Highlights: The Million Mask March, 2015


The 2015 Million Mask March met with mixed success. While it was reported by some that there were small outcomes, we know that across the globe, hundreds of thousands took part. Unfortunately, there were a couple reports of violence (perhaps a reflection of the growing discontent of the masses) which the mainstream media reported on with glee, but overall, it seems the movement is still holding strong.


Million-Mask-March London
Anonymous protesters at Trafalgar Square in London. AFP Photo


According to one fellow journalist, Flu5ch:

“Well MMM is over here… And I have to say I was extremely disappointed…. Last year we managed to get around 4,000 people! But this year…. around 25…. No joke, 25! And the other city near me which had a few thousand last year, only had about 50.”

In another comment:

“This year we only had 40 or so people. Last year we had around 1,000 people with us.”


While some reports fell short of the mark, in general, “there were significant protests from Canada to Mexico, and from Guatemala to Germany,” according to the N.Y. Daily News. Protesters from Portland, Oregon reported a fair outcome as well. Provided below are a series of photos graciously submitted to us by photographer, Daniel Garcia (AKA “Neko the Activist”):









Thank you, Dani G.


According to RT, dozens of protesters participated in Seattle, in which at least one arrest was reported:

Protest holding this intersection. #MilionMaskMarch #MMMSeattle #MMM2015 #Anonymous pic.twitter.com/zahQWdg8Dy

— Mike Bivins (@itsmikebivins) November 5, 2015

#BREAKING: video of #Anonymous arrested minutes ago. #MillionMaskMarch #MMM2015 #MMMSeattle pic.twitter.com/kLFX4X0tBG

— Mike Bivins (@itsmikebivins) November 6, 2015



Protesters in Washington, D.C. stayed well into the night:

“If You Stand For Nothing…” Cool Pic. Check the Car Window. #MillionMaskMarch #MMMDC #MMM pic.twitter.com/VSedT2Yp1G

— ChuckModi (@ChuckModi1) November 6, 2015



Washington, D.C., Million Mask March. Photo courtesy Gary Cameron/Reuters, 2015.


Unfortunately, the unpleasantness in London has stolen the show with reports that at least 50 were arrested while three police officers were hospitalized, including a scathing article from the Inquisitr that’s just dripping with atrociously-descriptive accusations from a doe-eyed journalism student by the name of Daisy Greenaway who claims that while she was protecting a police horse, Anons told her “horses don’t feel” before punching her and yelling “sexist abuses.” Each account of her story gets more heroic with the Huffington Post stating that she fought back against her male attacker, who then “fled when he realized she was resisting.”


Nine Arrests at Denver Million Mask March 2015: “F*CK YOU! EXPECT US!”


Daisy Greenaway.


Ms. Greenaway apparently decided not to report her assault to police (though she had no problems speaking with the media), and the Huffington Post’s article says it’s unclear which horse she was trying to defend. There’s a YouTube video entitled “Thugs on the Million, Mask March ‘punched and abused’ Daisy Greenaway for protecting horse,” but the video itself only seems to portray different clips of the march in London, as well as moments of turmoil. After reviewing the clip multiple times, this Anon cannot see a horse in any of the particular shots provided in the video, let alone Ms. Greenaway. Perhaps updated reports will surface later, but in the meantime, it’s safe to say Ms. Greenaway’s new journalism career has gotten a boost as her Twitter account is full of posts about her “amazing” story at the march, and the upcoming interviews she has scheduled.


Million Mask March protesters released on police bail


This year’s troubles in London are exactly the type of altercations the media waits for in anticipation, and although most of the protesters were peaceful, the media will mainly focus on those who were not. On the other hand, from this Anon’s personal observations at this year’s attended march, many of this year’s disruptions reflect the growing discontent being felt by civilians everywhere, and until we see true change, it’s safe to assume the number of those who have reached their breaking point will only increase, leading to more altercations in the future, but as fellow journalist, righteous, points out:

We exist to set an example for everyone in society… We have a responsibility to self-regulate the protests...”


