Less Than 2% Terrorist Acts Have Been Committed By Muslims In Europe & US


Are all terrorists Muslims? Or all Muslims are terrorists? Well, open your eyes, read, and think again. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Yes, agree but the number is not even close to what many think. The fact is in the last five years, less than 2% of all terrorist attacks in the European Union were “religiously motivated”. There were 738 terrorist attacks in Europe between 2011 and 2014. Only eight were inspired by religion.

A ThinkProgress analysis puts forth these surprising but real figures for the West and conservatives to ponder:

  • In 2013, there were 152 terrorist attacks in EU countries. Two of them were religiously motivated.
  • In 2012, there were 219 terrorist attacks in EU countries. Six of them were religiously motivated.
  • In 2011, none of the 174 terrorist attacks in EU countries were affiliated or inspired by terrorist organizations.
  • In 2010, there were 249 terrorist attacks in EU countries. Three of them were considered by Europol to be Islamist.
  • In 2009, of 294 terrorist attacks in EU countries, only one was related to Islamist militancy.


The Charlie Hebdo massacre incited shock, disgust and horror across the world. However, in the global outburst of solidarity and denunciation of cruelty, a fact was lost that so few of the terrorist attacks carried out in European Union countries were actually related to Islamist militancy. A majority of terrorist acts in EU, in reality, were carried out by separatist organizations.

There are some more startling facts – according to a FBI study, between 1980 and 2005 there were more Jewish acts of terrorism within the United States than Islamic (7% vs. 6%).


Charles Kurzman, a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina, called Muslim Americans “a minuscule threat to public safety”. In his recent report titled Muslim-American Terrorism in 2013, Charles states, “The United States suffered approximately 14,000 murders in 2013. Since 9/11, Muslim-American terrorism has claimed 37 lives in the United States, out of more than 190,000 murders during this period”.

So why do we only hear of Islamist militant attacks, causing ‘great calamity’? Because politicians, law enforcement officials, and corporate media only highlight religiously-motivated attacks over political ones

Radical Islamism in Europe is definitely a threat. But it is not the existential peril it is made out to be by a few xenophobes.






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  1. above religion we are all human, we two eyes ! everything is same !
    just different thought ! don’t let anyone to force you think his religion is bad !

    • If only the intolerant were as tolerant of you, the world would be a better place. Unfortunately for everyone, it’s just not true. Many of these ideas in religion are bad and several verses in these doctrines don’t even consider you human.

    • ALL religion IS bad. More people have been killed in the ‘name of god’ (one god or another…. there are thousands) than grains of sand on a beach. Faith leads you to believe in an ‘afterlife’ where it’s sunny all the time and happy…. a pacifier for the only species able to question life’s mysteries. You live, you die, recycle… some day your atoms will be in a star again. Religion is the one thing holding us (mankind) back from some truly great achievements like COOPERATING, feeding EVERYONE, educating EVERYONE, and getting off this insane rock to explore the stars.

  2. One of the few articles of yours hqanon that I totally agree. Well done. With all due respect let me add that almost 100% of the above mentioned attacks in Eyrope were made out of fanaticism. That is what we must fight with. Good work. Keep on fighting.

  3. dont let them bullshit you, even if they werent religiously motivated that doesnt mean that they werent done by muslims, and obviously islamic attacks take more deathes, also this is europe and us info only, what about austrailia, asia and third world countries?

        • What about Iraq? How many innocent people is killed there by the US Military? Just to let you know, we lost 3 million people in the 70s by a military supported by the US.

          We know the true horror and pain of the so called fight against terrorism. Alan Ginsburg said it best, “Fighting for peace is like f***ing for virginity”.

          Are you ready to be disgusted by their criminal acts and call the real terrorists what they are -“Terrorists”?

          • Dont worry… in this “Iraq” you speak of, Muslims have killed far more Muslims because of religious technicalities than the US has. This is going on constantly without US involvement.

      • it only says religiously motivated attacks,it doesnt say a muslim committed these attacks because they are at war with the west

      • There’s no proof presented! This is a shity copy and paste from the libtard rag “think progress”. Well 100% of every single word that they type is an absolute blatant made up lie so says every single educated and intelligent human being in all of the entire universe with absolutely no exception whatsoever! Every single terror attack that they listed was absolutely religiously motivated without exception and every single one of them was perpetrated by a Muslim. When uneducated people like you use the term racist in a situation like this it clearly states that only and exclusively you are the racist you are also very ignorant and incredibly uneducated as Islam is a religion not a race and so even if you hate Muslims you absolutely are not racist as Muslims come in all races and therefore it doesn’t count.

