How To Beat The 1% – Iceland Did It


Iceland did it, so can the rest of the world.

In 2008, when the worlwide financial crisis emerged, all three of Iceland’s major privately owned commercial banks collapsed. At this  major economic and political event bankers were jailed , politicians were replaced and NO SHOTS WERE FIRED.

Icelanders Protest Financial CrashProtests in Reykjavik in 2010 against the government’s inability to handle the country’s ongoing financial crisis. Photograph: NordicPhotos/Getty Images



In 2008,  just one year after the global  financial crisis started, Iceland’s economy was hugely affected by the domino effect of the globally dependent financial relations to the world bank and to the IMF.

Shortly after that, the citizen’s of Iceland forced the resignation of both the prime minister and the effective government.


In 2010, when the prime minister was indicted, over 200 criminal charges were filed against the bankers and all of the former CEOs of the 3 biggest banks were arrested. Others were forced to leave the country.

An assembly got elected to write a new constitution to avoid entrapments of debt. Twentyfive citizens were chosen – “with no political affiliation” – the only Qualifications for candidacy were adulthood and the support of 30 people.

The new government forgave debt exceeding 100% of home values.


Hördur Torfason was the main organizer of the Icelandic Revolution and the man who overthrew the Iceland’s government.





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  1. “Others were forces to leave the country.”

    Others were force”d” to leave the country.

    Not to be a dick, but i just thought i would point it out : )

    Still a die hard supported of Anonymous!

    • Why is there a flag of Che Guevara being flown in Iceland? Don’t they know that the ‘Che’ was a blood-thirsty murderer? He enjoyed killing, and watching killings. He was tormented by demons and did a lot of harm!!!

      • Very few people associate the image of Che with the reality of Che. The focus is on the fact that he was an anti-capitalist revolutionary, though I think a focus on being anti-exploitation is a better stance (since, contrary to what many people seem to believe, exploitation is not a tenet of capitalism, it is a part of being human. This is why it’s as commonly witnessed in non-capitalist regimes). The real person and real legacy of Che are things of which most people aren’t even aware.

        • Maria, It is true that the later Che was hardened and merciless, but that was the psychological price he paid for spearheading twenty years of guerrilla activity against CIA backed exploitation in Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico and Bolivia. For most of that time he was the group medic as well as a brilliant tactician. Your view is the simplistic propagandist line put forward by a US government whose Latin American policy was being written by John Foster Dulles, a board member of United Fruit. Google it.
          Che was a genuine revolutionary, and real revolutionaries suffer damage, otherwise we would all be doing it, eh? ‘Cause you do get the babes. You should do some research rather than spouting the hate rhetoric that has been shoveled into your mind. You’re not doing anybody any good.

    • Question: Why your site doesn’t have ‘HTTPS’ connection? You can hack several other websites…but we need to secure ourselves first?? don’t we?

      • From whom you suggest to buy the certificate to be validated as a secure webpage? Yes, you have to do it or otherwise your browser doesn’t gonna recognize it. HTTPS, as it is, probably is going to do more damage than good in next few years…

      • I agree here. I support our cause, and I would hate to see anyone but us in control of our media. I have never taken a look under the bonnet of the site but I should hope we have SOME security in there.

  2. I knew about this years ago, soon after it happened. btw I don’t watch mainstream news, too many do and have no idea what is really happening in the world. If only the corrupt governments and bankers here in North America were held accountable. I can dream. In Iceland people took to the streets and accomplished a miracle. Try doing that in the US and Canada, you would be beaten up by the police immediately, as they serve and protect the government corruption and the 1%.

  3. I wish I was in Iceland, Hooray! Hooray!
    In Iceland I will take my stand,
    to live and die in Iceland.
    Away, away, away down south in Iceland!
    Away, away, away down south in Iceland!

  4. And after the new goverment was elected, the new minister of finance asked the Norwegian minister of finance (one of the few countries largely unafected by the crisis) to come up with a candidate for the chief of the central bank. And she did, a Norwegian named Svein Harald Øygard.

  5. This would be amazing but unfortunately I need some more evidence. Maybe some reliable referencing from legitimate sources? More photographs and statements from witnesses. Thanks.
    Love you anonymous nonetheless.

  6. Despite all this the money that people had placed in the Icelandic banks has still not been repaid in full to those who trusted them with their savings. Not a good advertisement for the Icelandic banks

  7. The banks were found to be doing illegal activities by a Court of Law and those responsible were imprisoned. The community voted and elected politicians to represent them.

    Unfortunately, Iceland’s economy tanked because of it. If Anonymous can prove that U.S. banks are as equally criminal then I would support it but until then, sounds like folks are gonna have to find jobs and support their families or single lives.

    There is a huge disparity between the rich and poor, but we have to find hard facts and document them and then move forward with removing those people found committing crimes. Stirring the crowd with emotion is not going to solve a damn thing.

  8. They did not tell the part where the protesters began to throw rocks at the police.
    Some of the Icelanders that were part of the protesting made a wall between the protesters and police showing that they police are not the enemy. Once the police saw that the protesters are not there for violence but corruption, they joined the protesters and that is how shit got real over there.
    I highly recommend the book, “From Dictatorship to Democracy” by Gene Sharp.

  9. I do my best to stay away from main stream TV. There are a few sites I frequent from time to time. One in particular, The Liberty Mill, has as of late, been publishing articles and news that smell like BS. Will the Anonymous members here please describe a more appropriate avenue to pursue when it comes to the truth about what this world is up to please? I mean, where does one go for the truth in finding out what is going on in the world these days? Where do you get your info? Thanks!

  10. honestly switching 1 government for another is much like switching banks you are eventually gonna get screwed by it even if its thrue great great great great grandchildren it’s just history repeating itself democracy, republic, monarchy, it’s all bs people don’t need laws we want them to control our neighbors or their dog or their kids I personally will be happy when there are no laws just people doing what they want ( as long as it is within reason) and be left alone it’s simple if you don’t like gays don’t be 1 if you don’t like pot don’t smoke it and if you don’t like guns don’t buy 1 a bow can works just as well if not better leave your neighbor the fuck alone unless you are asked to join them and if you can’t stand something about them decline the invitation

  11. switching from 1 government to the other actually is NOT a real solution not when you consider what time has done to every government which is corrupt it governments are not born corrupt they corrupt just as we do with age

    • false in a democracy the people put those in power. however in the states its ekectorial votes that put people in power. at one time electorial votes were needed. to few ppl to far to travel what have you. however in modern times what has occured is the ppl got lazy disregarded govt as a whole and we get what comes to us for doing nothing but complaining. this govt was founded on the principaks of govt working fir the ppl. when the ppl are so divided govt gets more power. so instead of fighting the tyrant we fight ourselves. so to say trading one for the other results the same is false. when we give up and do nothing corruption begins. remember the power has and always will lay with the grunt. no grunt no elite so instead of bitching ibstead of posting on a site bout your thoughts do something about it! me im 33 ill be 36 in 2020 i am running for president i am joe citizen as yourself. i have waited many years for my oppertunity to pull us all together and take back what so many fought for to begin with. if your curious to who i am i will be the ragged out bearded asshole tearing the elite apart good day and God bless

  12. Nothing has changed in Iceland. They still have a top down hierarchy which will eventually be corrupted again. A true egalitarian society is a horizontal culture where everyone is king. Any society would be better off if you remove hierarchy and government and allow the people to run it for themselves. The wealth would be redirected to the community and there would be no poverty and no corruption. Human societies were egalitarian anarchist societies for millions off years before agriculture and there’s no reason why we couldn’t achieve 100% anarchy today.


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