This is true. One of the main things those of us who stand with the Anonymous movement have in common is that we’re angry with the current state of our nations and the world, however losing our temper reflects badly on the cause. Let us hope for everyone’s sake, some positive changes come in 2016, though we here at AnonHQ do not suggest holding your breath.


Although the mainstream media tends to find a certain joy in making the Anonymous movement look shady and ridiculous, at least a few this year took the time to acknowledge the issues we stand for, which is a success in itself. Our fight, as our fellow UK Anonymous brothers and sisters eloquently put it on their Facebook page, is:

We have seen the abuses and malpractice of this government, and governments before it, we have seen the encroaching destruction of many civil liberties we hold dear, we have seen the pushes to make the internet yet another part of the surveillance state, we have seen the government’s disregard for migrants, for the poor, the elderly and the Disabled, we have seen the capital, profit and greed of the few put before the well-being of the many and we say enough is enough.”


Well said, Anonymous-UK.

We are going to face trials and tribulations along the way, and unfortunately, there will always be the few “bad eggs” we’ll have to compensate for, but as more citizens around the world awaken from their reality TV, Justin Bieber, fast-food induced slumbers, our numbers will only increase. It’s up to all of us to learn from our mistakes, and continue the fight for our civil rights.




Anonymous has the ability to change lives, connect people to one another from all around the globe and be a force for good in the world. At our most fundamental, I believe we are just people, who just want to help other people. Let us keep focusing on this.” – righteous


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    • Yep, by the Denver police, who threw my daughter across the street like a rag doll, for just standing near a motorcycle cop. She wasn’t blocking anyone. Thankfully the beginning of their harassment of her was caught on someone’s phone.

      • hello julie im so sorry to here about that were on the case were hacking into there networks and we will get justice do not wory we stand for our word!

  1. It’s a shame that momentum has been lost. Only when this march gets bigger with each passing year will the masses sit up and listen. As it currently stands either too many people are comfortably numb or Anonymous is losing street cred. Perhaps the seemingly directionless and unprincipled hacking of websites might be a pointer. Anonymous needs to be seen to have a clear set of principles, and those principles need to be seen to have clear ethical foundations.

    • Yep. Anonymous has definitely lost street cred.

      All they do is bash americans. Publish bullshit about terrible America and the American people are. And quite frankly, we’re fucking sick of it!!! Anonymous claims to be for the people of the world….well…what about the rest of the fucking world then???? Why don’t they ever talk about the conspiracis in russia??? Why don’t they go after the biggest cyber threat of all?? China!

      All they ever do (especially Conn) is bash us. I am absolutely convinced “anonymous “are Kremlin trolls.

      Yep. They definitely lost all their street cred in america. Good job guys, good job CoNN. Keep it up and all you’ll have left are the Russian and Chinese commies on your side. Is that what you really want? I’m beginning to wonder….

      • Don’t pay attention to Jeannette. I see her everywhere here and all she does is talk shit. Jeannettes the anonhq troll. Seriously read through comments, youre bound to find something stupid.

        If anyones losing their credential, id say its you Jeannette. You trolled this place too much & we starting to recognise you.

  2. Next year.. And the year after and the year after that and the year after that and so on… until people wake up and realise we are the 99% .. in people there is power.. stand up and be counted… unite and put up the fight…. Never stop…