        • Guess you missed the Europol and FBI links to the data? Maybe some day you’ll figure out how this internet thing works, but until then, good luck in your adventure through a series of tubes.

    • “and obviously islamic attacks take more deathes”

      Actually the US has killed more human beings than any other nation in the history of humanity, how many of them were innocent? A vast majority I’d say. Also at your request I’ve included the other countries too in that statement.

      Maybe you should consider information without that initial bias you seem to have and start looking at things more scientifically. You also seem to be an individual who is victim to the fundamental attribution error, which makes your arguments extremely difficult to consider.

    • If you think the attacks that weren’t religiously motivated were done by muslims(or mostly muslims), why don’t you present some proof and show your point. Moreover, if the crime was not religiously motivated, why would you even count on religion?

      • Look for the statistics provided by the global terrorism index. Muslims commit more terrorism than all other people combined and more die in Islamist terrorism than all other terrorism combined.

        This page is very misleading.

  4. Domt let them bullshit you, even if they werent religiously motivated that doesnt mean they werent done by muslims and and islamic attacs take more deaths of innocent with them also this is us and europe info only, what about asia, australia and third world countries?

  5. “Or all muslims are terrorists?” is not a sentence. I literally had to read that 3 times before I figured out what you were trying to say. Proofread your shit.

    “Or are all muslims terrorists?” is what I’m assuming you meant to say here. I’m sure I’m about to get 3 hippies below me that are all “hoo cares about teh spellng, its teh message that matters”, but if I am having a hard time just reading what the message even is in the very first paragraph, then something is wrong. What’s truly baffling is that the author goes on to spell the word “existential” correctly.

  6. Muslims are not the problem. Religious differences are a clever disguise by the Corporate NWO elites to have a fall guy. The real problem are the elites who choose to hide behind religion in order to cultivate their New world Order one government agenda. It is really as simple as that!!!

    • You, good sir are a legend. I rate you for writing something that I wholly agree with and have stood by for many years. As a muslim myself, I have never felt hatred towards anyone who doesn’t share the same beliefs as I do; I am not the one who has the authority to judge… NOR have I ever came across a violent muslim in the sense that we are portrayed nowadays in the corporate influenced media.

    • Sure, Isis is slaughtering peaceful Muslims in shocking numbers, Sunnis have been killing Shias for centuries, Homosexuals are pushed off rooftops, and every other religion has been snuffed out of Muslim majority countries… all because of Corporate NWO elites.

      • This is the problem in this day and age. People believing in conspiracy theories like world order, Eurabia, UFOs, 9/11 inside job, ‘The West is always to blame’, etc etc

        A lot of these same people also run countries, sadly…

    • Your comment proves you are mentally ill you have absolutely no education whatsoever and your IQ is incredibly low you literally win dumbest comment ever congratulations

  7. If all muslims were terrorists, we wood have 1 619 314 000 terrorists in the world, 28.49% of world popoulation, they could kill us all, but the dont, simply because they are not.

    • You’re looking at it wrong. The majority of muslims are indeed non extremist. this is something we all know. But it is not relevant. I see that the 9/11 attacks are often used as an example so I’ll go with that one. With that incredible amount of muslim people in the world. How many were necessary to cary out an attack that killed nearly 3000 people? Only 19 of the 1 619 314 000. And also with the Charlie Hebdo attacks, how many? 2 people of the 1 619 314 000. And of the 1 619 314 000, thousands if not millions supported the attacks! And even if the majority is peaceful. Why do they not step up and condemn it? Because they are brainwashed and to scared.

      • Muslims have condemned them so many times it’s not even funny. But, since it doesn’t come with hands being cut off or bodies being blown up or big bangs, the MSM has no interest in it.

    • Only retards say things like this. Those 1.6bn Muslims commit twice as much terrorism as the 5.5bn non-Muslims.

      Look at the figures from the global terrorism index.

  8. This article is true. Though only in Islam is terror attacks towards non-believers are taught. Look it up its found in the Hadith, Quran, Sunnah and its even taught in the most respected university in the Muslim world, the AL Azhaar University in Cairo Egypt, which holds the most educated minds on Islam in the world and that share the same beliefs as ISIS. Something to think about. Remember I’m not talking about Muslims (as some may or may not fully understand or follow their religion) im talking about objective Islam.

