photons, the higher the possibility you’ll be damaged by them. ” – this is totally contradictory, as frequency is inversely proportional to the wavelength and vice versa!

      • He didn’t contradict himself at all. What he said is correct. He just said two things that are yes, proportional, but he didn’t place them against each other. He mentioned two different ways of explaining the same thing. Besides, he could have meant amplitude. If you are so smart, you may have been able to ignore that… I guess not.

        How does heat work? Glad you asked. It is the molecules in matter becoming more “excited” than a 12 year old boy seeing boobs for the first time.

        What does this mean? Glad you asked. The microwave pretty much does the “exciting” in a meal, and I hope you’ve noticed that your microwave will only heat food that contain water (or object that can conduct electricity if you are feeling adventurous). If you put a ceramic plate in a microwave that is completely dry, it will not heat. This is why if you put a bunch of fairy lights in a microwave, they will go crazy.

        Now, a Microwave produces electromagnetic non-ionising radiation. This means it cannot remove electrons from molecules or atoms. It is simply not powerful enough; not carrying enough energy per quantum.

  16. The article conflates exposure to microwaves with using a microwave oven.Microwave ovens contain microwaves so that people aren’t exposed to them. It’s true that microwave exposure can be bad for living creatures and their parts (like blood). And it’s unhealthy to cook in or on plastic in a microwave oven. And microwave ovens can heat food unevenly so it’s best to insure that all food is properly heated to kill bacteria and parasites. But microwave ovens are not generally hazardous to people who use them.

  17. This website needs to please stop posting bullshit/conspiracy articles, there’s enough real corruption in the world to report on.

    Here’ what the FDA ACTUALLY says about supposed injuries from microwave ovens:

    “There have been allegations of radiation injury from microwave ovens, but none as a direct result of microwave exposure. The injuries known to FDA have been injuries that could have happened with any oven or cooking surface. For example, many people have been burned by the hot food, splattering grease, or steam from food cooked in a microwave oven.”

  18. mother 75-80, mil @ 92 – both using microwaves since first launch of microwave ovens – still alive & kicking, thinking clearly and to put it plainly, quite healthy and well. In fact 92 year old did a 3km walk challenge a couple of months ago. uuuuuummm

  19. This article is coco puffs for cuckoo heads. Except microwaves can leak, and it can be bad for you, if you are hugging the machine while it operates. Feel bad for the chef that operates the reheated restaurant. I worked in one once, and there are 2 sets of 2 microwaves stacked on top of each other in a tiny ass room. Nowhere to run. nowhere to hide.

  20. People, PLEASE do not be so quick to accept what you see on the internet. This is a classic case of fearing what we do not understand. The scientific method exists to discover the TRUTH, and the science does NOT show that using microwave radiation causes weakened immune systems, lowered resistance to bacterial and viral infections, low hemoglobin, birth defects or cancer like this article claims. Not only did this article not cite a single credible peer-reviewed source, but it used a classic technique of misleading the reader by pointing out that microwave radiation itself can damage human tissue (Which is true, but microwave ovens contain this radiation). Be wary folks

  21. i have a question.. it said 5 milwatts was the max safe leval. Isnt that the amount of energy radiating from a cell phone?? and dont they transmit mucowaves??

  22. Microwave photons do not have sufficient energy to break even the weakest of molecular bonds.

    Meanwhile, your sources are pretty damned nonsense:

    “Microwaves unsafe for baby’s milk”; “Microwaved blood kills patient”

    So a quick primer on microwaves. When you start a microwave, you’re creating a standing wave in a faraday cage. This means the box contains areas of high and low flux, through which the food moves if it’s on a turntable (which it should be).

    When heating milk for baby (I do it regularly), this means you need to shake the bottle when you get it out, to average out the bottle’s temperature. Additionally, this means you have to have a _very_ good idea of what kind of energy you’re putting into the bottle, so that you don’t scorch the milk or make it too warm. This is actually reasonably straightforward. My fridge’s cold is about 2C. My microwave is 1 kW. My target temperature is 37 C. This means that for every gram of milk I’m heating, I need to add about 35 calories in heat. For a 225 g bottle, that means 7875 calories. 7575 calories / 1 kW is 32.9 s. Microwaves are very efficient, so that’s more or less it. Pop a bottle in the wave, run for 33s, have milk at the right temperature.

    As for blood transfusions: if you overheat blood, you kill it. If you overheat a small portion of blood (e.g., you get a hot spot in the fluid), you’ve killed it. Scorched blood _will_ kill a patient. There’s nothing special going on there.

  23. I spent many years designing radio aerials for the British Army, and I do understand a little about radio wave propagation. I can confirm that even the relatively low frequencies (+/- 95mHz) used in military equipment can cause burns on the skin of radio operators, but only because when in close proximity to the aerial. I also know that one or two sailors were killed by radar microwaves because they failed to get off the radar deck when the radar dishes were in use. However, it has to be understood that the amplitude of a transmitted signal diminishes over distance, so the further you are away from the source, the less it can harm you. Consider also, that microwaves travel in straight lines so, unless you are in direct line with a leak from a microwave and are virtually on top of it, you will suffer less harm than holding your mobile phone to your ear.

  24. Can I tell a secret? Sshh… There is a possibility to “rebuild” a microwave oven into a “microwave weapon” with a simple trick. Oops, I hope I didn’t wake up some potentially dangerous minds now… but I didn’t tell the trick… ssssshhhhh! ☺

  25. In fact WIFI uses the same microwaves that power microwave ovens, radar transmitters and satellite communications.

    Good Morning people, you are all smoked!


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