Horror: Body Cam Exposes Police Who Murdered An Unarmed Man With Headphones On In Salt Lake City


After watching this video, you will come to know how the police have made the United States the most dangerous liberal democratic nation to be in.

It has now been revealed that a police officer recklessly and brutally murdered an unarmed man in Salt Lake City, Utah, in August 2014.

The victim- Dillon Taylor, was gunned down in broad daylight by Officer Bron Cruz, and the body camera attached to the officer captured the sad incident clearly.

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It is said that the officer mistook the victim for a suspected criminal who was armed and terrorizing people in the area where the incident happened.

According to the account given by the victim’s brother, the three young men — the victim, his brother, and his cousin—were exiting a 7-Eleven in an area where police were searching for a suspect, who had allegedly been waving a gun around.

He continued to explain that when they exited the convenience store, they were suddenly surrounded by officers and were ordered to show their hands.  He and his cousin complied, but at that moment, Taylor was listening to music and did not hear the police’s instructions and kept walking. The officer then pulled the trigger, murdering Taylor in cold blood. After Taylor was shot, the camera indeed captured the headphones he was using to listen to music.

He couldn’t hear them, so he just kept walking. Then … they had guns pointed at his face. That’s when he turned off the music. I saw them point guns at my brother’s face, and I knew what was going to happen,” Taylor’s brother, Jerrail Taylor, told reporters.

According to Jerrail, his brother got confused the moment he turned and saw the officers talking to him and was on the verge of obeying their instructions. Jerrail said, “he got confused, he went to pull up his pants to get on the ground, and they shot him”.

The body cam footage was released in September last year. It is said the video was stopped just after the shots were fired. Most likely, the police department did not want the public to see what happened after the shot.

But, the family has managed to obtain the full video. The full video was released this year, and shows the disturbing moments before and after the innocent man was brutally killed. The police even confirmed in the video that there was no weapon on him.

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Taylor, after being shot, was then handcuffed as the police called for medical aid. For close to six minutes, before the medical aid arrived, he had continuously bled out, leaving all his attire soaked in blood.

The full video released has corrected the initial impressions created by the police, which described Taylor refusing to surrender, ultimately prompting the police to shoot him.

Activists are demanding justice for Taylor. Meanwhile, the officer who committed this heinous crime is still at his post. None of the officers involved have been placed under investigation. In the United States, this is how policing is done. They pass death sentences according to their convenience.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes… It’s impossible. What the fuck is wrong with the US? Where in the world is it ok to shoot before restraining where there’s no gun? This poor kid was murdered because the spineless motherfucker was the one holding the gun.

    • The victim saw the cops pointing a gun, didn’t out his hands up, kept walking backwards, and then frantically started reaching for something. Does that not sound like probable cause to use force? They weren’t close enough to tackle him, and if it indeed was a fun he was reaching for there would be dead cops

      • No retard. Reaching for your pants is not cause to get executed. In what reality are you living. Pulling out a gun and pointing it at the officers is a probable cause to get executed not “reaching for your pants”. Dumb moron!

      • Don’t worry, the cops will be shot to death one day in the middle of the night in a dark road by themselves and they’ll know the feeling they wrought upon this innocent kid. Hopefully they don’t, hopefully instead someone kills the cops children or wife and then the dumb cop can know true pain and suffer. It is completely legal to defend yourself, just remember that people. Defend yourself against the menacing terrorist cops.

    • Spineless mother fucker? You tell me when the last time was you put your life on the line like a cop does. Also you don’t know what the guy has in his pockets, have you SEEN how tiny guns are these days? Maybe if this kid decided to listen to the cop and lifted his hands he would still be alive and yes he could hear the cops because he said “na fool”

  2. if you’re not aware enough to realize the person you’re screaming at isn’t responding because he has headphones in his ears then you don’t need to be carrying a loaded gun “protecting” the public

  3. as what i have seen the cops did their job by the books.

    One. they were prepare for threat
    two. the guy was not following police orders, how the FUCK would they know he had ear buds in, they are getting harder to see.
    three, where he had hands at the police fear for his life because they thought he was going to pull a gun out and the rule is you shoot first before them.

    i will support the police for their action on this one.

