Is Zika-Linked Birth Defects a Monsanto Cover Up?


It wasn’t long ago, our Anonymous media branch revealed that the link between the Mosquito borne virus Zika and the birth defect Microcephaly may be circumstantial only. Now, it seems, a group of physicians have declared similar.

The Argentine doctors who have banded together under the banner Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns, have raised concern about the birth defects being related to the deliberately polluted water in the towns where abnormally high rates of Microcephaly are present.

The guilty party, they claim is a ‘strategic partner’ of Monsanto. Their counterpart, Japanese company Sumitomo, manufactured a chemical called Pyriproxyfen, which was introduced into the drinking water supplies in 2014. According to the physicians’’ report, Pyriproxyfen is a chemical larvicide that was produced to curtail the mosquito breeding cycle. The affects that alter the developing mosquitoes during its developmental cycle – larva, pupa, adult – mimic the birth defects now affecting unborn babies.


The inhabitance of the development of the mosquito can range from wing and genitalia defect, to disabling and killing them.

“Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added Pyriproxyfen to drinking water are not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on the Zika virus for this damage,” the Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns have commented.

Screenshot (77)

Source: Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns Report

Other Pyriproxyfen reports say:

According to the Pesticide Action Network Pesticide database, pesticides such as Pyriproxyfen are Endocrine disruptors and can “interfere” with animals and humans. “Exposures can cause sterility or decreased fertility, impaired development, birth defects of the reproductive tract, and metabolic disorders.”

According to sponsored WHO reports, the same chemical still has a “?” for the “Developmental or Reproductive Toxin” and “Endocrine Disruptor” categories. But they do say this:

“Some pesticides are known to cause birth defects or interfere with normal development… Many pesticides that disrupt endocrine functions also cause reproductive and developmental harm, as well as other adverse effects,” says one report.


Nothing is confirmed by the sources, as studies are yet to be conducted in an appropriate manner to rule out negative outcomes.

According to advice to veterinarians who use the substance on domestic animals to control fleas, it is stipulated that “[Pyriproxyfen] neither veterinary antiparasitic nor any agricultural pesticides are tested in human beings to determine their toxicity to humans before they are introduced in the market.” The parent site suggests pregnant women should avoid it, as “acute intoxication” may be more likely.

The State-controlled program to eradicate mosquitos in Brazil by adding Pyriproxyfen (also less commonly known as Pyroproxyfen) to the drinking water of residents, has been urged by these Physicians to conduct further studies to “rule out” their hypothesis.

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  1. It is hard to believe this horror story could be true, but if it is, what other horrors are out there that we have to worry about? The environment is awash in these chemicals. What other toxic crap is going to pop up and do damage to us, and how soon.

    • holy shit i love the drama 😛 honestly wonderful (if horrific, unintentional and unethical) human tests like this show the affects of things quite well :/ so it’s unlikely there are hidden dangerous chemicals in your breakfast cereal unless some really stupid people don’t do the research and release something new.
      this whole thing is unfortunate, there is no known reason why the insecticide should cause these problems, the followed the regulations and did the necessary tests. something just slipped through unnoticed this time

      • Mate, do you know, for money some people can kill a million other.

        The poor population of some countries are like laboratory rats to some people…

        If you dont believe on that, try to live some years in Afrika or in some places of Brazil.

      • Unless you are buying breakfast cereal showing the “USDA Organic” green shield it is almost certain that trace amounts (or more in some cases) of Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) are included. Glyphosate has been determined by medical scientists of many countries to be carcinogens. Many countries have banned GMOs on the grounds that they are the most likely to be grown using Glyphosate. However, Monsanto et al have convinced our farmers that a light spraying of Glyphosate on wheat and other crops, both GMO and NON-GMO, just before harvest promotes even maturity and uniform drying. The absolute worst time to spray Glyphosate since it maximizes the amount of Glyphosate being left on the crop as it heads for storage and/or processing into our foods. The only safe way to avoid Glyphosate is to buy foods showing the USDA Organic shield.

      • take some responsibility to become informed Research the drug Thalidomide Which was an experiment by a German pharma/chemical company. The original intent was to make a gas in order to kill large amounts of people. for example the gas chamber of the Nazi Party. When it was discovered to be a sedative in small doses it was sold as a sleeping pill to pregnant women. The manufactures were aware of problems during their research but hid those facts and marketed anyway. Look up the horrors of the birth defects. Movies have been made about this.

    • It’s amazing how governments are now spending billions while this news has been on Facebook for a month, and yet they refuse to look at it. You know why? Scientists are stupid! They refuse to look at Facebook! But you! You and me are smarter than scientists because Facebook gives us “special knowledge!’ Ya. Special.

    • Same goes for vaccines. Just go on YouTube and look up “Vaccine Dangers”. There is so much going on out there that people are not aware of but slowly we are waking up. I encourage everyone to take the time to look into these things deeply and you’ll be blown away. Chemtrails are another, as our skies are being sprayed with aluminum, barium, strontium and other chemicals, also on YouTube and presented by experts. There is even a Canadian and US lawsuit. It really is hard to believe.

