ISIS Just Proved It Has Nothing to Do With Islam


By Claire Bernish at


United States — While the terrorist group known as the Islamic State (or ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) might be a formidable and abhorrent foe, one mischaracterization of these terrorists — repeated far too often by politicians and many in the media — must be put to rest. The Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam — no matter what the group chooses to call itself.

For nearly perfect evidence of this fact, consider how many brutal massacres occurred during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan — a period of spiritual reflection, peace, and restraint during which Muslims fast from dawn until dusk and are encouraged more than ever to refrain from behavior that would be considered sinful. Islam, as many major religions, already teaches peace as a rule — and the Qur’an states that killing one person would be akin to slaying all of humanity.

Yet the so-called Islamic State has slaughtered thousands over the two years since it declared itself a caliphate — and Ramadan certainly didn’t halt its murderous rampage.

On June 21, Daesh claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing just across the border from Jordan in Syria, which killed six Jordanians — four border guards, a national security official, and a civil defense worker. Called a “cowardly terrorist attack” by the government of Jordan, CNN reported, the bombing led to border closures with Syria in the north and northeast.

A series of suicide bombings in Lebanon on June 27 left six people dead and at least 19 others injured, and also forced border closures. After one terrorist blew himself up outside a home in the village of Qaa, three others waited at the scene for help to arrive and then detonated themselves in the gathering crowd.

According to a statement by the Lebanese Army, cited by CNN, “the four suicide belts used by the terrorists contained 2 kg of explosives material and metal balls (ball bearings).”

Though Daesh hasn’t officially claimed responsibility for the attack, security analysts reportedly claimed it bore the hallmarks of the group.

At least 43 people were killed — among them, a child — and more than 30 wounded in four suicide bombings in Mukalla, a major port city in Yemen, on June 28. Though the attackers targeted military and government buildings, the child happened to be passing by as one of the bombs detonated. Amaq, the unofficial media agency for Daesh, claimed the group had specifically targeted a “joint security base,” CNN reported.

According to the Associated Press, “officials said two suicide bombers and other militants carried out at least seven simultaneous attacks in Mukalla targeting intelligence offices, army barracks and checkpoints. In one of the attacks, a bomb was concealed in a box of food brought to soldiers at a checkpoint to break their dawn-to-dusk Ramadan fast.”

Also on the 28th, Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport came under attack when at “least three people with guns and suicide vests targeted the arrivals and departures areas, where they sprayed travelers with bullets and then detonated their explosives in a rampage that lasted just a few minutes but killed dozens and injured more than 250 more,” as the Guardian described.

Though Daesh hasn’t officially claimed responsibility, Turkish officials believe the group was behind it — particularly since one attacker began shooting and blew himself up, while others waited for the ensuing chaos and mass exodus to do the same, which is a typical tactic of the Islamic State.

After intense investigations, Turkey today charged 17 more people in connection with the massacre, bringing to 30 the total number now in custody. Akhmed Chatayev, a Chechen believed to be a recruiter for Daesh, has been named by Turkish officials as the attack’s primary organizer.

Beginning Friday night, gunmen in Bangladesh stormed Holey Artisan Bakery, a cafe popular with expats, taking more than 30 hostages before Bangladeshi troops performed a rescue operation. Attackers managed to kill two police officers and 20 hostages during the 11-hour ordeal before authorities shot all six, saving at least 13 hostages in the process.

“Everyone else ran away but you couldn’t make it,” one of the gunmen told a store employee known simply as Miraj the Baker, before strapping him with explosives and gas canisters to be used as a human shield. “That means God wants you to die.”

Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack.

On Saturday night, a suicide truck bomb in a busy marketplace in Baghdad’s Karrada neighborhood killed 200 people and injured at least 175 more — and again, Daesh claimed responsibility.

Considered one of the worst single attacks in the wartorn country in years, Daesh chose the marketplace as Muslims would be preparing for Eid al-Fitr — the day marking the end of Ramadan.

“As people congregated, shopped and watched soccer matches,” CNN described, “the bomb-laden truck plowed into a building housing a coffee shop, stores and a gym. Firefighters rescued wounded and trapped people in adjacent buildings.”

Yet another wave of attacks occurred in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, and though at least two failed, one attacker detonated his explosive belt and killed four people at one of Islam’s holiest sites, Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Mosque — the place where the Prophet Muhammad is buried.

Officials believe Daesh carried out the attacks, though no one has yet claimed responsibility.

It is imperative to note Daesh purposefully chose Ramadan to unleash its hellish fury on scores of innocent victims — who, incidentally, were mostly Muslim. These terrorists do not hold to the tenets of the faith they boastfully — laughably — co-opted to name themselves. Islam is not a hateful, murderous religion, no matter what ignorant politicians and their ilk would have you believe — but that’s also precisely what Daesh wants you to think.

If we blame Islam and its adherents for giving rise to Daesh — instead of geopolitical wrangling carried out by the United States — then Muslims become victims of scaremongering, prejudice, and bigotry, leaving them alienated among a society normally leaving them in peace. Too much abuse from the ignorant masses forces some to radicalize and search out groups sharing those frustrations.

It isn’t Islam that recruits for the Islamic State. It’s ignorance.

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  1. How do you know what Islam is? Are you a Muslim ? Have you read their book? Have you read the sayings of their prophet? Have you studied all his history? Have you read his instructions regarding the unbelievers and apostates? You are not anonymous but siding with a believe system that is misleading and devilish.

    • What the heck are you trying to say? They already stated that it was prohibited to kill another person in Quran, and by Prophet Muhammad. This info is enough to say that. And I’m 100% sure they got members who are fully Muslims. So don’t bullshit, here. Racist. There is thousands of proves that Islam is peaceful religion.

