Insurance Fraud: Obamacare is a Lie. It Has Been Proven.


During Obama’s campaign for the presidency in 2007 and 2008, he had promised that he was planning on “making health insurance universal.” In non-politician speak, he had promised that 100% of Americans would have health insurance.

It has been 15 months since Obamacare was first open for enrollment and unfortunately, it has not met this promise. It is not even close to meeting his promise, and indeed is not even close to ever being able to meet his promise. To make matters worse, Obama has always known that he could never fulfill this promise, as shall be shown below.

Gallup Poll has tracked the percentage of Americans who had lacked health insurance since 2008, which came in at 12.9%, and on January 7th Gallup reported that it is now 14.6%.

Well done Obama, Obamacare has been in force for 15 months and you have increased coverage by a whopping 2%! You might be tempted to excuse this poorly predicted promise on his idealism, inexperience or naiveté, however there is evidence that this was not the case, and that he had told a bold-faced lie.

Universal Healthcare has been achieved by other developed Western nations, making Obama’s “goals” not so far fetched. On June 16th, 2014, when the Commonwealth Fund issued their study, “How the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally,” they reported that: “The United States health care system is the most expensive in the world, but this report and prior editions consistently show the U.S. under-performs relative to other countries on most dimensions of performance. Among the 11 nations studied in this report—Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States—the U.S. ranks last, as it did in the 2010, 2007, 2006, and 2004 editions.”

They emphasized the fact that: “The most notable way the U.S. differs from other industrialized countries is the absence of universal health insurance coverage. Other nations ensure the accessibility of care through universal health systems.” This fact causes per-person medical expenses in the U.S. to rise relative to other countries, because, “Americans were the most likely to say they had access problems related to cost. Patients in the U.S. have rapid access to specialized health care services [which are the costliest type of health care services]; however, they are less likely to report rapid access to primary care [which is the type that’s far less costly and that’s long-term far more effective at producing a healthier population, and is thus a double-whammy better solution] than people in leading countries in the study.”

Thus, the study had found (pg 13) that “health expenditures per capita, 2011” (which was the latest year) were $8,508 for the U.S., and ranged between $3,182 and $5,669 among all of the other ten — all of the countries that had universal insurance.

They had universal health insurance, and yet healthcare costs were about half of America’s. At the same time, their healthcare was uniformly superior. This same analysis found (p. 12) that the “Overall Ranking” on “Quality Care” positioned the United States dead-last.

Real universal healthcare is certainly beneficial to the general populace, wherein the system treats healthcare as a right as opposed to a privilege. Truly free healthcare, as opposed to the insurance company boon that is Obamacare. In the US, where the opposite scenario plays out and healthcare is being treated as a privilege rather than a right, we see a system that is universally worse for the people.

Ironically, the real beneficiaries of this half-hearted attempt at universal healthcare are the CEOs of the insurance companies. These men contribute vast sums in political campaign financing in order to influence the policy of the politicians, and this windfall was certainly no accident.

Universal healthcare was a perfectly achievable ambition as observed by the ten success stories in the developed world. Unfortunately, Obamacare was never designed to achieve that lofty goal. Rather, it has always been intended as a means of simply forcing people to pay for insurance. As seen in the pathetic 2 percentage point rise in coverage, Obamacare was clearly a fraud.

Besides Obama, both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were also peddling the exact same “universal healthcare” plan that he was. Politicians had simply given it a pretty label, with the words “universal healthcare,” instead of the words “forced insurance”. Unfortunately with all the “journalists” reporting on Obamacare, few have come to the realization that this was what had happened.

Bad enough that it was never Obama’s intention to serve up what he had promised, he had a particular interest in not allowing the “public option” portion of his promise to come to fruition. Insurance companies had a specific concern regarding that part.

