The Hampstead Satanic Sex Cult of Lies


It’s pure evil at work. That’s how the residents in a quiet North London suburb, Hampstead have described the recent events created and conjured by Ella Draper. The High Court has also ruled that her actions have created a town where people are ‘living in fear’ because of her.

Ella Draper, a stunning mid-forties blonde, seemed to have it all. A single mother of two, she was known and respected by those in her town; a yoga instructor, a successful, doting mother of her two young children… She drove a Porsche, paid for private violin lessons for her children – the beautiful Ella Draper was the epitome of success through hard work…

Today her children are now cared for by social services, and her location is unknown. She is suspected to have fled abroad to her native country, Russia. The High Court ruled in her absence regarding a disturbing story that defies belief, that had everybody entangled in her alleged web of lies. It ruled the victims of her accusations innocent of wrongdoing.


Behind the court case is a story of malicious and unfounded allegations against the residents of Hampstead, spread online by Ella Draper and her boyfriend of 3 years, Abraham Christie. They named names, informing the community of a sex cult among them, listing vile crimes against everyone from the headmistress (who allegedly ran a child pornography and snuff ring) to advertising executives, business owners, the local priest and dozens of others, up to 50 in total.

One of the accused, associated with the advertising industry, spoke out against Draper. ‘Since all this started, I have been receiving unbelievably hateful emails every week, saying things such as “Your days are numbered” and calling me “paedophile scum”. To say it has been distressing to be publicly associated with child abuse and, crucially, to have your child’s name published online, too, is an understatement.’ [1]

The claims were supported by videos posted to websites and viewed by millions online. But it’s the disturbing nature of the content posted that has irrevocably damaged those directly involved. Draper’s two small children, aged 8 and 9, appeared to have been the true victims of the concocted Hampstead cult.


Forced to admit to humiliating abuse and rituals, the young brother and sister sat in front of the camera documenting in detail the satanic sex cult’s crimes against them. Claims included drinking victims’ blood and drugging babies.[2] They even accused their own father, divorced former husband of Ella, of being the ruthless leader. But it goes deeper still; tests on the children revealed marijuana in their system. The brother and sister described to police how a soup blended with marijuana was made in their home. It’s has also been revealed in court proceedings how the children had suffered psychological torment as well as regular beatings to coerce them into participating in this gruesome plot.

Below is one of the videos she had used to make her allegations:

[1] Bracchi, P., Stewart, T., & Condron S. (2015, March 23). The yummy mummy, a ‘satanic sex cult’ and the smears that terrorised a very swish London suburb: Yoga teacher forced her children to make false abuse allegations against teachers, priests and their own father. Retrieved from

[2] Gardner, B. (2015, March 19).‘Evil’ mother tortured children into telling police their father was leader of Satanic sex cult. [The Telegraph]. Retrieved from


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    • no they are not 100% sure… the recantation was shaky at best! if they cant be believed after being pressured into confessing? then why shud they be believed when they were pressured into recanting???? the truth is, the ONLY way they can be 100% sure is to have the 10 or so people whose genitals were described in minute detail, examined on the record! its no worse than they do to someone they suspect of holding a joint, or wat someone goes through at a smear test!… and with the magnitude of the case, and the amount thats at stake, if that was me they accused, id have been down the police stn the next morning demanding to be examined on the record as it would INSTANTLY exonerate me beyond all doubt!
      so no they dont know for sure… its the opinion of one judge… who just happens to be the same judge that sailed hollie greig down the river!!!!
      coincedence??? theres a lot of those in this case!

      • You’ve heard of witch hunts i presume? There is absolutely no requirement for anyone to submit to humiliating private examination on the basis of a child’s false accusations. The case is closed. They lied.