    • you sir are a idiot .
      1) he had his hands in jean pocket’s how the hell is he going to pull a gun from small pocket’s
      2) police officer could of pulled out the taser he had enough time
      3) just shot the person and then says come on talk to me while this person is bleeding out
      4) picks up something from a CRIME SCENE . ( tampering with evidence )


      • His eyes are open. This guy saw the cops and started to walk away from them. Unless what he was using for music was a tiny MP3 player he can fit a gun in his pocket. Open your eyes or you’re going to get shot. DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU’RE TOLD. A cop says hands up you put your fucking hands up. He says turn around you turn the fuck around. This guy ignored the cops. He watched them pull in and walked away. He HEARD THEM shouting at him and his response was “na fool” also get yourself tasered its not that hard to ignore. Cops get tasered in training and honestly its not that bad. I had my friends brother hit me with his. I went down to my knee because it was in the back and I didn’t know when it was coming. I had him do it again after loading it again this time in the chest looking him dead in the eyes as he pulled the trigger. I froze for a second before walking up to him and asking him to get these damn things out of my chest. A taser is a fucking joke and with how much people are drugging themselves they will walk it off like a bug bite. Open your eyes and think for once. Go be a cop and get into a single gun fight, a screwed up drug bust that gets someone killed, or how about because you decided to try and not have to shoot someone you kept shouting get on the ground until they had time to pull their gun from wherever they had it and shoot you. You tell me are you going to continue to take that risk or are you going to pull your trigger next time? Look up on youtube of someone like you who was put into the same scenario as cops and watch him do EXACTLY what he said he would never do.

    • I hope you burn in hell you heartless cunt. YOU are the problem with this world.
      Defending the police killing another human being when he did precisely zero wrong, he was just minding his own business. I truly hope you inadvertently end up on the wrong side of the law and this happens to you.

      • Dan the difference is if he was on the wrong side of the law, he would LISTEN unlike this dead piece of meat. You do what you’re told. “He was just minding his own business” Maybe next time he shouldn’t walk away when he see’s a cop pull into the driveway. Maybe next time he will listen to them when they say hands up instead of “Na fool” You people who are so fast to jump on police being heartless don’t even know what the fuck its like to be a cop.


        Educate yourself a little Dan you retarded cunt. YOU are the problem with this world. Little cry baby bitches who get offended or heartbroken so fucking easily now in this world. If US ever gets invaded we are fucked because people like you are so afraid of violence you’ll act like the French and just quit before even fighting.

    • Ray Charles could see the wrong with this! The cop should have approached with caution ⚠ not get trigger happy, all cops are afraid of getting shot! This is why they shoot first! Shoot first ask later. .. Like in this video, victim has no heartbeat yet to cover the mistake he (cop) tells the victim hang in there? Seriously. Stop insulting our intelligence!

    • The man did not have a weapon, and ear buds are pretty easy to see. If you support this cop, then you support this teen being murdered. You are a fucking idiot also, just throwing that in.

      • Its also pretty easy to do what you’re told. It also wasn’t a teen the dude was over 20 years old. If you have a gun aimed at you and you aren’t even a little bit scared there is something wrong with you. This guy wasn’t scared at all and even went so far as to “na fool” when told to get his hands out of his pockets. Just throwing this in, if you have a gun aimed at you and you DON’T do as you’re told, you’re a fucking idiot and you’re asking to get shot.

    • dude if they did that by the BOOK, then your BOOK is fucked. that situation right there in that video is fucked. the cops in america are fucked and the people they police are fucked. that could quite easily of been you in that situation…would you still “support the police” on this one if you were bleeding out on the fucking curb, being handcuffed and rolled on to your front having your face covered in blood as it drips and runs from your BY THE FUCKING BOOK GUN SHOT WOUNDS!!>?? fuck you mother fucker. blatantly fucking dying and and hes more bothered by the fucking blood he has on his hand and wipes it on the back of the kids jeans. this video is straight up RAW evidence of police brutality and still fuck all is being done and fuck all will get done. fuck you for support them for that, your a scared sheep BAAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAAA

      • Cops aren’t trained to de-escalate situations. They are so paranoid and scared that they’ll be killed by the American people (probably because Americans are so fucked to start with, and also any loony/”terrorist watch” enlistee can legally carry a gun [LOL]). Naturally, along with the military style training in the academy, its no surprise that U.S police breed officers like the one in the video.

