The possibilities of World War: The Final Extinction


Written by: Veritas

There’s a theory, and  a strong one at that.  In the Year 2000, Iraq decided it was going to move from the Petrodollar, to the Eurodollar.  This was no good for the US, as our Dollar would of crashed, and the power we had, would slip right through our fingers.   The Bush administration took this as a threat to their security, and created a War, but first we needed an enemy.  A common cause.  Exactly 1 year later, 9/11 happened.  Soon after we declared War, and invaded Iraq slaughtering over 115,000 people.  Soon after, Iraq switched back to the Petrodollar, and America saved their hold on world currency. 

But what’s even more astounding is the fact that a whole scenario was manmade, all for the protection of power, at the cost thousands of American lives, and an estimated 5 trillion dollars in debt.

This begs the question, how will they start the next one?  How will the next war become Global.  This is a complicated question.  One with many moving parts and several layers of secrecy that span from every major country around the World and interconnect into a thick web of connecting information, dis-information, deception, deceit and even truth.  Even more frightening is the universal ignorance and delusion to how close we are to an outbreak of Global tragedy.

Connecting those dots are difficult, but when you take a step back and look at the simple picture, it’s inevitable and clear cut.  Not only is it inevitable, but  has the ability to cloak itself into many ugly disguises.  Ranging from economic to biological and natural, to nuclear.  You can see it in every forum, read about it on the daily MSM news reports and watch it unfold before you live.

Let’s take a look at a growing list of concerns & WW3 doom topics:

Financial Bubbles, Diseases (Currently Ebola), Martial Law, Nuclear, Civil War disturbances, China, Russia, Ukraine, Currency, Central Banking, Debt, Syria, Israel, Gaza, Iraq, Islam, North Korea, Fukushima, Mega Quake, Prophecies, Biological, Genocide, False Flags, Afghanistan, Egypt, NATO, Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, East and North Africa, South America, , Japan, Vietnam, US Immigration, and Australia.

Quite a bit to cover to see the big picture.  So let’s put into simple figures and discuss the major catalysts that could lead to the outbreak of World War 3:

1.  Ukraine-Russia Conflict.  If you type in World War 3 in your search engine, immediately this conflict seems to be the common event that has the potential to spark an international crisis.  Not only has this country been deeply embedded in corruption and deeply divided, the crash of MH17 intensified the issue 10 fold.  Questions of who supplied the advanced technology and who shot it down still remains to be solved.   Yet, several underlying, major moving parts are attached to this conflict from currency to resources.  And wars are easily started with the disagreements of resources.  Conspiracy theorists have torn this story to shreds and let the flood gates open with sinister motives.  Sanctions from the UN and United States have added to the drama of the world stage, but as we have heard before, “In Politics, nothing happens by accident.  If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”  -Franklin D. Roosevelt

russian separatists

Image: Russia-Ukraine:  Pro-Russian Seperatists

2.  Israel-Gaza.  In my last article, “Prequels to the Palestinian Apartheid”, we can see the intensified drama unfold, but what’s the purpose?  Is it to eliminate their enemy, Hamas?  Or is it their goal to finally take over the land they have sought to reclaim.  But again, this about resources, specifically Water.  Water + Resources + land.  Whatever the outcome, it has already gone too far and thousands more will die as a result and in the end a terrible tragedy be at the helm.


Image: Gaza

3.  Northern Iraq.  Or should I say ISIS, no wait,  the Islamic State. As soon as US troops decide to pull back, a terrible storm of holy warriors rushed town after town to regain control and declare Jihad through a Caliphate.  They continue their battle as they close in on Syria, surrounding their bases, and other strong holds.  While Hezbollah gains strength in Iraq to battle ISIS, Iraq continues to gain supreme control, repainting Police Cars to say “Islamic Police.”  Anyone who uses the old name The Levant is given 70 lashes.  Christians live in secret and churches are being burnt or blocked off.  Ancient shrines and temples are destroyed and the people live in constant fear.  While this group has a growing and strong movement, ‘it needs to expand its oil [business] for currency reserves to pay off the young fighters it’s recruiting.” {Karen Leigh, Syria Deeply}


