Illinois Cop Turns Good Samaritan, Buys Meal For Homeless Man, Helps Him Find Shelter


If there are bad cops, then there are also good cops. Sadly, while you hear of police brutality almost every day, you don’t hear much about the frequent good deeds of the good cops. Sergeant George Depuy falls into the second category. His heartwarming act of kindness inside a McDonald’s, helped an 82-year-old homeless man from Idaho find shelter.

According to The Huffington Post, George picked the man up on the side of the highway, drove him to the restaurant so he could stay warm and safe, and gave him money from his own pocket to buy food. Alex Fischbach of Morrison, Illinois, took the picture of the selfless act and shared the photo on his Facebook page.

This picture is a quick snap of one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. We pulled up to the McDonalds in…

Posted by Alex Fischbach on Saturday, January 2, 2016


Alex, who was at the Morrison McDonald’s with his fiancée on the afternoon of January 2 when he witnessed George handing money to a homeless man, told ABC News that after his photo received attention on Facebook and went viral, the man was able to find a place to live – the homeless man was taken by a pastor to the Firehouse of God’s homeless shelter in Sterling, Illinois.

“It definitely started my New Year off right. [The shelter] actually recognized him from the coat he was wearing in the picture. With everyone sharing the original post, it helped this man be noticed and placed somewhere he could stay. I’m just very thankful I was there to witness this and be able to snap the photo so everyone else could know as well. The feeling was very overwhelming. It was incredible to see something so compassionate happen right in front of my eyes. It was just a simple reminder that not all cops are bad.”

The public information officer of the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office in Morrison, told ABC News:

“The weather wasn’t the best. He was cold; Sergeant Depuy gave him a ride to McDonald’s to get him warm. He was basically just doing his job and showing that police officers have hearts…it goes on often, but someone caught it which is nice. It’s recognition for doing a good deed.”

Alex Fischbach was stunned by what he saw a police officer do in a McDonald’s in Illinois and immediately took a picture. Now it’s going viral…

Posted by on Sunday, January 17, 2016


Although many have praised Depuy’s actions, he doesn’t see it that way. Fischbach, who himself “learned that all it takes is a simple act of kindness to change someone’s day, and possibly life”, told The Huffington Post:

“After all this, George Depuy has held strong, saying he was just doing his job. It just shows what kind of person he is.”


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