    • Sir I beg to differ.. Many of the Hadith unfortunately taught are not true (I.e have not been said by Mohammed), as for the Quraan, all the verses talking about Jihad is a permission for self defense only, as the Quraan clearly prohibits killing and only gives permission to defend oneself against raids or perp iteration. Unfortunately the books taught in Al Azhar are opinions / they call “heritage” and instead of treating it as such, newer generations now look at it as the rightful source, completely ignoring the true verse of the Quraan. This is from a Muslim who knows Islam inside out. The problem came from people who decided to put interpretations in light of their own minds .

    • Why are you generalizing that every terrorist must be a expert in islam, i can say with confidence that this terrorists (about 98 % of them, other 2% for personal and financial reasons we’ve seen it in our country) are without any level of education.
      Many people has their entire lives studying islam, and they can not fully grasp his objective, and you read a few minutes verses from coran out of context, and you think you are an expert in islam.

    • john let me explain to you in simple words but im sure you wont accept it n keeps on going….

      Islam doesn’t allow any1 to kill or hurt other person except in self defence. In even war times we can only fight with soldiers or person who is fighting, no children, women or old people can be harmed.

      you said…Why do they not step up and condemn it? come on mate its bn condemned by muslims all over the world but is western media willing to show it ? in my area there was a rally of 100 thousand people but non of western media report it.. so its simple. you are show n you believe what they want you to believe.

  9. Today the challenges of the modernity pose existential threat to mankind and earth itself, if not tackled adequately and immediately.

    The first major challenge is of VIOLENCE. Its most visible forms are war and terrorism. Then there is the systematic or system generated violence.

    We are neither able to see it or understand it, but its scope and spread are frightening.

    The present situation is such that we have no will to resist violence, unless it directly affects us.

    This kind of violence is market driven which necessitates perpetuation of war or its possibility. We have seen Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
    Wars, these days, have no cause and are not concerned with victory or defeat.

    Even popular agitations are turning violent. There is market/business behind all this and we are unable to see this pervasive/reality of violence.

    There is a book titled: ‘When Corporations Rule the World’, which describes what will be the situation when corporations run the world? Today 10-12 families are running this world.
    All these so-called governments, administrations and political parties are puppets being manipulated by them.

    These realities are not my imagination but are based on credible research. Republic, democracy, equality and justice have become meaningless clichés.

    The whole world today is not functioning on the basis of democracy, but on the basis of group/party for whom the group/party interest come before the national or public interest. And these entities are manipulated by the market forces.

    In brief the entire world today is being governed by the market forces, which are described as consumeristic system. In this system there is no place for values, except profit and money.

    I cannot forget a sentence written by a teacher in an Australian newspaper: “never mind human rights; money matters.” it’s true that today human rights have no importance, only dollar. It does not matter even if ten people lose their lives as long as you are earning some money selling bullets. The biggest industrialists today are those producing weapons of mass destruction.

    It is they who influence the outcome of elections; those who win with their help are duty bound to help in expansion of the arms market.

    Constant possibilities of war and terrorism are essential ingredients to keep the weapons market vibrant and expanding. I clearly remember that Vietnam War, which lasted for 18-19 years, could have ended quickly in victory, defeat or surrender. But it was purposely kept going on as victory or defeat was not the objective, war was.

    Similarly, possibilities of war are kept alive in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Ukraine etc. Terrorism is also now always available to keep the arms bazaar flourishing, even if it means a few thousands or lakhs get killed. It is not considered bad. Life has no value as long as weapons are being sold and market for it is being created. Maintaining this reality also means suppressing those who think positively and talk of values and human rights.

    They should be convinced that they are all helpless and things are bound to continue like this and it is better to compromise with the obtaining reality. There is also an irresponsible thinking, which is symbolic of modern thinking, that it’s okay even if the earth is destroyed as long as it does not happen in our lifetime.

    • AAAAAhhhhh! Somebody besides me gets it! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…I believe that somewhere inside me the need to write this was building, you beat me to it and might I say, I don’t think I would have been able to put it so eloquently. So Thank You again and may I please quote this?

