How to Prevent the Third World War


Author: Manjushri

How to Stop the U.S. War of Aggression Against Russia and a possible World War 3?


There is something very ugly and menacing brewing on the horizon. For many decades, humanity was hoping and praying that it would not come to that. The Western psychopathic powers that be, however, are purposefully and intentionally steering humankind towards exactly that dreaded event: A military war between the USA and Russia and one in which the USA is the aggressor. I would love to go into the financial, historical and political background of this, but time is of the essence: That insanity, of which the (US-controlled) EU is just as guilty, must be stopped immediately before we reach a point of no return behind which only death and destruction awaits. As such, I have devised a public action plan for immediate peace (PAPIP) with which we, the 99% who want to live in peace, can hopefully stop this rapidly approaching insanity. In order for this to work, I need your help though and lots of it, and I hope that you will give it since peace would also be in your best interests. So here goes the




1) You need to wake up to the kind of game that is being played here. Stop buying into mainstream media (MSM) lies and propaganda and do the thinking for yourself. The facts are: Flight MH17 crashed or got shot down over Eastern Ukraine and, without being able to present any evidence, Ukraine and Western political figures and media channels immediately started to blame Putin and Russia for this (=propaganda war of aggression). Based on these stories in which Russia is falsely accused of being the evil aggressor, USA and EU then imposed and continue to impose harsh economic sanctions against Russia (=economic war of aggression), a measure that is also hurting people in the USA and the EU. Thirdly, Russia is encircled by U.S. military bases and the U.S./NATO is moving its troops into Ukraine, a country that borders on Russia and is openly hostile to it and whose leadership has organized ethnic killings against Russians. This means that, beyond the already existing propaganda and economic war of aggression, we are also looking at a currently rather likely military war of aggression against Russia. world-war-3


So then how can Russia be the evil aggressor here??? The fascist aggressors clearly are Ukraine’s puppet regime of oligarchs and ultra-rightwing nationalists and more so the U.S.-centered Evil Empire (allusion to Star Wars fully intended) that is pulling the strings behind these events. The motivation is the usual one: Grab power and incite war for maximum profit of the 1%ers.


2) After you have woken up to the political reality of the Ukrainian puppet theater, you (yes: YOU PERSONALLY) need to take public action, because so far, wars only worked with whipping up public support: If the Evil Empire aggressors succeed in making the public falsely believe that Russia or other countries (Iraq, Libya, etc.) are the aggressors, then the psychopathic Evil Empire can go ahead with their soon to be military and possibly even nuclear World War III. You therefore need to ask yourself: “Do I want to see a military war between the USA and Russia that could potentially lay the entire world to ashes?” If the answer to that is “no”, then you (yes: YOU PERSONALLY, the reader of these lines) need to take action. In that respect, my recommendations would be the following:


2a) Talk with as many people as you can about this and make them aware of what is happening, both live and electronically. It would be awesome it you could make others see who is really the aggressor in the Ukraine conflict (and by cutting out on MSM bullshit, just looking at the facts and having some background knowledge it is easy to see who that is). Most importantly though, you need to get a discussion going and make this affair a matter of public interest and concern.


The people of the world need to realize that we are on the brink of WW3 and that, if this goes through, this may very well be the endgame victory for the Evil Empire (the population culled by the billions, Russia and also Europe economically destroyed or even reduced to a nuclear wasteland, while the psychopaths in power sit this out in their atomic bunkers and celebrate, with more power and money to themselves). To help prevent this from happening, talk about this subject with as many people as you can, post links on facebook and twitter, send mass emails with links to informative non-MSM articles about the situation in Ukraine and Russia to as many people as you can. Overall: Do your part in waking the public up to what the evil psychopaths in power are doing there and elsewhere.