        Come to Australia! We aren’t perfect, but nobody carries guns around. I couldn’t imagine walking down the street knowing that anyone could have a gun on them. No wonder there is a mass shooting once every few days, no wonder the cops are scared shitless, and no wonder that here we are arguing about cops vs innocent civilians. The controllers of the narrative would love nothing else than to turn on our brothers and sisters who are there to keep the peace and to serve the PEOPLE. That’s what they love – us killing each other is easier for them. Its a distraction. If we fight them, we lose.. If we work with them to gain an understanding on what is happening, we stand a chance to achieve positive change so they can do what they were originally meant to.

        Its America, its a long shot and it probably wont happen, but damming and making the cops into the bad guys is correct to an extent, but we must fix the root, not concern ourselves with the fruit.

        Peace 🙂

        • Its not even hard to get a gun. Here in NY its a bitch to get a pistol license but my brother I think has 3 shotguns now, he’s bought all 3 during Black Friday sales at I think Target. My girlfriend lives in TN and I can purchase a rifle or shotgun from Bass Pro Shop down there no questions asked. They believe its all for hunting. Yea I’ll be hunting all right, but it won’t be deer. (SARCASM!!!) It wouldn’t be hard to drive down to TN (like 14 hour drive so kind of hard) and just purchase something and come back the next day. The real problem is most US people think its just Automatic weapons that are the problem.

    • I hope this happens to you, before i go to bed i will pray for it you cunt should burn in hell, why is there something like you … you seriously make me that angry if i had the chance i would hurt you much more than the police did , you just cant imagine. Amen

    • Why don’t you try a scientific experiment, and put yourself in the same situation? If you somehow survive, I’m sure we would all love to hear what you have to say. Of course being the scardycat coplover that you are, this is not likely to happen is it? Enjoy your new Queen Kilary’s reign (of death) dear freind…

    • I have to say. You sound like a cop sympathizer. Most people who have eyes can see ear buds and the cables. Just because a person has hands in their pockets does not give cops an excuse to fatally shoot a person. This is started right from training. They are indoctrinated into thinking everyone is a problem except them. And guess what. They are the major problem. They kill more innocent people than any other terrorist organization in the world. And get away with impunity. It needs to stop.

      • Everyone else is the problem. I see someone walking around with their pants halfway around their ass or lower hell no am I going to think “thats an okay guy right there” my first thought is to avoid that guy. Also you don’t know whats in those pockets. Never know if its a gun or not. I have a replica 9mm BB gun that is the same size as my friends police pistol both fit in my pockets with room to spare. A full loaded gun is also a nice bit of added weight. The thing brought my pants to around my ass when we tested it and now I look at those people thinking I want to avoid them they might have a gun. Also “most people who have eyes can see ear buds and the cables” what the fuck does that have to do with anything? The guy was able to hear the officers. he turned around and shouted “na fool” when he was told get your hands out. I’m that kind of trash so I’m going to cross the line. This dead man decided to test his luck and challenge if the cops would fire. Clear to say HE LOST. Moral of this video. when a cop says hands out you take your hands out. Also don’t walk away from a cop with a gun trained on you. You’d have a better chance doing that while getting mugged and coming out alive then a cop.

    • All humans make mistakes. It’s in our nature. But if you MURDER another human and you had no right to, then YOU are wrong. Not the victim. It is clear to me that this cop should be charged for murder, instead of being praised by sons of bitches like you. Amen.

    • What the fuck? They could have used a taser. And why did they just leave them there? He might have been able to be saved if they rolled him over and cared for the wound, it was selfless. Yeah headphones are hard to see but a gun is a bit serious like why kill someone instead of tasering them, handcuffing them and then checking for a weapon

      • A taser is a joke. I’ve been shot with a taser they don’t do shit. They USED to do shit but then to many people were dying and they lowered the voltage that gets delivered.