  10. There are two groups of muslims. Peaceful ones and war loving radical islamist ones. These article shows islamic terror is exaggerated but it doesnt hurt to take procaution to radical groups. They are a threat to us too because they call us fake muslims (murted) so they have a right to kill us. I see radicalism is rising. 5-10 years later radical groups may be a comman thing. İt is not just islamic ones but we have a very bad sitiuation too. if world econmy goes bad this will elevate radicalism even further. Radical parties should not hold power.

    • All religions have these two distinct groups. Problem is the media is continuously stereotyping, branding all muslims as terrorists. The outcome is that even perfectly peaceful muslims are harassed, humiliated and sometimes they do what they are supposed to do – crime against humanity.

      The Media is more responsible for this situation than anyone else.

      No accountability and responsibility at all.

  11. As a statistician, although I agree with the sentiments behind the article, I must disagree with the analysis.

    What the author should have done is total all successful PLUS attempted terrorists attempts.

    For example, maybe the successful Islamic attacks are so few in relation to the others is because that is where the police and security services are focusing their attention. Hence more foiled attacks.

    As their attention is distracted towards potential Islamic attacks from the Muslim community, more of the other groups attacks are successful.

    So although I understand and support the intention behind the article, please do a proper statistical analysis before reporting statistics.

    • We are more interested in what happens next. Actually, since you mentioned that the authorities are not doing their job properly, do you have better statistics (or evidence)? Please let us know and thank you for your comment.

  12. This statistic may be true, but sadly its a misleading stat from the government to keep everyone calm. I have another study which suggests 93.8% of all murders by terrorist attacks were committed by Muslim terrorists between 1980 and 2005. That shows you why you need to take a qualitative approach also. A kid who burns a car with no one in it, is not the same as shooting, killing many people at their work, at a cafe, or bombing a train & this study fails to differentiate this. Unfortunately many Muslim appeasers will run with this figure, spreading the deception & that’s a real shame.

  13. There is only and only one group that is actually wild extremist group calling all other muslims as non believers while endorsing their killing would lead to the paradise. The group is Wahabbis /Salafi. Every terrorist is Wahabbi not Muslim

  14. There is only and only one group that is actually wild extremist group calling all other muslims as non believers while endorsing their killing would lead to the paradise. The group is Wahabbis /Salafi. Every terrorist is Wahabbi not Muslim

  15. Why are people always blaming all Muslims for the act committed by less than 1% of Muslim terrorists? Is it because it’s Islam? Remember Muslims were not the first to introduce terrorism. Terrorism was introduced by the West in an attempt to oppose certain reigns or ideologies which differed with. Have we ever asked ourselves why people are so moved to becoming terrorism? Have we asked ourselves how many Palestinians are denied of their homes, who are living in Refugee camps. Have we asked ourselves why the West is still financing authoritative regimes who keep suppressing their own people in the region? Answering all these questions will help find a workable solution to the issue terrorism. Besides, if we are blame any religion for terrorism why didn’t we considered Christianity as one when ADOLF HITLER killed 6 millions and 8 millions non Jews? Let’s rethink and stop pointing at Islam as responsible for an age old ideology introduced
    by the so called West.

    • john after reading your comments.. the 1st thought came to my mind was, i wish western people were not blinded by media n had open mind like you 🙂

      every year i see shooting incidence across US n Europe n all we heard is that the killer had mental issues.

      why on earth the killer if (Muslim) dont have the same mental issue. he is blamed straght away…Muslim terrorist.

      Muslim history shows… in golden times Muslim Great rulers were punished for hurting a non muslim, so really its so strange to see this concept of killing innocent people.

  16. good article, the problem is elsewhere
    lets start with a fact, was there an islamist terrorism before 1980?
    heck even before 1990 there was hardly any know islamist terrorist groups
    in the 60~90s communist/socialist terrorits acts were more prevalent.
    most of these groups originated from countries there were under distatorships (latin america, south-east-asia …etc)
    since the most violent dictatorships were overthrown latin america calmed down.
    before the 50’s there most well know terrorist groups were anarchist
    so what common with all of these terror groups?
    ideology? religion? race?
    If you make no effort in understanding the causes that make such groups spring up, then you can’t find sound solution, rather you’ll only make the issue more worse
    read more about the history of latin america, counter-insurgcy, dicatorships and USA backing such counter-insurgy wars, history repeat istelf heh?

  17. If Muslims were terrorists or freedom fighters, There would be no europe.
    because why we kill our own people if we are terrorists? why not declare war against enemies?
    Thanks Anonymous. 🙂

    • I’m actually wondering how they are defining left here. Like if they think fascist is left or something ridiculous like that. I don’t know, though. There are extremist communist groups.