    • This team of investigators, researchers, collaborators, commentors have been exposing the Hampstead Hoax and all of the people involved and the web of conspirators…even tho it was disproven and the children, rightly taken into protection…The relentless mob of those pretending to provide truth, alternative news or exclusives are not. Instead they are like the old door to door sales men, women who used to flog expensive stuff to the vulnerable easily but even to smart people with style in some cases……..Con artists have noticed the growing concern created by mainly brave people speaking out about abuse, tackling it and supporting each other along the way…… These sharks have infested the net and are both using this case and pizzagate tags, children, psuedo child porn, de facto child porn, if you will, their term, not one that is acceptable for most of us aware of this issue…..but giving child molesters or those who take pleasure in watching it, the ability to watch, discuss 2 children talking about sexual and horrific acts. Check this out, read the tabs, and if you can, please help us stop the relentless people who just keep rebranding and are right now seeking new cases in Scotland via Fresh Start Foundation. There are things very amiss with pedohunting groups UK, too. Check out Badda Iffication YouTube, also for how the White Pendragons disappeared in the smoke coming out of their arses, also some dodgy child molesters amongst them, alot of grooming going on, well spotted and discussed by Badda on Open Mics, most days. Questions are welcomed as are private and confidential emails or by the contact form. There are evidence files galore in Google Drive available on most of the perps and players listed. It’s been going 3 years now. If you google me, you’ll see the backlash and where it emanates from, too.

    • Yup. Watch the footage. Those kids give extremely detailed reports of the places and people involved, not to mention many details about school’s secret rooms, teachers and high profile people involved, down to location of the shelves with sacrificial items. Bring in sniffer dogs, submit the children and everyone involved in this case to a lie detector test. What about the evidence of sexual abuse which matches all the details given by the children? What about researching this nefarious father, who seems to exhibit every sign of lying as he gets interviewed for mainstream TV. Don’t just believe these sensational headlines which are encouraging the gang stalking of this woman, with no research into the details of this case. proof or significant basis. The police have not done their job. There is so much research that should have been done. This case stinks of a cover-up. A witch hunt indeed.

    • It just means you are sane, and don’t believe any hogwash, swallow whole the most fantastical tales, unlike some who are, frankly, ‘evil or foolish’.

      You only have to eg watch the video where the boy is asked about the goings on in ALL mcdonalds, ALL starbucks, etc when as such a small boy he cannot even remember which branch he meant. The questions were inappropriate and if you think about it, this is how paedophiles operate, pretending to have a false agenda. Some of those videos are sexually very explicit, and the person behind the camera, getting off on it, is the sick boyfriend. If you analyse everything the children said, the claims made are just obviously children saying whatever they feel was needed, what had been coached into them. How could they not, when they had to go home and expect more violence towards them if they did not read the script correctly, as practised during the holiday. Two small children who knew they were in danger from the only two adults they had to dependent on, and expected to be punished when they got home to the UK if they did not perform. After all, they were punished, terrorised by Abe with Ella’s consent and endorsement, at a time when they were away from home, away from any support to go to and tell someone who would protect them from what was really happening. How can people fail to see the spoon scar on the girls chin in the videos, and the bruise on her forehead is also still visible in certain shots. How do you explain that, and a burst eardrum in the boy when the father had not seen them for some time, it was still healing when medically examined. Abe’s behaviour with small children has been confirmed by a now adult child that had to experience his rage and madness as a small child. She even warned Ella about Abe before this all happened. But I believe they are both evil and have made so many people suffer needlessly. When people put up arguments about eg why did this or that happen in the investigation, you don’t know the full details – the police do not publicise their actions, and the evidence released by Ella and Abe is only the stuff that does not compromise them. The Jean Claude tapes did compromise them, they did not release them themselves, now it is out there so they behave as if what was recorded was not outrageous in many ways, and the people who support them cannot see the wood for the trees either, they do not even realise how bad Abe sounds. I am just glad it was not me as a child, with him. For the other side of the story go to

  1. don’t believe everything guys, although outta curiosity she remembers alot of names quite well and seems to know her shit, i hope justice gets done to the people that deserve it

    • She’s clearly reading a script and reeling off the names of her children’s teachers and classmates. I simply cannot believe the gullibility of so many people. It’s as if you want it to be true.

  2. The disgusting part is everyone that automatically believed in the first place. No innocent until proven guilty, People are retards that convict from a simple accusation. And then think saying they are sorry covers it. Been there seen that. Makes you lose faith in all humanity. Luckily for those people they are a group, when this happens to a single individual they are marked for life.

