Did You Know That Google Is Tracking Your Movement?


It has emerged that Google has been tracking Smartphone users everywhere they go, indicating it with a red dot on a map to mark and make their location much clearer for identification.

If you do not believe this, you remember what appeared in the scene of the Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is on the run from the law, but is unable to avoid detection because everywhere he goes, there are constant retina scans feeding his location back to a central database? That is exactly what we are talking about here.

You can even track yourself to see whether what we are talking about is true or not. Just log in with the same account you use on your Smartphone. You will be able to see records of everywhere you have been from day one of that month. Just follow this link https://maps.google.com/locationhistory/b/0


Google 1


It is an established fact that no matter what privacy settings you may try to implement, your information is still being collected and stored somewhere by our governments.

But somehow, you can minimize your tracking by adhering to the following procedure below.

Just follow the following steps carefully and share this information with your friends, families and anybody you know.

How To Disable Tracking & Erase Your Past History

To check whether location history is enabled on your account, go to the Google Maps Location history page and click the gear-icon button to access History settings.

You can disable or enable the service there. Disabling location history however, does not remove your past history.

If you would like to erase the locations Google Maps has stored for the past 30 days, go back to the Location history page. The default time period shows location history for the current day, so you may not see any plots on the map. Use the pull-down menu below the calendar on the left to show your history, up to 30 days.

If you choose a time period in which Google Maps has tracked your location, you will see the points where you have been on the map. Below the calendar, you will see options to delete your history from the time period you have chosen or to delete all history.

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        • Kids need to learn the hard way. parents needs to let their kids figure things out on their own if not they’ll grow up to be as useful as a cucumber.

          • The hard way is not necessarily the best way. Letting your kids do and learn things on their own doesn’t mean not caring. Knowing where your kids are is definitely very useful.

          • “Kids need to learn the hard way.”… until they met a pedophile… or some people gathering organs (like the kid in China who got an iPad for his kidney).

        • as a teenager myself just a couple of years ago, you dont know how stressful it was for my mom to be tracking me everywhere i was. I couldnt go out much nor could i have experienced things that couldve been very valuable.
          Being tracked and untrusted simply because of my mom’s insecurities was the worst and even led me to a panic attack during one occasion.

          • I understand where you are coming from. It does suck. But you also have to realize not all parents are that overbearing. I had to tell my parents everything i did and everywhere I went. I hated it. After 10 years, I look back on it thankful that they did. If something were to happen that was catastrophic, my parents would’ve been able to act quicker which never happened. It’s like a just in case thing.

      • I dont have kids, but I know if I do I would sure as hell track them. Between abductions, crime, abuse… fuck that. My kids are getting chipped

      • Not a great remark. Sound like you just wanted to insult someone…anyone. You don’t know these parent nor their situation. It doesn’t necessarly mean they don’t trust the kids; it could mean she is concerned about the bad guys out there who could hurt their kids.

        Rather than make that remark; you would be better off just asking the parents.. maybe you will learn something.

      • It’s nice to know so when they go to the mountains ect were there is no cell service to call… we get worried lol but Not to stalk. I’ve worked with missing teenagers and kids and yeah it’s a nice safety thing.

    • That is OK. This is just a beginning. We get use to it. Then parents put trackers in children. You know,just to keep them safe. Phones can be lost. Small steps.

    • Do you want your kids tracking you, or some stalker? If they know your login, they can see it too. And will this chill decent if the government knows every political rally and protest march you participate in, and starts using that against the opposition? Ever participated in a protest against anything?

  1. I don’t know what settings I’m using on my phone or laptop but it says I have no history in the last 30 days… and my phone goes everywhere with me….

  2. typical dumbasery. If you READ what you click you will not be tracked. it’s not a mandatory deal, it’s a feature. NOT the NSA or any government agencies. THINK people. The government can track you regardless of weather you know about it or not. it’s going to happen if they feel the need to track. Deal with it or leave America.

    • This is NOT a deal with it or leave. It is a sit back and complacently allow it to be or fight for your rights. The terrorist boogie man hiding under my bed does not give anyone the right.

