Hero Citizen Stops Potential Mass Shooting, Amarillo Police Shoot Him



From captainsjournal.com

It happened in Independence, Missouri when a man saved his wife, daughter and thirty other people from a potential shooting, where the hero dropped his weapon, raised his hands, and the police promptly shot him after saving those people.  Now it’s happened with another potential mass shooting in Texas.

As news of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida dominated the airwaves this week, a massive hostage situation—which was quickly turning into a mass shooting situation—was foiled by a hero in a church. That hero, however, is now in the hospital after police showed up to the scene and shot him.

The situation was well on its way to becoming one of the deadliest shootings in history as the gunman took over 100 people hostage inside the Faith City Mission church on Wednesday.

“They said there was a gun in the building everyone started running all different ways,” said Clay Murdock, a student at Faith City Mission.

According to WLOX, Murdock said he tried to get as many people inside their sound room as possible.

“We’re standing in there and everyone starts praying,” said Murdock. “I went outside to see what was going on if I could get more people in there and right when as I went outside the guy was standing right in front of me with the pistol.”

Murdock then ran outside.

According to the Amarillo police, the initial call came in around 8:45 a.m. and indicated that there was an armed suspect inside who was holding 100 people hostage.

Sergeant Brent Barbee told reporters that when officers breached the building, they encountered an individual who had a handgun.

The officers fired shots that struck the man,” said Barbee. “After some additional investigation, they’ve learned that the man that [had] the gun may have taken the firearm away from the original suspect in the call. The man who originally had the gun has been taken into custody.”

Later that day, police clarified that they indeed shot the wrong man.

As I’ve said, stay away from the police.  It’s best not to involve them in anything, ever.  They are the most dangerous people on the roads, in the neighborhoods or anywhere else.  At least with criminals you know what you’ve got, what to expect and how to respond.

With the police, you know they’re going to overreact, ignore their backstop, and put their own safety above that of everyone else.  But if you react to the police in a manner you need in order to protect yourself and your loved ones and neighbors, the courts will hang you.  You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.  Only the police are safe when they invoke their procedures.  That’s by design.

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  1. what the police know “possible active shooter, guy with gun, guy don’t comply 100%”. after all theise “mass shootings” cops are on high alert when it comes to “active shooters” and I aggree sometimes it’s hard to complie 100% but when you got a gun and are standing with multiple officers aiming at you, you should think.. They think I am the bad guy. I need to show that I am not…

  2. What a bullshit. But you cannot blame the police for that. Every officer is trained to act like that in this situation. In the end it was a shitty accident. :/


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