  18. these were all angles…


    the news would be different if any of them was a Muslim.. i wounder why they never say the killer has mental iuses if hes a Muslim.

    media can twist it as much as it wants but terrorist is terrorist, a person who believes he has the right to kill innocent people or any1 is an animal. he doesn’t belongs to any religion.

    My wrong doings does not means that my religion shud be blamed for it.. for eg.

    hitler was biggest terrorist we have ever seen but non said…a Christine terrorist killed jews
    or like jews killing Palestinians nowadays .. the media occasionally blame Israelis but not their religion. so we have to let go this hypocrisy

  19. I agree it’s ridiculous to treat all Muslims as terrorists, when clearly the majority are peaceful.

    But how many terrorist attacks in the world are committed by Muslims? Most of the victims of terror attacks are Muslim people themselves.

    Even before ISIS were on the scene last year, terrorist attacks were, and still are a daily occurrence in Iraq – and it’s because of religion.

    I’m not sure what is being defined as a ‘terrorist attack’ with regards to the US and Europe statistics, but if we’re including things like lone nutcases going on shooting sprees, well they are almost impossible to prevent…and thus the best intelligence won’t stop them, and is instead diverted towards groups plotting attacks, such as ISIS.

    A question to those that think ISIS are the minority of the problem – when you heard about the France attacks, did you honestly instinctively think ‘oh that’s probably not ISIS-related?’

    How many of these other ‘terrorist’ attacks have resulted in armies of people creating basically their own country, like ISIS?

    Religion is a huge problem. But it is true that’s it’s also a huge problem to hold all Muslims accountable for things that are not their fault. As has been stated, most victims of Islam inspired violence, are Muslims themselves.

  20. Interesting article but have a question or two!

    Your article says that less than 2% of muslim terror acts are committed in Europe, but there are only around 6% of the general population therefore it’s quite high for such a small minority?
    What are you classing as Europe EU members or all of what is called Europe as Azerbaijan,Georgia Montenegro and sometimes Russia are counted as being in Europe?
    Your pie chart shows info from USA’s FBI you do not really show the full breakdown of Europe. Would like all the facts and figures in full to make a good judgement on this matter?

  21. What about the death tolls? If islamic terrorism is a massive minority in Europe, when was the last time some non-islamic faction murdered over 100 people in one attack?

    • Your wiki page is referring to all the terrorist attacks that have occurred throughout the world. This page is referring to the terrorist acts committed by Muslims in EU and US.
      I suggest you read the article and post back here when you have done that.

  22. ISIS is NOT Muslims!
    Muslims are NOT TerroTerrorist!
    Muslims attacked the French for what?
    Muslims attacked the Europe for what?
    Muslims attacked the US for what?
    Muslims do not want war! But Muslims want peace! Muslim wants to learn about the religion of Islam, not desire the destruction! ?

  23. For some mysterious reason, the PERFECT religion of Islam
    is routinely “misunderstood” each and every day.
    Since 9/11, terrorism in the name of Allah occurs in:

    India and the Sudan and Algeria and New York and Pakistan and Israel and Russia and Chechnya and the Philippines and Indonesia and Nigeria and England and Thailand and Spain and Egypt and Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Morocco and Yemen and France and Uzbekistan and Gaza and Tunisia and Kosovo and Bosnia and Mauritania and Kenya and Eritrea and Syria and Somalia and Kuwait and Ethiopia and Jordan and United Arab Emirates and Tanzania and Belgium and Denmark and East Timor and Qatar and Maryland and Tajikistan and the Netherlands and Afghanistan and Chad and Canada and China and Nepal and the Maldives and Argentina and Mali and Angola and the Ukraine and Uganda and Germany and Lebanon and Iran and Kazakhstan and Sweden and Azerbaijan and Iraq and Scotland and Macedonia and Bulgaria and Cameroon and Djibouti and Australia and…

    …and pretty much wherever Islam is taken seriously:

    “O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who
    are near to you, and let them find harshness in you,
    and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty”
    Qur’an, Sura 9:123

    • Correction

      Quran 9:123
      “O you who believe, you shall fight the disbelievers who come near you to attack you – let them find you stern – and know that God is with the righteous.”