      • Why on earth do you care?
        Everyone is so self absorbed that they think they’re even remotely interesting to the government. The government collects massive amounts of data on almost everything, terabytes upon terabytes. Why do you think that you’re so special that anyone cares that you’ve gone out to the shop three times this week?
        People love to scream about “muh freedoms” but what the fuck do you honestly think your mundane life could even matter to the government data collection.

        • because governments are like companies they collect data, convert them to numbers and charts, then they see how it can benefit them. they act upon information, upon your information. it is not about a specific person or specific group they want to track, it is ALL of you. they need the information. they are litterally experimenting with laws and what not, to see how they affect the data they receive from YOU.

          they are a silent observer. the american eagle is observing before it attacks its prey.

        • Its breach of privacy when you think about it shit lover if some one had your Google password and was watching every where you go do you really think that’s ok,snap out.no one cares if you go to the shops 3 times a week but what if some one you know was being stalked and some one followed your movements to find out where he or she lived therefore your mundane movements could get some one you know into trouble stop thinking about your self surely you don’t agree with Google tracking any ones movements that’s shit

    • The NSA uses google and social media to track what you’re saying and where you are in the name of national security. There was actually a huge injunction in congress over it…

    • Saying you don’t need to guard your privacy because you have nothing to hide, is like saying you don’t need the freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.

      Sure, tracking is going to be a reality for you if you choose to walk around with a cell phone in your pocket, which is convenient these days. But we need to oppose it as much as possible, so that it is politically unpopular and viewed as unethical, so that governments and corporations are at least hesitant about it.

  3. This is an awfully suspicious way to look at this information and data. Google uses this data to update you on traffic in real-time and ahead of time as well as bringing information to your device based on your daily life, like where you parked etc.

    Not everything is conspiracy based and negative, Anon. You’ve gotten out of hand with this stuff recently. Most people do not do illegal things and have nothing to worry about. In fact, they probably enjoy the data presented to them as it helps benefit their lives. Huh imagine that.

    • You do realise the government is just away to control human beings in away that seems innocent to people like you who do nothing but useless nonsense, just like they want you to.Obama isn’t the boss of America, the person/people who run the world are unseen and clearly evil. I’ve done research and it is queit obvious that the Illuminati is diffently real and they don’t want to track you down to get you arrested nope, famous people are puppets to the Illuminati and they need to know where they are at all times. Same with us because they need to make sure nobody is going to ruin the world order. The last part is what I believe but everything else is correct just research and get the information it adds up.

  4. The thing that tracks you is called GPS. It will do that. I have not had a phone in years and when I did I never logged in to anything on it. So It has never tracked me.

    No gods, no masters.
    -Toten Gott

  5. I don’t get what the big deal is here, you signed up to a contract or terms and conditions when you bought an Android device, opened a Google account, merged it with your YouTube account. If you read the terms you will understand that this is happening.
    Now I trust Google with this data quite a lot. I feel that the benefits of knowing my locations really means I can get the most out of the Internet and my smart devices.

    If you feel against this… Then you shouldn’t signed the contract in the first place, or you could make your own mobile operating system!

    Take your pick~ XP

  6. This issue can be turned off, anonymous keeps putting sensationalist statements on this page and many thing reported are either untrue or can be fixed by changing some simple settings on your phone

    • you sir are completely WRONG and while it is ok for you to believe that if you choose,the ability to track is not feature,nor should you voice your opinion.I don’t really know much about you other than what you have diclosed but I do know that too many stupid comment on the internet

      • Wow. The ability to track IS a feature. You can turn it off if you don’t like it, but some people WANT it on – that’s a feature.

        ‘nor should you voice your opinion’

        And why are YOU allowed to voice your opinion, then? Sorry, but your comment is one of the ‘stupid’ ones on the internet.

  7. That was known a lot of time ago but the people just don’t care with that because they think that the gov is the good and the only thing that protect them …. i don’t say that they really do evial thinks but they are not santes *** if you know what i mean …

    Words at part i thinks that you need to start to do something… and i’m know not kiding ;)D

  8. What a waist of their time, tracking me going to Walmart once a week….lol.
    If you don’t want to be tracked, just leave the damn phone at home. Simple, problem solved.