2b) Secondly, you need to let your politicians know that they and their plans have been found out about. Politicians are by and large whores who sell out to the highest bidder (my apologies to any sex workers for comparing you with a politician), but they also like to be re-elected and for that they (currently still) need you. More than that though, the Evil Empire needs dormant and dumbed down masses because you are the 99% and they are the 1%. As such, they can only carry out their plans from the shadows when we, the 99 out of a 100, do not find out about them and go along with them in our ignorance.


So the more people know about the Evil Empire’s plans and about what is really happening in Ukraine and Russia, the better, because when soldiers no longer fight for them, when public officials no longer work for them, when journalists and reporters no longer spread their lies, and when, in short, the people go to the streets worldwide (instead of watching various sports events whose only purpose is to distract us from more important things), then the Evil Empire ‘elites’ can no longer carry out their wars or other crimes against us, the 99%.


As such, you need to let the politicians of especially the USA and the EU know that they have been found out about and that you are no longer willing to go along with their propagandistic, economic and military war of aggression against Russia that could very well lead to an all-devastating nuclear WW3. Instead, you need to let them know that peace is important to you and that, if they do not support peace and immediately stop their psychopathic war of aggression against Russia, you will stop supporting them and the entire system: going to the streets, mass strikes, etc. What this world needs right now, besides a grand awaking, is CIVIL RESISTANCE against the madness of a potentially nuclear war that the Evil Empire is trying to inflict on this world (the economic war of aggression has already started a long time ago).


As for how to go about it: Create petitions, in particular via, and address them to powerful political figures or organisations like U.S. president Obama, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, or the EU Commission. Demand an immediate stop of the propagandistic and economic U.S. and EU war of aggression against Russia, and voice your strong concern about the very real possibility of military war between two nuclear superpowers. Demand truly independent investigation of the MH17 plane crash. Demand UN peacekeeping troops to be stationed in Eastern Ukraine. In short: 1) WAKE UP and 2) DO SOMETHING TO PRESERVE PEACE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.


To start with (note the the average Westerner’s mind has been thoroughly brainwashed by Western MSM propaganda to the tones of “USA = good, Russia = evil”), I suggest reading the following articles which are not from Western MSM and where similar warnings are uttered. Then, after you have de-brainwashed yourself, take public action for peace – unless of course you want the U.S.-centered Evil Empire to win. In that case all you need to do is sit back and watch the world being destroyed by Western psychopaths in power.


References/Recommended articles:!bpWsAq



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    • I was led to believe by a Ukrainian friend of long ago that Ukraine is the victim, but I have observed Fascism in world reports in Ukraine. My ears deceived me and my eyes saw the truth. Thank you for clarity, I always seek the truth so that I can be awake and aware. The man is watching me, and my phones are bugged due to my activism and extreme views of the truth and trying to spread it. I would like to call my self anonymous, but I have few real computer skills.

    • I have been posting on Facebook and discussing these issues with my online gaming friends from around the world. I am Canadian and a year ago, maybe longer, a Lithuanian gaming friend opened my eyes to the truth of the puppet Poreshenko and his Nazi regime, and the impact that Russian sanctions were having on his own country, among other Slavic countries and even places in the EU. I was appalled, embarrassed, and determined to try and show my 3/4 Slavic mix family what was going on. I’ve had my facebook account shut down once, posts on the real shooters in the Ukrainian protest, and other world political issues simply removed from my page. I have met almost all resistance from friends and family. Some call me a commi lover, others just think I’m a nutso anarchist. Our previous government’s involvement disturbed me and I wanted everyone to know. I really hope our new government listens, and talks with Putin themselves. We USED to be known for staying neutral until we knew all the sides and were called on by the UN in humanitarian issues such as we are seeing now. Now it seems we owe Russia the same respect as France, but there is still extreme Ruska phobia here. Idc how many times they shut down my account for it, I still keep posting as much truth as I can find. I have also written our PMO’s office on the issue. I don’t know what else to do. I would like to see the countries unite their efforts to end terrorism once and for all, but we can’t all do it separately, or more Turkish “accidents” will happen. Not long ago I remember Canadian and Russian scientists celebrating Canada’s “space arm” we built for the Russian space station that is currently pulling garbage from it’s orbits around earth. I remember just before Crimea, Canadian and Russian geoscientists playing a hockey game at the North Pole after a hard days exploration. I feel like I am the only one who cares. I know I can’t be the ONLY one so naïve to NOT believe all the propaganda of the “Russian bully”. And I am sure there are governments and haters trying to get at my media accounts because I post this stuff. I am not a pc whiz by any means, but I am not a noob either. Excellent job, btw, for taking down the ISIS page and replacing it with a chill msg and Viagra ad! Made me laugh all day… if I had those skills I would have been proud of doing it so grats! 😀