  3. I love this article and yes I love what righteous points out. “We exist to set an example for everyone in society… We have a responsibility to self-regulate the protests…” and i also totally agree with the UK movement not the bad eggs or violence but the facebook post. “We have seen the abuses and malpractice of this government, and governments before it, we have seen the encroaching destruction of many civil liberties we hold dear, we have seen the pushes to make the internet yet another part of the surveillance state, we have seen the government’s disregard for migrants, for the poor, the elderly and the Disabled, we have seen the capital, profit and greed of the few put before the well-being of the many and we say enough is enough.” This is so true around the world and we all feel it and we all see and hear it. Yes there is always those who really don’t want to wake up they don’t want to have to see the truth because if they truly realize whats going on they may have to do something about it. But this is okay there are those of us making a stand for those who can’t. I totally disagree with any violence taken place we are not about hurting others or looting or any violence of any kind. though i do see our brothers and sisters accross the world hurting and tensions rising we have to stand strong if not for ourselves than for everyone who can’t. Yes we are all mad and yes we want to do something about it but any kind of violence is not the way. And if what that reproter has said about who she thought were anons in the UK that attacked her well I assure you any true Anon would never stoop to anything of the such. Anyone can wear the guy fawkes mask do what they want that does not make them an Ano the mask does not mean your a Anon, or even stand for the same things as Anonymous has stated time and time again to any Anons for peace and non violence no matter how bad it may get. Look its a proven fact throughout history any change that comes about thru a peaceful protest has to stay peaceful. It can be done it has been done. Yeah the powers that be may get in our face they may use tear gas and this or that but nothing comes from tit for tat. As any lil thing that is done is under a microscope. And any true Anon will know this. we are not here for publicity or to be the monster in your closet or under your bed. We all need to set aside our differences and come together in a way which can never go unnoticed which is what the MMM is all about. Look we are the people and we have a voice. The pen is truly more mighty than the sword. And our voice can and will be heard but we have to give our all even more than our all, and not let ourselves get to the point of violence. If we truly want to make a difference we have to be the difference. Anonymous is not about being popular or being cool or trying to get publicity in any way. Its about the truth and coming together with our borthers and sisters all across the world though we may all have different back grounds and different views and opinions or ideas we still can come together for the greater good to learn to understand to stand against any transgressions to stand against anyone or any government bent on the control of its people in any way. And to stand against any companies or corporations that back such a thing and that only care about profit and their own well being. Look we all live here on this earth its one big planet and its big enough for us all and for us all to live peaceful and to be without fear and not to live in desperate poverty. we have the technology for a better world we have a long way to come. But it takes on foot in front of the other. Anything that is going to make a difference is going to get worse before it gets better that’s what happens when there is a change and among most that’s what scares them the most change and the whole process of doing so. But we cannot live in fear forever we already have done this for too long. We can make a difference one person at a time. The Anons have been getting a very bad rep that is not entirely true of course the media wants to blow it up that’s what the media does just look at about anything the mainstream media does anymore most already know this. Anonymous is a group that is bent on making a stand against those governments and corporations around the world that do not truly work for the people but for their own financial gain and could care less about all of us every day people we are not saying they are all terrible and everyone in them are bad or terrible but more needs to be done ask yourself, Do YOU want your kids and your grandchildren and their kids and so on living in a society that we all can see is getting worse and worse. Or do we want whats truly best for our children and the generations after them and if so then we have to WAKE UP. We have to make a stand and we have to rally together not for violence or to get on tv or anything thereof but to let your voice be heard for your children and their children when you choose not to do for you but to do for others this is the first step in the begining of change and always keep hope alive never give in, never faulter, there will be struggles there will be differences there will be tensions there will be everything you can imagine but everyones true FREEDOM matters. as william wallace from brave heart has stated FREEEEEEDOMMMM!!!!!!

  4. This Anon finds herself wondering something: “How much of the “violence” was not done by Anons, but, in fact, done by Agent Provacateurs?” Such HAS infact been done before at protests.

  5. I come from Edinburgh and about 200 people made the effort although the group could not agree on which route to take and ended up splitting up . But why are the numbers so low ? I pondered this and find that when you speak to the average person about there life , mostly they are pretty unhappy with there lot . Most people find themselves very tired at the end of each working day, gone are the days when one working parent was enough to support a family , now both parents have to work fulltime jobs just to have some sort of comfort. But everyone I speak to is feeling so run down and tired , and im starting to think it’s not by accident that the way we live our life’s today leaves us with barely any free time and spare energy to pursue the government and it’s never ending corruption . They are just so blatant that they barely try to hide what they are up to , the sad part is by the time the masses get there act together its going to be a very bloody revolution when it finally does happen , and I have no doubt that it will , when god only knows .

