The Island Tribe Hostile To Outsiders Face Survival Threat


The North Sentinel Island, one of the Andaman Islands, lies in the Bay of Bengal east of India’s coast. The Island has been the home to the Sentinelese tribe for 60,000 years. During this time they have had little contact with the outside world and are violent and hostile towards outsiders. As a result, the Indian government has decided to cease further contact efforts with the islanders and has enforced a three-mile exclusion zone.

The island may appear to be an exotic paradise, however little is known of the mysterious island and its estimated population of 50-400 inhabitants.



The island, roughly the size of Manhattan, is primarily made up of a forest like landscape.

The tribe have demonstrated they have no interest in the modern world by being inhospitable to outsiders. In 2006, the Sentinelese killed two men fishing close to the island.

They have even been known to throw rocks and shoot arrows at planes and helicopters; this has prevented anyone from taking any high-quality photos of the islanders.



Many still continue to venture either onto or close to The North Sentinel island, even after it had become illegal to enter the three mile exclusion zone.

According to Survival International, advocates for the rights of tribal groups, as well as local fishermen, are frequently intruding into the island’s area; one was even arrested by the authorities for stepping onto the island itself.

For a variety of reasons, including violence and disease, the safety and even survival of the tribe is at risk.

Stephen Corry, Survival International’s director, said: “The Great Andamanese tribes of India’s Andaman Islands were decimated by disease when the British colonised the islands in the 1800s.

The most recent to be pushed into extinction was the Bo tribe, whose last member died only four years ago.

The only way the Andamanese authorities can prevent the annihilation of another tribe is to ensure North Sentinel Island is protected from outsiders.

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    • I agree. I would however love to learn from them. They must hold some really good knowledge. For the greater good, leave them alone.

        • Since they have no contact with the outside world and the estimated number of inhabitants varies wildly between 50 and 400 I have to assume you just made that up.

          • Not necessarily. If they were unprepared for the tsunami, wouldn’t they all be dead? That they are still alive means they were incredibly lucky or knew to move to high ground.

  1. soo we cant get good photos from the area because of rocks and arrows… and yet the eye in the sky can see what I am texting right now… hmmm something not right here ……..

  2. They’re wise to kill outsiders; let them in and the island will be plundered and they’ll be resettled into ghettos and they’ll be put to work mining away their own island for the profit of corporations.

  3. They’re wise to kill outsiders. Let them in, and they’ll be plundered and resettled into ghettos, or put to work mining their own island for the profit of corporations. Happened to many civilizations.

  4. I also agree, my husband and I have very remote private property, which we don’t allow other people to come to. which we are willing to protect to the point of death, it’s our land, I believe that we have every right to defend it from anybody.

      • Every animal on this entire planet walks the the earth worried it will be killed… Dont be so ignorant… If it werent for “civilised” cultures history for raping and destroying everything they touch maybe i could see your point… Yes, nobody really owns land therefore nobody should be allowed to say what the next human does with the ground they stand on… Wasps dont own the trees they live in but they attack and kill to protect their existence… You really think thats morally wrong??!!

      • What you are saying any one can walk on your property or go inside your house take what they will and you will not do anything. It is the something with these people.They are only protecting what is theirs and it is theirs because they were there for 60,000 years.

        • So if you are there first it’s yours…. intetristing point but i’m afraid, that it’s not the way the world works. what i believe is that, you can only truely own something, when other people acknowledge that it is truely yours alone.

          Because to own is an illusion, and illusions only work when believed by all
          .–. …. .. .-.. .. .–. / …- . … – . .-. –. .- .- .-. -.. -….- .-.. .- ..- … – … . -. 550 30 30, 1832, The Great Illusions, opening words (very rare book managede to get ahold of it)

          • We can apply that to your soul, you don’t own it because … blablabla … so I can take it from you, because I maybe one of those who don’t acknowledge that it is truly yours, after all life is an illusion so why not end yours!

  5. Leave them be. What do we have they would possibly need after 60.000 years of isolation? They do just fine without our intervention. Lol We can’t get high quality photos??? But satellites can snap a picture of a book I’m reading in public??? Drop the act already. You just haven’t figured out how to make a profit out of these people yet.

  6. Can you blame them for hating “Civilised man”?
    I would as well if i was them.

    Leave them be. It’s their island.
    If any country tried to take any other country (with military force available) a war would kick off.

  7. Well, there can’t be that many of them, because the aerial view shows no signs of roads or farming-nothing but trees and water. If I was guessing, I’d say they live and fish right off the beach where they were photographed. I’m curious about what’s underneath all that forest.

  8. Well, maybe we can find out there on that Island somethin, 60,000 years means a lot that also isolated from outside world, its not about colonization, but maybe we can help them, give them medical facilities, and learn about them, their culture…..

    • an isolated tribe should never be exposed to outsiders. If you go back in history, everytime they are, they end up with diseases that they never naturally built up immunities for. If you read the article, it stated that happened to the other islands nearby. Leave them be. They have a delicate and balanced ecosystem. They don’t need our medicine and obviously don’t want contact.

  9. They are either aliens terrorist or government experiments this is bad they don’t own the island if that’s the case every home we own would be a different country

  10. Right decision by government not to allow outsiders there. Otherwise local people are forced already next day to consume McSentinel burgers made by local slaves themselves (i.e. slaves of of McDonald’s Corporation).

  11. Africa was invaded and slavery began here in the U.S. Although,slavery is done away with there are still some people how have salves in there homes. If they allow outsiders in they same could happen to them. They will be salved to their land or in somebody home. They don’t have the problems that we have here. Over there they don’t have STDs and government issues just name a few.

    • Slavery didn’t start in Africa when the Europeans began to trade there. It had actually been happening there for hundreds of years. Opposition tribes used to capture menfolk from other villages. When Westerners arrived it then became extremely profitable for the capturing tribes to trade them on.

  12. The only reason some people are interested is they been there so long because so little is know about them and the island. Let them be they are not bothering anyone.

  13. Drop off a few influenza bombs in the middle of the island and walk right on one month layer with machine guns and heavy equipment to clear the land and make condos. The hell with their primitive asses!

    • Its the island from Lost .Sawyer is pissed off .Anyway they are all dead . Nothing matters its just a tv show
      I was gonna post this and say your comment! LOL

  14. Why haven’t we invaded them yet ? Lets give them some freedom. The smartest thing to do is invade their little island and turn it into a huge resort to make some money off of it. Whomever does that will become extremely wealthy but sadly the Indian government is trying to “preserve” them.

  15. Better to leave them alone,from along time they defened themselves from any type of natural desasters then oviously they may have some skills & knowledge for defene


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