    • Yes but… The Ukraine story is: Ukraine was formed under protectorate of Polish Commonwealth from a coutry all-time rided by Crimean Tatar and Russians. When they protector fell upon civil home war and being parted, these Ukrainian regions layed under the Russian Tzar hands. Crimean Tatars was systematically wiped from Crimea by Russians and Stalin sent lots of Russians in Ukraine like he does with most of soviet union republics to grant future separatistic potential. When Ukraine was third world nuclear power in 90, USA and the western world lured them to disarm promising and signing agreement that treats Ukraine safe. Since 90’s Ukraine was Oligarchy and it was the main guilt of post-soviet groups of interest which Majdan wanted to kick out what was main reason of today’s Ukrainan-RUssian war.

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  2. World war III Will Happen one day, Sadly but it will But preventing it now, is also possible. you can hold it off. its President Obama’s Decision on what he should do. Make him decide

    • Yes, change is possible & the Good News is that we only need to wake up 2% of a population, if those 2% take action, the rest will follow. This is called a critical mass (a point of no return, that also exists in nuclear physics). So you have the choice to be one out of the 2%, choose wisely and be brave

      • i think we still have SOME time b4 its really too late. but we should really like act NOWNOW.
        thing is were too spread and wed have to somehow get together irl.
        example: gather infront of the bundestag b4 they get to work for. find lawyers and hopefully judges. also expose the “human rights”. also. i think rammstein needs to go down first.
        if the us is going to bullshit more russia gonna bitchslap em. where the fuck u think we gonna go then? the only place we should go – as stuuped as it sounds- should be berlin, bundestag, hugging eachother like shit streaming it live so if they gonna kill us theyll do it infornt of many many eyes. hopefully people will stop being anxious cowards ;x we sit and worry and wait untill its really too late. i cant do shit alone. we cant. too many think we cray. they gonna burn us alive xD fml

    • Inner peace is the key for world peace. You cannot have world peace with individuals who are boiling from the inside ready to explode. If such people are at the helm of affairs then not only the person explodes, but the countries and communities explode.

    • Idiot, it’s not biased, you seem like one of those people that think they know whats really going on, but you don’t most of them are corrupt, but russia is one of the only ones that are doing good, and not dictating.

      • I agree and disagree, I don’t want to say the Russian government is good because they have a lot of problems, but again doesn’t every government have their fair share of problems? Instead of arguing who’s government we prefer, let’s focus on stopping all the garbage and propaganda that mainstream media feeds the population. And let’s focus on preventing WW3.

  3. Posibbel ways for people to stand against WWIII
    -Get Educated with the truth. (It’s so obscure that it sounds to retarded to be true but it is)
    -Stop being deffused and start to unite as people. (A folk together can do the impossible, but a folk diffused by hate and anger wil be easy prey to the darker powers that are up on us)

    And for my most important input i stil need to gather some knowledge..
    Knowledge about what the effect would be on the economics if all people in Europe and USA would stand up and stop working.
    Yes shit would start rolling.. terror wil outcry.. but that happens when we do nothing either..
    My thought behind this would be that this mad machine.. is driven by the u.s. dollar. I am afraid the Dollar has to fall to save the world.