  2. Ever hear of Agent Orange? Our military used it in vietnam to kill plants and trees so the north vietnamese couldn’t hide in them. turns out agent orange causes horrific birth defects and many fatal illnesses which also affected thousands of american military personnel. even many of us who served on navy ships miles away from vietnam. because of runoff and wind carried particles.
    agent orange made by monsanto and the stuff is still in such pesticides as Roundup. oh, the birth defects can be passed down to at least grandkids. so if you want to be a little safer, do not use pesticides or herbicides. get natural bug killers. like birds or plants that keep away the bugs you do not want and atteact “good” bugs. just because the EPA says a product is safe, it isn’t.

    • Glyphosate, the sole active ingredient in Round-Up, didn’t even exist when Agent Orange was being sprayed. It was developed in the 70s.

      Agent Orange itself was a mix of two different herbicides – 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D, plus 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (TCDD) as an unintentional contaminant (produced by poor temperature control of 2,4,5-T during early manufacture.) TCDD, whose presence was initially unknown, is the component primarily responsible for Agent Orange’s more notorious long-term effects – particularly the teratogenic effects, ie. the stuff you can pass on to your kids. 2,4,5-T picked up the slack; it’s nowhere near as bad as TCCD, but still a little nasty in its own right. For that reason, it was eventually phased out in the 70s (ultimately banned completely in the 80s.)

      The remaining ingredient, 2,4-D, is relatively harmless; occupational exposure presents about the same health risk as eating red meat. That’s the sole Agent Orange ingredient that’s still in use. It is NOT present in Round-Up.

      Also, Monsanto Chemical no longer exists. The current-day Monsanto is a different company entirely, which acquired the seed division of the original Monsanto, and eventually adopted the more established name for itself after the original company ceased to exist. The hilarious irony is that Dow Chemical also produced Agent Orange, still exists as the same entity, is a *much* larger company, is also involved in the seed business, and doesn’t get 1/10th of the hate that Monsanto gets.

      • It has taken the birds approximately 45 years to recover from the effects of 2,4-D, which among other things, made the egg shells too thin to sustain the chicks through to their hatching. That was just from farmers using it back then. Do you have any idea how many chemicals are poured onto our cereal grains, into the soil and subsequently into the water we drinnk & bathe in through farming alone. Look at rates of cancer for farmers, the people living the “pure” and healthy country life.

        • I think you’re thinking of DDT. 2,4-D is not DDT. Not even close. I tried finding information about 2,4-D having an impact on bird eggs, and only saw it being referenced in discussions on DDT (the impact of which is extensively well documented.)

          Can you cite any information on this effect of 2,4-D, or these cancer rates you’re referring to? Do they adjust for known occupational risks (or the lack thereof) and differences in diagnostic efficiency?

  3. It’s a bunch of bunk. This pesticide has been in use for 20 years. It’s also one of the only things we have that’s both safe and effective for mosquito control – seriously, the oral LD50 in rats is 5000mg/kg.

    The “doctors” coming out against pesticide use have a history of pulling this crap, and their supporters are a who’s who of known snake oil salesman, frauds, scheisters, and straight-up idiots. Shiva’s presence alone should be a warning sign to anyone with a three-digit IQ.

    • Why dont you try to use the same Monsanto product on your garden for a year?

      Can you try? If you believe that nothing will happens, you dont have to be worry.

    • You know that Forbes is a PR front group for Dow Chemical and Monsanto, right? When I see an article in Forbes, I assume it’s only purpose is to sway opinion and has nothing to do with truth. I have yet to see one article by them that holds to scrutiny, but then I’m usually only looking there when they defend ludicrous pro-industry stances. Look back only a few years and you’ll find dozens of examples

  4. In this post you say [“pesticides such as Pyriproxyfen are Endocrine disruptors and can “interfere” with animals and humans.”] but in the source you put to justify ( has a “?” too for “endocrine disruptor”, meaning that we don’t know if Pyriproxyfen cause this. So you talked talked talked and had said nothing, your source doesn’t give you credibility. Seems to be just one more conspiration theory.

  5. Please don’t spread lies like this. This is completely bogus. There is no problem is calling our corporate criminal activities but this is not the case here.

  6. Why would any government admit that by putting chemicals in the water might have caused this outbreak, anyone who has money and power will not have children born with defects

    • If Microcephaly is caused by a mosquito-borne virus, wouldn’t it make sense that a larvicide intended to lower mosquito populations would be used in areas with large mosquito populations? To the extent that there is a correlation between the larvicide and the illness, I think it’s far more likely that it’s coincidental. Mostly because the larvicide has a twenty year history of use without this illness showing up, and the only people claiming a connection have previously made similarly flimsy assertions that don’t hold up to even cursory scrutiny (see my link in response to a previous comment, further up.)

      It’s sorta like blaming the water when someone jumps off a bridge. They’d have even lower chances of survival if they were hitting solid earth.

  7. Wow.Agenda to intellectually impair the public and mind control the public has apparently been a success.People are actually shielding and supporting evil Monsanto and Bill gates who want to make the public sick and depopulate-insanity.Brainwashing has worn off on some people but the good slaves can’t believe anything that propaganda mainstream media news isn’t saying.Research.. good slaves-stop shielding your Slave masters who want to spoon feed you disinformation and want you sick..dead or dependent on pharmaceuticals for life.We are all equal-stop believing psychopaths who suggest they are more intelligent and so the public should fill their bodies with poison.Nature is smarter can corrupted..egomaniac scientists.Chemicals are killing us and the planet!


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