Study Reveals What Happens In The Body When We Switch To Organic Food


A study release earlier this year, carried out by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL and the Swedish supermarket chain Coop, set out to finally determine whether eating organic food makes a difference to our health. Many studies have been released linking the consumption of certain pesticides with a variety of common health concerns, including infertility, cancer, birth defects and ADHD.

Unfortunately, because conventionally-grown food ranges between half to 1/3 less of the price of organic equivalents, many people feel they cannot afford to make the transition to pesticide free foods. It is also likely, many are unaware that by consuming conventionally grown foods on a regular basis, it is highly likely a number of insecticides, fungicides and plant growth hormones are constantly residing within their bodies.

The family chosen to partake in the study, had shown interest in eating more organic food but had also voiced similar concerns regarding its price. In order to determine the effects of eating no foods containing pesticides, the family’s cupboards were emptied and restocked with organic food only. The family ate this food for a mere two weeks, which made the final results of the experiment all the more shocking.

Due to her family’s size, Anette, the mother of three children expressed her concerns about the price of organic foods prior to the study “it costs more than conventional food, and we’re a big family”. However, once the study’s incredible results were revealed, the mother stated that she would no longer expose her children to the chemicals found in the conventional grown food.

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  1. Ya know i can afford this ORGANIC stuff,but imma give up tha garbage foods,mentally at my Age i should…..near that junction culinary wise in Scottsdale…… aZ.


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