In order to achieve this true goal, he had worded the “public option” part of his promise in a particularly broad and general language that had rendered it meaningless to the critical observer. On 9 September 2009, he had taken a contradictory stance on this issue. He was now openly trying to peddle a product that was impossible to produce. Interestingly, nobody in the media had criticized this. He said, “I have no interest in putting insurance companies out of business. They provide a legitimate service, and employ a lot of our friends and neighbors. I just want to hold them accountable. (Applause.) And the insurance reforms that I’ve already mentioned would do just that. But an additional step we can take to keep insurance companies honest is by making a not-for-profit public option available in the insurance exchange. (Applause.) Now, let me be clear. Let me be clear. It would only be an option for those who don’t have insurance.”

At that very moment, he had ruled out a public option to compete against the insurance companies for the 85% (now 87%) who already had insurance. How would a public option that was unavailable to 85% of people be able to “keep insurance companies honest”? Indeed, he was actually blatantly admitting that he would be protecting their profitability while claiming that this would somehow keep them honest. Should this enforced insurance eventual force everyone into coverage, then nobody would have the public option.

This lie from Obama was detailed by an anonymous blogger who headlined on 22 December 2009, “President Obama: ‘I Didn’t Campaign on the Public Option’,” where Obama’s promises was shown as being nothing but a lie. That blog-post had been preceded by an interview with Obama which had just been published in the Washington Post headlining, “Obama Rejects Criticism on Health-Care Reform Legislation,”. “‘I didn’t campaign on the public option,’ Obama said in the interview.” The President’s claim was without a doubt an outright lie. You see, although the reality of the matter was that he had never intended for there to be a public option, he had repeatedly campaigned on the public option.

Knowing that the public option was extremely popular with the majority of Americans, he had used it to his advantage (Most polls showed support for the public option); after it is revealed that he had never intended to deliver it, he proceeds to brazenly lie about his track record.

A key piece of evidence in the blog-post “President Obama: ‘I Didn’t Campaign on the Public Option’,” was an Obama campaign document that (like most of the others) was quickly removed from the Web after his election. This was because these promises were always meant to be broken, and nobody wanted little bits of quotable evidence to prove that he was an excellent liar. This document included the following statement, as copied here into a blog-post dated 30 May 2007, from very early in Obama’s primary campaign against Hillary Clinton and John Edwards:

“Through the Exchange, any American will have the opportunity to enroll in the new public plan or purchase an approved private plan.”

“any American.” Is certainly not the same as “Let me be clear. It would only be an option for those who don’t have insurance.” How strange that none of the mainstream journalists had picked up on that.


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  1. Are familiar how a bill gets passed? #CongressWontDoIt (universal healthcare/single payer) Citizens United ruined any chance of it. Ever.

  2. individualist Philosophers in here huh ? BASIC Economics/Politics
    you have to understand that Obama is clearly only the president of the U.S. no one truly threatening wants to be the president when Opressing a Country or State !!!! hes the guy shakin in his pen because he doesnt want him and his wife n kids do get harmed or even killed !! hes only at the end of the 3 Branches. think about it Legislative:Law Makers Judicial:Judge/Analyse Executive:Execute/Start so all they have to do is Scare him in some way- if anything the bad Legislatures and Politicians want to Blame it all on hime ! cut him some slack. ima Anarchist Punk sayin this shit (A)

  3. This is why, ladies and gentlemen, the other reason why my mother and I do not have health insurance, because of obamacare. Thank you so much, Mr. President for completely corrupting the system, you’ve really done a good job on keeping the United States on top of the charts(hint the sarcasm on this last sentence) !

  4. The linked data source itself actually says:

    ‘The uninsured rate has dropped 4.2 percentage points since the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for Americans to have health insurance went into effect one year ago.’

    So that would be 4.2 percentage points, not 2 surely?
    And that is fairly significant as given the population of the US that’s over 12 million people.
    People who would probably have died a totally preventable death without this legislation.

