LAPD Cops Sexually Assault Woman In Squad Car


Kim Nguyen, now 29, has filed a civil rights complaint in Los Angeles, which claims she suffered “humiliating and egregious sexual battery” by officers David Shin and Jin Oh, who allegedly groped her before she fell out of the moving squad car early on the morning of March 17, 2013. The sexual battery caused serious and permanent emotional and psychological injuries … and has continued to torment her everyday life, the lawsuit further alleges. Kim originally sued the city and the officers in Los Angeles Superior Court in July 2013, alleging negligence.

According to a claim, filed on Kim’s behalf before she brought her still-unresolved state suit, she suffered a broken jaw, lost all of her teeth, sustained scars, significant disfigurement, and memory loss after she was ejected from the cruiser at high speed. Kim was hospitalized for 17 days and underwent extensive and painful surgeries.

Back in 2013, Nguyen and her two male friends were waiting for a cab outside of a downtown Los Angeles restaurant at 2 am. The group had been drinking but they wanted to reach home safely, and so to avoid drinking and driving they called for a cab. While they were waiting in the restaurant parking lot, posing no harm to anyone around, two police officers approached them and asked the men to leave or face arrest.

Kim alleges that once the men left, the rogue cops arrested her for public intoxication and assaulted her in their squad car. Shin and Oh stopped the squad car on the way to the police station, got into the back seat and sexually assaulted her by “intentionally touching her on the left thigh, left breast, and pulled on her left ear”. She fell out of the patrol car at some point afterward.


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  1. Fkn POS! I have no pity at all for cops getting their just rewards! Rogue cops are too trigger happy – THEY are the ones with no regard for a human life anymore!

    • I wasn’t there and neither were you. Assuming she is telling the truth is like Obama saying that George Zimmerman murdered Treyvonn Martin. Let the courts work and don’t contribute to the unrest this president is creating.

  2. if this was my family member, friend, wife… these sub-human “cops” would be dead meat

    i don’t believe in “an eye for an eye”, but i do believe in “an eye for 2 eyes”


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