The “Killer USB Flash Drive”


If you think your computer can, at worst, be infected with worms, Trojans and viruses… think again. We present to you a physical USB device that possibly possess a more deadly threat than any virus you can catch. We are talking about the infamous “Killer USB Flash Drive.”

All over the internet right now is a story in which a person picked up some random USB Flash Drive from the floor of a public bus and plugged it into his own machine when he got home. Instead of finding secret files and folders, the person actually had their computer fried… literally! Like any other curious tinker, “Dark Purple” looked into this story a bit further. With a little bit of research and development, Dark Purple actually developed his own version of the “Killer USB” and tested it out.

Sure enough, the story was indeed true…

So, what exactly happens when this Killer USB drive connects to your computer?

When you connect a Killer USB to your computer, an inverted DC/DC converter kicks in and starts to charge the capacitors to get to -110V. Then, when the correct voltage is reached, the DC/DC is switched off. This may sound harmless… but this is a looping process that keeps going until everything that is possible in frying your computer, is indeed fried.

In Layman’s terms, this little cleaver device utilizes high voltage, as well as high current, to actually fry your computer and all of the electronics inside of it. All of your USB ports often have a direct connection to the CPU (Central Processing Unit), this means that your entire computer can in fact be affected by a little extra voltage, causing an entire system burn up.

PC on Fire

When we say “burn up,” this is no analogy or understatement… it will actually set it on fire. Yes, flames coming out of the fan ports and any other open ports you have on your machine. This device is similar to possessing an “Atomic Bomb” for PCs. Very effective, however, not necessary to have.

What would you do with a device such as the Killer USB Flash Drive? Save it for when you are detected and the police are outside, or send it to that bully back in high school?

In conclusion, despite the nasty viruses roaming around the web, there are physical dangers that can harm not only your computer, but you as well.


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    • I am pretty sure things like this do exist , Its a simple concept… But this is’nt a new thing.. they have been out for a while.

    • Dude I’m sure that it exsists.When you overclock the CPU,the pro overclockers want to stay away from “high voltages” like 1,5 V,since they destroy your CPU and every other thing in your PC.So I think that this is true,even if it the USB lifts the U/V up to 50 V,it may not then set up on fire,but the components will deffinetly die.

    • But did you watch the follow up video? Completely? :’)
      I’m sure the concept is “plausible”, but the end result is sooo unbelievable…

  1. i dont think is fake rmb back in the old days where modems had a selfdefence against hackers that where sending a code back to the hack and it turned up his Vcore so hes computer got fried

  2. Actually advising to use fire-starter device (potentially life threatening) on someone unsuspecting (“that bully back in high school”) seams criminal for me and clearly against Anonymous social ideology.
    Don’t get me wrong (I was buried heavy at school) but since it has delayed ignition scenario of “the bully” plugging it to his PC then leave room for drink or something since appears to do nothing…

    On technical side – I’m computer engineer with 20 year experience and I saw them sparkling fire many times themselves without any tampering.
    Even most likely this kind of device will be able to only fry internal USB hub – there are overcharge circuits on every USB port and CPU is NOT directly connected to USB ports STILL… this killer stick hangs outside and while sparkling itself may start fire to surroundings (carpet, blinds – whatever is next to PC).

    Idea of collecting high voltage spike is possible in tiny device since it doesn’t need to be big charge – only very short spike will be enough to create spark, afterwards it debateble about further result but surely it may kill your motherboard.

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL when advising others to seek for arson devices… i though this website is not to likes of dark net.

  3. I read and reread this article.I read some of the comments here too. I do not think anyone is being encouraged to use these things in this article.You’re just saying be careful I think. The last sentence says be careful, not go find and use this USB today!

  4. would keep it in my pocket, in case of a “stop and frisk”. have long been wondering about putting a virus, in a folder in the SD card in my camera, in case it got confiscated by cops that hated being filmed. but this, wow. and the best part is, they deliver the “weapon” for you! and by “stealing” it from you, the cops are the responsible parties for what happens next

  5. It’s not fake… Ive seen a guy once making some buttons melt on a keyboard while I was standing next to it.. he hacked it and changed some voltage settings… It’s like he knew where to cause a malfunction.. Some hackers are THAT smart.


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