How Dangerous Is The USA?


The USA is the world’s only superpower. Armed with weapons of mass destruction and a history of committing some of the worst crimes to humanity, how far will the USA go to maintain economic, political and military dominance?

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In 2014, the United States of America was officially named the country that posed the greatest threat to world peace. A poll by research association Gallop International questioned 66,000 people across 65 countries and found that more people voted the USA as a bigger danger to world peace than Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Pakistan combined. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the USA has been the world’s sole superpower. Today it possesses weapons of mass destruction including over 5000 nuclear warheads, and chemical and biological weapons. In 2011, the U.S. spent $700 Billion on their military resources. This amount equals the total of the next 14 largest military expenditures.

With the USA’s position as the world’s leading economic and military power set to be unchallenged, perhaps we should all ask ourselves: “How dangerous is the USA?”

Despite the fact that congress last officially declared war in 1941, since World War II, America has been engaged in more wars than any other country. War is fundamental part of the USA’s political strategy for world domination. Since the country was founded in 1776, it has been in war for more than 93% of its existence. America’s extensive military resources mean that it’s able to invade smaller countries for unlimited access to their resources. In 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq under the assertion that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction, but in 2007, the former head of US military operations in Iraq, General John Abizaid admitted that the US’ real motive for the invasion was to access Iraq’s massive oil reserves, so that America could remain a self-sufficient nation. The USA’s justified use of militarized force has erupted since the infamous terrorist attack on New York’s Twin Towers. Just days after the 9/11 attack, congress passed an authorization for use of military force on global terrorism. Because of this authorization, the U.S. is currently engaged in secret wars across 134 countries. Details of these international special operations are classified, it is known that they involve combat, missions and training foreign forces. So far America is the only country to have deployed nuclear weapons during warfare.

In 1945, the USA destroyed Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing an estimated quarter a million people, not just to force Japan into surrendering, but to strategically gain political and diplomatic advantage over the Soviet Union in the postwar settlement in both Asia and Europe. America’s reputation for testing out new weapons on civilian populations was also highlighted during the last decade of the Vietnam war, when America attacked civilians with newly developed toxic weapons including napalm and Agent Orange throughout the 60s and early 70s. More than 4 million Vietnamese people were exposed to the deadly herbicide. The chemical caused serious illnesses, which are still evident generations later. At least 150,000 newborns suffered from deformities caused by the chemical. A total of 50% of the death during the Vietnam war were civilian due to the extensive bombing and firepower directed towards heavily populated areas. As well as over warfare, the USA have a ruthless history of puppeteering world politics to their own advantage by supporting and engaging in plots to overthrow foreign leaders. In 1961, the CIA were involved in supporting the assassination of a democratically elected leader, prime minister of Congo, Patrice Lumumba. Meanwhile, Cuba’s counterintelligence agency estimated that the CIA plotted 638 assassination attempts against their communist Prime Minister Fidel Castro.

Most recently, the USA’s involvement in the Middle East has led to the rise of terrorist group ISIS, which is intent on violently installing a global Islamic state. According to Guardian columnist, Seumas Milne, the rise of the terrorist group came as the direct result of the war in Iraq.

With a rising threatening ISIS and America’s fight in the war against terrorism, the dangers of the USA’s ruthless pursuit to maintaining its position as a global superpower can not be ignored.



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  1. I am a true fan of Anonymous and of your work. This column is a bit off, though. The facts are certainly correct, or at least close enough. The opinions are certainly the writers own, and are not those of someone who knows the USA very well. The USA does get involved in a lot of military actions. Too many. The real reason for embedding themselves into other countries actions is for the purpose of gathering information and knowing whats really going on out there in the world. Knowing who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

    • And you are so connected by the powers to be that they go directly to you and feed you their true agenda? Go sit down on a couch a drink a beer puppet! I wish they would do away with the comment section, I’m so sick of these boring wanna be nobody’s using their small and contained thought patterns in the attempt to tell or persuade others that they are somehow connected with the powers to be. What a bunch of insignificant morons!

    • “Knowing who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.” This could only be beneficial to the rest of the world if the US actually IS one of the good guys, and people would differ from that opinion. A more realistic explanation is that the US will never under any circumstances, allow it’s perceived authority be undermined ANYwhere in the world. The thought of relinquishing control is anathema to them.

      • Keep on dreaming. Look what the USA has done to the world the last 60 years. They are the axes of evil, blaming all the others for the bad things happening in this world, starting war for oil. Iraq, Syria, the whole middle east and everywhere they see profit. I’am not talking about the normal people, I’am talking about the ones who rule that country, everything is just for money, thats why we say “America is not a country, it is a business”.
        Check out the news, but not the ones that you get in the US, they are just what governement wants you to know.
        And then, when you have learned what they have done, check the Russians and the Chinese, all they do is, the want as well a piece of the cake.

  2. Here,in this context wikileaks and anonymous are doing excellent jobs,so as to expose ruthless American government to the common people and rest world.