    • Dear Ms. Taylorkil91!!

      You are a troll doing a bad job aswell.. We know what you desire to provoke here. You ‘re a sad little bugger.. aren’t you.. But even you have the right, to live and speak your mind.

      The reason for the cops to shoot this young man, was not justified at all. But people in the U.S of A. are totally crazy. So it’s not that weird, this is happening (especialy) in the U.S.A.

      This vid is an old one, but it still keeps the discussion going on. WTF is wrong with these unprofessional police-actions. To shoot unarmed kidz on the street, is not the way.. to resolve situations .. AT ALL!


    • Perhaps, they should analyse the situation by paying attention to details – also it doesnt take much eyesight power to notice earbuds with cord on a person facing you… or just knock him down with taser gun or knock him down with force from the back . A trained officer would have had the skills to take him from such position and restrain him without any help of a gun. If 2 officers who has snuck behind a suspect and are in 2 step away from them they could have done just that. Easy peasy.

      Also when he shoots him down victim’s hands remain restless .. with 2 people he could have just lock his arm on the belly(and for safety the other officer will watch the gunned down if he tries to do anything with the armless officer givinf first aid) then apply basic first aid on the wound like for 10 sec not after more than a minute..

      All it takes is brain and to care about life. Mostly that officer look as if he doesn’t have strong nerves. IMO it was highly unprofessional act of capture.

      • What the fuck do you people keep bringing up the god damn headphones for? The guy could hear the cops. He turned around and said “na fool” when told to take your hands out and a Taser is a piece of shit now. They lowered the voltage because people were already saying its excessive force. Also if the cops took him down from behind people would STILL be bitching the cops are int he wrong because “oh he wasn’t doing anything wrong and bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.” he watched the cops pull in and pull up to him and the 2 other people and he decided he was going to walk away. Music couldn’t have been that loud if he was talking to those 2 other people before the cops arrived. “All it takes is brain and to care about life” all it takes is eyes to see how small guns are anymore and a hand to put on into your pocket and realize holy shit this is retarded, why do they make them this small now? A taser is a fucking joke, a gun fits in a pocket and the weight brings the pants to about ass level and holy shit where were this guys pants? I’ll give you a single guess.

    • So, if he was deaf, it would have been ok to shoot him? I am deaf. If I cannot hear an Officer coming up on me shouting commands, I deserve to shot in cold blood? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

      • If you saw a cop pull in and park his car in front of you would you walk away? Thats exactly what this guy did. Since you’re deaf would you turn around read the cops lips saying “take your hands out” and say “na fool” Thats what this guy did. This guy thought the cops wouldn’t shoot and now he’s dead. Am I a piece of shit for saying it like that? yea I am and I can live with that because I really don’t care what other people think because most people in this world are over sensitive little babies now.

        • Failure to comply with an officers request is not punishable by extrajudicial execution, unless a clear and present danger to the officer exists.
          In this case, it certainly didn’t.
          It, didn’t even merrit clubs, or tazers.
          It, didn’t merrit fists, or boots.
          It, should have only involved, contact, and dialogue.

        • This cop, (as are many) is either pumped-up on steroids, and/or uppers or is a coward, who became a cop, to overpower people, because of his inferiority/superiority complex.
          He, likely (as many cops do) beat his wife.

      • They recently shot a deaf Native American in the back walking down the street whittleing because he had a weapon, 2″ pocket knife and didn’t obey orders because he was deaf. If your hearing impaired I guess you need a wear bill board shirt stating this fact or risk execution

    • From the way you write, i know you’re from China. Go back to where you came from if you think the police was right. Cuz where you came from, people was alwYs wrong anyway…
      To the police who fired the fatal shot, ” who are you?! How old are you?! What gives you the right to end his life? How will you sleep at night from then on? If that was you, how would your mother feel?? Go! So something brave to show responsibilty and die like a man!”

