Does The Islam Have To Carry The Weight of ISIS’s Guilt?


The entire world’s 1.6 billion Muslims have been forced to carry the weight of ISIS’ guilt. It is estimated that there are about 50,000 ISIS militants. An entire faith is being held responsible for the atrocities committed by a terrorist group that comprises less than 0,00003 percent of the religious population. The world seems threatened by Islam, which is [allegedly] ‘inherently opposed to the Western core values of democracy, freedom of expression, and secularism’. But is the phobia valid?

Dr. John Andrew Morrow, a Canadian scholar and director of the Covenants Foundation, explained how such a premise is not only false but profoundly biased and xenophobic. True Islam is not a threat to humanity; on the contrary, it represents its very salvation. Islam is not opposed to democracy, secularism, and freedom of speech in the true sense of these terms. Islam has historically supported both direct and indirect modes of political participation,” Morrow told MintPress.

“If Islam is portrayed as a mortal enemy to Western civilization and values it is because it poses a formidable obstacle to imperialistic hegemonic interests. Democracy, freedom of expression, and secularism are merely masks worn by the one-percenters (1%), the global elite that seeks to enslave all of humanity as it simultaneously destroys the planet in its greed for resources, wealth, and absolute power. Having succeeded in destroying, subjugating, and co-opting all remnants of resistance, only Islam stands in their path. This explains why the globalists are engaged in a concerted campaign to use false ‘Islam’ to destroy true Islam,” he added. BvO7tptIcAAUhjo

But then why has terrorism become synonymous with Islam? Is Islam at war with the world or the world is at war with Islam?

Thousands of Muslims have perished at the hands of ISIS militants in both Iraq and Syria, while tens of thousands have been forced to flee their homes and communities to escape the violence of this black flag army.

“Muslims more than any other community have a stake in this war against terror, as terror is directed at them. Do we blame cancer on healthy cells? No, of course not, because that would be illogical. By labelling an entire segment of the world population are we not following the same irrational logic as those radicals? Islam is not the problem, radicals are. Islam teachings are not the problem, radicals’ interpretation of religious texts is,” Prince Abdul Ali Seraj of Afghanistan told MintPress.

When President George Bush declared war on Islamic radicalism in 2001, the Western world painted Islam as antithetical to democracy and secularism. Post 9/11, Muslims as a religious group and Islam as a faith were branded anti-Western; this belief was reinforced post the Charlie Hebdo shooting. 9/11 came as an attack on democracy, the attack on Charlie Hebdo editors was understood as a declaration of war on the freedom of expression.

The KKK and Hitler used Christianity while ISIS uses Islam. Though the KKK rose to dizzying heights with millions of members, much more than ISIS and al-Qaida combined, Americans were never forced to take ownership or even responsibility for the actions of a minority within their faith.

Why doesn’t anyone realise that the elite in America and the broader Western world may have created a Muslim boogeyman to reduce the world to their own predetermined sets of values?

Today, the Western world is filled with half truths, blurred facts and a wrong interpretation of Islam One which is barely politically correct, yet still objectively false.


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  1. “Democracy, freedom of expression, and secularism are merely masks worn by the one-percenters”
    What a load of horseshit. Islam was created by cavemen to enslave humanity and it has done an excellent job. In the countries where it thrives freedom of expression, freedom of the press, is NIL. We’ve noticed Anonymous defending Islam in several articles like this one. Ironic because this site would be taken down in seconds if it were hosted on a server in a Muslim country. All monotheisms seek to destroy individual sovereignty and replace it with a collective identity.

    • @jenny “islam was created by cavemen to enslave humanity” .

      whats’ a media shit eating consumer doing on a site trying to rid the world of faggots such as yourself ?

    • Jenny NEUMAN. Hmmmm… I wonder what religion you are. Islam was a religion dictated to Mohammed through the Angel Gabriel. The only horseshit here is on your vindictive breath. Go back to your old testament ways, you vile human being.

      • @Whatthefuck
        “Islam was a religion dictated to Mohammed through the Angel Gabriel.”
        And Santa Claus is alive and well at the North Pole.

      • @Whatthefuck
        An angel told me that no one can drink alcohol, that homosexuals should have stones thrown at them until dead, that women can’t drive cars, and that a religious police force should stick their noses in everybody’s business.

        • “Women can’t drive cars”?

          There are more then 50 Muslim countries. Out of ALL of those countries, there is exactly ONE that prohibits women from driving. Even in that ONE country, the last king was trying to undo this law. So, how are you generalizing for 50+ countries from the anomaly of just ONE country?

