Interactive Map Reveals WiFi Passwords of More Than 130 Airports Across the World


There is nothing more blissful for frequent fliers, tourists, students and business travelers, than an airport with free WiFi. Although wireless broadband (WiFi) Internet access is available at the majority of domestic and international airports all around the world, most of the time you require WiFi passwords to stay connected, get the latest news, check emails, or simply kill boredom while you’re waiting for your flight. But surfing the slow and insecure “free” Internet usually comes at a high price.

So how do you keep in touch while you’re on the move, without burning a hole in your pocket?

Anil Polat, a travel blogger and computer security engineer, has a solution. Anil has created an interactive WiFi map that contains WiFi passwords of more than 130 airport networks across the world. Additionally, Anil has released an app that makes the map easier to access on a Smartphone. The interactive map is regularly updated with information crowdsourced from the readers of foXnoMad, his travel blog. He writes:

“Finding an open wireless connection in many airports isn’t always easy, or possible, without a password (or local phone number which is stupid). The difficulty of getting online is why I asked you for and created an always-up-to-date list of airport wireless passwords around the world. You’ve been sending me your tips regularly and I post on the foXnoMad Facebook page when there’s a new password or airport added.

“Below is a regularly updated map of all the airport wireless and lounge WiFi passwords you send and I come across on my travels. I’ll still be updating the original how to get wireless passwords from airports page with this information as well but now you can search around on the map directly.”

Just by clicking on a specific airport on the map, you can see both the password and the WiFi’s location. And well, you don’t need to have Internet access to find the WiFi passwords. Anil has also created a downloadable offline version of the list as well.

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