    • Abraham tortured them on a month long holiday in Morocco, to recite line after line on camera. It was a hoax concocted by Abe and Ella, to get back at everyone who had pissed them off recently, the children’s Father (who had been trying to agree access arrangements with Ella for months), Social Services, the Police (Abe has a criminal history, with 37 convictions, including abuse of his OWN Son), the School staff (the School had intervened when the children were seen searching for food in the school bins), other Parents (Abe was always arguing with them at the School gates.) You really should research the case and find out how awful Abe and Ella were to the children.

  3. With all of the high profile pedophile abuse claims and all the cover ups, the fact that people are taking the word of one judge is laughable, if it wasn’t so sad. In the 80’s and 90’s the same thing happened in America, where 1000’s of children came forward and who turned out to be the bad guys? All of the parents. This is just the UK version of what has already happened in America, but the result is the same.

    • David Shurter, people are not taking the word of one judge, they’re also taking the words of the children from their Police Interviews, which are shockingly all over You Tube, in which they said Abe was responsible for their injuries and physically harmed them when he was coaching them what to say.

  4. I don’t know why you made this story twist in the manner.
    There have been piles of questions unanswered.
    And we all can see that.
    Full Transparency!
    I really am baffled at your support in this.
    It’s sad.
    My heart cries out to the poor children.
    May the truth prevail.

  5. To many obvious questions gone unanswered and ignored.
    Full Transparency is in order!
    It’s obvious what the truth is.
    Such a sad thing.
    I trust my eyes and my mind and my heart. As should every person paying attention to this terrible force in the Roman Empire and elsewhere.
    I do not consent to this behavior.
    Sad also that this support by a once read news source and counter culture representative such as your selfs is so.. How should I say it.. Wrong? I cannot agree until I have seen the facts. It feels like you didn’t even research at all.
    That discredits a lot of what has been written on this forum in the past for me.
    That’s my comment. have a great day!

    • Drawing conclusions from sources such as the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, hardly alternative activism now is it. Will there be any more parroting of the official narrative from this “underground” group. Anyone still thinking Anonymous wasn’t owned, operated and funded by Soros should now reconsider that stance.

  6. Satanic Ritual Abuse does not exist and anyone who believes it does, should wear a tin-foil hat. SRA was invented in 1979 in a book entitled “Michelle Remembers”, the book also invented Fractured or Recovered Memory Syndrome.

    SRA is a Moral Panic invented by a psychologist and spread by social workers, it was huge in the 1980’s when celebrities went on talk shows claiming to now suddenly remember fragments of child sacrifice and rape. FRMS also was responsible for people saying they were beamed up to to UFO’s and anally probed.

    Every police force in the world has investigated every claim ever made about SRA. I don’t buy the conspiracy theory that every cop in the world is corrupt and covering this up for the Illuminati, most cops I know would give their life and their career to save a child or uncover such an operation. Despite this, after billions were spent on investigations, not a single scrap of evidence, not a single bone fragment was ever discovered anywhere in the world. Nobody has ever been convicted of SRA, ever. One of the worst miscarriages of justice in the USA was the McMartin Preschool Trial, the longest and most expensive witch hunt ever conducted, and resulted in no conviction.

    This article encourages me to believe that Anon is a credible organization and I’m glad that you have taken a position on this. Yes, child abuse and neglect is very real, but the State is the biggest abuser of children bar none in every English speaking country. I know this as an advocate for helping families in secret family courts for the past 7 years. The State is the worst possible parent and it doesn’t take any conspiracy theory to prove this. People talk a lot of rhetoric about protecting children but do nothing when it comes to protecting children from corrupt and incompetent governments. I wish Anonymous would become more involved in this topic.

    I would gladly publish excerpts from my book; Secret Courts” on your website if it would draw attention to the issue of child protection and the systematic abuse of children in “Care”. Thank you Anon for your opinion on this piece.

