“How to identify the Isis users on internet” by Anonymous(#opisis)


World famous hacktivist group following same idea namely anonymous has shared the guide through which people can find Isis supporters or Isis militants present on the internet especially on twitter.
You all might know the anonymous has been engaged in operation isis from very long time and suspected major twitter accounts belonging to isis regime.To accomplished this operation anonymous published the guide on the internet which will help us in identifying the social media accounts belonging to ISIS.It seems people will help them in this operation.

These anonymous hackers also known by Ghostsec ,here their small extract of their statement.
Identifying the twitter account of isis supporter or isis militants is compromised of three steps,which are discussed below
1- Locating an Islamic State Twitter account.

2- I have located my first Islamic State Twitter account.

3- I have a list of Islamic State Twitter accounts and URLS.

For brief statement click here

If you have concerns for your personal safety you can alternatively email them with your information at [email protected] using a anonymous mailer service such as http://anonymousemail.me

If you would like to assist Ghost Security financially our Bitcoin address can be found below. Donations received will go towards covering costs for server maintenance and hardware to combat the Islamic State.

Anonymous is famous for operating major operation (#opworld,#opisrael …),but this operation (#opisis) seems to much successful and claims to biggest operation ever operated by Anonymous.
As many people wanted to join operation Isis,that why Anonymous published the guide through which people can contribute to this operation (#opisis).

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    • Yup. I don’t judge, but MANY do, so therefor I judge how others judge…you can get much longer posts than this proofread for $5 on Fiverr. It improves your credibility greatly among the masses.

  1. RATHER IMPORTANT, I’D SAY….. Some of us have been hacked by these ISIS supporters– me included. They usually show up wearing the Guy Fawkes mask and reflect back a lot of what we are thinking. Then it takes a subtle turn. There are images of dead babies and captions blaming the Jews. Some will even eventually resort to anti-semitic remarks right out of Nazi Germany. They often use the word “kufar” or “Kaffir”. To talk about Jews, Pagans, atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans etc. Most of them have Arabic posts on their sites. Google Translate has a harder time with Arabic, but you can find the aforementioned statements here and there. Quite often there is a call to action by mujaheddin. The object is to confuse and co-opt the Anon movement. They are clever–beware about re-posting this stuff. Also, delete them from your friends list and mark them as spam. Back when I started with the Occupy movement, I simply accepted any fiend request that came through. Most were really good. A few teabaggers on occasion, but I accepted them because you can’t change a teabagger’s mind by ignoring them. But, this new threat is an actual threat. I’m cautious about accepting friends now. I have to check each page individually before accepting– a tedious process but worth it.

  2. I don’t care what happens to ISIS, just as long as they “disappear” from the face of the earth. Let it be military, police, or each other. Anonymous, try making ISIS think they have traitors on the loose in wherever it is they are. That would sure cause some chaos while we have time to spare, before they attack anyone else, and let them in for a surprise attack. American military, if you follow the plan, you got yourselves a gun party. Be ready, and outsmart those stupid terrorists.


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