    • Have you read the Quran? Have you studied all it’s history? So this articles writer can’t possibly make a statement about Muslims or Islam because he/she isn’t one and doesn’t have a comprehensive knowledge of Islamic history and all prophets but YOU can? Are you ignorant or intentionally dishonest? Because by the standards you set you can’t possibly make a judgement against Islam because you aren’t a Muslim, also i’m gonna guess that you also don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of Islamic history either. You’re bigoted trash, please STFU!

    • And here, we have an ignorant sheep. Watch him in this strange place, as he tries to claim us all incorrect, but blatantly fails and proves his own sheepishness.

  2. Come on Anonymous you have the ability, go after their money, follow the trail and clean out their bank accounts. Find who ever is supporting them financially and clean out their accounts.

    Once you have their money, redistribute it randomly globally to good causes.

    I live just above the bread line and consider myself a good cause.

    • This group isn’t Anonymous, this is a site full of click baits.

      Anonymous is working behind the scenes on quite a few things. Watch this space.

  3. This is just as feeble as saying the Inquisition had nothing to do with Christianity. Of course it had, and of course ISIS has everything to do with islam.
    The fact that they kill other muslims does not change this, as ISIS are sunni muslims to whom shia muslims are infidels as much as we westerners are. If some sunni muslims also die in the attacks, this is a sacrifice they accept for the greater cause of jihad and the worldwide caliphate. These sunnis then become martyrs who died for the cause and go straight to their 72 virgins in paradise. The men at least. What awaits women is more uncertain.

    “Muslims fast from dawn until dusk and are encouraged more than ever to refrain from behavior that would be considered sinful. Islam, as many major religions, already teaches peace as a rule — and the Qur’an states that killing one person would be akin to slaying all of humanity.”
    Please be aware that “person” here means another muslim. To kill infidels is always a good deed in islam. To state that islam is a religion of peace is an insult to informed and educated peoples intelligence.

    • Hahahhahaha. You are the biggest idiot i’ve ever witnessed. I’m myself Sunni, Adam is Sunni(youtuber). What’s are you trying to say, idiot. For real muslim, it doesn’t matter whether you are sunni or shia. Both are acceptable. So funny to hear it from Non-muslims, hahaha=)

      • Hahaha your actually the biggest forked tongued lying idiot Muslim, noone should believe you, Taqiya Wahhabi scumbag, u think because you say Sunni and shia are all kewl together, we just believe your shit. LIES!!!

        • And here, another sheep, out of its natural habitat and claiming one of us as liars because they’re different. This kind of sheep is called a racist.

    • The word “infidels” is used by Salafi terrorists not Muslims.

      I am Shia Muslim, it is true they kill a lot of our people. However, they are not Sunni. They are Salafi which is creation of Saudi Arabia. Oil money helped Saudis to spread their version of religion that looks like Islam.

      Poor Muslim countries thought it was nice of Saudis to provide free education but it was a Trojan horse.

      The infidels you mention from Quran were Paggans who wanted to kill all Muslims. Thus God allowed Muslims to defend themselves.

      In prophet’s time, the law for none-Muslims were by their books. Even today in most muslim countries the law and judges are by their own book not islamic.

      Percentage of Christians (excluding other none-Muslims) in Islamic countries:

      Bahrain – 9%
      United Arab Emirates – 9%
      Kuwait – 15%
      Pakistan – 1.6%
      Oman – 2.5%
      Qatar – 13.5%
      Egypt – 18%
      Algeria – 2%
      Azerbaijan – 4.8%
      Indonesia – 10%
      Iran – 0.4%
      Iraq – 3%
      Bangladesh – 0.3%
      Jordan – 6%
      Kazahstan – 51%
      Kyrgystan – 17%
      Lebanon – 41%
      Libya – 2%
      Mauritania – 0.04%
      Saudi Arabia – 5.5%
      Morocco – 2.1%
      Nigeria – 48.2%
      Syria – 10%
      Tajikistan 1.4%
      Turkey – 0.2%
      Uzbekistan – 2.6%

  4. Too funny, ISIS isn’t islamic and the U.S. is to blame for all bad that ever happens. got it. thanks, opinions vary.

    • the quran is a book for those with understanding and righteousnes it is a book of guideance to the straight path you have a choice to choose

  5. Islam is the religion in which everyone has to believe in Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h and love him more than own parents.
    ISIS attacked Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h house where his grave is. This is a clear proof for people who have brain in their heads that ISIS is not Islam. But blinds and deaf can still believe in whatever they want.

  6. I have an idea !
    Why dont all the muslims in the world RENOUNCE their religion for a year, and we can see how many deaths occur during that period!

    My guess is that it would be far less than the current number, and if muslims were really serious about isolating and proving that Daesh is not Islamic, they would do this, in order to save as many lives as possible!

  7. If Islam taught Muslims to commit atrocities such as those committed by ISIS or any other terrorists organizations around the world, the human population would’ve dwindled down to few millions, not increasing everyday. Those who believe ISIS represents Islam just because they claim they’re, why don’t you believe us the true Muslims who on everyday basis pray, do charity, work, have a family, you know the daily routine like the rest of the humans? You can throw in all your hate. Hitler was responsible for millions of death, do we hold responsible the rest of the German population? No. But why do you do that when it comes to Islam? More people have been killed by police in one year than by any other in the United States, there’s still gun violence in USA than most countries, but do you dare call them terrorists? NO! Why?

  8. Quran (4:89) – “They wish that you should reject faith as they reject faith, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.”

    Religion of peace, eh?
    did you guys know that ISIS follows this verse among other verses of the Quaran?


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