    • You seriously state that Satanic Rituals does not exist?
      Ok for you beeing a laywer, good for you,,bloodsucker 😉

      But 1 thing i need to argue against you.
      Human nature itself you should not go against, you would be amazed what people can do if they grow in numbers, both good and bad.
      The larger the group the larger the actions. Ever heard of a large mob going over the mental top? Its a common event and afterwards people just shake their heads without fully understanding what they did, they just got caught in the moment.. etc etc examples.. common knoledge..

      Either you are an satanic PR agent or you are dumb as fuck, and NO, i wont apologise to you, blame yourself for your own horrible statements..

      The KKK was born in US. We had Alister K,, want me to continue?

      The mind of a person going dark and deep is disturbing for us others,when people turn their minds to evil or deep existence questions mixed with pleasure beyond the normal standard they often find themselfs on a verry dark path. Its natural Psyke 101..

      Example, try to think of the most evil existense you can imagine –> Hell and Dear Mr Satan himself ofc! Its what you been tought..

      And sex, for some reason sex and enforcements/dominace always seems to go hand in hand with deep dark toughts of human nature.

      Is this story true?
      Kids lye all the time, but infront of a guv personel? Infront of presured situations?
      Try taking a stand yourself and lye.. its fucking hard as an adult,, let alone a child.

      And its all in the simple details,,, it always is, thinking as a interrigator.

      best of luck with your newly opened eyes,,,hopefully.

    • Why then, if it does not exist, does the met police have a division dedicated to investigating it? Maybe you should inform them 🙂 … save all the taxpayers monies :))

      • Liz, can you provide a link which says the Metropolitan Police have an entire division dedicated to investigating Satanic Ritual Abuse? I’d like to read it and couldn’t find any evidence of such, apart for a one day course they sent a small number of staff from their Child Abuse Investigation team to in 2004.

  7. It is so easy to jump on the bandwagon in the cases but always best to do some research before innocent people are named and shamed. The people at that school must have been going through hell. The children may not have been abused at that school but they’ve certainly been abused by their mother! Shockingly sad.

    • Yes, this all happened in 2015. Abe and Ella decided to run with the Pizzagate fiasco and resurrect their Satanic Hoax. The innocent people of Hampstead are having to deal with new attacks every day. The children have been safely away from Abe and Ella for two long years.

  8. Disappointed that Anonymous reports on this case with the same negligence as the mainstream media…

    I suggest to watch this and contemplate whether whoever authorised to publish this article on Anonymous website has made a mistake in their judgment… I thought Anonymous stands for investigative reporting, not just taking what comes out of the Court as truth… again, very disappointed… here the link to UK Column News from 20/03/2015

  9. This is poor reporting from Anonymous. Very disappointing! Just taking the Judgment and taking it for the truth? That’s not really what Anonymous stands for, is it? Ridiculous. I recommend watching this UK Column News Report from 20/03/2015. This article from Anonymous has nothing of investigative journalism… it is just as bad as what came out in mainstream media. Very disappointing. Please watch this short but concise clip:

    • UK Column and investigative journalism is an oxymoron.

      You really think that Anonymous don’t know how to investigate these claims and come to the same conclusion that any sane individual would?

      It’s a couple of children coached off-camera over an extended period of time by a deranged Satanic cult hunting child abuser and a weak willed mother totally under the guys control. You’d have to be a complete moron not to see this for what it is.

      Anonymous not being sucked into this nonsense has in this instance my respect for their actions.

  10. Why would she want to ruin her life AND LOSE her children by making up stories which appear sooooo far fetched ???????!!!!!! Just to simply get back at her husband who she divorced ages ago n at a time in her life when the usual acrimony experienced at the beginning has subsided?? What about the medical report showing scarring around the anus of both children? What about the school changing the name n website? What about the school hiring completely new staff?? This is the usual cover up by the establishment’s cabal owned media. ‘They’ still own everything for the moment, but people are awakening very fast now all over the globe, so it is only a matter of time before the cabal family members start jumping ship n singing like birds!!

    • Calm down, it was over in 2015. The children are safe now. The children’s father had been trying to agree access arrangements for months, prior to Abe starting his hoax. Abe didn’t want the father having any access to children, probably as he knew the children would tell him what a creep he was…and so the Hampstead Satanic Hoax began…but oh, they didn’t stop at just implicating the children’s father, no, Abe decided to implicate everyone who has pissed him and Ella off.