      • “How will you sleep at night from then on” Either like a baby thinking he did his job right, while using some drugs to put him to sleep, or he doesn’t sleep. “if that was you” I’m going to stop right there. If that was him he wouldn’t have walked away when the officer pulled his car up to him (If you think he didn’t watch the video he was with 2 other people and as the cop got out of his car he walked around the back of the truck) and if he did he probably wouldn’t say “na fool” when he is told “get your hands out”

        Man you people are fucking stupid. I wish everything in this life was as easy as point out how stupid some people are.


        Educate yourself a little bit. You might get a tiny bit of understanding as to how a cop feels and if you still don’t get yourself into a gunfight and tell me how you feel after and then tell me if you look at the world in a different way and people in a different way.

    • You’re the character in the movie that no one likes and have a pea sized brain. You’re the one who betrays the people who is on your side just to feel accepted. You sir are a F*ckboy

      • How the fuck does no one like him but he has people on his side? You have to be a special kind of stupid to think this makes much sense. Also you’re already thinking it, already typing it, just say fuckboy and remove the censorship. Its a pointless attempt that a 14 year old would get around and if you think cursing is a sin well guess what you already thought it so you already sinned.

    • There are so many other ways the cops could’ve handled the situation. Most people who are yelled at by the cops either immediately run away, fight, or surrender. A person just walking away while they’re yelling at them is a pretty clear indication that that they can’t hear them. They could’ve tazed him, or maced him, or tackled him. Even if they had to resort to shooting him, why did it have to be a lethal shot? They couldn’t shoot him in the leg or arm?

      • He shouted “na fool” at the cop when he was told “Take your hands out” he could hear the cop perfectly

    • I am with you 100% Why would anybody want to ruin their hearing with music or whatever he was listening to blast that loud directly at your ear drums in the first place! You should be aware of your surroundings at all times and if you are not then expect bad things to happen!

  4. This is unbelievable we must do something about this , I just speechless we criticized to Castro Regime we criticized dictator all over but we are not better this Regime must to end a Civil War is a must to become a real Free Nation

  5. I am usually in defense of prestigious patrolman. Not this time. To the elite and courageous web warriors. I say it is Revolution time, and time for action and not words. What good is our gallantry in protest if no subsequent reaction is done.

    I say, “TO ARMS!!!” If they take us unjustly and without cause, WE TAKE THEM!!!!. Long now how we suffered with boot print of oppression put squarely in our back even though we have pleaded and warned not to tread on us. It is time, to take them down from the ankle up. No longer should we bow down to our own brothers and sisters they set before us in the military and law enforcement. Soon it will come time that standing on the fence will be the same as walking a razor. We all will have to decide between possibly being this person or being alive.

    • 2 police 1 suspects… so easy to pull the trigger… He’s say “Stay with me” after can’t find gun or anything prohibit. it’s not about move like suspect or maybe he have a gun to shoot you. it’s about lost without crime and that police not feel guilty about his action. All i can see is fear the guilty. if he release handcuffs and make anything like other human do. some people can accept your mistake. #Justicefordillon

  6. How about this, shoot him in the fucking leg, you don’t have to kill him. Just recently there was a stand off in my county, cops took out the perp by shooting him in the knee cap, not a hard fucking concept. Better yet don’t shoot people out of fear for for Fucks sake.

  7. Fuck USA, hurry up and get bombed already. Police are shit cunts, I would rather kill cops then listen to there bullshit if you don’t listen you might as well kill them before they kill you. they shouldn’t even have guns, cops act like there fucking 14 years old when they have the law on there side. If cops keep killing like this, I don’t see what’s wrong with terrorists. I wish people would riot more often. Fuck the system.

    • Yea i agree with your opinion. In my country there are very different rules with cops, i assume that police can use gun only if their gonna be hurted at hte critical moment of their own lifes, for exp if they want to calm person which one can harm others tt they only can use force or electroshock, U can google it about laws Latvia, estia, Lithuanian, and others,
      +I dont want to visit USA ;/ Even they have a lot amazing stuff and mountains :C, ir probably fly to egypt or other country 🙂

    • I agree. Best to follow them after work and hit them when they go to bed in their homes. Give them a taste of being attacked while unarmed. Burn their entire house down in the middle of the night and laugh about it, they deserve worse.