  9. There is a nifty little phone case for sale, made with a mesh the blocks all RF signals to any towers, even if the phone is on. Or just make one your self, lead works great, blocks even radiation. No signal in, no signal out.

  10. Vastly overstated.

    No data because GPS is off unless I want to turn it on to get directions. Which I have a few times in the past month and still no data. Google is up to no good but you need to be careful not to pass the threshold that leads to all out paranoia….


  11. That book is awesome and i recomend to everyone. But still anonymous stop posting raw information mer.common guys can’t hold it

  12. There’s no doubt about the fact our movements are being tracked not only in the US but worldwide. Also I don’t remember many parents who would actually track their kid’s movements, some don’t have the knowledge others don’t bother.

  13. How is this news?
    I’m starting to feel that some editors among Anonymous are a bit…too childishly sensationalist. Take it down a notch. People are starting to ridicule you because if this.

  14. Google is not the government… nobody cares where you go until you do something illegal and are caught …. alot of you are just good people and have nothing to worry about … as for you people that have something to hide …your on you own

  15. just becuase google is tracking us doesn’t make it malicious! why must everything devolve into the lowest common variable? Google has proven to be an exceedingly useful tool. Only morons actually think being tracked must mean they are SPYING on us. In the same breath, those morons would believe we cannot find the terrorists and enemies we are looking for at any given time… you can’t have it both ways people

    • A small bit of information about the physics of electromagnetic radiation, (otherwise known as “radio”, or “light”),will clear a little of this up for you good folks. (Personally, if “they” are watching me, I sincerely hope they get supremely pissed and go home and ruin their marriages!)When a call or text, mms, etc. is routed to your phone from the carrier, do you imagine a large bubble of electromagnetic energy bursts forth in a spherical shape, traveling at light speed from some random tower, propagating your lewd comments, etc. in all directions, and just “happens” to “find” your little phone in your pocket in rush hour traffic? The cost of that! The inefficiency! No, folks, the cell carrier, or Google, KNOWS WHERE YOUR PHONE IS TO THE MILLIMETER! AT ALL TIMES!! GPS “features” or not! It sends the transmission with unbelievable accuracy directly to your device. Whether it is on, off, whatever. Battery in, out, no difference! (How you think it keeps correct time after battery is removed for days?)So while I do not blame our messed up world on anything but our own indolence, cowardice, and greed, I do suggest you all WAKE UP!!!

      • Uh doesnt the the service providers network update the time on your device as soon as it gets on a network connection or am I just stupid…..there are ways to keep time without a battery.

  16. That’s so cool! Seeing everywhere you go is really interesting. I do a lot of travelling and hiking, so this is quite interesting especially for me.

  17. This is nonsense. Not surprised. I did this and had to turn track history ON. Now I can’t figure out how to turn it off haha, but no it was not tracking my history previous to giving it permission. Way to go conspiracy nutso’s.

  18. Just don’t use G-Maps and GPS all the time. I was going to my history and had only a handful of days tracked in 4 1/2 years. So if you always send data home and then wonder why there is so much data about you, you’re officially stupid.

  19. You have to enable it to track you. It’s absurd and alarmist to suggest it’s some massive data collection service, spying on us all for some sort of political gain. What’s more disturbing is how Traders constantly track us to sell us stuff. Installing cookies and following our browsing preferences like Leeches and Parasites..

  20. Only people that have to hide something don’t wanna be tracked. I got nothing to hide, live a simple life. So I don’t give a rats ass what Google does. I use their free stuff because I can’t afford expensive software full of bugs. And when it comes necessary for me not to let other people know where I am, I throw away my phone.

  21. Too many must be avoiding it, city center installations going in.
    Chicago, “fitness tracker”, original news release said microphones and bluetooth/WiFi sensors, latest news scrubbed of mention of those two. Don’t know if they’re actually gone or if only gone from news.


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