  11. i can relate to this. in the this town not to far from where i live lived a happy family they had only one kid and he was in my class, he was very rich and drove a porche carrera gt, he was only 18… his dad had a construction company. the family was so rich they called him ‘the baron’. however he had an affair with another woman. and he used her children as his sex toys. he also prostituted them. his wife knew this, but said nothing, the wealth kept her shut. there were bentleys and other expensive cars that occasionally stood on the driveway of his girlfriends house. he prostitutued the children to very rich men. the money could’ve never been from his company as it was failing. his gf went to the police and he was arrested. however they never caught the rich men. and his son. his son had to quit school out shame.

    the prostitued children where about 12 years old.

    things like this happen and dont last very long

  12. that entire trial was a JOKE! im still not convinced! not when definitive evidence is available!
    nothing has changed… not interested in wat the judge thinks, im interested in conclusive proof… and thats available in this case… the fact it wasnt even looked at is very suspicious and complete madness!

  13. what a relief that Anonymous is not going to disgrace themselves by going after a whole lot of people who have been vilified and outed as pedophiles based on the most ridiculous and grotesque claims of two young children, who were clearly coached to make their bizarre claims. They showed no signs of being traumatized. They were cheerful and chatty, and listing gruesome acts of horror with no signs of real remorse or horror at what they had been involved in. If this were true they would be on the path to growing up to be sociopaths. What amazes me is the number of people posting here who cannot believe that such rampant nonsense was not true. Do any of you who cannot believe that it is not true actually know any Satanci pedophiles in person, that you are so certain that Hampstead is full of them? Hampstead is one of the in nicestt neighborhoods in

  14. Any mother hearing that story with so much detail told so believably would be in utter shock and she deserves the benefit of the doubt. Also whatever made the child change her story was suspiciously off camera. What’s the point of having a video if the key moments are not filmed? It was.sad to see the child say she knew her mother would choose the man over the children. He seems to have taken a major role in their lives after only a few months. What does the father do for a living? I suspect his limitations as a person are significant and the mother should be able to come back and be gradually reunited with her children. She should be given a lot of understanding as the children exhibited strange.behavior and told an incredibly detailed story. Abe a master.of influence and persuasion. Personally I avoid yoga and esoteric spirituality. It was eery the cop telling the child she could watch Harry Potter while they are investigating a satanic cult story. What a world.

    • Karly, she heard the story for one long month while on holiday in Morocco with Abe and the children, as her and Abe coached them on what to say on camera. Abe and Ella are the child abusers.

  15. Anyone who wants to see a detailed, factual, forensic takedown of this hoax -visit the Hoaxtead website: Start with the FAQ section if you’re not already familiar with the rogue’s gallery of crazy troofers, cynical scam artists, and total dupes who’ve been promoting the heck out this for a long time.

  16. What exactly would ella have to gain from this whole spectacle? She had full custody, the father was a broke stripper, so clearly not for monetary purposes. All the police needed to do was wait until the Monday after they (the kids) were interviewed and track her fathers movements to see if he was in-fact frequenting the disclosed locations given by the children. If i were accused of being a dirty f**king nonce i’d be down the nick in a flash with my pants down proving my innocence. Also if the mother& boyfriend are infact the abusers why the hell would they expose themselves with these online confessions from the kids? Why not continue to molest and keep quiet without needless media attention. All you who don’t believe this is real are extremely naive, this has been happening for decades by our politicians, celebrities and Royals. Open your eyes.

  17. Posting disinfo is totally damaging to our planet and everyone on it.
    You should be ashamed of yourself. Obviously you are not aware that she passed a
    Polygraph and was found to be 100 percent not deceptive.
    She was found to be telling the Truth, and if you do your blood research and take your blinders off
    and get your head out of the elites asshole, maybe you would actually grow and learn something real.
    The Real Truth is scarier than you can even image, time to take your blinders off and face your childhood causals. YOu are a mess!


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