  8. We all know when a cop has a gun on you, you put your hands in the air. This kid reached for the very spot they thought he had his gun. We can’t have it both ways, the ear phons and loose slacking pants really is what got him killed.

    • Anyone condoning the officers are worthless in this case the boy had absolutely nothing put someone who has a brain behind a badge not the barely 60 iq pigs who get scared of everything and see badguys everywhere like a handicap friend of mine

  9. INSANE>>…….
    Just how stupid cop have to be kill him for wearing headphone rly?Even then he shot him down, this aS**le tryed cuff him and speak with him while person bleeded out rly?…..i have no more comments.. :C

    After these i am more scared to travel USA then for exaple to Israel, or egypt :C
    Ps this is my opinion

  10. USA USA USA USA!!! Greatest country in the world!
    OOOH btw, if you didint know.. your police officers take the same anti depressents as the rest of the porpulation.

  11. I always said a man will kill you faster that is scared, Then one is not scared, That’s the reason so many killing because of scared cops that should never have a gun!

  12. Though it’s been a year God bless this baby’s soul, never got the chance to fulfill his dreams.. Handsome guy what a lost.

    condolences to his lived one’s.

    • Have you ever had a gun pulled on you by a cop? I have I’ve been woken up with guns pointed in my face for sleeping in an abandoned building or something. Sometimes it takes you a little more than half a second to realize what three fuck is going on. Especially when you know these shoes can shit you and get away with it. When cops pull their guns on me I’m way more scared than when some thug wannabe points his gun at me. Because the thug didn’t want to go to jail her just wanted something from you. The cops don’t give a shit if you live or die. And then kill you just as soon as hold open the door for an old lady. Fuck pigs

  13. Yep… straight up murder. Every American should get killed for having there hands in there pockets… Trigger happy. He might have been adjusting his balls or turning down his music.So sad. No cops should be a veterans. And most are.

    • Unless of course he was a foreigner placed as a US police officer who enjoys killing US citizens. Ever think of that? Obama seems to. He can drone bomb US citizens over seas which is unconstitutional in every way and I’m sure he’d love to bring that back to our shores as well.

  14. Amando Flaviio!! You freaking moron! You label the cops part of the Libral Democratic system for shooting someone… You need to learn some politics because if you had any idea of what you are talking about you would see that you should be looking at the Right for this action not the left you moron. Maybe learn a little American History!!

  15. How about we just star killing cops and their families. Then Asshole wouldn’t be cops. Seriously just go to a police family picnic or some shit and kill dBm all the cops their wives little kids the whole family.

  16. in these situations, can the police not shoot to cripple or demobilise? it is pointless to shoot to kill when a man is not responding, they could of shot him in the leg, if they NEEDED to shoot, but tasers would be more preferable in a situation like this

    the police in the us are fked

  17. You know what only should matters – They had the time, the positioning,the numbers advantage,the skills assumed they got any proper training) to take him down without any firearms. BUT THEY DID NOT.

  18. le jour où nos policiers commencent à jouer à ça je peux vous dire que c’est la Révolution du Peuple. Ce type d’événement n’est pas exemplaire de la part de la police américaine mais je ne suis pas très étonné ils se croient tout puissants avec leur flingue et leur testostérone, c’est régulier quand on s’intéresse au sujet il faut qu’ils interviennent de façon très musclé par rapport à la situation quitte a tuer les citoyens de façon très barbare.

  19. This is sad, but I don’t see the city protesting this cop killing. This was not justified the way I see it. You sure don’t hear about it when cops kill white people though do you.

  20. The argument that he could not hear them is invalid. You can see in the video that he turns and faces the cop, who has his gun pulled. He then starts frantically reaching for something when the cop then shot. Saying that the cop is cold blooded murderer is way out of proportion.

