Iran Bans Pokemon Go Game

Pokemon go

We all know that Iran has been sensitive towards the Internet world and its services. Now, Iran has banned Pokémon Go, officially. They are willing to lift the ban if the Pokémon Go developer accepts the Iranian authorities’ terms and conditions.


Not only is Iran suspicious about the now most famous game of the world, but other countries have also warned gamers to be careful. Israel also warned its military to stay away from this game, as it needs a camera to play it, which could expose the locations and disrupt the privacy of the military. The Chinese government, similarly, have warned its warfare team not to use the game.


Pokémon Go is launched in almost 40 countries with 10 million revenue daily. At the same time, Pokemon Go has various risks attached to playing it. Players while playing Pokémon, have lost their presence of mind, which led to various kinds of accidents in the real life world.

Sources: Risks while playing Pokemon Go

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