    Man, you can’t move on the internet without somebody trying to do a hatchet job on Obama…

    • I would point out that a four percent fall of a small portion of uninsured, would likely be a much smaller rise of the total insured? Basic math: 100 people, 80 insured, 20 not. 5% of the uninsured is now insured,

      1/100= 1% change in the total number of people from uninsured to insured,
      1/80= 1.25% increase in the number of insured

      I would also point out that this article’s main focus is what Obama said, as opposed to what he did. Its secondary purpose is to highlight the definition of true universal healthcare, and how much better healthcare has been elsewhere. It is not only about the perceived benefits or lack of benefits. A lie is a lie, I think one should not be so quick to jump on the “Support X politician no matter what” bandwagon…. Try not to be so partisan. We are Equal Opportunity critics of all politicians.

  5. Is this the *real* anonymous page? Like there’s so much BS being spammed out to my FB… Don’t any people in the US know that Obama care was blocked by Congress and State legislatures? Both of which are filled with people sponsored by pharma lobbyists? Did you know health care cost have skyrocketed over the past decade? Your health care stats are bonkers compared to the rest of the world because Tea Party types are controlling your minds. Your Medicare is government run and works – so why not Obama care? Because a lot of rich people – sorry, a few rich people – don’t want it to. If you want to find out what is happening in your country read your own Nobel-prize winning economist, who’s written a layman’s guide: Stiglitz ‘The Price of Inequality’.

  6. Thank you, because of my situation I was unable to report on this. But, please dig deeper, you have no idea of how close you are to unraveling something bigger than most people have ever imagined.

    This is a anonymous post so I can now enlight you with the knowledge I have. The biggest of these people is Providence Medical Group. They own Hospitals, sporting arenas, nursing homes, and even their own insurance. They make it too costly for a doctor to remain in private practice and have to join there group. The doctors will usually support the companies agenda with there contributions. This also leads in to learned education verses paid education. Where in some doctors come from money and due to financial contributions are pretty well given a degree. This keeps them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. When you follow the money trail as I did, and I am sure you will, you will find that the chairman, or VP, or President of these companies also has some hand in a pharmaceutical company. These companies will usually be oversees, sometimes in the US. Then when you research the ones over sees you will see that those have people in the US that have certain contracts and interest in that company. Then that company will make a withdraw to a different non related company here in the US, the bank of Zurich, or another bank that when the contributions are made to a party it appears it comes from the bank itself. If it is given to a subsidiary company or a person that has a large investment in that company then it will be shelled to a company that the person owns that is not in the same feild. This is why it looks like a iron mill is giving a very large contribution when it fact it was from a large pharmaceutical over seas. It doesn’t show on the books except for profit as the money was just moved between two companies.

    When you look at the major source of income in the US you will find that it is entertainment and hospitallity. But when the average income is 30k per year, it is litterally impossible. So you find out who the people are that utillize the entertainment and hospitallity. You will find that the feild is sometimes a shell company. When you compare the profit rates you will instanly find something wrong. This also leads to the remaining amount that do utillize the field, and the medical field is the ones that utillize this field the most.

    Most americans are under the false impression that the doctor is there to help them. WRONG! It is like all professions, they are there to make money. The sad fact is it is like the contractor field. If you have a contractor that is passionate about their job they will do the best job they can no matter what, be will versed and knowledged in what they do, and offer you honest educated options. The same thing with the medical field. But, on the oppostie end is the shady contractor who is going to offer you and tell you that you need a bunch of their most expensive services. They might even sabotage something to make you need more services. A good example is a hiatal hernia. It is estimated with the obese population that more than 60% of Americans have this. It is nicknamed the great mimick as it mimicks: strokes, heart attack, lung disease, ulcers, GERDS, IBS, MS, and muscular skeletal problems just to name a few. The most conclusive test for diagnosing this is a simple barium swallow x-ray. It isn’t that expensive. But a doctor will say that they want to be conclusive and thorough, they will order massive test before them like a PET which is a very expensive type of x-ray. You can be legitimately tested for all the conditions I listed above which can lead to millions of dollars for one simple diagnosis, not to include the money for pharmaceuticals. Speaking of pharmaceuticals, have you ever noticed how physicians have free samples? That is because some physicians are like pro athletes, for pushing the product they get a percentage. So as you can see this money keeps to the 1%. The college gets their money from the paid education, the doctors stay in their money, the pharmaceuticals get there money from the doctors pushing there products, and the American public gets shafted no lube.