    • an innocent person going about their day may well be startled by realising 2 police have their guns drawn on him, to some commenters on here failure to comply instantly justifies ones execution. while it may be “legal” it is certainly wrong. to handcuff him and let him bleed to death is obscene, what is wrong with you people?

  21. Cops are foreigners acting as Anti-US citizen operatives, given the right to kill at their discretion and they will be protected. Obomber is an enemy to the U.S. and he has put as many enemies into power and positions of authority as he can, including our local police forces. He openly supports the Muslim Brotherhood and bows down to the perpetrators of 9/11, the Saudi Arabians.

    The cops are going to be killing US citizens and trying to say it was justified and it is up to those of us who know about sovereignty and our rights to defend them in said manner. We have our obligation by the true founding document of the nation that this is not, to defend ourselves and our brethren and sisthren from tyranny both foreign and domestic.

  22. Let me tell you why owning a gun is the problem in America… Because some of you Americans are too think to get it in your heads.

    If you make guns legal: EVERYONE will assume that you could possibly be carring a gun RIGHT NOW, at ANY TIME. There fore police officers (as retarded and unprepared as they may be) will ALWAYS assume the worst -> suspect has a GUN.

    This never happens in other countries because no police officer ever assumes a random joe on the street is carrying a gun. So no need to shoot like a retard.

    AMERICA! Ban your fucking guns or all of you will die like this poor boy! My god, it’s like looking at a tv show where all the cast members are mentally retarded and very VERY poorly educated. America is fucked. Seriously, it’s so frustrating to look at you people and say anything when you retards have the solution right in front of you.

    It shouldn’t be “BLACK LIVES MATTER” or any other bullshit protest.


    • He should of done what he was told you can clearly hear him say no fool to the cop that shows he could hear him.and even if they took all the guns there would still be guns on the street the bad guys always gets a gun they just don’t do it legal like the rest of us do.

  23. *You don’t need my name* *Stupid Dog^* *Fuck this piece of shit^* All the same guy , he has half the comment on the page , defending the police, Probly the officer who shot down the kid for no reason.

    Id just want to add that if id get out of a store and had earbud and had done nothing wrong , ive would of walk away just like this guy telling myself they aint here for me.

    Think Anonnymus should hack his email accounts.

    • The thing is he did not walk away until the cops got out of his car and started that way and he could hear the cop say put your hand out of your pants because he said no fool that shows he could hear him.

  24. My problem with this is after he handcuffed and searched the kid finding nothing, why’d he not start performing first aid instead of telling him to stick with me than continue to search him again. You think something would’ve magically appear. Some direct pressure, clear his mouth cause you can hear him choking on his blood, anything. I don’t get it.

  25. The officer should not have removed the casing from the scene, nor touched the victim.
    Other officers, should have taken control of the site.

  26. Ok I guess ill be the asshole. Most people are dumb and don’t know there own rights. Just because your walking out of a store an a cop says put your hands up doesn’t mean you have to. Cops do not run this world. If you have nothing to do with the situation at hand, you can tell a cop fuck you and keep walking. That cop made the decision to shoot someone because he thought he could. And with that decision the cop was dead wrong. Just like some real idiot’s in texas think they can shoot someone just because they walked across there yard. If someone does not show deadly force you CAN NOT SHOOT THEM!!!!! I don’t care if your a cop, fbi agent, or the farmer down the street. If you think your going to just shoot someone cuz you think something your ass is going to jail. Don’t matter where you live in the U.S. You are stuck on stupid and parked on dumb.

  27. You can’t say, “In the United States this is how its done”. Yes, often police are not held to account when they should be, but often they are. Many police have been fired, or imprisoned for killing people in the streets. The point is that often it is a much harder call to make than the public wants to believe, but until you do that job and have had your life threatened multiple times every day you clock in, you don’t know. What everyone needs to know when subject to a police encounter is that cops want to see your empty hands ASAP. They are trained to believe that when approaching a suspect who has his hands shoved into his waistband it almost universally means he’s going for a gun and the cop immediately goes into a life or death fear state and is extremely prone to react or overreact. Many police who have under-reacted by trying to give the suspect the benefit of the doubt have died or been shot.


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