    Listen very closely to the tekst of DMX his last diss as free man.
    i quote ”The industrie doesnt give a fuck about you! but the industry couldnt make a Dimme without you”

    Could this be the solution we all are looking for?

    It sounds almost impossible to work to.. but it could be done..
    And i have a very strong feeling… that if we can pull this off as a people unite..
    That Putin wil recorgnise and accept it as a appologise for looking being blinded all the time.
    And he wil strike his heart and come to our aid.
    (He also knows the people are not to blame)

    But then we stil have to show him our good intensions first.

    Mind is just rambling like crazy to find the solution..
    And how to get this possible…

    Just posting this in the hope someone can go on with the idee..

    • AYO alohas peoples!BILLI-ANNONS whaddup partnaz!LOIPON the truth is out there but it is scattered seen?like a puzzle box,we have to connect the dots as Humanity,combining History,strategy,science,tek,networks,declassified knowledge,theology,rhymes,music and arts expression and reason and logic.
      History from Babylon times,assyrian,summerian,EGYPTIAN,greek phases(minoan-mycaenian,athenian,Alexanderian and beyond)persian,roman DECLINE and the works of the emperors and the lot of them bollocks,protoCHRISTIANS and then the ORGANIZATION of the brotherhoods and clans of monasteries.Most of all,Popes themselves and their succesion till these times.we have come to a point where all these were prophecized as the signs–and u know what it is—Mesopotamia ie the middle of the two Rivers-Tigres and Euphrates,Thats where SYria/Iran/Iraq/Kourdistan/Turkey are situated,how did they get there?and now I$I$ is there while smuggling millions of worth of petrodollars,while false flagging MH17 MALAYSIA against Russia(see link comment above) while GENOSIDING OUR PEOPLES INNA GAZA AND HOW LONG WILL THEY KILL OUR CHILDRENS AND MOTHERS AND BROTHERS WHILE THEY STAND ASIDE AND WATCH FOOTBALL MULTINANTIONAL COMPANIES “GAMES” SPONSORED BY COCA COLA AND SONY-MASONY ET CIA ET BAYERN?its simple logic,even in Byzantine times,the emperar when facing problems DISTRUCTED the peoples with GAMES inna ARENAS and more blood—ORWELL SAID WITH MORE GAMBLING MORE BOOZE THEY WERE MORE EASILY CONTROLLED.after using false flags the tactics of NAzi gaebbels and himmler propaganda architects burning down the reichstag to gain popularity (WORLDWIDE TRAUMA a la mass mk ultra monarch controlled by mainstream media to advocate these. See who is behind AOL-FOX-WARNER-UNHOLLYWOOD-ALL THESE RELATED and the proprietaries of ZION protocols THATS WHY THEY ARE BUILDING ASTANA STATANA

      (who declared bush jnr to win false elections against his skull n bones “opponent”)–if u go back u see BUSH senior worked inna CIA and texaco(part of the “whores of babylon” military industrial energy ring) and before that there was reagan 1984 (orwell about the current state of things(1948 and huxley 1931)—-I MEAN HE WAS A COWBOY ACTOR what more can we say???see who is in the bildelbergs list and the UN..go back in time to see about NIXON and CLINTON and all these scandals…TO HIT ALL PEOPLES AMENDMENTS and profit on it,on our peoples and MASSACRE (at least 1 million souls slained in Iraq by Carlyle forces n mercenaries of the USS-genocide,In Vietnam Saigon,Inna afghanistan there are maps of Trillions worth of minerals,same as in Africa… and atrocities,coups,rapings,decapitiations in all nations.New tek deployed over there,silent weaponz,drones,EVEN IN THE USS FOR ITS CITIZENS.they recruit more police.mad mad days..phosphorus,chemical warfare,ground floor of forces to test nu-nuclear.testing ground on innocent peoples in ghettoz see mi?good people everyehre in the world,inna India inna CHina all over the world,South NORTH america continent NATIVES real peoples,remember the MAYAS and AZTECS civilizations..everywhere,real nice and humble and STEPPED upon by goverments and corporations who,to be in that place,play the NWO rules and obey to dat shit.
      how many dead in world war 1 and world war 2?all sides had victims in families and ties,soldiers and tanks basicaly brother killing brother…are there really borders in the world?its all territorial disputes.But who orders them?who goes to slay one another and dehumanitize?NOT IN OUR NAME!once u kill,there is no turning all regimes,in the name of WHAT?of PROFIT,while we had prophets from Socrates to Jesus to Mohammed to Ghandi to Ras TafarI and all so many chanters of their teachings,which was LOVE.that was the message bredrens UNITY.Not extinction.See the Georgia stones have the NWO agenda Set
      and in de meantime the prison system is under construction—FEMA as bad as dahaus and auchvic.. codex alimentarius and monsanto-and all chemical related warfare,fluoride BAD BAD poisoned and contaminated the sources in disorder for this-