Image: ISIS TakeOver

4.  Syria. “After several weeks of fighting that resulted in some of the heaviest casualties in Syria’s conflict, the Syrian Army said it had retaken the Shaar gas field near Palmyra – one of the country’s largest–from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).”{Karen Leigh, Syria Deeply}.  Although it seems Syria has won a major battle, ISIS is still knocking at their door and Syria hard pressed with very thin and stretched out lines. Over the past year, Assad has had trouble with the international community with allegations of Chemical Weapon.  Although this was a highly controversial event and claims of False Flags were thrown around, Assad now has further problems with ISIS on their doorstep.

syria civil war

Image: Syrian Civil War

 5.  Financial Bubbles and the US.  Fractional Reserve banking, Central Banking, Bernanke Bucks/Yellen, Job Market, Unemployment rates, bonds and  National Debt all equal major news.  These  issues persist in the US and across the Globe.  Stimulus packages everywhere are “assisting” countries avoid default and bankruptcy by creating more debt than they could ever pay back.  Unemployment rates are skewed by the government to show marginally medium to high rates at around the national average of 6.2%, when the actual rate is closer to 15% and even 20% in some areas.  Interest rates are expected to rise in the fall as the “Quantitative easing”  tapers off to “shore up economic growth.” and ” One could make a case that right now, after six years of essentially free money, we could be in the midst of an even larger bubble.” {Anthony Mirhaydari, Fed Chief not worried about a financial bubble.} Then add the current state of the “Currency Wars” around the world and we have an issue of who will ultimately become the dominate currency.  From the strong Euro to the Swis Franc, we have world currencies in virtual combat,  where one grows strong and the other weak.   Combine these financial issues in the United States, International monetary system, and  growing unrest with the systematic stripping of our constitutional rights, extreme corruption, and you have elements for Civil War brewing amongst many groups and people in almost all countries, including the United States.  Martial law anyone?


Image: The Financial Bubble in US

6.  BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.)  This union has recently come together to create The New Development Bank and  opponent to the current IMF.  The emergence of this up and coming world powers will put a chink in the chain of the current World Banks.  A 100 Billion dollar capital investment into this Bank has created an International stir and a prelude to another possible large Currency War.  With the given divides between Western Countries and the East, clear divisions have been created around the world surrounding these two banks.  Another clue to the underlying  issue around the world right now that could lead to major catastrophe.



Image: BRICS

7.  Biological.  According to Elizabeth Kolbert from her book, “The Sixth Extinction” she states, “It is estimated that one-third of all reef-building corals, a third of all fresh-water mollusks, a third of sharks and rays, a quarter of all mammals, a fifth of all reptiles, and a sixth of all birds are headed toward oblivion,”. Pollution and the destruction of our natural resources has been a rampant part of our downfall as a human species.  As Stanford Ecologist Paul Ehrlich puts it, “In pushing other species to extinction, humanity is busy sawing off the limb on which it perches.”.  Couple these issues with advances in Genetically modified viruses, evolving diseases and outbreaks like the current Ebola crisis and we have a large recipe for a manmade disaster. Going further, what if a deadly virus is released into the public?


Image: Ebola disease in Africa

ebola 2

Image: Ebola in USA

Granted there are many other issues that still surround our international community (such as Egypt, NATO, Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, East and North Africa, Afghanistan, South America,  North Korea, Japan, Vietnam, US Immigration, and Australia), but what does it say?  We are an international community and regardless of what one country does, it WILL affect another.  What about U.S involvement?  Here is the special key.  The US has been or is involved in all the conflicts above in some manner or another.  From supplying enemy combatants to financial backing, the US has its dirty hands in almost all the major events around the world.  Yet the common public still sees  the illusion that we’re safe and sound in our surroundings.