  6. Front Lines Network has a pretty extensive compilation of youtube videos from the Million Mask March worldwide: https://www.facebook.com/FrontLInesNetworkPortland/posts/941191579281637

    “In the comments more from Columbus, lots from DC and London, also Amsterdam, NYC, Birmingham, Seattle, Portland and Salem, OR, LA, Calgary in Canada, London, Ontario Canada, Nashville, Tulsa, OK, Allentown, Santa Ana, Manchester, San Diego, Grand Rapids, Tucson , Cuyahoga Falls, OH and Akron, OH, Chicago, Denmark, Winnipeg, Canada, Copenhagen, Orlando, Victoria, BC, Montreal, Belgium?, Denver, CO, Berlin, and LA.”

    Some really great actions and words.

  7. I myself was at the Amsterdam version of the MMM, which wasn’t much bigger as i can recall from the year before that, but it was a nice peaceful walk even though there were hooligans marching the same streets. There was no collision there and the police were attending the chanting hooligans which gave us a free path. Although i knew for sure that we were being led by this undercover agent that was making sure we kept moving. But thats alright i guess, we handed out our flyers and told people about the cause. The chants weren’t the best, but don’t blame us, the Dutch don’t protest as much as we should.
    Here’s my view on the March in Amsterdam. it was a Chillstep..


  8. Well, I live in Germany and until today I haven’t heard of anything Anonymous for the last 2 years or so. Has there been a MMM in Germany this year? Not as far as I know. I’ve watched the MMM 2015 videos on YouTube and – imho – it all seemed to be confusing and not really organised very well. First of all the event hasn’t been promoted in a way that it would give “ordinary people” like me the chance to take notice of what’s Happening – or that there’s something happening at all! Then another point is, what was the message? What was the problem that you were attempting to fight with those marches? Sure, the banners said something about “revolution” in general. So another demonstration against everything, against the “system”. I guess that’s just too abstract, too big. How about taking one year’s time to focus on ONE topic for the upcoming November 5th. Find some clear messages about it, make a TV-spot to advertise it (you’re hackers, aren’t you? Guess the ordinary man’s (like me!) definition of a hacker is “someone who can make anything happpen by using a computer”). So let the people know what EXACTLY you want and WHAT you want them to do WHEN to help fight the problem. And, being citizen of a state that’s scoring top 4 on the list of countries that sell weapons to what we call “crisis areas” (might be badly translated, my fault, but you’ll get the point), here’s my suggestion for a topic for next year’s November 5th: Stop the production and selling of weapons of any Kind and get those who work for the weapons industry a different job. Naive, I know, but it’s a clear message.


  9. We need to stand up and fight for teh fredom and the liberty of humans oll over the world toghether we are strong ! I have maked a grop of special anons here in Romania that is preparing for WAR against the corupted media,goverment and many more that are controled by ILUMINATI
    good will always win
    evil shal always fall and be distroyed

    • Small turnout because noone knew there was anything happening at all I guess. That’s the point. I know there are many reasons for people to protest. I just think that it’s not clear what Anonymous stands for. I’m sure if you asked one of your neighbours what he knows about Anonymous he’s come up with something like “hackers” or maybe some vague idea that there has been some protest against the Wall Street. That’s why I think it might be helpful to focus on one topic for a year. Promote that topic for one year so people have a clear idea of what Anonymous wants to change in that year. For example, people woud get an idea like this: “Anonymous = Stop TTIP”. Then they decide if they Support the idea and when they go demonstrate with Anonymous it’s about this Topic and nothing else. Maybe they would join the protests if they knew exactly what the protests are about. I guess that “changing the system” or everyone protesting for different reasons is just too vague. I may be wrong but imho people need a clear topic to identify with before they go out and demonstrate.

  10. I think people are losing faith…i think the hackers that uses the mask have went up against so many people on so many topics ..they trying to b the voice of the mask but in reality we ..us the masses are the real anymous …the activist are the real heros not people hiding behind a computer tho i will say i respect the hackers for trying …but in realatity nothing is getting fixed this country and the people running it are still as dirty as ever ….u wanna hack somthing?get the videos of 911 that they wont realese …shine the light on real conspircys ..if if ur going to fight a war u gotta pick the right battles …but back to what i was saying dont let these hackers ruin the mask and what it symbolises …it represents an idea ..of freedom of winning the war against oppression and wrong dueing….(.forgive me for my spelling ) regardless we are the power and united we can bring a stop to anything we all just need to do it …love u all we r all family in this fight


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