      and about OBAMANATION-ABOMINATION-check the 2008 articles and who is involved——-RHAM EMMANUEL NAZIONISTS AND SOROS—-

      then JFK remember his last speaches?

      malcolm X,martin KING,Ghandi,all HIGHLY BLESSED people who we ARE against that agenda.

      –boycott izrahellian products–but check how many involved THATS IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE AND PEOPLES FROM ARABIA CUBA ARGENTINA SVENSKA

      eagerly awaiting your observations after studying all these notes amigos,let people know what is out there and abolish the BADNESS AND MAKE A STAND!!!EXISTANCE IS RESISTANCE!!!!!however hard they plan,SOME PLANNERS FROM HIGHER PLANES ARE TO THE RESCUE,HERE THEY COME!!!WANT THEm TO KNOW Y’ALL,THY WISEDOM
      Love and Prosperity all Future Kru

      • I agree with most of what is said almost all. I’m sick 2 death of the Jews getting what they want , America ALWAYS bloody interfering were they don’t belong . Making all Muslims the seem the same n believe me were not trust me were not,n I’m sick of UAE United Arab Emirates every Arab country of the emirates is part of the problem. They pay big money 2 America n Israel who r the actual makers of Isis isil or what ever the FUK they call themselves . All that is happening is because of America Israel n UAE. This is just a thought 4 u n really think bout this;do u really think thAt groups like the masons illuminati bildabergs have only been around 4 what 100-200 bloody way ITZ bout the end game those who r religious no matter what ur religion know that people have been rewriting our religious books from when they were writen n all this is n always has been will b bout the end game,they wanna stear people wrong because there evil n were born from think bout it do u think 4 one min that these organisations only just stArted; u would b very wrong they have been round from at least the bible n I’d say longer. Every bible has different things in it. How is that possible the bible is the bible no matter what u speak or religion yet everyone’s bible is different, these evil people were around n formed there groups at least that far back n it has always been bout the end game ; the second coming good n evil judgement day,lucifer said 2 god as he waz cast out of heaven 4 disobeying gods command I will take as many souls as I can with me 2 hell because u luv this creation of urs more than any other.this is most religious books r not real or most of what’s in them is there 2 misguide us.evil came n messed with us n by the looks of it sound a damn good job he has pit us against each other n we let him, n no way WW3 isn’t happening it is n we better brace our selves it will b like no other war on earth ever, this is the 1 that will bring us 2 place we can’t even imagine, this will b the beggining of the end n all the religious.books say it will start in the Middle East ALL RELIGIOUS BOOKS SAY THAT. It would b nice if all Dane n normal people were running this world but evil made sure this would not b possible.%95 of us r normal n we could get on n respect each other so y is it that %.0000000000000000000.1 of these groups masons n nwo bildabergs n so on r running things . We r the majority y not kick there butts out of power n run things with normal people. I guess I’m right ITZ bout the end game , I mean how else do u explain their hold on the world n the people, r we so stupid we would let a bunch of rich that invent different ways of killing us every day that we allow them 2 do this. No way think bout it ITZ such a ridiculous idea n a fact that ITZ starting 2 wake us up slowly but surely out of our induced coma we’ve been in that we r starting 2 c with our eyes open most of us anyway n beggining 2 ignore MSM n starting 2 think 4 ourselves, I’d say we took our bloody time n trusted people that we appointed 2 government 2 do EVERYTHING N ALL POSSIBLE 4 our benefit n good that we slipped into a coma n forgot we have a brain nost at least r senseble enough not 2 have turned this planet n ITZ people into the bloody trainwhreck ITZ become.sorry bout the essay but really needed 2 b said n read because most of what people r saying is true n I agree with most n I believe what I have written is a huge part of the puzzle, we all have parts of a puzzle n if we speak we allow the picture 2 become clearer n start putting it out there so more n more people can read like I said n become aware like u guyz said n hope that these messages reach everyone everywhere n make them 2 start thinking 4 themselves…thank u…