South American  are countries are in civil disruption, shaky European and American markets are rattling cages , unstable economies, war is growing exponentially in the Middle East,  and the growing powerful economies of BRICS are shaping the world around us into a hideous beast of greed and war.  Limited Resources and control of the currency will always be the underlying cause.  Seeing that, can open your eyes to a larger understanding of how the international community operates for power.

Around the world, there are reports, articles, papers & media outlets all hinting at the possibility of war.  Forums, discussions & political analysts around the planet have lit up sound boards with the premonitions of doom.  Indeed, several indications point toward a horrendous World War.  And yet, only now America is only beginning to feel the small ripple of Global malfeasance.  Our hope is to awaken more intelligent minds and take action.  Thus, If War it isn’t prevented, It won’t be long until the day we are awakened in the middle of the night by a terrible tragedy that destroys our delusional safe haven, surrounded by a brittle bubble of deception.

ww3 forum

Image: Forum on WW 3

For tips on how to prevent WW3 and take action:


Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction:  An Unnatural History


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  1. Im from The Netherlands, a country that was always known for its freedoms. But since the downing of MH17 something has changed. Over here the whole country seems to be in a collective state of mourning for the victims of that disaster.
    They try to feed you the biggest bullshit in the papers. For instance; That everybody knows a person on that flight. Thats statisticly impossible, we have 17.000.000 people, and not even two hundred victims. Nobody personally knows that many people.

    If you have a dissident voice or another opinion about those things, nowadays your a putin lover.

    What im trying to say to other ‘Dutch’ anons is, its time to draw a line in the sand, and stand ground. Stay polite and reason others into listening to the other side of the story.

    • Hello Mrc, I am German. Like you, I see things in our newspaper, I did not like. In this days, we find a lot of propaganda in our tv and printed news. For example: there was an obviously anti-semitic event in Berlin. A manifestation of arab an other islamic people (not only, but the majority) went wrong. A small goup of young arab and islamic men called terrible anti-semitic slogans. This is inaceptable, indeed. But what did german press out of this? By the time, nearly all isreal critical voices are stigmatised as anti-semitic. For example: it is anti-semitic to explain, that the settlement politic of israel is against international law, but this ist true, UNO agree in this opinion. It is anti-semitic to say, that an occupied nation have the right to resist. It is anti-semitic to ask, way only israel have the right to defend his existence. For the ukrain crisis I see comparable things. I did not see any proof, that the russian rebells shot down the civil aircraft, but everyone believe this. And some days ago, there have been voices, who put another idea in the discussion. Again without neutral proof, they propagate, that the russian amy self shot dawn the plane. On the other side, all russians stand under Putin propaganda. For the Russians, only the Ukrains can shot down the plane. The russian propaganda is perverted enough to propagade that Ukrainians have crucified little children! Propaganda is running mad, and I think we have to stop this, before we find us again in a world war.

      • Hello, iam from the netherlands to.
        iam affriad that only having a convercasion to our civilians wont be enough. to manny are naive to realize it or wont realize it.

    • Humans are not logical. Appealing to their reason will always lose out to those who are emotional. Reason is a good place to start, but calmness is NOT effective. Get crazy. To put it into perspective; imagine trying to convince someone to marry you because it’s logical. Start with logic and defend it to illogical ends

    • I am from the Netherlands too, and I fully agree with you. We must convince as many as possible with reason and ration, but there must come a time where we have to get mad, where we say ‘I AM MAD AS HELL, AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!’. I am already ordering cheap pamphlets with a strong message on it, and I am spreading them around the city at night. You can reach thousands by doing this.