    You might ask how does this play in to politics. So since the medical profession to include insurance has more money than any other organization they have the most to give. By giving to a candidates fund they are assured that the candidate will push there agenda, to make even more money and greed a politician might start buying socks in certain pharmaceutical groups and or medical institutions. In return they could, completely hypothetically, release a virus that year that requires a updated flu shot, cure for Ebola, or what have you. Or have someone release a report that a certain medication or lifestyle will prolong your life. This gives further money because people buy in to it, thus increasing the price of the stock further. Being they are a ivnestor they can find out about experimental drugs ready for release or development. This knowledge gives them a edge in the stock field without being insider trading.

    Lets now look at addictive patterns. The smoking and alchohal adds have worked. Both have been on decline in the US. This is what prompted the goverment to get more money out of the insurance sector. But the medical field took it one step further. If you look at prescriped narcotic sales from 2006-2012 the grid will look like a rocket. A line shooting straight up for the moon. So right before the implementation of reclassification of prescribed substances you will see a huge influx of addiction control doctors such as behaviorlist. And you will also see a influx of detox xlinics, medical detox clincs, opiate withdraw clinics. It is like a liqour store in Cali, one on every corner. The reason why is a deal was probably struck with the government to make more stringent laws after getting people addicted. This would cause a large rise in the need for addiction medicine. Now they both profit. The whole time they have you looking the opposite direction at the legalization of medical marijuana. While marijuana is considered a minor hallucinigenic, it doesnt fire off the pleasure center of the brain like opiates do. So by misdirecting you they were able to accomplish thier goal. Don’t ask why not legalize it, it is simple. Opiate use is the primary narcotic in the US right now. Most police force narcotic bust are from this, most trafficing from other countries is opiates, then the people the doctors want to keep on the opiates can easily be controlled by threatning to take the substance away. Now, you have complete control of your addicted population. We as Americans did this to the Chineese during railroad construction and that is where they got the idea. The chineese would work for days on end without a break as long as they were high. They would do sexual acts, kill one another, and literally anything for a fix. The government put a stop on it when it was being used in over the counter medications and the white populatons started to get addicted.

    Now I have tracked the money trail multiple times and came up with possible shell companies as primary ivestors will have something like a food manufacturing company that is making millions when you never see there product leave the shelf. Then before an ivestigation the investors will divy the money out and buy said product. So it litterally costed them nothing to shell it and show it. But when you research above the VP, above the company owner, to find out who or whom these multiple investors work for. That is were my trail goes cold. I am stopped at the anonymous banks.

    I challenge you fellow Anons to hack and help me find the ones at the top causing this corruption. To find out who is ordering the transfers. To find out who is keeping the American public repressed for profit.

    I have had this information for over a year and because of it have been purposely misdiagnosed. I have been harassed, had my cell phone number cloned, my router(if you can believe it) hacked and tracked, and followed. My place has been ransacked and my surveillance audio stolen. I am sure if I am found out again, it will be even worse this time. So I pass on this knowledge to you. To those that harassed, beaten, financialy rapped, taken advantage of, and riduculed my the medical profession.

    I want nothing personally. I just hope my anonymous brothers and sisters can now get the rest of the information that was stolen and hidden from me and show the population before my fate befalls others.
    Never Forget
    Never Forgive
    Expect Us

    • the conspiracy is stronk with this one.
      but i agree how doctors are there to make money.
      my hospital bill:
      $159-medical supplies
      they gave me a bandaid………

  7. we now have healthcare due to Obama! Before the cost was too high and they wouldn’t cover us due to a pre-existing condition. So your view is wrong.

  8. I have 2 genetic diseases that are killing me. I am in constant pain, 24/7, I have heart-attack symptoms and black out often, my liver and lungs are failing.

    Because of the Affordable Care Act, for the first time in my life, I have health care. I am receiving the medications I need. I will be able to survive because of Obamacare.


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