  3. the USA has the most impressive array of thermonuclear long range weapons.. maybe it’s time to blow the dust off of some of them, and remind the inhabitants of this planet who has the biggest and bestest bombs? the recent missle test over LA was lovely

  4. This is not news, this has been known for some time now. But ask yourself, with the events we have already seen surrounding Edward Snowden and John Kiriakou (a former CIA agent and fellow whistleblower), just two names to mention, why haven’t more people come forward? I think the answer is quite clear. These two individuals were not prosecuted for crimes against their country, they were brought down for telling the people what we already knew. They did not sell state secrets and were not involved in counter-espionage, and certainly the level of justice used against them was not warranted. However, due to the fact that they confirm the crimes there American government is engaging in order to carry out their sinister ends, including torture of captives, (in Snowden’s case, stealing and securing telecommunications codes in order to spy on innocent people and conduct warrantless searches) they left the government with a black eye and that fact really pissed off the American government. The U.S.A. is essentially a bully, one that needs to have a serious attitude correction, and the only way I see that happening is if the conflict the Americans have initiated is brought to home shores. Not suicide bombs, but a full scale engagement entered on breaking the American power. As there are many that believe the U.S.A. is the largest and most motivated terrorist nation, they also believe the attack should be directed at them to completely eliminate the stranglehold the U.S.A. has on the rest of the world. I am not yet ready to agree to a full scale military bombardment, but I am suggesting that we recognize the Americans for what they are, and then draw a line in the sand. What they do from there will dictate how we respond. Enough is enough.

    • As an American Citizen mother of 6 beautiful children I ask that everyone in an country remember that in most cases It is the government and those that run it that create these atrocities. A full on attack to kill millions may in fact be over kill. Instead I believe I hope that more information like that of Anonymous will help motivate the American people to rise up for change.

  5. I agree that America gets involved where it shouldn’t, but also just as we don’t call all Of oriental terrorist, don’t come trying to call us all on it as well. A full bombardment on usa? Is there really funds for that to happen? Let alone get close enough to carry this through. And what would prevent america from starting a biological warfare if this offense was initiated? Whats the UN doing to conserve peace? And what are we americans doing to correct our government leaders. Cause ill tell you, just cause we live here doesn’t mean we support their actions. So how do we stop such atrocities from continuing?

    • I think you contribute to the point being made here. It is not the people who are making the decisions, and that IS the point. But as you say, what can the people do? Protests are ineffective, democratic process seems to be equally ineffective, and there seems to be no way to enforce the tenets of the constitution. That said, how can any American servicemen support the constitutional rights of any other country when the the government directing them doesn’t seem to care about its own. I don’t agree with violent action in any form, but when decisions are made arbitrarily and all the rights have been stripped away, too often the only option left is violent reaction, because then it is simply a matter of survival. There is no magic bullet here, but I do believe that if there is going to be change, it has to start with the people. Government are supposed to be accountable to the people, not the other way around. You have all my hopes that we can find a way to fix this together before it’s too late.

  6. I’m emigrated from Ireland in the early 90’s. The politics of the USA leaves much to be desired as it empowers the wealthy and discriminates against the poorer people who are not represented very well. A 2 party system disenfranchises 50% of the people every few years corporations and the military industrial machine run the country. It’s time for the people to rise up and take back this country and run it properly for the benefit of all citizens equally. The only platform I’ve found so far that could be capable of empowering the people is I like its ideas but it will take a very strong individual or individuals to push past the current powers that control law enforcement and military and change the entire constitution, which is what needs to happen for our country and world to benefit.

  7. America is like 2 ton bull in a china shop withan itchy trigger finger, shame
    I now understand why my mom begged me not to have children, this is a dangerous planet full of scary people

  8. Unbridled power is, and always has been a danger to our collective futures. That we the rank and file do little or nothing to reign in the galloping egos of our movers and shakers makes us, not them, responsible for the present ever escalating threats that beset us all. We should always recognise that the insanity that afflicts undiciplined leadership renders them incapable of making humane decisions.
    These days any totalitarian regime can, with the aid of ever advancing tequniques and technology, play out their sick, personal fantasies almost without restraint, particularly when they are able to persuade their ‘followers’ that they have the good fortune to be participants in functioning democratic systems.
    These days, it is possible with correctly applied and persistant conditioning, to get more than fifty percent of any community to gratefully embrace moral squalour and servitude. Why else are unions like Anonymous so vital in our present situation?

  9. I tire of hearing that the USA is the only country to have used nuclear weapons in wartime when it ended the most costly war in history. There should always be a qualifying statement following this that states that the Japanese Empire had been invading sovereign nations for years, committing horrific atrocities, and refusing to surrender. So get over it. It was totally justified.

  10. We need to stop using the incorrect words to describe a country. MY Country is beautiful, the citizens are human beings struggling every day to make ends meet. It’s not the country it’s the powers that be….and it’s NOT the government….the government is now OWNED by big corporations. When we stop buying all the toys we think we need and give up watching reality TV….maybe we can grow up. I am amazed at the comments on this article. Thank God for the Mother of 6 children that spoke up. I am so damn tired of little boys wanting to play “who is the biggest bad ass”. Men rule countries…not women….men love war….not women…men love to fight….not women. We are have way too much TESTOSTERONE in this world in every country NOT just the USA. Mothers don’t see things this way….we want a world for our children.

    And with that said…I do love and respect what I have seen with “Anonymous” but it’s not about a COUNTRY….it is about those with greed and power. Do NOT target a whole group of hard working citizens when you make general comments please. You have no idea of the freedoms we have in the USA for our citizens that you do not have in other parts of the world. The cost of living in Australia is double what the USA is. Packed in housing only happens in our big cities where there is poverty. Registration for your car is 70 dollars for two years not 700 per year. I could go on….but being able to live in two countries has given me such perspective that most people never get in their entire lifetime. The atrocities that happen in America to the Native people….were also done to the Aborigines here is Australia. WHITE MEN WITH GUNS….CANNONS…again….”who is the biggest bad ass”….gets all the land and toys. Sick of it. Mother Earth is sick and dying from all of it.


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