Hackers can Easily Hack Your Facebook ,Twitter and Whatsapp Accounts with Phone numbers


You might be searching every month or every week or everyday about hacking Facebook accounts, or you might download some dodgy software to hack Facebook or other social media accounts, but that’s all a waste of time. The bug in SS7, which is mostly used by telecommunication companies, and agencies such as the NSA, provides a weakness, allowing the hacker to manipulate sms verification. From here the hacker can divert to another number, and in turn, hack a victim’s Internet life.

The hacker will first need their victim’s phone number and device information, to accomplish snooping.

The hacker would click on forgot password on the Facebook welcome page before providing the victim’s phone number during the recovery account process. The hacker would then manipulate the sms verification code to his own device; easily using that code in taking down the Facebook or any other social media account associated.

However, there are some ways in which you can secure yourself from this kind attack. Firstly, disconnect or remove your phone number from the respective Facebook account. Secondly, you can also use a 2 factor authentication, which doesn’t use sms verification.  You should also use end to end encryption, to secure data on your device.

Demostration of whatsapp Hacking ?

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  1. Send me the link for SS7 please.
    I want this tool, and also safety procedures. i will die with this dream to hack facebook and whatsapp. 🙁

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  3. ss7 exists because they want it to be used. you want to know whats really going on, well you will never know because they are not on gsm network. #gwennetwork

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