  4. P.S. Dont Grammernazi me please.
    I know its pretty worse but i’m trying my best.
    Besides there is no time for Hittlerising my spelling when the world has to be saved.

    • WWI and WWII weren’t stopped by ‘god’ why would this ‘god’ stop it now. A WWIII would be a massacre, if you believe in a ‘god’, wouldn’t he want that you helped preventing such an event?

  5. It ever works like this, first they disturb, make fear and the doubt in people’s mind, then they control for better manipulation of people’s mind. It’s not innocent what’s happening there and other parts of the world: countries in war (for better power control), diseases, and for sure crisis… that’s made consciously by government, check out “Zeitgeist”, to understand how it works in the background! They want to delete also middle class for better control, and conserve just the higher and lower part, make the rich richer and the poor poorer…Everything done that people don’t think anymore by themselves.
    Fortunately, people get more conscious and won’t to be sheeps…
    Sadly WW happened, and it will happens again, in the view of situation it will come before 2020!
    Nothing could be done against, people have just to hold their position, and their faith in the future they will build. It will be hard to make an awakens to everybody, but it will come to a better change if we work for…

  6. The Russians are slaughtering the Ukrainians, odd no one has a problem with Putin being a thug, and make no mistake there are 3 reason Putin wants the Ukraine, Oil/N. Gas, Russia’s only black sea port in is the Ukraine, and the Ukraine builds the majority of the key components for Russia’s nuclear fleet, both on the sea’s (Navy) and missiles and warhead for nukes..

    ..a very large portion of the “insurgents” in the Ukraine are Russian Spetsnaz troops (Russian Special Forces), the arms, leadership and Intel are all from Russia though Spetsnaz, they are slaughtering Ukrainian citizens with the same ease they shot down the Malaysian air carrier with Russian supplied anti-air assets up to 72,000 feet…

    Putin was the head of the KGB in the DDR (East Germany), his war crimes and ruthlessness are a matter of public record. Putin makes Obama look like Mary Poppins… Putin is a chess player like many other Russians, his moves are calculated and usually hidden by other means.. but this one in the Ukraine is far to easy to see, oil, seaport and nukes, without those Russia is a 2 bit wanna be… with nothing. I am not now, or ever been a fan of Obama, but Putin is a man with real crimes against humanity.. ask any former East German what they thing and know about Putin.

    • NATO has been surrounding Russia for months now .Dick Cheny owns publishing companies in Ukraine for years now ,and Vice President Bidden son owns several companies in Ukraine. Putnin never wanted Ukraine to be part of the EU and who could blame him. Turkey has openly admitted it prefers to deal with ISiS then Syrian Kurds .Nato one of the biggest military machines in the world backing up Turkey no one stamps on Turkey Govt s oil deal with ISIS . This gives the terrorists millions of dollars everyday Turkey along with the Saudis and USA are enabling these sick ISIS freaks.

    • You f’ing kidding me? Do you even know how the conflict in Ukraine started??? The Association Agreement with the EU!!! OMG get educated before you say shit like that.