      • @Whatthefuck
        “Islam was a religion dictated to Mohammed through the Angel Gabriel.”
        An angel told me no one can drink alcohol; homosexuals must have stones thrown at them until they are dead; women can’t drive cars; a religious police force must be created to stick their noses in everyone’s business; anyone who speaks against this must be lashed 50 times. Cavemen.

  2. Many strategists would argue that ANY religion has approximately 15-25% of ‘extremists’/ or ultra orthodox, then 50% of ‘moderates’, and the final 15-25% as low involvement. So out of 1.6 million muslims this equates to up to 400 million people who would be considered ‘extreme’. There are numerous Islamic terror groups – IS/ISIL, Boko Haram, Al Shabab etc (I think about 14 from what I have read in total) and I wonder where is the quantatative evidence as to estimating the numbers involved – this would satisfy strategists and academics? Secondly, Mohammed himself was illiterate and this is widely published. His teachings were written some 150 years after his death in Aramaic- yes the language of the Jews, not Arabic. Additionally, the biggest problem is that there are some 600-800 million muslims who are also illiterate and therefore learn aurally these teachings which can (or are?) be preached incorrectly. Furthermore, Nazi’s and KKK’s are preaching an ethnic superiority, whilst extremists of Islam are preaching a religionist superiority (please compare apples with apples)…When the Nazi’s first started they had 7% support. Moderate people ignored the issue and were walked over… move onto now – in Belgium, a TV show run by ‘moderate’ muslims was walked over by ‘extremists’ entering the station and taking over the show… they could do nothing and admitted this… history repeats itself- think objectively

  3. Islam was created by cavemen? what does that make christians and Jews then.. who came before the cavemen created Islam.. does that make you monkeys and apes.. if we are going down the evolution pipe. I think you have never lived in a country where Islam is thriving, its more peaceful and quiet than where democracy is reigning. With most of the people not even giving a shit about what the world thinks, because its literally a waste of precious time.

    • @Essam
      “Islam is thriving, its more peaceful and quiet than where democracy is reigning. With most of the people not even giving a shit about what the world thinks”
      Sounds a lot like cows grazing in a pasture. I think that’s the mental level most Muslims prefer.

  4. Guys, I’ve never thought to read such nonsense from you! Reality check mostly needed. Covenants Foundation?!!! Really?!!! There’s so much decent UNBIASED content all over the internet and you chose the fox to actually safeguard the henhouse??? You let us all down on this one…unless you are bowing to the Saudis now… Don’t think so… But nevertheless, religion is the biggest con in the history of mankind and main tool to control the illiterate/ignorant and grant power to the few who have it. And you are here defending it????

  5. Die Entscheidung ist doch schon gefallen ! Sie heißt DEMOKRATIE ! Und in keiner Demokratie ist ist jehmals Platz für etwas Anderes ! Alle Völker, die sich in der Selbstverwaltung für die Volksherschaft entschieden haben, sind gegen jede Form von Theokratie ! Islam soll Frieden sein. Und wo Frieden drauf steht muß auch Frieden drin sein. Solange Integration im Islam ausgeschloßen ist , schließt er Demokratie aus. Für den Islam ist Demokratie Exklusion. Wenn seperater Islam existiert, ist das so. Wird Islam integriert, wird nie eine Inklusion, denn der Islam ist im “toten Weg” gezwungen die Toleranz der Demokratie zu exkludieren. Es würde eine Ausnahme geben. Diese Religion refomiert sich auf den Lebensbejahenden-Sinn. Leider gibt es zu wenig Leute, wie Muhammad Abduh. Aber das kann schon werden.

  6. It is those in the grey area we have to fear, those who live amongst us and are being slowly radicalized. Probably the most effective thing that anyone can do these days is to keep their ears to the ground to identify anyone in the community who is currently being radicalized, find out where they are getting their ideas from and get that information to the right quarter.

  7. same question: should christianity shoulder the responsibility for US and western world war and terror attrocities?

    However, i do feel that blind religion, of any kind has a lot to answer for.

    For now, unfortunately, we are gearing up for where we left off in the middle ages, forward the crusades…

  8. Monotheism is a disease and a plaque. the source of most of the world’s crime to humanity often stems from the 3 pariah religions, islam , christianity and judaism. they have fought over centuries and killed more people than all the other crimes committed in the world.
    These pariah religions are product of incest, where adam apparently boned eve and their children boned each other and the human population grew. this is rubbish and morally unehtical taht you islam christian n jew sons of bitches were all born out of incest.i should put it as destitutes of flesh and blood.


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