      Allowed at war is to attack only those who come near you to attack you
      & note that it states a criteria that it is righteousness & one must know that whoever is righteous, God is with them.

      So just like the misinterpretation of this one verse & serveral other ways trying to frame islam for the fear of not loosing their governments by the increase of muslim population that can bring a muslims to lead.

  24. A large number of posters here state that many people believe that all or most Muslims are actual or potential terrorists.
    I read a lot. I listen a lot. I have never come across anyone, anywhere make that claim. It is a strawman.
    What many people do believe is that the terrorist acts of the last few decades are mostly committed by Muslims.
    For a list of all terrorist attacks, ranked by number of victims, in recent decades see:


    These are fact based statistics. They are easily checked – they are not wrong. Most readers will remember many of these attacks and will notice that no terrorist attacks they are aware of are absent from this list.

    The 2% figure for a Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe is dubious and inherently misleading – and useless. Given the factual death figures in the Wikipedia article then necessarily most of 98% of terrorist attacks in Europe are victimless. It follows that the 2% statistic is simply irrelevant to this discussion. Some weird definition of “terrorist attacks” is being used here.

    Pure and simple the great majority of terrorist deaths are caused by Muslim extremists. And yes, the great majority of Muslims are not terrorists and condemn terrorists. There is nothing incompatible about these two fact statements. It is odd that so many obviously intelligent people are willing to submit themselves to extraordinary mental contortions to avoid confronting this uncomplicated reality

  25. All of you children, stop fighting & try to understand each other through your own EXPERIENCE.
    We always thought of other religions to be the problems until here we are having to live with them just to realize that we have wasted our best years thinking against others, only to realize that all that dirt was only in us.
    We’re grateful that there’s an end to everything.. even life

  26. It would be interesting to see a pie chart for terrorism that included such state sponsored acts that undoubtedly qualify. Remote controlled missiles targeting wedding parties, phosphorous rained down on Palestinians civilians civilians, fermenting violent insurrections. The list is endless.

  27. The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
    The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
    The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
    The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
    The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
    The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
    The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
    The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
    The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims
    The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
    The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
    The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
    The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
    The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
    The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
    The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
    The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
    The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
    The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
    The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
    The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
    The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
    The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
    The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
    The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims


    Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION

    If you believe this article that Muslim terrorists are only responsible for 2% of terrorism you must be a leftist.. proving that one out of three leftists are just as stupid as the other two.

    • Numbers don’t lie, but you seem like a spammer, I don’t have the numbers for that but maybe you do ;), your ignorance is truly noted nonetheless.

      • The numbers don’t lie but they are misleading in the extreme.
        The US and EU have very small Muslim populations. This excludes most of the Muslims and most of the terrorism in the world.
        To be extra misleading, all terrorist attacks have been counted equally.
        ETA is the most prolific terrorist organisation in EU and they mainly set fire to empty buildings. Every one of those fires is a separate terror attack.
        The Madrid train bomb and the London subway attacks are also one attack each.
        Body count is not taken into account.

  28. anonymous has become a circus stunt. Like a little clown car rolling in on broken wobbly axial. Out comes 10 clowns. Then they roll out their fire ring of death. In much excitement and anticipation of a climax of great show. They then all hop back in and rock and wobble their funny car away.

  29. And the attacks engineered and orchestrated soley in order to give credibility and impetus to the ongoing ‘War on Terror’? Quite a lot of those no doubt.

  30. This article is poorly written and very deceptive. It starts out talking about Europe post-911, then suddenly shifts gears to talk about the United States from 1980 to 2005, presumably to make the point that more acts of terror have been committed in the US by Jewish groups than by Muslim groups. That’s true, but only because the incidents by Jewish groups all occurred between 1981 and 1986. If the focus of the article is post-911, these incidents are irrelevant.

    It also fails to mention that the vast majority of “terrorist” incidents in the US post-911 were committed by environmental and animal rights groups, most notably the ELF and ALF. The article refers to these groups as “extreme left-wing groups”. 24 of the 27 terrorist attacks (89%)in the United States post-911 were committed by these “extreme left-wing groups”. These acts of “terror” included arson, attempted arson, burglary, and destruction of property, and resulted in 0 deaths and 0 injuries.

    I would suggest that tree spiking, pouring sugar into the gas tanks of logging vehicles, and freeing minks from fur farms, are quite different from the sort of actual “terror” incidents people should be including in these sorts of articles talking about statistics.


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