    • Well, I think that you are right in a way. Russians might seem like the lesser evil from far away but I have personal experience of their propaganda. And when I say propaganda I really mean the IIww. type propaganda. Their media has huge “mistakes” that are aimed to enforce Putin’s power. Free journalist who dare to oppose Putin’s power are killed and opposition leaders dye mysteriously. The people have no idea what their country is doing. They just believe that they are surrounded by Nazi ideology powered countries. Many locals don’t even know that NATO is a defensive alliance.
      Russia is just whole lot better in information war, than USA. Partially because it hasn’t got a historical culture of individuals apposing the system, but a long term tradition of strong leaders doing what ever they like.
      I trust the Anonymous and I see that it has potential to be major player in the future as a last sure way of people to unite by ideas and not by tyranny. Please be bit more critical towards Russia they are not as good as their trolls tell.

  7. You make just as many bullshit assertions, as if you are a country that wants to wage World War 3 on someone and who has it’s propaganda press set in full motion.

    “whose leadership has organized ethnic killings against Russians. ” WHERE? WHEN? You pin this absolute LIE midsentence and hope to carry on with everyone agreeing. No, you must show proof for your little pesky comments. What are you referring to? Odessa? That was a fight ignited by pro-Russian supporters who are 100% responsible for their death later that day. Donetsk ATO? If you are going to spin that as an ethnic killing then you can fuck right off, to Russia where your propaganda will be well matched.

    All of you are sitting here reading this perpetual fearmongering bullshit written in dramatic, albeit fallacious texts and absorbing it all like the only sheep there can be. Shame on you.

    • Ukrainian hohol- the author is talking about the genocide of ethnic Russians taking place in the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine. How retarded are you and do you own a map, or a book of some sort? Your situation is really dire.

  8. World War III could already be inevitable considering all the slightly related conflicts going on could blur and become one where everyone loses. We NEED to insist that these don’t escalate to that. If nothing else let’s keep these small

    • I agree, how long you reckon? because Im planning to leave where I live before anything, but idk if I have time to save money or what.

  9. They are worthless, they are jellies, they are ambitious, and no one is safe on theirs path…
    They have no mercy , no faith in good from Good, no faith in good from any one, just want to leave on in on in their expansive leaving like parasite … And what is answer…
    We are anounynous…
    We are legion…
    We do not forgive,
    We do not forget!
    Where libwrty is at risk…

  10. If ww3 happens do you really think they will have anything left to spend their money on you are small minded every government has flaws as do every single individual person and I agree most wars happening now are nonsense and mostly the government’s to blame but a ww3 won’t happen because as you say it will wipe out everyone who isn’t elite and after that what happens their money is worthless the 1 percent become the 100% but they have no one to do things for them they will never let that happen because without the workers the 99% as you put it they don’t own a dam thing so just have love and harmony let them play out their games but rest easy ww3 won’t happen because it would mean gambling with their wealth which they would never do.


  12. it seems like Russia is enemy coz it masters economy. like local internet, oil export, defence export… Even threatens if economic game is altered unethically then it would cut off itself by world. thou economy of them totally damaged by other means didn’t much panicked them. Unlike other weak countries Russia is not accepting unethical game. now problem is soon other countries will too might become economic rebels

