Heroes of everyday life: This truck driver gives polluters a lesson


On roadsides of highways or highways is often a lot of garbage. The reason: motorists throw their garbage out the window.

A driver in Poland has disposed of his garbage as well – and gets into quite a bit of trouble with a truck driver.

Twice you see a hand throwing garbage out of a silver van – then a man resolutely approaches the car from behind. He picks up the trash and throws it back into the van with full force. He is obviously angry.

The man calls the van driver something else, then he goes back to his truck. The van driver gets out – it’s expected that the two men are arguing or even beating. Instead, the filthy finch picks up his trash from the ground and carries it back into the car.


People With Courage

The short scene was captured on a video (discovered by Huffington Post) – the truck driver had a camera system installed on the windscreen. A Reddit user posted the video three days ago on the platform – now more than 1,200 people have commented on the clip.

“It’s nice to see people with courage,” wrote a user, for example. In fact, there is hope that the truck driver could make the polluter rethink. Sometimes it helps to make others aware of grievances. Maybe not quite as aggressive as the van driver from the video did – his action could have gone awry.


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