      • hey there which message is on this and can you send me your layout might be a good idead to spread them in Luxembourg 2 🙂

    • Have a look at current economic and environment policy that is either been stripped away/destroyed or implemented by the LNP in Australia. TPP, environmental protesting laws etc

    • Australia is devolving slowly into a police state as its government slowly ostracizes itself from its allies. Indonesia-Australia relations are destructing by the day, and a current national gag-order is in place concerning corruption involving China’s part in the country’s mining industry. The G20 in Brisbane in November will be a big show-and-tell of what the new government really has planned for the country. Civil liberties are dying here rapidly.

  2. Very good words Mrc! I have exactly the same opinion as you and I’m so happy that there are also people in the Netherlands who don’t believe everything the western media tells us the whole day. Lets stand together, spread our knowledge and informate all the people around us what’s really going on to be able to stop all these bad things which are currently going on everywhere on our planet. Wake up world!!

  3. There are several points that have led to the current situation.At the foremost is the explosive nature of the population boom. The world is already overburdened with a huge population that is unsustainable. This explosion is having a devastating impact on the ecology. The economic divide is widening. The majority’s (at the bottom of the pyramid) dream of reaching the top is unrealistic and impossible which is fueling further consternation and frustration. Richer powerful nations are finding it hard to maintain their competitive edge. Models built after WW II are crumbling. It is futile for any nation, no matter how powerful and wealthy to think that they can hold on to their prowess forever. Man-made wars and disasters are further degrading the environment. That is where lies the danger of chaos and destruction taking over. Russia, China and India have started flexing heir muscles. The center of everything is slowing sliding in a new direction. That is reality. During the Cold War days it was a bipolar world. But now we have a multipolar world which will have a balancing influence on brute forces trying to impose everything on others. Europe and the US have to rethink their policies. Sheer might and American and European dictats to dominate international matters will backfire and lead to no solution. It will only deepen global crises.There’s an ongoing silent pre-WW flashpoints slowly engulfing the whole world. The flawed ruddeless US foreign policy is much to blame. The middle-east is slowly becoming a man-made scorched land. A scorched earth policy is bound to boomerang back on the perpetrators. Therefore, it is imperative that we act rationally and quickly resolve the issues on a give and take basis without war-mongering.

  4. To understand how close we are to WW3 we need to understand how WW2 REALLY began & what REALLY happened. My father was a pilot in WW2 & he told me stories about WW2, but I only recently found out most of his stories were fabrications! So when I began looking into the reality of what I had known about WW2 & its related “stories” about the US & UK being the unwilling victors… I wasn’t suprised to find that the Propaganda machine we see working so well today, was working just as well back then!!! here are some links:
    All Wars are Bankers Wars: (Blocked Link; copy & Paste name in utube search)
    War is a Racket:
    War Coming in Europe:
    WW2 Speech-US treachery:
    Untold German/WW2 History:
    US History-False Flag Lies-Wars:
    History False Flags-State Sponsored Terror;
    Fake Terror Man Fear:
    1-3. Black Flag USA:
    False Flag State Sponsored Terror:
    14min Terrorstorm:
    17 FBI False Flags:
    Gulf of Tonkin: (bad music)
    Govt Staged Lies, People R Gullible:
    SCG What not being told Ukraine:
    SCG MH-17 & Ukraine:
    2008 Russian Intel: US to start WW3 in Ukraine/Crimea:
    US Aggression Act Eurasian Build up:
    DU Beyond Treason.
    Columbine Waco:
    Guardian: US Gov agents in US terror plots:
    100 Years of US Invasions:
    Iraq Steele Untold Story:
    SCG: Fall of Iraq-You Aren’t Being Told:
    Troops talk about Halliburton:
    SCG: Fall of Iraq-You Aren’t Being Told:
    Iraq 4Sale, War Profiteers:
    LL US IraqVet-This War is Immoral:
    LL US Vet Told to Just shoot People: FindingOurVoices trailer on Iraq:
    So this is what winning looks like:
    D7 US Busted Training ISIS:
    IW US Caught Training ISIS:
    Stockwell CIA Secret Wars:
    CIA covert ops since WW2:
    CIA, Op Paperclip & Nazis:
    CIA Controls Al Qaeda:
    Secrets of the CIA:

