Hopi Elder speaks of Humanity: “It’s not negative. It’s evolution.”


“Time evolves…and it comes to a place where it renews again…we are getting very close to this time now…” The music echoes a wise voice. A Native American Hopi Elder speaks to the world, and warns of a prophecy. The prophecy is about our reluctance to live by the rules of this Earth.

Spiritually, if we can’t resolve this, we will come to a crossroad. The problems that lay ahead of us, will soon be set in concrete if we don’t change our direction now. The Elder’s warning is a warning of hope – of the wise preaching to the rebellious youth perhaps – and a warning that appears to be coming true before our very eyes.

hopi prophecy

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Global warming, wars, sham politics, religious disputes, species becoming extinct, virus’ appearing, terrorism, natural disasters… it is all leaning towards a disconnection and disassociation with the planet in which we live.

We are only here for a fleeting moment – a blink of an eye in the history of the universe. According to the Hopi Elder, we, as we know, are made predominantly of water.

“In order to stay healthy you’ve got to drink good water. When the European first came here – Columbus – we could drink out of any river. If the Europeans had lived the Indian way when they came, we’d still be drinking any water, because the water is sacred. The air is sacred…’ the Elder speaks. His warning is grave. “We are all from the Earth. And when Earth, the water, the atmosphere is corrupted, then it will create its own reaction. Mother is reacting…”

We should treat the planet as our home. The Elder speaks of understanding our environment and how it, in turn, understands us. He speaks of a wisdom that only a select few could only wish to possess. But without resignation or deep regret, the Elder accepts that the events that are taking place are both foreseeable and just. We shouldn’t be surprised.

“To me it’s not a negative thing to know that there will be great changes,” he shakes his head gently. “It’s not negative. It’s evolution. When you look at it as evolution, it’s time. Nothing stays the same.”

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  1. I have been waiting so long for evolution to catch up to us….and everything points to an overpopulation amount which has to lead to either a world war or a great global pandemic…bring it…


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