  13. The banks must be made to relinquish the profits that governments have allowed them to keep from transaction with terrorist organizations and drug cartels. These organizations finance the wars.
    The Middle Eastern crisis is a secular war that the U.S.the EU and the Russians need to get out of.
    The only reason that the U.S. is in the conflict is because Saudi Arabia in partners with U.S. oil companies and they are primary customers of the military industrial complex.
    Each person in the 99%, above the age over 12 in the EU, the U.S. the Caribbean countries, Africa and in the Middle East could be give grants equivalent to $100,000 or Each household could be given $250,000.
    Poverty, unemployment, homelessness, illegal immigration and human trafficking can be ended. Education at all levels can be free.
    The public needs to be made aware of of the way they have been hoodwinked by their politicians on behalf of the banks and the corporations.
    Banks in the U.S. and the EU have been fined $230 billion over the past 6 years. based on the Wells relationship with El Cahpo Guzman, which generated $378 billion during an 18 month period, if the banks were fined $230 billion rest assured they have been allowed to keep at least $100 trillion.
    Pleas read, “Real Estate Crisis or Government Sanctioned Racketeering?”
    It’s on Facebook as an editorial page and there is a group page that is updated from time to time when it gets too crowded…There is also an e-book that can be read for “free”on

  14. Can someone help Michigan out? Our Governor is illegally poisoning our water in hopes to be president one day. It’s soo much more proof that can be found to support what I’m telling you. We all know what’s going on but if no one is helping us how can we help you? You help us we’ll help you. Signed, Black People in Michigan.

    s/n read up on the Meier story. You’re bright. You’ll understand 🙂

  15. Global gesehen ist jede Regierung in der Welt ein Resultat(Ergebnis) durch Kriminelle und jede Regierung durchdrungen von Kriminalität im Auftrag der Konzerne.

    Der beste Beweis das Regierungen in aller Welt kriminell sind, ist der Abwurf von Atombomben auf Hiroshima und Nagasaki 1945

    The best proof the governments are criminal all over the world, is the dropping of atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945.

    Wirtschaft ist Krieg im Frieden.Erst wird der Konkurrent und der mögliche Konkurrent(Arbeitnehmer) bekämpft und falls das Ziel erreicht und es nichts mehr zu gewinnen gibt,folgt der Satz: “Krieg ist die Fortsetzung der Politik mit anderen Mitteln”

    “Krieg ist eine bloße Fortsetzung der Politik mit anderen Mitteln.”, lautet ein berühmtes Zitat des preußischen Generals Carl von Clausewitz,der Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts in den napoleonischen Kriegen eine entscheidende Rolle spielte.

    Die beste Demo gegen Kernkraft ist,wenn man sich den Strom mit Solar oder/und Wind oder Bachlauf,wenn möglich selbst macht.Der beste Widerstand gegen eine Diktatur ist es, wenn man sich so viel wie möglich das nötige zum Leben selbst macht.

    Wo wir auch immer die Infrastruktur gebrauchen müssen oder glauben sie gebrauchen zu müssen,sind wir in Ohnmacht der Macht der Politiker und ihrer Drahtzieher ausgeliefert.Die Infrastruktur die heute bis ins Private durch Überwachung von Smarten Geräten hinein reicht, ist die Macht die alles durchdringt

  16. Russian track is clear for me in this publication. I do not trust Russia, not at this time, and I have reasons – I know them too well. Imperialistic, arrogant, chauvinistic, Machiavellian politics with reasoning as from XIX century. I’ve lived in USSR and know them rather well. Nothing against Russians as such, rather like them (and I do work together with local ones of them fine and with a pleasure), and rather fond of Russian hackers (have lent a hand at times), but for government and state part I have no trust.
    This publication is to support Russian government position that is obviously false. That makes me to guess that it is made by one of Kremlin trolls. If it continues going that way, I’m about to leave in spite of devotion to Anonymous idea. Point.
    Of course, I understand there is no censorship on the site. Just making aware that Putinists are trying to take the site (and the movement) over to use in their favor.

  17. How to prevent the third world war? Perfectly straight-forward;just refuse to cooperate. Even with the advanced methods of mass slaughter being constantly developed and perfected at our expense, our more highly evolved elites have absolutely no intention endangering their own lives and limbs by actively participating in their forthcoming games. As always this work is to be carried out by the intended victims,the masses, the rank and file, us in fact. If, on this occasion, we were to deny them our support, their self-absorbed,and murderous schemes would quickly go pear-shaped and their tearful and terrified wails of self pity offer rare music to our ears.


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