    • Bear, I can totally relate. My father was a pilot in WW2 as well and boy did he have some stories. However, he did see some suspicious things while serving. He started to question what the U.S. motives really were behind the war. Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say that I’m an American citizen. Our reputation is not the best and everyone else knows this but some of the American citizens. The majority are delusional. When attempting to educate them, they will provide invalid rebuttals based off of misinformation given to them via media. All they know is what they see. As a result, they are the hardest to wake up. They must want to wake up. They must want to listen. You can tell anything to a deaf person. Can they hear it? No. If we show the deaf what we are trying to say (reading lips, sign language, etc.) will they start to understand what we’re trying to tell them? Yes. We can’t force feed others information vocally if they’re not willing to listen. We need to show the others what we see. The links you provided in your post is an example of showing. I really do appreciate this and hope that it helps others see the truth.

  5. Well, concerning the IS-thing: Am I wrong or is the Hezbollah a paramilitary organization in the Lebanon? Why should they take part in the fighting in Iraq, especially while their resources are bound fighting alongside Assad in Syria? Hezbollah is actually battling IS, but as far as i know only in Syria….

    Concerning the BRICS-States: This Union was found in order to provide a counterweight for the US-domionated world economy. Setting up an own bank (as a counterweight for the IMF) is only a logical conclusion. Also, a bit of rivalry wont do more damage than a monopolized world economy would have done.

    Ebola: Well…. Yeah, thats an issue. While in thinly setlled areas the virus dies out after a slow time (it just kills too fast), it is the only thing on your list that i have to admit could become dangerous when released in major urban areas…

    Also, all in all you name too few details for any of these conflicts to “justify” your dramatic headline, it needs more than a few regional conflicts to start a world war (one that would be fought with A-Bombs, and thats a risk nobody really wants to take). And we are quite far from “World extinction” or apocalypse, at least if you take a glimpse into the past.

    • you are correct, they are from Lebanon.
      They aren’t directly taking part in Iraq, they have taken a training role there since they have experience fighting against ISIS. I believe the major reason is that ISIS is tearing down shrines and mosques of prophets and Islamic religious figures in Iraq.
      To top it off, for a few days now, the Lebanese army has been fending off 7000 ISIS militants that have seized a portion of Lebanese land and have taken thousands of Lebanese civilians as hostages and human shields, and it seems ISIS is going to intensify its forces at the Lebanese-Syrian border in the coming days.

  6. I just spend 18 month in Oz, and I really need to say, you r so fucking blessed, you have such a wonderful country, that makes it easy to forget about a lot. Still got a relative good income, over average of the rest of the world. And if you wanna disappear, there is enough bloody space. On the other hand the mining comp, is raping your wonderful country so hard it gets f¥€&3d, and no one really cares. Your last Forrests getting chopped down and the few people trying to save, getting called fucking ferals and treehuggers, the trees getting sold to china as wood chips, but no one really cares. Your government is a big joke they getting changed as Washington needs it, Rudd, Gillard, Rudd and now Abbott that p135 0£ 5#|7, but no one really cares. You are getting rid of the carbon tax, the whole world is paying not without a reason, but no one really cares. There was the question for me, why?!? Then I thought you better google the world ranking for press freedom and discovered you are on place 28, which probably make sence as the home country of the murdoch imperium. Tho you can’t trust your news papers, the news on television are even more worst. You won’t hear what’s going on in the world, before it makes boom in your country. So for sure that some things sounding really weird for you blokes, but doesn’t change the fact that we are on really bad way worldwide.

  7. En France la liberté d’expression est mise à mal, les 3 derniers présidents de la république ont eu des déboires avec la justice. Les médias tente de nous faire avaler des absurdités. C’est malheureusement l’air du temps: le monde va mal

  8. The whole rise of the Fascist neo-con usurping of Canada, lead by the Harper government is not on this list. The way they systematically destroy and pervert science facts by ignoring them is dismal a best. They wow the Gullible with double speak and print the fabrications in the Sun news blocks. The current attack on our democracy will not be understood by the general public until The PMO enacts the not with standing clause against our parliament. There will be no free elections in 2015, as the Neo-cons have already discussed how to implement rule by degree, They will use the TPP, Putin, the Ukrain and Hamas as excuses to implement a war measures act against the people of Canada. Unlike the October crisis of 1970 this will not be enacted for Canada’s protection but to solidify the Fascist Neo-Con agenda.

    Words from the inside truth will out.

    We are anoun we are legion
    we do not forget
    we do not forgive.

  9. I say…. Lets kill some politicians and burn the central media headquarters of some big players…. Killing is wrong but i rather day or go to prison… ” even” hell… Than staying ”home” and waiting for some impostors to ”resolve” this. ..i rather die and ”save 10 children from guns and media poison etc…… No joke i mean it…. Unify !

  10. I am American the civil unrest here has never reached
    This point in my lifetime my fellow Americans almost
    Constantly discuss another civil war when we speak about
    Our current national hardship many children go to sleep starving every
    Night our government is planning something they won’t tell us the world
    Views us (American citizens) as hedonistic,greedy, obese, moronic,
    Ignorant, violent, arrogant people. I leave this comment asking for the
    World may to codemn the public but to condemn our government. The law
    Enforcement agencies and departments in this country are
    Preparing for a war, a war fought against the people their preparing for civil war
    The country I call home was founded and fought for because of
    tyranny it was founded on the belief that all men were created equal and TYRANNY
    is what is is happening here on American soil, our justice system is corrupt out government
    Is a “shadow government” being ran by money and consequence the people of America are
    Not weak and are not afraid. The American people are not accurately
    Represented by our government and global media we are at a breaking point, we out number our army 150-1
    The average household owns 2 guns. Rural households can support and supply themselves
    With everything they need. When it begins our people will leave cities and seek refuge rurally.
    I’ll leave the global stage with something that’s being passed around here in AMERICA
    The “new” pledge of allegiance
    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stood, one nation under freedom, Unbreakable with absolute independence and virtuous constitutionality for us all
    -The Re-founding

  11. i live in australia its hell. the cops are so corrupt that i was beaten handcuffed a gun held to my head as a judge raped my 5 year old son. the next week i recieved a court order preventing me from my son on threat of jail i have gone to media crime misconduct comission and state police its been a year now but get this this shit is common theres a group of kidfuckers that are judges politians and lawyers in australia called the family known to kill there victems .the victems grow up under there control have free pass in court if they provide childen to the judges thats as true as im alive

  12. Australia on the list? O_o man….nothing doin here mate lol, just a bunch of yobbos kickin back havin a beer watchin comedy (politicians), similar to the yanks and their Bud wazzzzzzup commercial. Anyone comes in my back yard though, they’ll be fed to the crocs. Country’s too big to nuke so G/L marching past all the snakes that can stop your heart in 20mins, spiders the size of dinner plates, crocs that just fuckin eat ya lolz.. and w/e other nasty shit’s out there… BTW a kangaroo has claws like omg they OP ok?

  13. About the Israeli Palestinian conflict, I just wanted to point out, that Israel does not WANT gaza under it’s control, nor does it want the west bank, we’ve tried offering the palestinians Independence, more than once, they reject EVERY TIME. and the claim that Israel Is an apartheid state is clearly supported by nothing but ignorance, and anti-semitism.

  14. It’s not a theory. It’s true. Saddam Hussein had a multifaceted plan to crush the U.S. Dollar. Part of the plan was to convert oil currency to the Euro. The other part was flooding the world with counterfeit U.S. currency. It coincides with the U.S. changing the look of all of the U.S. currency in an attempt to defunct saddam’s plan. This lead to the annihilation of the Saddam regime.


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